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Mavi Boncuk: EU and “ahde vefa” [pacta sunt servanda]

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EU and “ahde vefa”

The recommendation adopted by the European Commission on July 15 2009 allows the citizens of Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia with biometric passports to enter the Schengen area visa-free from January 2010
Mavi Boncuk |

Pacta sunt servanda L./Ahde vefa TR /agreements must be kept ENG., is a basic principle of civil law and of international law.

( EU must explain this part to Turkey)

In its most common sense, the principle refers to private contracts, stressing that contained clauses are law between the parties, and implies that non-fulfilment of respective obligations is a breach of the pact. The general principle of correct behaviour in commercial praxis — and implies the bona fide — is a requirement for the efficacy of the whole system, so the eventual disorder is sometimes punished by the law of some systems even without any direct penalty incurred by any of the parties.

EU Places Early Member Candidates at Head of Line, Snubbing Turkey

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

The EU lifted visa restrictions Saturday for citizens from Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, even though these are in the early stages of the EU membership process, while not extending this Schengen privilege to Turkey, which began accession talks in 2005 and has opened 11 out of 35 chapters in its membership negotiations. Turkey protested and has asked to be included in the Schengen regime, pointing out that, of the Balkan states affected, only Macedonia has attained the status of EU candidate. Serbia has yet to submit a formal application and its entry has been stalled due to its failure to arrest ex-Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic, who has been charged with war crimes in the 1995 massacre of 8,000 Muslims at Srebrenica and the siege of Sarajevo.

Trust in EU drops in Turkey: Survey [ WORLD BULLETIN- TURKEY NEWS, WORLD NEWS ] Read the rest of this entry »

Thus spake Öcalan, DTP MEPs shall not resign!

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So DTP MPs decided not to resign because PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan said it was not all right. Some dailies quoted peaceful messages from Mr. Öcalan today. I wonder what he was thinking in the last two months. Because he also contributed by his statements sabotage of Democratic Initiative that lead to the closure of DTP. Now he talks again about peace. Pro-Kurdish politics is as dirty as Turkish Nationalist politics. That’s certain…

Army leader plays the victim again…

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Turkish general warns of a ‘confrontation’
Turkish Daily News
Başbuğ’s message directly refers to the prosecutors of the Ergenekon case, which focuses on two alleged coup attempts in 2003 and 2004.

Top general says army ‘hurt’ by pscyhological operation
Today’s Zaman
was perpetrated by groups related to Ergenekon, a clandestine gang with members inside the military charged with plotting to overthrow the government. Read the rest of this entry »

Ergenekon at work. From Dolapdere and Tokat to Muş. DTP Closed (3)

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I only pray civil authority will crash civil war mongerers…
Two killed at pro-Kurdish protest today. A shop owner machine-gunned protesters…
This asshole who targeted Kurdish protesters with his gun, told under arrest that he was paid to do that… any surprise?
And did anyone realize that mainstream newspaper Hürriyet, which I quote extensively, stated in yesterday’s edition under this photo: “Citizens pulled out weapons against protesting DTP members”. This is the newspaper who is bulshitting daily about freedom of press..
Sine-i millete
Those DTP MPs who are not banned yet joined the others and decided to resign today.
PM Erdoğan claimed that recent Tokat massacre by PKK is part of a larger conspiracy against Turkey Democratic Initiative.  I agree him totally.
A group of intellectuals and artists protested the closure of DTP in Taksim today by lying down on Istiklal Street for 5 minutes. Read the rest of this entry »

DTP closed (2) Turkish nationalists trying hard to start a civil war

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ATurkish nationalist (left) fires a gun during clashes with ...

A Turkish nationalist (left) fires a gun during clashes with Kurdish activists in the Beyoglu area of Istanbul. Turkish nationalists and Kurdish activists clashed in Istanbul, leaving at least one person injured from a gunshot during street battles, an AFP reporter said. (AFP/Bulent Kilic)

As of now, Turkey has lost her Kurds. If there is any cooperation between Turks and Kurds from now on, Turkish nationalists have no role to play. I have been watching news and commentaries and these sorry asses are so happy that DTP is closed and they are having hard times to contain their fascistic attitudes. Many of my Kurdish friends are going through a very intense bitterness towards the nation state they are living in and towards Turks in general. Even I was subject to a slight dose of bitterness. I do not think there has been much street action but this state of bitterness is more dangerous in the long run. I am sorry that our nationalists and our nationalist establishment circles are so fixed minded and arrogant. Their mental capacities are so limited that they cannot see what is happening: The unity of their country is in peril…

Supporters of Turkey's opposition Nationalist Action Party wave ...

Supporters of Turkey’s opposition Nationalist Action Party wave national and party flags during a rally to defend Turkey national unity and denounce the government’s ‘Kurdish initiative’, in Ankara, Turkey, Sunday, Dec. 13, 2009. (AP Photo )

Banned Kurdish party may boycott Turkish parliament –


Great illustration from Eminimsi. All contributed to the closure of DTP. Two opposition party leaders have been howling to create a tense political climate. Captured PKK leader Öcalan and hawkish DTP leader Emine Ayna got their part and Constitutional Court concluded….

Turkey Bans Kurdish Party

from NYT > Turkey by By SEBNEM ARSU

ISTANBUL Turkey’s constitutional court disbanded the only pro-Kurdish party in Parliament on Friday, a move that could threaten efforts to resolve the conflict with the Kurdish minority by peaceful means. Read the rest of this entry »

DTP Closed

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Warning! Judiciary is armed in this country. (by İç Mihrak)

One of what Turkish judiciary is best is closing political parties.  Here comes the 25th party closed in modern Turkish history. Pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party has just been closed by the Constitutional Court. Hürriyet lists 141 reasons for the closure.

Nothing but nothing will be resolved by closing a party. This party has been closed and re-opened with a new name for several times. Just satisfying establishment desires, nothing else…

37 Kurdish politicians are banned. Some like Ahmet Türk are indeed moderates… Head of Turkish Constitutional Court stated that they relied on ECHR’s ETA decision…By banning moderates, the Court may have empowered hawkish ones in both sides…

Nationalism;  Dominant group            Dominated group- VIA

Turkey bars main pro-Kurdish party

from – World, Europe
Turkey’s constitutional court has ordered the closure of the country’s main pro-Kurdish party in a ruling that could kill off reforms aimed at ending decades of conflict

In the mean time, it seems that PKK admitted the responsibility of 7 killed soldiers. Head of murdering PKK team’s photo is released here. That does not mean they are still part of a conspiracy though..and that does still not mean they did thinking of all propaganda tactics used in Turkish media…

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Erdoğan comes back to Turkey earlier than expected…

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He has to be here as the conspiratorial provocations emerge.
Hürriyet comments on the body language of two leaders. Here are 19 photos to comment.

Turkish Ambassador to US Resigns:

Nabi Sensoy, Turkish Ambassador to the US since 1966, reportedly resigned on Tuesday and asked to be reassigned, three months short of his retirement. No official reason has been given, but Turkish newspapers report that Ambassador Sensoy had been asked by Ankara to forward a request to the White House that the Turkish ambassador also attend the meeting between Prime Minister Erdogan and President Obama, but that Sensoy did not do so. (click here, in Turkish). OR that Sensoy had been asked by Ankara to set up the meeting to also include Ahmet Davutoglu and Hillary Clinton, that the US administration refused this format, and that Davutoglu had blamed Sensoy. (This is all unconfirmed gossip.)

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“EU regrets…”

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High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs ...

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Baroness Catherine Ashton, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and EU commissineer Olhi Rehn give a press conference at the end of the session of the EU General Affairs & External Relations Council in Brussels. European foreign ministers criticised Turkey for failing to deal normally with Cyprus.(AFP/Georges Gobet) Read the rest of this entry »

Dark games at play against the Democratic Initiative?

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Is it a coincidence that 7 Turkish soldiers are killed probably by Kurdish guerillas, a Kurdish demonstrator killed in riots, and a civilian dies wounded by Kurdish rioters in 48 hours?

All have their own genealogies, but happening at the same moment signifies a conspiracy of parties against further democratization. It is ironic to see that both pro-Kurdish activists and nationalist Turks are campaigning against government’s Democratization Initiative a.k.a. Kurdish initiative. Both militaristic and both will lose initiative if the Initiative has success…

here comes: Gov’t said it postponed to discuss an amendment to lower down charges against under-age demonstrators….

Serap Eser died today. She was burnt in high degrees when rioters threw molotov cocktails to a public bus…Facebook page.

Aydın Erdem, a demonstrator, a college student, was killed yesterday during pro-PKK riots with a bullet…Facebook page.

AFP: One dead as violence flares in Turkey protests

May god bless their souls, those 7 soldiers killed today:

Uzman çavuş Harun Arslanbey (Adana); erler: Onur Bozdemir (Adıyaman), Kemal Pide (Ordu), Ferit Demir (Muş), Yakup Mutlu (Muş), Cengiz Sarıbaş (Giresun) ve Fatih Yonca’nın (Hatay)

HUMAN RIGHTS RELATED ROUNDUP FOLLOWS Read the rest of this entry »

Obama and Erdoğan meeting soon…

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As I was not too excited with his election, I am not too disappointed with Obama’s moves on Afghanistan. In fact, I remember he was repeatingly on Afghanistan instead of Iraq. Now PM Erdoğan will be meeting with President Obama. It is reported that Obama wants soldiers from Turkey. The latter does not intend to give any. I hope TR-US relations will go through another bitter period…

“What Obama Should Say to Erdogan”

from Istanbul Calling by Yigal Schleifer

Hugh Pope, the International Crisis Group’s Turkey analyst — who just returned from a two-month fellowship at the Transatlantic Academy in Washington — has a new paper out ahead of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Monday visit to the White House. The paper, published by the Transatlantic Academy, takes a close look at two areas in which Washington has an interest in pushing Ankara along, its normalization process with Armenia and its European Union membership process, and also helpfully unpackages the debate over Turkey’s perceived eastward “drift.” Read the rest of this entry »