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Scientific solution to the tension in Turkish Parliament – sort of- “Color of seats makes Turkish MPs see red: Report

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Color of seats makes Turkish MPs see red: Report

from Hurriyet Daily News

The main culprit for the explosive atmosphere at the assembly is the color of the chairs, according CHP’s report

 A politics roundup:

Wise men and not-so-wise men

from Hurriyet Daily News

Parliament Speaker Cemil Çiçek was the guest yesterday of the traditional Diplomatic Correspondents’ Association.

Justice reform won’t trigger Öcalan retrial: Minister

from Hurriyet Daily News

A provisional clause in the fourth judicial package being debated in the Parliament will not lead to a retrial of the convicted leader of the PKK, Justice Minister said.



Parliament Commission only ‘revising’ and not ‘rewriting’ charter

from Hurriyet Daily News

Parliament’s Constitution Conciliation Commission is not writing a new charter, but rather revising the charter formed in 1982 after the military coup.

Turkish government seeks leap forward with Kurdish solution bid

from Hurriyet Daily News

A solution to the Kurdish issue will help Turkey boost its democracy, national income and technology..

Turkey’s Negotiations with the PKK: Contents, Dynamics, Risks, and Possible Outcomes

by Acturca

German Marshall Fund of the United States, March 28, 2013 By Gökhan Bacik * The government’s recent direct talks with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the call by Abdullah Öcalan, leader of the PKK, for the PKK’s withdrawal from Turkey are a turning point in the history of Turkey’s Kurdish problem. How did it


Federalism ‘may be’ on 2023 agenda: Turkish PM

from Hurriyet Daily News

Recalling that the Ottoman Empire was a state founded on a federal system, PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Gov’t expects PKK retreat to finish before the end of summer

from Hurriyet Daily News

Members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) should complete.

Why Erdogan Wants Peace With the PKK

from RAND: Commentary by RAND Staff

Conflicting Reports of PKK Withdrawal from Turkey

from Yahoo News Photos

Erbil, Asharq Al-Awsat—The Turkish military yesterday denied reports that a first batch of PKK fighters had withdrawn from Turkish territory, thereby implementing part of the peace initiative that was launched last week by jailed party leader Abdullah Ocalan.According to the Turkish newspaper Akşam, the PKK leadership in Mount Qandil, Iraqi Kurdistan, initiated the withdrawal of a first batch of

The PKK’s military capacity and the withdrawal process

from Hurriyet Daily News

Öcalan declared the first step of the negotiations a ceasefire to be followed by the withdrawal of armed.

When nationalism trumps reason

from Hurriyet Daily News

Greek Cypriots have a long and arduous road ahead as they try to recover from their economic meltdown.

Turkish PM Erdoğan a chance for peace: Leading PKK figure

from Hurriyet Daily News

PM Erdoğan’s decision to take a risk is a chance for peace since he also has power stemming from public support, says Zübeyir Aydar, one of the most influential names in the outlawed PKK

Turkish government should take fresh steps for PKK withdrawal, BDP says

from Hurriyet Daily News

BDP co-chair Demirtaş says the government should take new steps for the PKK withrawal.

“Istanbul voted European Best Destination for 2013” …. Istanbul news roundup…

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Istanbul voted European Best Destination for 2013

Travel Daily News International

Istanbul took 1st place in European Best Destinations 2013, followed by Lisbon in 2nd place and Vienna in 3rd. Now in its fourth year, European Best Destination is an initiative of non-profit making European Consumers Choice which aims to promote

Istanbul maritime

by Acturca

Sud Ouest (France) 29 mars 2013, p. 46 France 3 à 20 H 45 C’est là que finit l’Europe et que l’Asie commence : l’ancienne Constantinople est la prochaine destination de  » Thalassa « . L’émission dévoile ce soir l’histoire de cette cité maritime, hier Byzance, aujourd’hui Istanbul. Elle dévoile aussi un port antique récemment mis au jour,



IOC panel has ‘excellent impression’ of Istanbul

U.S. News & World Report

ISTANBUL (AP) — The IOC came away with an “excellent impression” Wednesday of Istanbul’s bid for the 2020 Olympics, stressing that the city’s multi-billion-dollar infrastructure budget will be spent whether or not Turkey gets the games. Wrapping up a


Istanbul hopeful after Olympics inspection


Istanbul left an “excellent impression” on inspectors after the International Olympic Committee studied the Turkish city’s bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games. Just as was the case following inspections of the city’s bid rivals Tokyo and Madrid, the IOC


Istanbul to host 3rd World Political Forum

The 3rd World Political Forum will be held in Istanbul between June 26 and 28 under the title “A New and Righteous World Order”. The forum will evaluate global economic and political issues and new possibilities for cooperation and solution proposals


Preparing for Earthquakes, Istanbul Rattles Its Apartment Dwellers

The Atlantic

The streets of Sumer, a small Istanbul neighborhood, are narrow and lined with smoky teashops where men play cards all day. Apartments are multi-colored, five-storied, architectural hodgepodges, the type found in most neighborhoods of Istanbul.


Reviving Istanbul’s historic libraries

Hurriyet Daily News

Istanbul’s historic libraries and their priceless archives are being renovated by theIstanbul Province Special Directorate. The directorate, which has been serving the city particularly in the field of health and education, is now restoring historic


Istanbul Airport Posts Fastest Growth Among Busiest Hubs


Istanbul airport posted the biggest jump in passenger numbers among the world’s major hubs last year, expanding almost one-third faster than the next-best performer as it captures traffic from Europe rivals. Istanbul’s near 21 percent increase in



32nd Istanbul film festival opens this weekend

Organized annually by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Art (İKSV), the festival will host a gala event tonight at the Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center with the screening of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar’s film “I’m


Beyond The Doner: Finding ‘Real’ Turkish Food In Istanbul

Huffington Post (blog)

Before going to Istanbul, I knew little about Turkish cuisine beyond doner kebabs and Turkish delight. Much like stereotypical “Australian food,” these misconceptions were uninformed and simplistic, yet not exactly horrible (lamb on a spit? What’s not

Istancool festival gets ready for June

from Hurriyet Daily News

Istancool, the international festival of art, culture and ideas aiming to enhance..


Fashion: Istanbul is the new capital of pret-a-porter

Agenzia Giornalistica Italia

(AGI) – Rome, March 30 – Istanbul is the new capital of pret-a-porter. Turkey has become the second largest supplier of European clothing and produces clothes for leading Italian and French fashion houses. The city, heart of the country’s economy,

Yeni Anayasa için Erdoğan’ın verdiği süre bitiyor… Yeni Anayasa gündemi…

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Cemil Çiçek’ten yeni anayasa açıklaması


Çiçek, yeni Anayasa çalışmaları konusunda, “Burada çok fazla zaman söz konusu değil. Bu işi en öncelikli iş kabul etmemiz gerekli. Lozan Anlaşması gibi bir Anlaşmayı 6 ayda yaptık. Anayasayı daha fazla uzatamayız. Bir an evvel belli bir noktaya


Türk ifadesi anayasadan çıkmasın!


… Şalk gibi isimlerin bulunduğu 300’dan fazla bilim, devlet, siyaset ve edebiyat adamı bugün kamuoyuna bir çağrıda bulundu. “Türk Milletine Çağrı” bildirisinde ‘Türk ifadesi Anayasa’dan çıkmasın’ denildi.Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kafalı, Prof. Dr. Bican


Yeni anayasa olmazsa 2014’te sıkıntılar doğar

Star Gazete

TBMM Başkanı Cemil Çiçek, yeni anayasanın hazırlanmaması durumunda, 2014’ten sonra Türkiye’de, ‘yetki karmaşası’ yaşanacağı uyarısında bulundu. Parlamento muhabirleriyle buluşan Çiçek, “2014’ten itibaren cumhurbaşkanını halk seçecek; icranın


Milli Anayasa Forumu, Pazar Günü Ödemiş’te Toplanıyor

Haber 3

Türkiye genelinde 80’e yakın il ve ilçede yüzlerce kez toplanan Milli Anayasa Forumu, pazar günü Ödemiş’te de bir toplantı gerçekleştirecek. “Atatürk’te birleştik” sloganıyla yola çıkan ve daha önce Selçuk ve Tire’de de toplantılar gerçekleştiren Milli


”Anayasa taslağında grev yapma hakkı da bulunacak”

Yirmidort Haber

Dünya Sosyal Forumu kapsamında ”Tunus Anayasa Taslağında Ekonomik, Sosyal ve Kültürel Hakların Konumu” adı altında düzenlenen sempozyuma da katılan Cafer, bu hakların Tunus vatandaşı için önemine vurgu yaptı. Genel grevlerde sendikal haklar


Yeni Anayasa’da Türk tanımı tartışılıyor

Haber Aktuel

Yeni anayasa çalışmalarının en kritik maddesini ‘Türk milleti’nin tanımı oluşturuyor. Milletvekilleri, bu konuda arşiv taraması yaparken 21 Haziran 1934 tarihli İskan Kanunu tartışmaların odağında. Kanun, hükümete Türk Kültürüne bağlı olmayanları sınır


Akyalçın; “Bu anayasa bölünme anayasasıdır”

Çanakkale Olay

Dün güzel ülkemizden bir ses yükseldi, bu sesin sahipleri dediler ki: ‘Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Devleti’nin kurucusu ve sahibi olan Türk Milleti’nin adı, vatandaşlık tarifinden ve Anayasa’dan çıkarılamaz. Devletimizin eşit ve şerefli üyeleri olan aziz


Anayasa” uyarısı: “Süre pazar günü doluyor”

CNN Türk

AK Parti Grup Başkanvekili Mustafa Elitaş, yeni anayasa çalışmalarıyla ilgili verilen sürenin 31 Mart Pazar günü dolacağını belirterek, “Sonraki süreçte eğer onlar samimi şekilde, iyi niyetle, çok kısa bir zamanda bitirecekleri şeklinde bir beyan


Yeni Anayasa’da 5 Nisan telaşı

Internet Haber

Yeni anayasanın ”yargı” bölümünün görüşmelerini sürdüren Komisyon, daha sonra yürütme bölümünde kalan maddeleri ele alacak. Gruplar, varsa Anayasa’nın başlangıç kısmı, ile birinci kısımdaki genel esaslar ve diğer bölümlere ilişkin önerilerini 5 Nisan


Anayasa Uzlaşma Komisyonu’nda, monarşi, padişahlık, demokrasi tartışması

T24 (Basın Bildirisi)

TBMM Anayasa Uzlaşma Komisyonu’nda son iki haftadır önemli bölümünde anlaşma sağlanamadığı için kırmızı renkte yazılan Anayasa Mahkemesi bölümünde tartışma yaşandı. AKP’li Ahmet İyimaya, “Anayasa Mahkemesi özünde millet iradesine terstir”


Osman Can, Omü’de ‘Anayasa’ Konferansı Verdi


Omü Düşünce ve Atılım Topluluğu tarafından düzenlenen, “Yeni Anayasa, Demokratik Hukuk Devleti” konulu konferans, İlahiyat Fakültesi Konferans Salonunda gerçekleşti. Konferansa konuşmacı olarak Anayasa Mahkemesi Eski Raportörü Doç. Dr. Osman


Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Hatemi Tarafından “yeni Anayasa” Adlı Konferans Verildi

Haber 3

İyi bir anayasa yapılması için ilk yapılacak şeyin her şeyden önce Anayasanın başlangıç bölümünün iyi düzenlenmesi gerektiğini söyleyen Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Hatemi, “Hukukun temel ilkesi, temel kavramı Hak’tır. Hak’ta hukuken korunan, menfaattir.


Anayasa prof’u Özbudun: Genel affa hazır olun


İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi öğretim üyesi, Anayasa Profesörü Ergun Özbudun, çözüm sürecindeki tartışmalarla ilgili Vatan’dan Deniz Güçer’in sorularını yanıtladı. Adı ‘Akil İnsanlar’ listesinde geçen Prof. Özbudun “Genel af bir noktada gündeme girecek


Erdoğan ’31 Mart son’ dedi ama…


Erdoğan daha önce birkaç kez açıkladığı yeni anayasa projesine ilişkin A, B ve C planlarını da tekrarladı. İlk olarak CHP’nin kapısını çalacaklarını, MHP’nin ise baştan reddeder bir tavır sergilediğini belirten Erdoğan, bu iki partiyle bir sonuç


Yeni Anayasa’yı hukukçulara yaptırmayın!

Haber 10

Samsun Aydınlar Ocağı’nın İl Müftülüğü konferans salonunda düzenlediği “Değişen Türkiye veAnayasa Tartışmaları” konulu konferansa konuşmacı olarak katılan AK Parti MKYK Üyesi veAnayasa Mahkemesi Eski Raportörü Doç. Dr. Osman Can, yeni



DHA (abonelik)

Emre BAYLAN/ANTALYA, (DHA) – MHP Genel Başkanı Devlet Bahçeli Antalya’da parti toplantısında yaptığı konuşmada, “Ne gaflettir ki, PKK, AKP’ye anayasa siparişi vermiştir. PKK, Türk milletinin yeniden tanımlanması, milli kimliğin yeniden belirlenmesi,

In the mean time, “Turkey suspends energy deals with ENI over Cyprus row

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Turkey suspends energy deals with ENI over Cyprus row

from Yahoo news

Turkey has suspended energy projects with Italian giant ENI because it is involved in disputed exploration for oil and gas off Cyprus, the Turkish energy minister said Wednesday. “We have decided


Turkey and Greek Cyprus should take the first step together: Greek Cypriot PM

from Hurriyet Daily News

The Greek Cypriot foreign minister called on Turkey to take a joint first step.

Obama Shows Talent for Arm-Twisting, and Raises Hopes on Peace Effort

from NYT > Turkey by By MARK LANDLER

After helping heal a rift between Israel and Turkey, analysts wonder whether President Obama will bring the same doggedness and personal involvement to pursuing peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Israel, Turkey to start raid compensation talks on April 12

from Yahoo News Photos

Turkish and Israeli officials will meet on April 12 for breakthrough talks over compensation for a deadly 2010 flotilla raid, for which the Jewish state apologised last week, the Turkish prime minister said Friday.

Turkey wants new Cyprus solution bid

from Hurriyet Daily News

On the day that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu made a statement about the possibility..

Mending Israel-Turkey ties

from Hurriyet Daily News

I was in Israel last week, right after Israel’s apology for any wrongdoing..


Israel- Turkey thaw: Strategic prospects

from Yahoo News Photos

BEIRUT, Lebanon, March 26 (UPI) — The rapprochement between Israel and Turkey is expected to have a significant strategic effect on the turbulent region.

Cyberculture roundup: Amazon buys my fav. Goodreads, Google’s patent move, “It’s Not Slacktivism if it Changes Culture”, Attack on Spamhaus…

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Amazon’s Plan to Own Writing and Reading Advances With Goodreads Buy

from Wired Top Stories by Marcus Wohlsen

Amazon looked back to its roots in bookselling and forward to its future as the global overlord of all human literary output by announcing its plan today to purchase social reading site GoodReads.

Amazon acquires social book site Goodreads in most obvious move ever

from The Next Web by Josh Ong

Google+ Integration Allows Domination Over Twitter

from social media vb by blaisegv

Google Plus recently overtook Twitter in terms of the number of active users. How? Google Plus has a number of killer features which are driving its growth and helping it steal precious attention away from the established social networks. Here’s a look at several of them.



Google Makes Open Patent Non-assertion Pledge and Proposes New Licensing Models

from Updates by Daniel Nazer and Daniel Nazer

The flood of software patents has created an environment where companies are afraid that innovation leads to being hit by patent lawsuits. Every dollar spent fighting patent trolls and or waging patent wars is a dollar not spent researching, developing, and creating jobs. The situation is so bad that, in 2011, Apple and Google spentmore on patent litigation and buying patents than they did on research. So it’s no surprise that some companies are looking for new ways to navigate the patent system while promoting openness and innovation.

Google Erects Patent Shield for the Open Source Internet

from Wired Top Stories by Cade Metz

Behind the scenes, just about all of the web’s biggest names are mimicking Google. That includes Facebook, Yahoo, eBay, Twitter, and so many more.


Google announces patent pledge not to sue users, distributors, or developers of open-source software

from The Next Web by Emil Protalinski


Google’s New Open Source Patent Pledge: We Won’t Sue Unless Attacked First

from Mashable! by Christina Warren


Competition Seeks Next Generation of Cybersecurity Experts

from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick


How “Slacktivism” Revealed a New Political Map of America

from The Meta-Activism Project by Mary

The data scientists at Facebook – particularly Eytan Bakshy – have produced an excellent set of public analytics on Human Rights Campaign‘s equality avatar initiative, which some have called slacktivism.  Facebook’s full report is here.  Of the many graphics Facebook produced, the one below particularly caught my eye:

It’s Not Slacktivism if it Changes Culture

from The Meta-Activism Project by Mary

What’s the effect of changing your profile image?

On Tuesday the LGBT rights group Human Rights Campaign began encouraging supporters to change their Facebook avatars to a pink and red equals sign, their (temporary?) logo.  In true generative fashion they have also adopted remixes of the logo, which they are displaying on their own site (see left) and they are using the increased awareness brought by the campaign, and by the gay marriage cases currently in the Supreme Court, to raise money for their organization.  They’re a savvy bunch.


Researchers show method for de-anonymizing 95% of “anonymous” cellular location data

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

Unique in the Crowd: The privacy bounds of human mobility, a Nature Scientific Reports paper by MIT researchers and colleagues at Belgium’s Universite Catholique de Louvain, documents that 95% of “anonymous” location data from cellphone towers can be de-anonymized to the individual level. That is, given data from a region’s cellular towers, the researchers can ascribe individuals to 95% of the data-points.


Internet apocalypse? In the next bag o’ chips

from Boing Boing by Rob Beschizza

Sam Biddle writes that this week’s epic, internet-shaking DDOS was a lie. Spamhaus was indeed under a record-size denial-of-service attack, but the protection company it hired, Cloudfront, turns out to be the only source of the bigger story that went with it: that the internet at large was significantly affected.

DDoS Attacks Are Not The Only Way To Disrupt the Global Internet

from Mashable! by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai


Inside the Biggest Cyberattack in History

from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick

Spamhaus is battling a 300 billion bits-per-second DDoS described as the ‘biggest attack in history’

from The Next Web by Nick Summers

The Attack on Spamhaus And Other News You Need to Know

from Mashable! by Stan Schroeder


8 Vendors You Didn’t Know Accepted Bitcoins

from Mashable! by Matt Petronzio


Global Internet Slowed by Massive Cyberattack Against One Company

from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick

DDoS storm breaks records at 300 Gbps

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

The Internet has been groaning under the weight of a massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the Domain Name Service, apparently aimed at anti-spam vigilantes Spamhaus, in retaliation for their blacklisting of Dutch free speech hosting provider Cyberbunker. At 300 mbps, the DDoS is the worst in public Internet history.


Internet slowed by one of the largest cyber attacks ever seen

from Hurriyet Daily News

The Internet may have been slowed by one of the largest cyber attacks ever seen, which targeted a group that patrols the Web for spam, security experts said.


Congress’ New CFAA Draft Could Have Put Aaron Swartz in Jail For Decades Longer Than the Original Charges

from Updates by Trevor Timm

Law professor and historian Tim Wu has called the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) the “worst law in technology.” The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has described the government’s interpretation of it “expansive,” “broad,” and “sweeping.” And Orin Kerr, former federal prosecutor and law professor, has detailed how the government could use it to put “any Internet user they want .”

FBI: Expanding Internet Snooping Powers a ‘Top Priority’

from Mashable!


Thousands Speak Out Against CISPA for Week of Action

from Updates by Adi Kamdar and Adi KamdarLast Monday, a number of organizations, companies, and individuals came together for a Week of Action against the dangerous cybersecurity bill, CISPA. Though thousands of people answered our call to action, the fight is far from over.


Southeast Europe countries enhance protection measures after a surge in cyber …

Southeast European Times

In Turkey, government websites have been an ever-growing subject of cyber attacks from groups including RedHack, Anonymous and local hacker groups, which are reportedly targeting the country’s domestic and foreign policy moves. Last year the foreign

Blogs: Still Your Most Reliable Social Media Tool

from social media vb by bobbymarhamat

Social media is without a doubt a pivotal part of helping any new business grow. But in the maelstrom of social media options, many businesses are overlooking one of the most basic and important options at their disposal: blogging. Here are three key ways blogging is still a powerful tool.


How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft Online

from Mashable! by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai


NATO Researchers Say Stuxnet Attack Was an ‘Act of Force’

from Mashable! by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai


Cyprus Gets World’s First Bitcoin ATM

from Mashable! by NowThisNews


Sweden scraps new word ‘ungoogleable’ after Google pressure

from Hurriyet Daily News

The Language Council of Sweden said Tuesday it had removed the word “ungoogleable”


GeoFeedia: Ready for Digital Disaster Response

from iRevolution by Patrick Meier

GeoFeedia was not originally designed to support humanitarian operations. But last year’s blog post on the potential of GeoFeedia for crisis mapping caught the interest of CEO Phil Harris. So he kindly granted the Standby Volunteer Task Force (SBTF) free access to the platform. In return, we provided his team with feedback on what features (listed here) would make GeoFeedia more useful for digital disaster response. This was back in summer 2012. I recently learned that they’ve been quite busy since. Indeed, I had the distinct pleasure of sharing the stage with Phil and his team at this superb conference on social media for emergency management. After listening to their talk, I realized it was high time to publish an update on GeoFeedia, especially since we hadused the tool just two months earlier in response to Typhoon Pablo, one of the worst disasters to hit the Philippines in the past 100 years.

U.S. Applies New Money Laundering Rules to Bitcoin, Defeating Its Purpose

from Mashable! by Geekosystem

Victory for Transparency: Microsoft Releases Report on Law Enforcement Requests for User Data

from Updates by Eva Galperin

EFF has long called on companies to publish the number and type of government demands they receive for user data. We think it’s important enough to be one of the stars we award in our Who Has Your Back? campaign started in 2010. Users make decisions every day about which companies they entrust with their thoughts, photos, contacts, identities and location data. In order to make informed decisions users — especially those at risk from repressive governments or engaging in political activism — need to know how often the government is seeking that information from their providers.

How We’re Turning Digital Natives Into Etiquette Sociopaths

from Wired Top Stories by Wired Opinion

Cyber-savvy folks are arguing for such new etiquette rules because in an information-overloaded world, time-wasting communication is not just outdated ? it?s rude. Living according to the gospel of technological efficiency and frictionless sharing is fine as a Silicon Valley innovation ethos. But etiquette norms aren?t just about efficiency: they?re actually about building thoughtful and pro-social character.


Hackers Publish Turkish Mayor’s Phone Number in Tit-for-Tat Cyber Attack

from Global Voices Online by Baran Mavzer

A group of Turkish hackers who call themselves Redhack have published the cell phone numbers of Melih Gökçek, the mayor of Turkey’s capital city Ankara, and his security guard on Twitter in retaliation against the mayor for publicizing the cell phone number of a college student.


What is ‘ungoogleable’?

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition

What can and can’t be found with a search engine?


Virtual world’s future lies underground

Deregulating manholes represents the latest creative approach to the concept of ‘unbundling’ – forcing network companies to rent infrastructure

16 Nisan’da Kadir Has Ü’nde Yeni Medya Konferansı.

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Akademisyen ve uzmanlar Kadir Has’ta YENİ MEDYA ve EĞİTİMi tartışacak!

Kadir Has Üniversitesi Yeni Medya Bölümü tarafından Yeni Medya kavramının çeşitli alanlardaki dönüştürücü etkilerinin ortaya çıkartılması amacıyla her yıl Nisan ayında düzenlenen Yeni Medya Konferansları’nın ikincisi 16 Nisan Salı günü Kadir Has Üniversitesi Cibali Kampüsü’nde yapılıyor.

Geçtiğimiz sene 600 kişinin salondan, 6.000 kişinin ise canlı yayından izlediği etkinliğin bu seneki teması ‘Yeni Medya ve Eğitim’ olarak belirlendi.

Ülkemizin YENİ MEDYA ve EĞİTİM alanlarında birikim ve deneyim sahibi seçkin akademisyen ve sektör uzmanlarının Türkiye ve dünyadan örneklerle yapacağı sunumlarda,

– 21. Yüzyılda eğitim kavramı Yeni Medya ile nasıl değişiyor?

– Yeni Medya, öğretmen, öğrenci, okul, eğitim ve öğretim kavramlarını nasıl etkiliyor?

– Yeni Medya üzerinde ne tür eğitim-öğretim teknolojileri, araçları ve içerikler geliştirilmekte? Sanal Sınıf, Online Eğitim, Tablet gibi araçların faydaları neler?

– İnternet ve mobil cihazların zaman-mekan sınırlarını ortadan kaldırması kurumlara ne tür eğitim fırsatları vermekte?

– Dijital Yerliler Sosyal Medya üzerinden eğitilebilir mi?

– Türkiye’nin ileri bir refah toplumu olması yolunda Yeni Medya okur-yazarlığının rolü ve önemi ne? Bunun için devlet, kamu ve özel kuruluşlar ile sivil toplumun üzerine düşen görev ve sorumluluklar neler?  gibi sorulara yanıt aranacak.

Yeni Medya’yı 2004 yılından itibaren akademik gündemine alan Kadir Has Üniversitesi, eğitim ile ilgili tüm birey, kurum ve kuruluşları, 16 Nisan 2013 Salı günü Cibali Kampüsü’nde akademi ile sektörün buluşacağı bu etkinliğe çağırıyor.

16 Nisan 2013 Salı 12:00-18:30
Kadir Has Üniversitesi, D-Blok Konferans Salonu
16 Nisan 2013 Salı  12:00-18:30
Kadir Has Üniversitesi Cibali Kampüsü, D-Blok Büyük Konferans Salonu
Moderatör: İsmail Hakkı Polat (Kadir Has Üniversitesi)

12:00-12:30 KAYIT VE TANIŞMA



  • Doç. Dr. Murat Akser (Yeni Medya Bölüm Başkanı)
  • Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aydın (Rektör)



  • 13:00-13:30 21. Yüzyıl’da Eğitim ve Yeni Medya

Cengiz Ultav (Vestel)

  • 13:30-14:00 Yeni Medya’da Eğitim İçeriği ve Sunumu

Ali Türker (Sebit)

  • 14:00-14:30 Online Eğitimde Khan AcademyDeneyimi

Ali Şentürk (Khan Academy Türkçe)


14:30-15:00 ARA


  • 15:00-15:30 Zaman-mekan sınırsızlığında dönüşen eğitim

Banu Sezen (Turkcell Akademi)

  • 15:30-16:00 Dijital Yerlilerin Öğretmeni Olmak

Mehmet Duran Öznaçar (MEB Adana Bilim Sanat Merkezi)

  • 16:00-16:30 Sosyal Medya üzerinden üniversite eğitimi

Ercüment Büyükşener (Bilgi Üniversitesi)


16:30-17:00 ARA


17:00-18:30 KAPANIŞ PANELİ :
‘Yeni Medya Okur-Yazarlığı’

Panel Moderatörü:

  • Doç. Dr. Erkan Saka (Bilgi Üniversitesi)


  • Abdül Hamit Güneş (Telekomünikasyon iletişim Başkanlığı)
  • Ali Rıza Keleş (Alternatif Bilişim Derneği)
  • Pelin Kuzey (Google Türkiye)
  • MEB Temsilcisi*

İsimler alfabetik sıraya gore yazılmıştır.

“188,387 Syrians under temporary protection in Turkey… A FP roundup…

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Turkey denies reports of Syrian refugees’ deportation

from Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey has reportedly deported 600 Syrians staying at a refugee camp in the southeastern.

Turkey ready to negotiate two-state solution for Cyprus: Turkish FM

from Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey is ready to negotiate a two-state solution to the Cyprus problem


188,387 Syrians under temporary protection in Turkey

from Yahoo News Photos

Turkey ‘s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced number of Syrians under temporary protection in Turkey were 188,387 as of March 12, and total amount of money spent so far was 728.3 million Turkish Lira (TL).


Turkey is world’s rising brand: Deputy prime minister

from Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey is a rising brand in the world because it has kept its promises, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan said.


Turkey , Israel to work out compensation

from Yahoo News Photos

Turkey ‘s deputy prime minister says Turkish and Israeli officials will meet next week to work out the amount of compensation to be paid to the victims of a raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla that killed eight Turks and a..


Palestine ‘against’ Turkish PM Erdoğan’s visit to Gaza: Official

from Hurriyet Daily News

Palestine is opposed to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s intention to visit the Gaza Strip.


Turkey gas move piles pressure on Cyprus

from – World, Europe

Ankara set to bar Eni from Turkey projects if it proceeds with Cyprus gas exploration, saying Greek Cypriots have no right to assign island’s resources


No Accreditation to Turkey’s Media in NSU Trial

from Bianet :: English

Munich’s Higher Regional Court declined to reserve any courtroom seats to Turkey’s media in the hearing of National Socialist Underground, a neo-Nazi cell suspected for the murder of 10 people including 8 with Turkish roots.

The Syrian irony for Turkey

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Annalena di Giovanni and Foti Benlisoy

Before the uprising, Erdoğan and Davutoğlu tried to turn Damascus and Aleppo into safe market havens. Perhaps Turkey still expects eventually to have the lion’s share in a future reconstructed Syria, but the ruling AKP party may pay a high price for its regional policies.

Israel, Turkey Explore Energy Links

by Acturca

The Wall Street Journal (USA) March 27, 2013, p. A12 By Joshua Mitnick, Tel Aviv Israel’s apology to Turkey over a deadly 2010 raid will boost cooperation over Syria’s civil war, but it also has a compelling economic incentive: the possible export of billions of dollars of Israeli natural gas to Turkey and beyond, say

For Cyprus, a Sudden Need to Play Nice With Turkey

from NYT > Turkey by By JAMES KANTER

The country’s sudden reversal of fortunes implies that self-reliant Cyprus may need to brush up on its own relations with Turkey to make its gas wealth a reality.


Verheugen: Europe cannot do it without Turkey

by Acturca, 28 March 2013 Interview by Samuel Doveri Vesterbye The European Union needs Turkey if it is to succeed as a global player, former Commission vice-president Günter Verheugen tells EurActiv. Günter Verheugen is a former Commission vice-president and enlargement commissioner. He was a speaker at the Future of Europe Stakeholder Workshop organised by the EurActiv

Making Sense of Turkish-EU Relations in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring

by Acturca

GTE Policy Briefs (Istituto Affari Internazionali) n. 8, 28 March 2013, 5 p. by Bülent Aras * Both the EU’s recognition of the importance of its value system and Turkey’s rediscovery of its European component in its foreign policy identity have occurred during a period of radical transformation in the Mediterranean region. The Arab Spring


How Obama Brought Turkey and Israel Back Together

from Yahoo News Photos

Gaza flotilla apology may have ramifications beyond Israel- Turkey relations

from Yahoo News Photos

By Alex Traiman/ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reversed Israeli policy last Friday, offering an apology to the Turkish people for the deaths of nine Turkish citizens aboard the armed.


Uneasy détente in Turkish-Israel relations

from Hurriyet Daily News

Almost three years have passed since a raid by Israeli soldiers on the Mavi Marmara ship on May 31, 2010.

Erdoğan doing everything to make Israel regret apology: Israeli far-right leader

from Hurriyet Daily News

The leader of Israel’s far-right Jewish Home party, Naftali Bennet, slammed Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s comments following Israel’s apology.

U.S. expert: Genocide denial undermines Turkey ’s moral authority

from Yahoo News Photos

“Instead of trying to reinvent history, Turkey ‘s Prime Minister Erdoğan can make history,” David L. Phillips said.

Will PKK Ceasefire Change Turkey ’s Regional Role?

from Yahoo News Photos

Copyright show:  No The March 21 ceasefire in the battle between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the Turkish state offers Turkey not only the hope of peace after decades of bloodshed, but poses profound implications for the region at large. read more

Cyprus row axes Italy’s Eni from Turkish deals

from Hurriyet Daily News

Italian energy giant Eni feels the wrath of Ankara, as the company’s operations are suspended across Turkey…


S&P raises Turkey’s rating, hints amelioration if Kurdish issue solved

from Hurriyet Daily News

Standard & Poor’s upgraded Turkey’s credit rating from BB to BB+.

Turkish FM reveals secret diplomacy behind Israel’s apology

from Hurriyet Daily News

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu revealed March 28 the background of Israel’s apology to Turkey.


Cyprus’s economic woes could help resolve the island’s dispute | George Kyris

from World news: Turkey | by George Kyris

Greek Cypriots could now be forced round the table with their Turkish counterparts to discuss unification, thanks to the bailout

Revise Customs Union, or cancel it totally : Turkey tells EU

from Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey has urged the European Union to restructure the terms of the current Customs Union.


Global economy’s axis shifts from West to East: Deputy PM

from Hurriyet Daily News

The world’s economic balance has shifted from the West to the East because of the latest economic crisis, says Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan at the Uludağ Economy Summit.


Turkey cautioned on PM’s visit to Gaza

from Yahoo news

ANKARA, Turkey , March 29 (UPI) — An expected visit to Gaza by Turkey ‘s prime minister should be planned to avoid further dividing rival Palestinian factions, a Palestinian diplomat said.

What Is So Special About Russian–Turkish Economic Relations

by Acturca

Russian Analytical Digest (RAD), No.125, 25 March 2013, pages 5-10 Russia’s Relations with Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania By Natalia Ulchenko *, Moscow This article analyses contemporary Russian–Turkish economic relations. It considers the problems that the two sides are faced with, in spite of their steadily increasing bilateral trade volume and investment flows, and highlights the

To Cash In on Gas, Cyprus May Need to Sell to Turkey

by Acturca

The New York Times (USA) March 28, 2013, p. B4 By James Kanter, Brussels With its economy in tatters, Cyprus urgently needs to tap its natural gas deposits. But opening the spigot will force the easternmost member of the European Union to make the tough choices it has long been loath to confront.

Turkey and Israel Feel the Effect as Syria’s Civil War Fuels Tensions at Borders


Turkey’s threat to prosecute or expel 130 refugees, and Israel’s growing concerns about injured Syrians coming across the border, are the latest signs of how Syria’s war has destabilized the region.


Editorial Board: Israel and Turkey let bygones be bygones

from Yahoo news

THE DARKENING situation in the Middle East has produced a silver lining. With Syria’s civil war intensifying and Iran showing no sign of slowing its nuclear program, Israel and Turkey have patched a nearly three-year-old rift. In a March 22 phone call stage-managed by President Obama , Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the deaths

Gaza residents would be happy to see Erdoğan: Gaza Mayor

from Hurriyet Daily News

Gaza Mayor Refik Mekki dismissed any opposition to Turkish PM’s planned Gaza visit.

Palestine to ‘welcome’ Turkish PM Erdoğan to Gaza: Officials

from Hurriyet Daily News

Ankara has received no complaints relating to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s plans to visit Gaza, Turkish officials have said.

In Bosnia, Turkey brings back a gentle version of the Ottoman Empire

from Yahoo News Photos

Turkey conquered the Balkans five centuries ago. Now Turkish power is making inroads through friendlier means. Two Turkish-run universities have opened in Bosnia’s Ottoman-influenced capital in recent years, bringing an influx of Turkish students and culture to a predominantly Muslim country still reeling from a brutal ethnic war almost two decades ago. Read full article

Cengiz Aktar: “21 marttan sonra 23 mart…

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21 marttan sonra 23 mart


Geçen Nevruz’un barışın milâdı olduğu giderek kanıtlanıyor. Allah “özbeöz Türklerden”, MHP yönetimi ile CHP’nin şahin kanadı gibi sorumsuzlardan korusun.


23 martta da İstanbul Politikalar Merkezi’nin himayesinde, Ömer Madra’nın başını çektiği, pekçok sivil kuruluş ve eylemcinin hazırlık çalışmalarında bulunduğu İstanbul İklim Manifestosu yayımlandı.


Şöyle bir ibare var: “İklim değişiyor ve sosyal adaletsizliği kat be kat artırıp derinleştiriyor.   Gezegen sürekli uyarıyor. Ama gözler kör, kulaklar sağır kalmaya devam ederse,kibir denen şeyin ne büyük bir felaket olduğunu yakında hepimiz öğreneceğiz… İşte onun için, vicdanı olan tüm yurttaşlarımızı, elde hâlâ çözüm imkânı varken, gezegeni kurtarma seferberliğinde kendi payına düşeni yapmaya, bu büyük sorumluluğu paylaşmaya çağırıyoruz.” İmzanız için




En yeni “tek çare”


Barışı kurarken, onun temelini atacak olan anayasa yazımına neden yoğunlaşılamaz? Çünkü daima “tek çare”lerden medet umarız. Bir iş yaparken diğerine pek yoğunlaşamayız. Bir ara anayasa yazımı vardı, herkes ve en başta bugün “barış kendiliğinden her şeyi çözmeye kadirdir” diyenler o anayasa için uykusuz geceler geçirdi. Ama unutuverdiler, daha iyisini bulduklarını düşünerek.


Barış artık her kapıyı açacak tek anahtar… Kendiliğinden, demokrasi kapısını dahi… Açamasa da o kadar önemli değil, ileride bakarız, ya da bakmayız. Yer içer, tüketiriz. Eh, bu da az bir şey değil filhakika…


Halk, barışın başaktörleri Erdoğan ile Öcalan’ı başkan yaparsa da yapar. Geriye kalan ekalliyete de tahammül etmek, ya da çekip gitmek düşer.


Ama gidene kadar “bu halka bu kadar demokrasi yeter” diyen akıldaneleri teşhir ederek…




Anayasa cephesi


Bakalım anayasa ne kertede? Tamamen unutulduğu sırada TESEV’in Mehmet Uçum’a hazırlattığı “Nasıl Bir Anayasaya Doğru Gidiyoruz?” çalışması hem zamanlı hem de faydalı. Rapor yeni anayasa yapma iradesinin bütün çelişkilerini gözler önüne seriyor.  Bu iradî engele AKP’nin başkanlık dayatması eklenince iş külliyen yoldan çıkmış durumda. Cemil Çiçekdaha dün sistem tartışması tıkıyor demedi mi? Barış dinamiğinin anayasaya yansıması başka bahara. Arada AKP’nin başkancı anayasa önerisi dayatılmazsa…


Rapordan bağımsız olarak, barışla bağlantılı üç konuda Ankara’dan gelen bilgiler şöyle: Vatandaşlık tanımı konusunda, AKP ile BDP’nin teklifleri “Türkiye vatandaşlığı” kavramına vurgu yapar nitelikteyken CHP’nin verdiği teklifte Süheyl Batum’un ısrarı ile “Türk vatandaşlığı” vurgusu bulunuyor ama aynı cümlede vatandaşlıktan da bahsediliyor.


Türkçe dışındaki anadillerde eğitim konusunda AKP’nin teklifinde muğlâk bir “herkesin eğitim hakkına sahip olduğu” vurgusu yapılırken, CHP’nin teklifi carî anayasanın 42. maddesindeki Türkçe dışında kalan dillere getirilen yasakla başlıyor. BDP’nin teklifi tabii daha liberal.


Ademimerkeziyet konusunda AKP 1982 Anayasası’nın aşırı merkeziyetçi ruhuna sadık.   CHP idarî vesayeti hafifleten bir teklif getiriyor. BDP’nin teklifindeki “bölgesel ve yerel kamu idareleri”nin uygulanabilmesi için ise yeni anayasada idarenin ademimerkezî olduğu ilkesi, bölgesel idarelere kamu tüzel kişiliği ve idarî vesayetin alenen kaldırılması gerekiyor.




Rafi El-İssawi ve Irak’ın bölünme süreci


Henri Barkey yazmasa haberim olmayacaktı. Haber basında yok. Başbakan Nuri El-Maliki’nin gadrine uğrayan Cumhurbaşkanı yardımcısı Tarık El-Haşimi’den sonra Maliye Bakanı İssawi de Maliki’nin otoriter gidişatını protesto ederek aybaşında istifayı basmıştı. Haşimi için çıkarılan tutuklama kararından sonra Maliki’nin hedefindeki İssawi’nin yardımcıları terör suçlamasıyla tutuklanmıştı. Geçenlerde Maliki hükümeti İssawi’yi tutuklamak için helikopter takviyeli bir silâhlı kuvvet yollamış. Sünni Abu Risha kabilesinin koruması altındaki eski Bakan şimdilik kurtulmuş. Barkey bu son hamlenin Irak’ın bölünme sürecini iyice ciddileştirdiği görüşünde. ABD’nin de ne yapacağını bilemediğinin altını çiziyor.


Kürdistan Bölgesel Yönetimi ile Bağdad arasındaki yabancılaşma giderek derinleşiyor. Sünnî unsurun Şii ağrılıklı Bağdad hükümetine muhalefetinin sonunda Araplar arasında içsavaş ve bölünme yolda. Suriye’deki Sünnî muhalefetin giderek artan gücü bu gelişmeleri birebir etkiliyor. Akl-ı selim “federasyon” dese de Irak’ın muktedirleri çatışmaya hazırlanıyor.


Bu yazı ilk olarak Taraf’ta yayınlandı. Yazarın izniyle burada da yayınlanıyor…

Well, in the mean time, Turkey whitewashes Uludere massacre and Sevag’s murder; Amnesty Int. starts a freedom of expression campaign against Turkey … EFD Rights Watch

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Panel approves Uludere report despite opposition’s objection

from Hurriyet Daily News

Parliament’s Human Rights Examination Commission has approved a report drafted by a subcommission.


Another list, again with journalists

from Hurriyet Daily News

For a long time, it has been the case of “journalists under arrest” that has been used as a reference.

Armenian origin soldier killed accidentally: Court

from Hurriyet Daily News

A Diyarbakır military judge sentenced a private to four years and five months in prison for killing Armenian-Turkish soldier Sevag Balıkçı.

MAZLUMDER: “Roboski Report Must Be Contested”

from Bianet :: English

MAZLUMDER Association Chair Ünsal and Özgür-Der Association Diyarbakır Chief Representative Yılmaz criticized the parliamentary report on Roboski Massacre which concluded that the Turkish military’s air strike was not on purpose.

Freedom of expression in Turkey ‘under attack’: Amnesty

from Yahoo News Photos

Amnesty International criticizes European Union hopeful Turkey ‘s dismal record on freedom of expression and calls for legislative reforms to bring “abuses to an end.”

Turkey: Decriminalize dissent: Time to deliver on the right to freedom of expression

by Acturca

Amnesty International Report, EUR 44/001/2013                            Türkçe 27 March 2013 The right to freedom of expression is under attack in Turkey. Criminal prosecutions targeting dissenting opinions represent one of Turkey’s most entrenched human rights problems. Despite a series of legislative reform packages, unfair laws remain on

Free speech in Turkey crucial for peace: Amnesty International

from Hurriyet Daily News

Amnesty International has launched a global campaign urging Turkey to amend 11 articles in the 4th judicial package.

12 Nisan’da Türkiye’de İnternet 20 yaşına girecek. -8-21 Nisan’ı 16. “İnternet Haftası” –

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“12 nisanda Türkiye  İnterneti 20 yaş gününü kutluyor.  Bilişim/Bilgi/İletişim  STK’ları
olarak tüm internet gönüllülerinden, internetin önemini kavramış tüm yurttaşlardan
8-21 Nisan’ı  16.  “İnternet Haftası” olarak  kutlamaya çağırıyoruz.
Bu konuda  bazı öneriler  ekteki  katilim cagrisindadir.

Her gönüllüden gücü ölçüsünde katkı bekliyoruz. Ekteki  bildirgeyi imza atmak isteyen
STK’lardan bize yazmalarını rica ediyoruz.  Her web, blog sahibi  haftanın logosu
ya da bannerlardan birini  yayınlayabilir, ve webte  Destekleyenler  arasında listelebilir.

Her yurttaş,  internete ilişkin  forumlarda

görüş ve önerilerini yazabilir.”