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RSF: “Turkey’s imprisoned journalists pin hopes on European Court…

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Members of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the well-known Parisian street artist C215 painted the portraits of ten imprisoned Turkish journalists and deployed a #SaveTurkishJournalists banner outside the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in


Nobel laureate writer J. M. Coetzee sends solidarity message to Turkish hunger striking educators

Nobel laureate writer John Maxwell Coetzee has sent a message of solidarity to Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça, the two hunger striking educators who have been on a hunger strike for over 80 days in protest at being dismissed from their posts through state of emergency decrees
New York Times – Christine Mehta – May 29, 5:21 AM

On April 24, 2017, Serdar Kuni, a 45-year-old Kurdish doctor accused of providing medical aid to Kurdish rebels, stood in a courtroom in Sirnak in southeastern Turkey. The courtroom overlooked buildings reduced to rubble and a deserted mosque with

French journalist held in Turkey on hunger strike: Press freedom group

A French journalist held in Turkey for over two weeks has begun a hunger strike to protest his detention, press freedom group Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said on May 23.


More than 154,000 people have faced legal probes over suspected links to the movement of the U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen since the July 15, 2016, failed coup attempt, widely believed to have been masterminded by the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ).

Turkey: the rigged referendum and implications for economic fragility

Following in the footstep of the rating agencies, investment banks were busy building up a self-fulfilling prophecy before and after the Turkish referendum of 16 April, 2017.

Istanbul Stock Exchange. Wikicommons/Thomas Steiner. Some rights reserved.Before the referendum, global and domestic capital betted on the Justice and Development Party (AKP) regime like a horse whose jockey knows how to win by bending the rules. The bet has reflected the business elites’ preference for stability and their lack of interest in democracy.

In what follows, I discuss the rating agency and investment bank bias in favour of right-wing authoritarian regimes, the sources of fragilities in the Turkish economy, and the vengeance with which the institutional cull under the AKP regime may come to haunt both domestic and foreign capital in Turkey.

The Sultan is dead, long live “Başyüce” Erdogan Sultan!

Erdogan’s desire to install a presidential system in Turkey has been inspired by Kisakurek’s ‘Basyuce’ concept as the representative of the Sunni majority.

Poet and Islamist ideologue, Necip Fazıl Kısakürek. Wikicommons/ Berildeman. Some rights reserved.Sultanism is on the rise. Beyond Turkey, the election of Trump in the US, the resilience of Putinism in Russia, all point out the emergence of highly personalized regimes of a certain type. What distinguishes sultanism from other forms of authoritarian regimes is its unrestrained personal rule beyond ideological constrains and rational legal forms, leading to the gradual removal of checks and balances in the system. Even though sultanism is traditionally more common under authoritarian regimes, features of neo-sultanism can nowadays also exist in so-called `democratic and societies of transition’.

Educators on hunger strike are members of outlawed DHKP-C: Interior Minister

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has claimed two educators who were arrested on the 78th day of their hunger strike were members of the outlawed DHKP-C

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#Europe agenda: Merkel says “Europe ‘can no longer rely on allies’ after Trump and Brexit…

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The German chancellor says Europe must “fight for its own destiny” at an election campaign event.
FT research reveals that agreements with 168 countries must be redone just for Britain to stand still
What Corbyn’s debate victory tells us about bias in the British media

Jeremy Corbyn at the Sky/Channel 4 election debate, fair use.Jeremy Corbyn didn’t just survive Monday night’s Battle for Number 10, he thrived on the audience’s questions and on Jeremy Paxman’s futile attempt to get him to admit that he wished Labour’s manifesto was more like the Communist Manifesto. Corbyn’s performance brought him accolades from a very wide range of people, including Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell on the Brexit right as well as some liberal commentators, like Jonathan Freedland and Alistair Campbell, who have done so much to de-legitimise Corbyn’s leadership. Should we be surprised by both the performance and the reaction?

Europe’s high opinion of itself has left it blind to why many people end up going there.

Men and women wait to disembark a navy transport at the port of Messina, on the island of Sicily, on 17 April 2017. NurPhoto/SIPA USA/PA Images. All rights reserved.

US President Donald Trump called Germany’s trade and spending policies “very bad” yesterday (30 May), intensifying a row between the longtime allies and immediately earning himself the moniker “destroyer of Western values” from a leading German politician.
British politics is messed up. Brexit shows it.

The previous PM Cameron promised an in-or-out of the EU referendum back in 2013 if the Conservatives won the General Election, despite the fact that EU matters were considered rather unimportant by voters at that time.

The Copenhagen statue escapes lightly compared to previous attacks, which have seen her decapitated.

What’s the French for ‘bromance’?

France’s Emmanuel Macron strolls through a perfumed Sicilian garden with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

Corbyn, and an election surprise

A fresh approach to security and austerity highlights the choice for Britain’s voters.

“Game on”: Corbyn delivers a stump speech in Croydon. Dominic Lipinski/PA Images. All rights reserved.The previous article in this series, published a week ago, examined the idea that something was happening in the United Kingdom’s general-election campaign that was not being picked up by the great majority of analysts. The consensus at the time was that Theresa May was heading for a landslide victory on 8 June against a divided Labour Party led by the hopeless Jeremy Corbyn, who had been the subject of bitter and persistent rubbishing by large sections of the print media (see “The Corbyn crowd and its message“, 18 May 2017).

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Bu arada Newcastle’da… via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Oh my, 1453 trucks to celebrate the anniversary of Istanbul’s conquest (in 1453) #istanbul news roundup…

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A Guinness record has been attempted to be broken at Istanbul’s third airport, which is currently under construction, with the participation of a total of 1,453 trucks



The Istanbul Biennial celebrates its 30th anniversary

The 15thIstanbul Biennial, entitled a good neighbour and curated by the artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset, will take place from September 16 to

Istanbul’s new airport is the “largest project in Turkey’s history”

TORONTO — In a bid to get airlines to resume flights to Turkey, the Turkish government has announced a brand new airport in Istanbul, set for .

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Bir Wiki Projesi: “The Gezi Project- Gezi Direnişi Hakkında Her Şey” #GeziParkı4Yaşında

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Devam eden Wiki projesi. Buyrun:

Devam eden bir proje olduğu için çok kızmayınız.


The Gezi Project

Gezi Direnişi Hakkında Her Şey- Bir ansiklopedik proje.

Taksim Yayalaştırma Projesi ve Gezi Direnişi’nin Başlaması

Gezi Parkı Olayları Zaman Çizelgesi
Gezi Parki Olayinin Zaman Çizelgesi (in English)

Gezi Parkı Yargı Kararı
Gezi Parkı İle İlgili Kitaplar
Sosyal Medya Paylaşımları

Gezi Parkı Karikatürleri
Gezi Parkı Duvar Yazıları
Gezi Parkını Anlatan Afişler

Dünya Medyasinda Gezi Olayi
Dünya Basininda Gezi Parki (in English)
Köşe Yazıları
Medya Taraması

Gezi Anneleri
Gezi Parkının Etkili Destekleyicileri
Gezi Parki Olaylarına Destek Veren Ünlüler
Gezi Parkı ve Red Hack
Siyasi Partilerin Tepkisi
Türk Tabipler BirliğiBasın Açıklamaları
Hayatını Kaybedenler

Protesto Biçimleri
Tencere, Tava, Gezi!
Park Forumları
Diğer Şehirlerin Gezi Direnişi
Medya Araçları

Gezi’nin 1. Yıldönümü
Gezi 3 yaşında!
Gezi 4 yaşında.
Gezi anımsatmaları

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President Erdoğan declared “arena” not Turkish so all stadium names that include “arena” are replaced by more “Turkish names” like “stadiums”

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Galatasaray has become the first team to remove the word “arena” from the name of its stadium after President Erdoğan’s latest instruction to the sports minister to order the removal of the word from the names of all stadiums
The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) announced that the word “arena” had been removed from the names of all stadiums in the country on May 27, state-run Anadolu Agency has reported
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said he has instructed the sports minister to order the removal of the word “arena” from the names of all sports stadiums across Turkey.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said he has instructed the sports minister to order the removal of the word “arena” from the names of all sports stadiums across Turkey.
Kemal Gün who had been on hunger strike for 90 days to retrieve body of his son who was killed in airstrike in Dersim had his son’s bones delivered yesterday. The funeral ceremony took place today in Hozat district of Dersim.

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Avustralya’nın batısında bir yerlerde Pembe Göl. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages