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A success day for Turkish cybersphere

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Web based Turkish  journalism sites’ representatives were invited to Presidential reception for the Republic’s 86th anniversary yesterday as note here.

A list of invitees:

Aktif Haber

En Son Haber
Haber Vitrini

Haber X


Süper Poligon
Türk Time


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The ban itself sued, Petition campaign and web censorship in Turkish humor magazine covers.

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More than 6 thousand sites are banned in Turkey...

More than 6 thousand sites are banned in Turkey...

Academic asks Turkish court to overturn Myspace and blocking decisions

Yaman Akdeniz, an Associate Professor of law at the Faculty of Law, Istanbul Bilgi University today (29 September, 2009) made an appeal to the Beyoğlu Criminal Court of Peace to overturn the blocking decision involving both and from Turkey. The blocking decision was enforced by the Turkish ISPs since Friday, 18 September, 2009 by the order of the Beyoğlu Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office (order no 2009/45 dated 26.06.2009).

Petition against Internet Censorship in Turkey here.

Cover page of Penguen magazine’s latest issue satirizes the ban.
and these are from the older covers that were related to previous bans…

When struggle for rights turns into violation of rights

In Turkish judiciary on September 24, 2009 at 11:59

Bülent Forta, the president of MÜYAP, defends himself here (in Turkish). He has become the main target of protesters against the MySpace and LastFm ban. He says they did not intend the ban itself but protect musicians’ rights. His was a “struggle for rights”. In fact, Mr. Forta is known to be decades-long leftist activist. It is another life irony that his constant quest to struggle for rights based on his leftist convictions lead to serve for Music Business. In fact, many former leftist activists followed the same path in Turkey…. Besides, like the Turkish Judiciary, many Turkish politicians and some Business, Mr. Forta may not have realized the nature of Web 2.0 (This is wishful thinking in fact, because Mr. Forta boasted about how stopped many other websites before; thus he seemed to have known where his move was leading to…)

“Real-spam” campaign against MÜ-YAP

In Turkish judiciary on September 23, 2009 at 16:23

A Friendfeed group organizes to send empty CDs to MÜYAP [Turkish Phonographic Industry Society] who sued MySpace and LastFm and who is behind the current ban.
Picture 1

Yarın sabahtan itibaren boş CD kapaklarının içine yerleştirip MÜ-YAP’ın posta adresine yağdıracağımız CD kapağı görselleri hazır! MÜ-YAP’ı “real spam”e boğalım! Mü-Yap Bağlantılı Hak Sahibi Fonogram Yapımcıları Meslek Birliği Kuloğlu Mah. …

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“Banners are from the Dinosaur Age”

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Kristian Hammerstad’s gallery of haunted and monster art has me shivering with delight. Kristian Hammerstad (via Street Anatomy) in Monstrous art This reminds me website banners (!)

Assoc. Prof. Yaman Akdeniz (Law School, Istanbul Bilgi University) is interviewed at BiaNet. He talks about the ban; which articles might be used to ban in Turkish legal system and he declares his hopelessness. I realized there that a Turkish Video Sharing site Akilli.Tv is also banned.

Access to Myspace and blocked from Turkey

As of Friday, 18 September, 2009 access to popular social networks Myspace and are blocked from Turkey. The blocking order is issued by the Beyoğlu Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office (order not 2009/45 dated 26.06.2009). It is suspected that both sites are blocked because of “intellectual property infringements” following a request by Mu-yap, the Turkish Phonographic Industry Society. [Blog entry by Dr. Yaman Akdeniz – I will update this story as more information is made available]

turkeybans: MUYAP banned more than 1700 websites in Turkey for copyright reasons.

turkeybans: here’s a list of blocked websites in turkey. 4195 and still counting.

turkeybans: newspapers talks about this meaningless ban. all they think about is turkey’s global image but freedom of speech.

Subversive sites?

by Fréderike Geerdink

Network site has been closed down in Turkey. It’s not totally clear yet why, but it’s said it has to do with copyright laws being infringed. On myspace, a lot of music is shared among members, and it’s of course feasible that in the process copyrights are not always respected. Read the rest of this entry »

Three Facebook Groups to Protest MySpace/LastFm ban- and more

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Last Update: 21 September 2009: 21:50

A twitter account gives updates on the ban and reactions: Turkey Bans.

Unblock The Banned Websites In Turkey Petition, hosted at

Özgür Uçkan writes extensively on web censorship in Turkey (all pieces in Turkish though)

Myspace, Lastfm, sansür, kültür ve “bir avuç insan”…

by Özgür Uçkan

“Türkiye’de internet sansürünün kısa tarihi… ve mümkün geleceği!
“Fransa, telifli içerik indirene ceza getiren HADOPI2 Yasası’nı kabul etti. Türkiye bu akımdan etkilenir mi?”

More ban’s in Turkey

by Internation Musing
Bt Arda Kutsal:

Access to MySpace and is banned by Turkish court. We are currently not fully informed about the reason of the ban, but it may be due to music copyright violations. And again, this ban may be a consequence of a case filed by Turkish Union of Music Producers (MÜYAP) in order to protect music rights.
Turkish internet users can still reach both sites via
OpenDNS. Also, you can reach by changing language settings to English, since the ban on is over the address and only users with Turkish language selection are redirected.

As usual there hasn’t been a powerful reaction to the most recent web censorship case. However, I see a rising anger in Facebook status messages and emerging groups. The Groups all in Turkish and they are not tailored to activate masses yet. As of early September 21, here are the groups and their current number of members:

Myspace'e Erişimin Engellenmesini Protesto Ediyoruz !

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Damn! Last.Fm and banned now!

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last UPDATED- 21 September 2009- 00:17

At as of 15:16 19 September 2009:

Bu siteye erişim mahkeme kararıyla engellenmiştir.

T.C. Beyoğlu Cumhuriyet Başsavcılığı’nın 26.06.2009 tarih ve 2009/45 sayılı kararı gereği erişime kapanmıştır.

Facebook groups, I found so far,  to protest the ban:

19 Eylül 2009. Türkiye Cumhuriyeti sınırlarında ve internet sitelerine giriş YASAKlandı. Yasaklamalara alışmayacağız! Yasal olmayan yollarla değil, yasal yollarla bu ..

Sonunda bu da oldu MySpace de erişime engellendi. Youtube, Lastfm ve daha bir çoğu kapatılmıştı hemen ardından müzisyenlerin ve milyonlarca İnsanın kullandığı bu portal da sonunda kapatıldı. Dünyaca ü… and MySpace Blocked in Turkey?

by Pete Cashmore

lastfmpicMusic site and social network MySpace are the latest sites to be added to Turkey’s block list, according to a Turkish blog and Twitter reports. Web users in Turkey are already prevented from accessing YouTube; Facebook, meanwhile, seems unaffected by Internet filters.