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“A new report on the role of community media for refugees and migrants has been published

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A new report on the role of community media for refugees and migrants has been published

A new report on the role of community media for refugees and migrants has been published

The Council of Europe publication entitled  “Spaces of Inclusion – An explorative study on needs of refugees and migrants in the domain of media communication and on responses by community media” has been prepared by experts of the COMMIT Community Media Institute in Austria. It will be presented by COMMIT at the final “Media against Hate” workshop in Brussels on 5 and 6 March.

The role played by media in framing the public debate on migration, with often divisive narratives that focus on the threats that refugees and migrants can pose to the security, welfare and cultures of European societies, has attracted much attention in political and academic circles. Ongoing efforts to properly equip and prepare journalists for the challenging task of contextualised and evidence-based reporting on this complex topic are essential. It is equally vital, however, to ensure that sufficient opportunities are provided to migrants and refugees themselves to develop their independent voices and make them heard in public debate.

Based on individual interviews, the qualitative study explores the media habits and particular needs of refugees and migrants in the domain of media communication. Good practice examples show how community media can meet these needs by offering training and spaces for self-representation, and by offering points of entry into local networks. Community media and their bottom-up approach to content production also contribute to a multilingual media environment that reflects the diversity of European societies and includes marginalised communities as respected part of audiences.


 Link to the publication “Spaces of Inclusion – An explorative study on needs of refugees and migrants in the domain of media communication and on responses by community media

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Former PYD Co-Chair Salih Müslim arrested and then Released by Czechs… FP roundup…

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Salih Muslim was arrested after attending a security conference in Prague sponsored by countries including the United States. Turkey considers him a terrorist.
Former PYD Co-chair Salih Müslim has been released by the court seeing his file in Prague.
Turkey has submitted files to the Czech authorities regarding the extradition of Salih Muslim, the former co-leader of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), who was arrested in the Czech Republic upon Turkey’s request on Feb. 25.
New York Times – Rod Nordland – Feb 25, 6:32 AM

A senior Kurdish official from Syria was detained in the Czech Republic on Sunday under an extradition request from Turkey, according to the official Anadolu News Agency in Turkey. The official, Salih Muslim, is the foreign affairs spokesman for

Old Poster about the Cyprus Peace Operation

Militiamen enter the Kurdish-held border area, prompting Turkish troops to fire “warning shots”.
Syrian state television showed a convoy of pro-government militias said to be entering the northern Afrin district on Feb. 20.

Syrian ‘guests’ in Turkey have been used not only as political tools for foreign ambitions, but also for reinforcing the conservative and Islamist ideology promoted by Erdogan’s AKP.

Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army, FSA, fighters in the Syrian town of Azez near the border with Turkey, Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018. Depo Photos/ Press Association. All rights reserved. On January 20, Turkey began its second military campaign in northern Syria. The target is Afrin, a Kurdish-majority canton and stronghold of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the military alliance led by the People’s Protection Unit (YPG).

Turkey warns Assad not to intervene in Kurdish enclave

Ankara says Syrian government will face military response if it comes to aid of Kurds in Afrin

Turkey warned the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad that it risked a military confrontation with Ankara if it intervened in an ongoing war in the Kurdish enclave of Afrin, in a further escalation of tensions that hint at the possible widening of an already complex conflict.


Presidential spokesperson İbrahim Kalın said on Feb. 20 that reports about striking a deal between the Syrian regime and YPG are propaganda.

US role in Syria alarms Turkey and could dent prospect of peace deal

Build up of US presence and its support for Kurdish militia risks hardening divisions further

As the 1,500 delegates made their way to the Russian city of Sochi to attend a conference billed as a first step to peace talks in Syria, one major power broker was absent: the US.

Once the cake is divided, there will be a political solution in Syria.


Departing from Turkey, Gendarmerie and Police Special Operation forces have entered Afrin through Hassa border.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Turkish army will “continue its advance towards Afrin with determination,” warning that the Syrian regime’s attempts to enter the enclave will bring about unwanted consequences, sources have told daily Hürriyet.
Islamist militants – with Turkish army support – are wreaking havoc with a pocket of peace and sanity in the Syrian warThree years ago the world watched a ragtag band of men and women fighters in the Syrian town of Kobane, most armed only with Kalashnikovs, hold off a vast army of Islamist militants with tanks, artillery and overwhelming logistical superiority. The defenders insisted they were acting in the name of revolutionary feminist democracy. The Islamist fighters vowed to exterminate them for that very reason. When Kobane’s defenders won, it was widely hailed as the closest one can come, in the contemporary world, to a clear confrontation of good against evil.

Syrian State Channel: Syrian Army to Arrive in Afrin in a Few Hours

Citing Syrian state channel, Reuters has reported that Syrian army will arrive in Afrin in a few hours.
Turkey on Feb. 22 strongly condemned the Dutch parliament’s motion recognizing Armenian allegations of “genocide” during the events of 1915.

Syria ‘to help Kurds’ in Turkey offensive

It would be a “disaster” if troops were sent to back Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, Ankara says.

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Europe is frozen. #Europe agenda

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Good news for humanity: Germany joins list of countries that won’t use autonomous weapons

Lieutenant General Ludwig Leinhos, head of Germany’s Cyber and Information Space Command, told panel members at the Munich Security Conference yesterday that Germany would abstain from using autonomous weapons. According to the “Campaign To Stop Killer Robots” Germany joins 22 other countries in pledging to keep AI-powered weapons off the battlefield. That leaves just 170 countries who’re either undecided or not interested in banning autonomous weaponry. Reuters reports General Leihnhos told the panel Germany needed to prepare to defend itself against such weapons, but had no plans to obtain them: We have a very clear position. We have no intention…
Hungary: Orban’s media manipulation exposed

A look at Orban’s media strategy: Tightly-controlled state media, private outlets owned by government-friendly tycoons.

10 years of stories from Kosovo

Kosovo celebrates ten years of independence – years marked by symbolic successes, but without real answers to issues such as unemployment, coexistence, corruption, and lack of a development strategy

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Dağların kralı (!) via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Some Alternative Social Media URLs

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The list is taken from an article I have just read

Gehl, R. W. (2015). The case for alternative social media. Social Media+ Society, 1(2), 2056305115604338.

WWW sites

GNU social:
•• This is the codebase for a large range of federated microblogging sites.

Independent Microblogging Service:
•• This is an example installation of GNU social.

Quitter:,, and
•• Quitter is a specific version of the GNU social software, meant to closely mimic the interface of Twitter.


•• Like GNU social, Diaspora is a federated system. It is installed on a range of servers around the world.

•• is also a federated system.

These sites are only accessible with the i2prouter installed. Learn more about this software at
ID3NT: id3nt.i2p
Visibility: visibility.i2p

Onion sites
These sites can be accessed using Tor. Research for this article was drawn from interviews with several Tor hidden service-based
social networking site users and administrators. With one exception, these interviews were conducted on condition that
I do not publicize these sites.
Galaxy2: http://w363zoq3ylux5rf5.onion/


You can find more here at

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#journalism agenda: “A 2018 survey of fact-checking projects around the world finds a booming field…

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23 years ago, there was Now there are at least 149 dedicated fact-checking projects around the world currently active, according to the latest census from the Duke Reporters’ Lab, released Thursday.

That’s up from 114 at the 2017 count, and up from 44 in the spring of 2014, when the Reporters’ Lab did a global tally for the first time.

The growing stream of reporting on and data about fake news, misinformation, partisan content, and news literacy is hard to keep up with. This weekly roundup offers the highlights of what you might have missed.

Data & Society released a pair of reports this week — one on fake news, the other on media literacy. Nothing shocking here, but the fake news report does a good job of describing how the two conflicting definitions of “fake news” symbolize a broader schism between scholars/researchers and the right-wing media. On the one hand, that’s kind of a “duh” point; on the other, seeing it put starkly as a right-wing-media-vs.-scholarly-community problem is a good reminder of why this issue is so thorny and complicated.


Even if they haven’t changed the world in the way some hyped, chatbots have become a compelling way for news organizations to experiment with telling familiar stories in a new format. Some big challenges stand in the way of widespread adoption, though. One is acclimating users to the format; another is winning over reporters.

The BBC News Labs and the BBC Visual Journalism team are trying to solve both issues with a single solution: a custom bot-builder application designed to make it as easy as possible for reporters to build chatbots and insert them into their stories. In a few minutes, a BBC reporter can input the text of an article, define the questions users can click, and publish the bot, which can then be reused and added to any other relevant article. BBC reporters can even repurpose existing Q&A explainers into bot-based conversations.

Salon gives readers a choice: view ads or mine cryptocurrency

Salon announced this week that visitors who insist on using an ad blocker must either disable it or mine cryptocurrency for the site.

For our beta program, we’ll start by applying your processing power to mine cryptocurrencies to recoup lost ad revenue when you use an ad blocker. We plan to further use any learnings from this to help support the evolution and growth of blockchain technology, digital currencies and other ways to better service the value exchange between content and user contribution.

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“Turkey ranked 81st out of 180 countries in Transparency International’s newly released Corruption Perceptions Index 2017…

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Turkey ranked 81st out of 180 countries in Transparency International’s newly released Corruption Perceptions Index 2017, sliding six places from the previous year.
EU Enlargement Commissioner Hahn has told Die Welt that the focus needs to be not on Turkey’s accession negotiations but on strategic partnership, remarking that the EU cannot “ignore significant deficits in the rule of law in Turkey”.
The German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yücel has been released after a year in prison and left Turkey on Friday. After a holiday he plans to resume his work. For commentators, however, the joy at his release is not undiluted.

The aggravated life sentences handed down on February 16 by an Istanbul court to journalists Ahmet Altan, Mehmet Altan and Nazlı Ilıcak for “attempting to overthrow the constitutional order” has drawn strong reaction from


Freedom House – Feb 16, 7:49 AM

In response to a Turkish criminal court sentencing six journalists to life imprisonment for alleged involvement in a 2016 coup attempt, Freedom House issued the following statement: “These appalling verdicts and prison sentences demonstrate

Human Rights Watch – Feb 16, 10:21 AM

(Berlin) — Three Turkish journalists were convicted on February 16, 2018 on bogus charges related to the failed coup of 2016 and sentenced to life in prison, Human Rights Watch said today. They are the first journalists convicted of

OSCE – Vienna – Feb 16

VIENNA, 16 February 2018 – Today’s court decision to imprison journalists for life constitutes an unparalleled level of suppression of dissenting voices in Turkey, Harlem Désir, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media and David

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Rusya’da bir sanat projesi, yanan gotik yapılar biçiminde – genelde kiliseler- gerçekleşiyormuş. Bu da sanat ve din konusunda ateşli bir tartışmaya neden olmuş. via via Facebook Pages

Not good news from some taxi drivers in #istanbul: “Up to 10 years in jail sought for Istanbul taxi driver for overcharging Saudi tourist…

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Up to 10 years in jail sought for Istanbul taxi driver for overcharging Saudi tourist

Prosecutors in Istanbul are demanding up to 10 years in jail for a taxi driver who cheated a tourist from Saudi Arabia by unnecessarily extending a journey and thus charging him extra. The prosecutors accuse the taxi driver of committing “aggravated fraud.” The tourist stopped the tax in the Kadıköy

Istanbul’s porters, a dying breed

In years past, when the poor migrated to the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul from rural parts of Anatolia and failed to find streets paved with gold, many would join the hordes of porters crowding the busy bazaars and wholesale warehouses. Once, the porters’ children followed in their fathers’ footsteps, but

Risk analysis centers at Istanbul airports, bus stations deport over 2500 foreigners in three years

From June 2014 to 2017, risk analysis centers based at Istanbul’s bus stations and its two airports screened nearly 45,000 foreign suspects and deported over 2,500, state-run Anadolu Agency reported on Feb. 21, citing a security source. The analysis center project was spearheaded by Istanbul Police …

A local’s guide to Istanbul’s new cool neighbourhood

Until recently, the neighbourhood of Kadıköy-Moda, on the Asian side of Istanbul at the southern end of the Bosphorus, was an unremarkable, mostly residential place that barely registered on the city’s cultural map. Over the past few years, however, it has become an unlikely hotspot for cutting-edge bars

Indifferent Cat Behind the Viral Escalator Video ‘Owns’ that Turkish Metro Station

After years of special treatment from riders, the feline feels comfortable resting anywhere she pleases at the station, ignoring the needs of the thousands that pass by her on a daily basis. The Taksim Metro Cat is one of countless city felines that calls Istanbul home and is watched out for by the adoring

Renewal of Istanbul’s historic Süleymaniye area to ‘start in April or May’

A project to renew part of Istanbul’s historic Süleymaniye neighborhood in the Fatih district is set to start “in April or May,” according to the local municipal authorities.


Istanbul Salutes a Great Jewish-American Architect

ISTANBUL — Saturday has always been the day for demonstrations in Istanbul. Recently they have been growing fewer, but the power of habit makes me stop sometimes and turn my ear to the distant tumult — until it turns out that what I am hearing from afar as a raucous demonstration is nothing but the

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Tayland’da bir çiftçi. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages