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While I was away, U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Jeff Flake posed as running on the roof of the Grand Bazaar

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In other Istanbul news:

Abramovich to become Istanbulite – Türkiye News

ISTANBUL. Abramovich to become Istanbulite. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who has been sanctioned by the U.K., European Union and Canada

Read Your Way Through Istanbul – The New York Times

Istanbul is unfathomable: old and new, real and surreal, melancholic and absurd. Elif Shafak, one of its foremost novelists, reveals its secrets.

Interactive tour of Istanbul: Link in description – YouTube

Are you planning a trip to Istanbul?First check out our interactive tour of the city: .
Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire tycoon who often prefers Türkiye’s southern parts for spending summer vacations, has visited Istanbul this time, touring the city’s Bosphorus neighborhood, Bebek.

İstanbul mayor calls for freedom for Gezi prisoners

Mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem İmamoğlu shared a video in a tweet with hashtag #GeziyeBinSelam and wrote “Justice will

‘I feel dumb and ashamed’: Woman slams Istanbul Airport for not stocking a single menstrual product

A woman has accused Istanbul’s International Airport of not stocking any menstrual products during a long layover between flights, and her tweet
Pierre Loti, İstanbul

53 restaurants enter Michelin’s first Istanbul guide – Hürriyet Daily News

A total of 53 restaurants have spotlighted in the selection of the Michelin’s first Istanbul Guide, with Fatih Tutak’s “Turk” the only place to

How To Buy Gold at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul – Travel Off Path

Everything you need to know for a successful jewelry buying trip to Turkey, including how to find gold deals at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Michelin’s Stars for Istanbul Are Late But Welcome – The Washington Post

Announcing the Michelin Guide’s first list of Istanbul restaurants last week, Gwendal Poullennec, the international director for the guides,

Istanbul skyscraper in flames after fire engulfs high-rise in Turkey – YouTube

A massive fire tore through a huge tower block in Turkey’s Istanbul and flames were seen ripping through all the floors

İstanbul’s annual inflation rate exceeds 107 percent

Hosing expenditures increased by 6.43 percent and food expenditures increased by 3.64 percent in a month in the metropolis of 15.4 million people, finds the İstanbul Chamber of Commerce.

Istanbul’s districts restricted to foreigners for resident permit – Hürriyet Daily News

Foreigners can no longer apply for a residence permit in eight of Istanbul’s districts, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has announced.

A deep dive into Istanbul’s glorious art offerings

To further the goal of establishing Istanbul as a global artistic hub, a number of art galleries and museums are also opening across the city,

Fleeing Russians follow path of 1917 refugees to Istanbul | Stars and Stripes

ISTANBUL — Vladimir Putin’s military draft “changed everything” for the tens of thousands of Russians who have fled their country since the

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While I was away, Head of Turkish Medical Association (TTB) and prominent human rights defender Şebnem Korur Fincancı was arrested

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After a prolonged campaign against Ms. Fincancı, she was arrested. Yes, her rhetoric may not be acceptable to many, but she did not deserve to be arrested.  Plus, the evidence that led to her arrest is very problematic, to say the least.

Who is Şebnem Korur Fincancı? The Wikipedia entry

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We live this daily: “Türkiye has third most unequal distribution of wealth among 161 countries” (Oxfam report)

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Photo: Gürcan Öztürk/Deep Poverty Network

Oxfam report: Türkiye has third most unequal distribution of wealth among 161 countries

Türkiye’s general ranking in the index, compared to other OECD countries, is at the lowest with 74th place. Furthermore, when it comes to social expenditures, Türkiye is also still the lowest among OECD, according to the report.

At the end of the last year, there were nearly 300,000 prisoners in the country of 84 million people.

Outrage in Turkey after Erdoğan says ‘fate’ to blame for mine explosion

Politicians and trade unionists question president’s pledge to improve safety after blast kills at least 41 An explosion at a state-owned mine that left 41 dead and

Turkey coalmine blast leaves at least 40 dead with dozens still trapped

Rescuers continue to search for miners who are up to 350 metres underground in the pit in Amasra At least 40 people have

At least 40 killed in coal mine explosion in northern Türkiye

Some 110 workers were in the mine at the time of the explosion caused by firedamp. Fourt workers are in critical condition. One
Police restricted the commemoration in Ankara to only the family members of those who lost their lives in the ISIS bombings that claimed 104 lives in 2015. Twenty people were detained.

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#Anthropology roundup: “Bruno Latour, French philosopher and anthropologist, dies ages 75

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Compared to many other influential contemporary figures in anthropology, I learned his works late, and I was never too tempted by his arguments. However, as my interest in the STS grew, his theories occupied a more significant role in my thinking. Rest in peace, dear Prof. Latour.

Bruno Latour, French philosopher and anthropologist, dies ages 75

Researchers in artificial intelligence have made extraordinary strides in mimicking human language—but they still can’t capture the parts that truly make language human.

The story begins with a short, pithy sentence: “It was nine seventeen in the morning, and the house was heavy.”

Unsung Native Collaborators in Anthropology

Anthropologists such as Franz Boas and Margaret Mead could not have achieved success without their local assistants’

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Posing after legislating the “censorship” law:

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After legislating the so-called “disinformation law” they have posed like that.

In fact, no shame for some.


The Challenge of Cracking Iran’s Internet Blockade

People around the world are rallying to subvert Iran’s internet shutdown, but actually pulling it off is proving difficult and risky.

Pro-government TV outlets continue to avoid RTÜK fines

The media authority has issued 41 fines since the start of the year. Only three of them targeted pro-government outlets.

CIMER: a revolutionary platform or reporting tool in the hands of state sympathizers?

For some it is revolutionary, while others are more suspicious

Originally published on Global Voices


A screenshot of CIMER’s homepage.

In Turkey CIMER, short for Cumhurbaşkanlığı İletişim Merkezi or Presidency’s Communication Centre was set up in 2015 as part of the ruling Justice and Development Party’s efforts to help citizens communicate their “problems, complaints and requests” to the presidency. However, some have security concerns about the site and claim it has been misused to target social and political dissidents.

Kurdish man given bones of son in a bag seven years after his killing in conflict

The Diyarbakır Bar filed a complaint against the prosecutor who handled the delivery of the bones, demanding him be put on trial for “disrespect towards the memory of a person.”
The Radio and Television Supreme Council has concluded that the Halk TV pundits made comments “serving the purposes of terrorism.”

I wonder why:

The main opposition CHP has gained support in the region. Erdoğan’s AKP still in the second place after the HDP.

Swing vote in hand, Türkiye’s pro-Kurdish party holds cards close to its chest

According to polls, neither President Erdoğan nor the opposition candidate will achieve a clear victory without HDP votes
Those responsible for Anter’s killing have still not been identified, with the statute of limitations in the case concerning the murder expiring today.

As a general trend, hate crimes are much less reported and documented than other crimes, says the report by the Freedom of Belief Initiative.

Erdoğan ally resigns after crime boss’s corruption allegations

Korkmaz Karaca denies claims made by fugitive and says ‘troll lynching campaign’ is damaging his health

A senior member of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s ruling party has resigned after a string of corruption allegations levelled through social media by a fugitive crime boss.

Over 1.7 million students left education in a year in Türkiye

“Developing children don’t eat anything at school. They have breakfast at home in the morning, and remain hungry all day,” says the head of the Student Parents Association.

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Glad to be part of this book project: “Routledge Companion to Media Anthropology”

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I am moving to other research topics, but political trolling has been my long-term concern. In this edited volume, I had the opportunity to discuss the issue through more methodological and historical aspects. I am thankful to the editors for their patience with me.

The book info can be found here, and I believe it will gradually be available in online bookstores soon.

Book Description


The Routledge Companion to Media Anthropology provides a broad overview of the widening and flourishing area of media anthropology, and outlines key themes, debates, and emerging directions.

The Routledge Companion to Media Anthropology draws together the work of scholars from across the globe, with rich ethnographic studies that address a wide range of media practices and forms. Comprising 41 chapters by a team of international contributors, the Companion is divided into three parts:

  • Histories
  • Approaches
  • Thematic Considerations.

The chapters offer wide-ranging explorations of how forms of mediation influence communication, social relationships, cultural practices, participation, and social change, as well as production and access to information and knowledge. This volume considers new developments, and highlights the ways in which anthropology can contribute to the study of the human condition and the social processes in which media are entangled.

This is an indispensable teaching resource for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students and an essential text for scholars working across the areas that media anthropology engages with, including anthropology, sociology, media and cultural studies, internet and communication studies, and science and technology studies.

Table of Contents



Elisabetta Costa, Patricia G. Lange, Nell Haynes, Jolynna Sinanan


PART I: Histories

1. Media Anthropology and the Digital Challenge

Mark Allen Peterson

  1. Indigenous Media: Anthropological Perspectives and Historical Notes

Philipp Budka

  1. A Longitudinal Study of Media in Brazil

Conrad Phillip Kottak and Richard Pace


PART II: Approaches

A. Media as Infrastructure

  1. “Here, Listen to My CD-R”: Music Transactions and Infrastructures in Underground Hip-Hop Touring

Anthony Kwame Harrison

  1. “Technology is Wonderful Until It Isn’t”: Community-Based Research and the Precarity of Digital Infrastructure

Jerome Crowder, Peggy Determeyer, and Sara Rogers

  1. Media Migration

Patricia G. Lange

  1. The Digitally Natural: Hypomediacy and the “Really Real” in Game Design

Thomas M. Malaby


B. Media as Practice

  1. Media Practices and Their Social Effects

John Postill

  1. Television is Not a Democracy: The Limits of Interactive Broadcast in Japan

Elizabeth A. Rodwell

  1. Producing Place through Play: An Ethnography of Location-based Gaming

Kyle Moore

  1. PhotoMedia as Anthropology: Towards a Speculative Research Method

Edgar Gómez Cruz

  1. Content-as-Practice: Studying Digital Content with a Media Practice Approach

Christoph Bareither


C. Media as Materiality

  1. The Materiality of the Virtual in Urban Space

Jordan Kraemer

  1. Anthropology and Digitial Media: Multivocal Materialities of Video Meetings and Deafness

Rebekah Cupitt

  1. Cloudwork: Data Centre Labour and the Maintenance of Media Infrastructure

A.R.E. Taylor

  1. Media Anthropology and Emerging Technologies: Re-working Media Presence

Sarah Pink, Yolande Strengers, Melisa Duque, Larissa Nichols, and Rex Martin


D. Media as Representation

  1. #Everest: Visual Economies of Leisure and Labour in the Tourist Encounter

Jolynna Sinanan

  1. Postcolonial Digital Collections: Instruments, Mirrors, Agents

Haidy Geismar and Katja Müller

  1. Ethnographies of the Digitally Dispossessed

Heather Ford


PART III: Thematic Considerations

A. Relationships

  1. “Friends from WeChat Groups”: The Practice of Friendship via Social Media among Older People in China

Xinyuan Wang

  1. Mediated Money and Social Relationships among Hong Kong Cross-boundary Students

Tom McDonald, Holy Hoi Ki Shum and Kwok Cheung Wong

  1. Narratives of Digital Intimacy: Romanian Migration and Mediated Transnational Life

Donya Alinejad and Laura Candidatu


B. Social Inequality and Marginalisation

  1. Mediating Hopes: Social Media and Crisis in Northern Italy

Elisabetta Costa

  1. Digital Inequality and Relatedness in India after Access

Sirpa Tenhunen

  1. In This Together: Black Women, Collective Screening Experiences, and Space-Making as Meaning-Making

Marlaina Martin

  1. Black Gamer’s Refuge: Finding Community within the Magic Circle of Whiteness

Akil Fletcher


C. Identities and Social Change

  1. Inking Identity: Indigenous Nationalism in Bolivian Tattoo Art

Nell Haynes

  1. Being Known and Becoming Famous in Kampala, Uganda

Brooke Schwartz Bocast

  1. The Hall of Mirrors: Negotiating Gender on Chilean Social Media

Baird Campbell


D. Political Conservatism

  1. Media Anthropology and the Crisis of Facts

Peter Hervik

  1. Conspiracy Media Ecologies and the Case for Guerilla Anthropology

Leighton C. Peterson and Jeb J. Card

  1. Researching Political Trolls as Instruments of Political Conservatism in Turkey: A Historical Framework and Methodological Reflections on a Discourse Community

Erkan Saka

  1. Performing Conservatism: A Study of Emerging Political Mobilisations in Latin America using “Social Media Drama” Analysis

Raúl Castro-Pérez


E. Surveillance

  1. Algorithmic Violence in Everyday Life and the Role of Media Anthropology

Veronica Barassi

  1. Queer and Muslim? Social Surveillance and Islamic Sexual Ethics on Twitter

Benjamin Ale-Ebrahim

  1. Queer Sousveillance: Publics, Politics, and Social Media in South Korea

Alex Wolff


F. Emerging Technologies and Contemporary Challenges: Data, AI and VR

  1. The Algorithmic Silhouette: New Technologies and the Fashionable Body

Heather A. Horst and Sheba Mohammid

  1. Unlocking Heritage In Situ: Tourist Places and Augmented Reality in Estonia

Christian S. Ritter

  1. Precarity, Discriminiation and (In)Visibility: An Ethnography of “The Algorithm” in the YouTube Influencer Industry

Zoë Glatt

  1. AI Design and Everyday Logics in the Kalahari

Nicola J. Bidwell, Helen Arnold, Alan F. Blackwell, Charlie Nqeisji, |Kun Kunta, and Martin Ujakpa

  1. Ethnography of/and Virtual Reality

Lisa Messeri


Eric W. Rothenbuhler

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Turkey criminalizes disinformation and the political authorities will decide what disinformation is

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I think this is a classic pattern of censorship.

Turkey Allows Jail Terms for What It Deems ‘Fake News’

Rights advocates fear the government could use newly passed legislation to restrict speech and target critics in the run-up to crucial elections in June.

Turkey: new ‘disinformation’ law could jail journalists for three years

Press freedom organisations warn bill will ‘subdue public debate’ in run-up to next year’s general elections Turkey’s

Turkish lawmaker smashes phone with hammer during speech – video

Turkish lawmaker Burak Erbay smashed a phone with a hammer during a speech opposing proposed disinformation laws.

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New photo from Facebook October 12, 2022 at 02:01PM

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Vannes, Fransa. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

New photo from Facebook October 09, 2022 at 02:56PM

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Flinders istasyonu, Melbourne, Avustralya. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Erkan at a @Newslaundry Panel

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I was honored to be a panelist among with two successful journalists from Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Reporting on the State

Why it’s important for the media to report on issues the state tries to suppress.

  • copy

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