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HRW 2014 Turkey Report. I hope EU officials will have a look while they talk to him…

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World Report 2014: Turkey – In office for three terms since 2002, and enjoying a strong parliamentary majority, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has demonstrated a growing intolerance of political opposition, public protest, and critical media. In May, police…


Turkish doctors condemn government curbs on emergency treatment


Medics accuse government of intimidation and seeking to criminalise urgent assistance to street protesters

Turkish government measures curbing the freedom of doctors in administering emergency treatment have been condemned by medical and human rights groups, with professionals accusing the government of intimidation and seeking to criminalise urgent assistance to street protesters.

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EFD Rights Watch: 13-year-old Gezi protester in trial today! #GeziÇocuğu

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The secondary school student was facing charges of ‘damaging public property’ for writing ‘Government resign, death to fascism’ on the pavement
The Turkish government is demonstrating a growing intolerance of political opposition, public protest and critical media, Human Rights Watch said in an annual report
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Video: Protests and police violence on the Internet Freedom rally on 18 Jan

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EFD Rights Watch: “Child bride” issue as vital as always… Not surprisingly Press Freedom Upside Down…

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Investigation deepens into death of child bride in southeastern Turkey


An investigation into the death of a 14-year-old mother in the southeastern province of Siirt has been intensified

Father of child bride victim voices doubts on her circumstances of death


The case widens as the Family Ministry applies to become a party in the legal proceedings


False intelligence reports responsible of Uludere massacre: Report

The Uludere/Roboski massacre, in which 34 people were killed by an airstrike, was allegedly caused by false intelligence information, daily Taraf claimed

Press Freedom Upside Down!

No single policemen have been convicted of assault towards journalists during Turkey’s Gezi Resistance. While 59 journalists and 23 publishers entered 2014 behind bars, 13 defendants including 4 journalists have been convicted of “terrorism” charges according to Turkish Penal Code and Anti-Terror Act with 2 life sentences and a total of 1,609 years and 4 months of prison.

Turkey: With Mainstream Media Muzzled, Alternative Outlets Plug Gaps

After working as a respected journalist for 25 years in numerous capacities, including a stint as a columnist at one of Turkey’s largest newspapers, Serdar Akinan found himself in early 2013 at a career crossroads: would he continue working in the mainstream Turkish media or open up a pizza place?

Turkish human rights activist Zarakolu to live in Sweden for 2 years


Zarakolu’s son, Deniz Zarakolu, who is an editor at Belge Publishing House and a Ph.D. student at Bilgi University, was arrested weeks earlier, on Oct 7. On March 19, 2012, Zarakolu was formally indicted under the charge of “aiding and abetting an

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Youtube partially blocked. Turkish government is messing up with our Internet Freedom. Current situation

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A few hours ago two ISPs, Turknet and Uydunet announced blockage. Not other ISPs yet apply the court rule.

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A few days ago Vimeo was blocked first, then unblocked. But particular videos could be blocked in Vimeo and other video sharing sites. Government’s excuse is to block sex videos of government officials but as one might guess, it will go beyond that for sure.

We suspect that they are testing DPI powered blockages partially and there is no homogeneous blockage for the moment.

Very probably government excuse will be like this “you see, we have to block all the site in order to prevent a video to be seen, with the new law, we will ban only particular videos” WHICH means most of the opposition figures’ social media accounts will be blocked…

I believe with all circumvention tools, we will bypass these restrictions, but why should we deal with the censorship at all?

In a day, the new Internet law may be accepted in the Parliament. Then 18 January Internet Freedom marches all over Turkey will become even more vital…


Turkey Debates New Law to Control Web Users

Wall Street Journal (blog)

People can see that these articles are a response to Gezi protests and the current corruption investigations,” says Yaman Akdeniz, law professor in Istanbul’s Bilgi University, an active critic of internet restrictions in Turkey

Turkey’s top business group warns against Internet censorship

TÜSİAD said a government-led bill to increase the control over the Internet is ‘worrying’

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EFD Rights Watch: Journalist (@murataksoy) from pro-government daily fired over TV comments…

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Journalist from pro-government daily fired over TV comments

Daily Yeni Şafak’s columnist and interviewer Murat Aksoy was sacked after daring to criticize the government’s handling of the graft scandal on TV

The new draft bill on internet will deepen the internet censorship,” advocate Koç told biane


Vimeo Banned in Turkey


Vimeo, one of world’s leading video-sharing networks, has been banned after an order made by Istanbul 10th Peace Crime Court on January 8.

Men Kill 214 Women in 2013


Male perpetrated violence left 214 women and 10 children dead. While men raped/attempted to rape 167 women, women suffered from their husbands most in terms of violence


Police put down demo in Istanbul marking anniversary of three Kurdish women’s killings

Around 500 people, including HDP co-chair Tuncel, gathered to commemorate the three women brutally killed in Paris last year

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Özel televizyonların ilk yayınlarına başladığı günlerdeydi. O zamanın en çok izlenen özel televizyon kanalında hafızayı güçlendirmek amacıyla uygulanan bir yöntemin tanıtım programı sürekli dönüyordu. Tanıtımı yapan, aynı zamanda yöntemin mucidi olan adam, stüdyodaki konuklarına ve ekran başındaki seyircilere 1 dakika içinde 20 kelime öğretebileceğini iddia ediyordu. Kelimeleri ardı ardına söylerken seyircilerden gözlerini kapamalarını istiyor, her kelimeyle ilgili küçük ve kelimenin anlamıyla veya nesnenin kullanım alanıyla yakından uzaktan ilgisi olmayan hikayeler anlatıyordu. Kelimeleri hafızaya nakşetmenin yolu buydu adama göre. Yöntem işe yarıyordu belli ki, zira üzerinden yıllar geçmiş olmasına rağmen kelimelerden birini hala hatırlıyorum. “Şimdi ağzınızdan dev bir halı çıktığını hayal edin”.

Kelimeleri hatırlamak için seçilen yöntem ilginçti. Nesnelerin kullanım alanlarının dışındaki var oluşları üzerinden uydurulmuş cümleler işe yarıyordu. Örneğin bir ayakkabı kutusunun içine milyon dolarları doldurduğunuzu hayal edin deseydi hafıza uzmanı, seyirciler “hadi canım bu kadar da saçmalık olmaz” derlerdi belki de. “Bir market arabasına ayakkabı kutularını doldurduğunuzu ve karşıdan karşıya geçerken bir kamyonetin altında kaldığınızı hayal edin” deseydi seyirciler kalkıp giderler miydi acaba? Kavramlarımız bir bir yok olurken, TDK’ye sorsak ayakkabı kutusuna yeni bir tanım bulurdu belki de.

Hafıza-i beşer nisyan ile maluldür. Şimdi ağzınızdan dev bir ayakkabı kutusu çıktığını hayal edin. Ki unutmayasınız. Ki 6 yaşında devlet babadan yetim, tüyü bitmemiş Yücel ayakkabı kutusu toplarken ölmüştür hatırlayasınız. Hafıza-i beşer isyan ile mağrur olsun diye.

Berkin Elvan, who is in coma due to police brutality, is 15 today. #Berkin15Yaşında

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A few personal info on who is who in the current political tension…

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In the good old days. Fethullah Gülen (L), Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (R) In the good old days. Fethullah Gülen (L), Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (R)

Fethullah Gülen movement  is now the biggest school of Islamic circles that follow Said Nursi‘s teachings.

FGM was known to support center right parties. With the collapse of center right in Turkey as AKP did rise to power, FGM and AKP allied to challenge their common enemy: Turkish Army.

In the mean time, AKP leadership was born out of Necmettin Erbakan‘s conservative/Islamist line of parties, and most of current leadership is attributed to a Naqshi tariqah branch, Esad Coşan circle.

FGM and AKP leadership never politically allied until AKP’s rise. The latter had an explicitly Islamist agenda, and Erbakan’s previous parties were closed down by the Turkish State. FGM rarely challenged State Authority explicitly and harshly criticized other Islamist group who were explicit about it (like in 28 February days, against headscarf ban). FGM decided to focus on educational system and mobilized its followers to pursue careers in education, legal institutions and police forces. FGM network has gone beyond Turkey and became global as the FGM’s schools and universities were founded from Africa to Northern America. FGM’s private prep schools from the national university entrance exam had become the most powerful network in the country. Current tension began with AKP’s move to close down these prep schools. However, tense relations between to factions would lead to an open struggle anyway. Competition over state resources would inevitably be tense. Since there is no powerful organized opposition and armed forces are at the command of Erdoğan for the moment, AKP could decide to start the fight…

Ideologically, FGM movement in general more conservative and (Turkish) nationalist. Socially, most of the members are more educated than core AKP follower base. AKP relies on populist mobilization which sometimes becomes openly fascit while FGM relies on bureaucratic power and never ending alliances.

AKP gradually broke down all alliances as it became more powerful. At the moment, we de facto live a one-party regime under AKP rule.

On specific issues, Kurdish question. FGM’s inherent Turkish nationalism worked against solving the Kurdish question. Since its rival AKP initiated a peace process, FGM positioned itself against the process. I do not believe AKP is sincere in the peace process (you can just look at my blog archive to see how Erdoğan was anti-Kurdish a few years ago), however, it is politically pragmatic and sees this process will get more votes and consolidate its power in the Western lands as there will not be more fighting in the East…

On the Gezi Protests, we now how AKP reacted and that where my basic opposition to AKP is born out. FGM favored a double-strategy. In its Turkish media, it was slightly pro-AKP but in its English media (Today’s Zaman) it was explicitly pro-Gezi. Now that there is open warfare between two factions, FGM becomes more pro-Gezi. However, under normal conditions, FGM never favors street activism and its supporters in police forces do not seem to be different from other police personnel in treating activists.

In foreign relations, FGM favors international status quo. That means you won’t hear much against EU, US or Israel. In the Mavi Marmara case, FGM criticized Turkish government and since then some of the militant sections within pro-goverment circles including IHH, are pursuing revenge against the movement. Its Sunnism will probably be working against more relations with Iran, too.

One of the many consequences of this tension is that FGM supporters become more vocal nowadays. They are not hiding. That was one thing I was very critical of FGM. A continous taqiyye. This process, apart from many negative happenings, is leading a further civilianisation of a closed-circle organization…

In the mean time, if AKP wins this struggle, there does not seem to be any organized opposition to Erdoğan left within the Turkish State and a one-man rule actually begins…

p.s. if there comes any feedback or questions, I will try to elaborate…

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Erdoğan’s corrupt regime protested all over Turkey tonight (27 December 2013)

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Media preview

I switch to my Twitter account for immediate coverage. God Help Us all…