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Another relatively uneventful two weeks…

In Erkan in the military service on July 19, 2009 at 13:16


Watch duty at the Tosya Prison.

I finally find a task I can achieve successfully: I asked our lieutenant if I am allowed to buy newspapers every day for all soldiers here. Now that I am officially appointed, I go out everyday to buy at least two newspapers. Here I discovered a daily I have never heard back in Istanbul: Şok Gazetesi. This ultimate example of Yellow Press with showy female nude pictures, erotic stories and confessions is the best selling. However, since there is nothing left to do, young soldiers do also real more serious newspapers I buy:)

In the mean time, I realize that Hans is captured in some photos in his blog with nice views from his and Özlem’s apartment:)

In my very limited news following, I will have to agree to some extent with Hans and Omnium in PM Erdoğan’s constant usage of the word "genocide". For a round up on China’s Crackdown on Uighurs in Turkish press… and also you can check out Yigal’s pieces:  Turkey’s Uighur Problem, Cont.

Finally, Bertus Pieters’s card arrived! Thanks Bertus. And I received a second card a letter from Kathrine. Thanks for the recommendations!

Now I go back to prison again:)

Uneventful two weeks.

In Erkan in the military service on July 4, 2009 at 14:41

Oh boy, I could not find time to update my blog. Time passes so quickly when I am in the civilian life. Answering most of emails and facebook comments left me no time. Seeing my daily visits decrease to mere 25 kills me:)

My blog success disappears (!).

I have had an uneventful 2-week period. Things have been all right. I am reading intensively. That gives me real patience to continue. Now that I am left alone, apart from my basic duties, I keep reading whenever I find opportunity.

1. So much "phatic talk"

2. So much focus on sexuality. Phatic talk mostly turns around sexuality. What can you expect?

3. The "tick" problem.  CrimeanCongo haemorrhagic fever is a tangible problem here. We have to be careful.

Anyway, let me go back. Damn!