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#Cyberculture agenda: “Encrypted technologies and terrorism”

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Encrypted technologies and terrorism

An armed police officer stands guard opposite the Houses of Parliament after the March 22, 2017 London attack. (Photo credits: AFP)

The Wikipedia for Spies—And Where It Goes From Here

Yes, the intelligence community crowdsources, too

What the Public Knows About Cybersecurity

Before you read the report, test your cybersecurity knowledge by taking the interactive quiz. The short quiz tests your knowledge of questions recently asked in a national poll. After completing the quiz, you can compare your score with the general public and learn more about the terms and topics in each question.

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WikiLeaks’ latest document dump allegedly shows the CIA has devoted a lot of time to going after Apple products.

The latest in Twitter’s transparency briefs shows how much terrorism effects the flow of social media and what the company has been doing to help combat the threat on its popular platform. Twitter released it’s tenth transparency report today, which covers the back half of 2016. The report includes information on legal requests the company has received, including content removal, copyright violations, and account information requests. The company also discloses what percentage of requests it’s complied with. The countries which issued the most legal content removal requests — that’s requests issued by governments, organizations, and lawyers representing individuals for removal of content…

The UK government wants there to be “no place for terrorists to hide,” and that includes on encrypted messaging services. The company first on its agenda? WhatsApp.

Brands boycotted Google this past week when they learned their ads were appearing on hateful videos. The pressure could finally force the company to change.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office has published the findings of a new study commissioned from Deloitte which aims to better understand how EU citizens perceive intellectual property issues.

Last year the UK Government introduced the Digital Economy Bill, which is set to revamp current copyright legislation.

One of the most controversial proposals is to lengthen the maximum sentence for online copyright infringement, without a clear criminal threshold.

Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed | Wikileaks

[Source: Contents • Press Release • Analysis • Examples • Frequently Asked Questions   Press Release Today, Tuesday 7 March 2017, WikiLeaks begins its new series of leaks on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Code-named “Vault 7” by WikiLeak

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#istandwithCEU #aCEUvalvagyok “Save Academic Freedom in Hungary, defend CEU”

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Dear All,
You may have seen the latest cheerful news from Hungary this week! In a breach of the freedom and autonomy of higher education institutions in Hungary and around the world, legislation has been proposed to the Hungarian Parliament that would make it impossible for Central European University to continue operations within the country.

Specifically, the legislation would prevent Hungarian universities from delivering programs or issuing degrees from non-European universities on behalf of CEU. This is critical as CEU functions under Hungarian law as both an American and a Hungarian institution, and existing legislation allows for university programs and degrees from OECD countries (including the U.S.) to function through joint entities.

This legislation is discriminatory and strikes at the heart of what CEU has been doing for over two decades, in full conformity with Hungarian law. A press release with further details on the proposed legislation and CEU’s official response is here<>.

These changes would endanger CEU’s continued operation in Budapest and would strike a blow against the academic freedom that enables all universities, including those in Hungary, to flourish.

Personally, I’ve been at the university since 2008 (MA, PhD, Postdoc) and the university has allowed me the time and space for engaged, critical research and reflection. Not only does it offer fully funded graduate education to nearly all its students, but it is the home of cutting edge truly original research across a range of disciplines.

There are currently a number of grassroots critically minded actions planned – from teach-ins to protests – but there are also things you can do from wherever you are:

·         Send a letter to your members of Parliament or representatives to communicate your support of CEU and academic freedom worldwide. It has been suggested that if one of your MEPs is from the same group in the European parliament as Hungary’s ruling FIDESZ party (European People’s Party), it might be especially useful (sample letter available here<>)

·         Sign the petition<–european-university?recruiter=41260883&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink> now circulating on-line

·         Write to<> to add your name or organization to a group letter

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While Reza Zarrab approaches pro-Trump persons for his legal team, another significant arrest happened: “Halkbank Deputy General Manager Arrested in US

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Turk in Sanctions Case Adds Rudolph W. Giuliani to Legal Team

The former mayor is close to President Trump, raising the question of whether he was retained to help resolve Reza Zarrab’s case with the Trump administration.
Halkbank Deputy General Manager Atilla has been arrested in New York in Rıza Sarraf probe.
Shares in Turkey’s Halkbank tumbled as much as 16 percent early yesterday, the sharpest drop on record, after U.S. prosecutors charged one of its senior executives with participating in a multi-year scheme to violate U.S. sanctions against Iran – Mar 28

Joon H. Kim, the Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and William F. Sweeney Jr., Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), announced the

Turkish gold trader hires Giuliani, Mukasey in US sanctions case

At least eight big banks allegedly victimized by the trader, Reza Zarrab, are current or former clients of Giuliani and Mukasey’s law firms, acting U.S. …
New York Times – Benjamin Weiser – Mar 27, 4:35 PM

Reza Zarrab, a prominent Turkish gold trader who has been jailed in New York on charges of violating the United States sanctions on Iran, has added Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former New York mayor, to his legal team, adding intrigue to a case that

Turkish journalist Fehmi Koru has said Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MİT) chief Hakan Fidan visited the U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen in Pennsylvania twice.
The secretary of state’s visit was intended to reassure a NATO ally in the fight against the Islamic State and a regional bulwark against a resurgent Iran
Meeting in Turkey With Erdogan May Be Tillerson’s Toughest

Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson faces difficult talks over a Turkish constitutional referendum, the fight against ISIS, and Turkish demands for an extradition.
Does Turkey’s ongoing purge resemble the 1933 Enabling Act in Nazi Germany?

In both cases, through democratic processes authoritarian rule is imposed on a previously fairly democratic country.

Erdoğan speaks to crowds at Erzurum Cemal Gursel Stadium. Αλέξης Τσίπρας Πρωθυπουργός/Flickr. Some rights reserved.The constitutional reform in Turkeyof 2016 and the conditions under which it is being pushed through recall legal procedures like the Enabling Act 1933 by which the Nazis came to power in Germany in the 1930s. This has been noted by many international and in particular German, Austrian and Swiss media including ‘Die Tagesschau’, ‘Der Standard’ and ‘Neue Zuricher Zeitung’.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey has said U.S. President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Retired Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn discussed removal of Gülen from the country without going through the extradition process, the Wall Street Journal reported
British report to indicate evidence that members of Fethullah Gulen’s group participated in Turkish failed coup attempt.
Ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn met Turkish officials during the election campaign.
The Turkish president’s comments were in response to European countries’ barring rallies in support of a referendum in which Turks will decide whether to expand his powers.
The U.S. State Department on March 28 issued an update to its travel warning to Turkey, urging its citizens to avoid travel to the southeastern provinces citing the “persistent threat of terrorism,” a day before State Secretary Rex Tillerson’s visit to the country.

Switzerland investigates Turkey spying allegations

Prosecutors are looking into claims Turks living in Switzerland are being spied on.
Foundation for Defense of Democracies

The year 2016 was catastrophic for Turkey. At least 30 terror attacks across the country took more than 300 lives. Ankara survived a bloody military coup attempt in July, which claimed the lives of an additional 290. In a massive purge that ensued…

On Saturday (25 March) the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee issued a report on the UK’s relations with Turkey, in which the Erdoğan government’s claim that Gülenists masterminded the 15 July coup attempt is refuted.
The refusal was the latest strain to relations as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey pursues a referendum next month to expand his powers.

A referendum on vast new powers for the president hangs in the balance despite his comprehensive crackdown on dissent

U.K. Ambassador to Ankara Richard Moore has criticized ruling AKP Istanbul deputy Burhan Kuzu and daily Star editor-in-chief of Nuh Albayrak over their remarks on the March 22 U.K. parliament attack
The Turkish Foreign Ministry on March 26 summoned Switzerland’s ambassador to Ankara to express its reaction over an outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) rally in Bern
Relations between Turkey and European Union member states will “relatively normalize” after the completion of a series of elections in Europe, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said on March 27.
Germany launched a second investigation on March 28 into suspected spying by Turkey, with the German interior minister saying Berlin will not tolerate foreign espionage on its soil.
Hundreds of people suspected of backing a US-based cleric are being watched, reports say.

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#Europe agenda: “EU at 60: celebrations in turbulent times…

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On March 25, 1957, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands signed the Treaties of Rome – effectively the birth certificate of the European Union. Sixty years on the leaders of 27 EU states will once again convene in Rome and address the question of where the EU should be in ten years’ time in a joint declaration. No easy task, as Europe’s journalists explain.

Sixty years since Treaty of Rome signed

It is 60 years since the Treaty of Rome was signed, by Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.
Borisov’s pro-EU party beats Socialists in Bulgaria’s snap election

Veteran politician ahead of BSP in polls seen as test of Russian influence in country but stable coalition may prove elusive

Boiko Borisov, the comeback specialist of Bulgarian politics, looked to have done it again as exit polls from a snap election put his pro-EU centre-right party in first place.

Exit polls suggest former Prime Minister Boyjo Borisov’s GERB party has won a snap parliamentary election.

Populism and fraternity in Portugal

There are moments of truth in which, due to some sort of blip in the functioning of the oligarchic system that governs our present world, we glimpse another humane populism.

Portugal’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa welcomes Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras during the Southern EU Countries Summit at the Belem Cultural Center in Lisbon Portugal, on January 28, 2017. NurPhoto/Press Association. All rights reserved. Much is said of populism these days. Those who practice it do not admit they are doing it; those who do not practice it call for the need to do it (see Chantal Mouffe in openDemocracy).

Quite what populism is, is another matter. If by that we mean a kind of politics that appeals to the masses, that is easy to recite, and that evokes quick emotional responses, then in truth one can understand why some people would like to have that on the left. After all, one can only be puzzled as to why the masses sympathise more with the policies advocated by Trump (which are decidedly against their interests) rather than the policies proposed by Sanders (which would decidedly improve their lot).

Why Macron should give us hope of democratic renewal in France

François Fillon’s (LR) entanglements in corruption scandals and Benoît Hamon’s (PS) strategy to court the votes of the far left have helped Macron to emerge as the strongest candidate.

Parisian election posters showing candidate for the 2017 presidential election Emmanuel Macron, March 23, 2017. Apaydin Alain/Press Association. All rights reserved.The 2017 presidential election in France will mark a moment of great historical import. We may be wrong, however, in our assessment of what makes this election particularly significant.

10 reasons why the EU has been good for children

Whatever decisions the EU makes about its future at the Rome summit and beyond, it should recognise the improvements to the lives of children as one if its great achievements and make this a foundation for future action, writes Jana Hainsworth.

Happiness report: Norway is the happiest place on Earth

It beats Denmark to the top spot as the UN ranks countries to mark international happiness day.

Norway: The world’s happiest country

Scandinavian country surges from fourth place in last year’s UN assessment all the way to top spot.

Across Europe, the migration story is still unfolding. Starting this month, four European news organizations — in Britain, France, Germany, and Spain — are partnering on an 18-month reporting project tracking individuals and families as they begin new lives in new home countries, as well as the communities that welcome them, amidst a rise of populist resentment.

After Wednesday’s attack in London the police are working on the assumption that the perpetrator was “inspired by international terrorism”. A man drove into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and then stabbed a police guard. He killed four people and wounded dozens more before he was shot by the police. Europe’s press sees the entire continent under attack but calls for a cool-headed response.
“I cannot spend all my money on liquor and women and plead for your support afterwards,” Eurogroup head Jeroen Dijsselbloem said in an interview, referring to solidarity with Europe’s crisis-hit states. Madrid and Lisbon promptly called for his resignation. Commentators also take Dijsselbloem to task.

Special shout-out to my octogenarian cousins still living it up in the Italian hillside.

The Mediterranean nation was ranked the world’s healthiest country in the Bloomberg Global Health Index.

The five main contenders in the French presidential election exchanged blows on Monday night in the first of three televised debates. François Fillon, Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Marine Le Pen and Benoît Hamon presented their views on economic, foreign and social policy in the three and a half hour programme. What impression did the candidates make on the press?

France election: Leading candidates clash over burkini in TV debate

The five main contenders discuss immigration, jobs and terrorism in the first of three TV debates.
Following the first face-to-face meeting between German Chancellor Merkel and US President Trump the media discuss relations between the two. In particular Trump’s refusal to shake Merkel’s hand after being asked to do so by journalists has caused a stir. But what does the meeting say about relations between the US and Europe?
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issued a staunch joint defence of free trade yesterday (19 March), as the United States pushes towards greater protectionism.
European electromobility is beginning to take off. The targets set by the Paris climate deal depend on it. The EU’s Nordic neighbour, Norway, is showing the rest of Europe the way forward. EURACTIV’s partner The Guardian reports

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As @06JAnk says, “This is likely essentially the Turkish evidence RE: Gülen’s involvement in the coup that has been sent to the US:

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Proof, documents, photographs, videos

Yıldıray Oğur *
Ceren Kenar *

The first failed coup attempt in Turkey, after four ‘successful’ ones, happened on 22nd February 1962. In the elections held a month after the hanging of Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, the political parties that were a continuation of the political party he was head of, the Democrat Party won the majority. These results troubled a radical Kemalist group and Military Academy Commander Talat Aydemir attempted a coup. The coup was suppressed with difficulty; Captain Aydemir was told to resign and then duly pardoned. However the captain tried to organize a coup again a year later on 21st May 1963. There were clashes in front of the Parliament in Ankara, jets bombed the Military Academy. Talat Aydemir and the putschists surrendered. This time, the captain was brought to court. He was sentenced to death. At his trial he said: “If you set me free today, I’d organize a coup again”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has accused main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu of “running away” during Turkey’s failed July 2016 coup attempt, instead of lending him sufficient support.

President Erdoğan expects more than 52 percent ‘yes’ votes in charter referendum

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said he expected more than 52 percent ‘yes’ votes in the April 16 referendum on constitutional changes
artnet News – Perwana Nazif – Mar 24, 2:03 AM

Doğan has been given a sentence of 2 years and 10 months by a Turkish court. The Turkish-Kurdish painter and journalist Zehra Doğan has been sentenced to 2 years, nine months, and 22 days in prison for creating a painting which depicted

The Guardian – Mar 24, 12:00 AM

Spread facts, be careful, and don’t assume democracy is safe, say people who know what life is like under a strongman leader

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As International Association of Judges expresses concern for Turkey’s judiciary, Turkish intelligence “at work” all over the world…

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The International Association of Judges (IAJ) has published an appeal regarding the situation of the judiciary in Turkey, citing a recent report by the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission that noted Turkey’s proposed constitutional changes were a big setback for democracy.

Germany accuses Turkey of ‘intolerable’ spying on Gülen supporters

Lower Saxony interior minister says followers of preacher blamed for failed coup by Erdoğan, were notified to protect them from any ‘retaliation’ in Turkey

A German state minister has accused Turkey of unacceptable and intolerable spying on alleged followers of exiled preacher Fethullah Gülen, whom President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan blames for a failed coup attempt last year.

Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MİT) has sent files regarding the followers of the U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen living in Germany to German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) after gathering information on them by spying, according to German media reports
Wall Street Journal – James V. Grimaldi – Mar 24, 11:35 AM

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, while serving as an adviser to the Trump campaign, met with top Turkish government ministers and discussed removing a Muslim cleric from the U.S. and taking him to Turkey, according to former Central Intelligence

Turkish EU minister slams Hahn of acting like ‘colonial governor’

EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn should stop acting like a “colonial governor” and instead mind his own business by enhancing the enlargement processes of candidate countries, Turkish EU Minister Ömer Çelik has said in response to Hahn’s remarks
Switzerland’s foreign minister told his Turkish counterpart on March 23 that his country would “rigorously investigate” any illegal spying by Ankara on expatriate Turks before the April 16 referendum

The new apathy: emotional break-off from Turkey

Young people are experiencing a numbness and profound disconnect from Turkey. Strict policies of repression and totalitarian changes in the country’s constitution threaten to undo Turkish society altogether.

Riot police detain a demonstrator during a protest against the dismissal of academics from universities following a post-coup emergency decree, outside the Cebeci campus of Ankara University. 10 February 2017. Depo Photos/Zuma Press/PA Images. All rights reserved.While Turkey’s recent political and social events have received a lot of media attention and are particularly disturbing, it is important to remember that many of Turkey’s citizens have spent their whole lives under the rule of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and are in fear of its discriminatory attitudes towards passive and active opposition.

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In the mean time, “Global alcohol brands blocked from social media in Turkey

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Instagram and Twitter accounts belonging to several international drinks brands have been blocked or restricted in Turkey, according to user complaints emerging yesterday now independently verified by the Turkey Blocks monitoring project.

Popular Irish dry stout Guinness is amongst the blocked brands

Affected brands include Heineken, Jack Daniels, Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Absolut Vodka and Yeni Raki, the traditional Turkish aniseed liquor, amongst many others.

How to survive tyranny: 10 pieces of advice from Turkey

Spread facts, be careful, and don’t assume democracy is safe, say people who know what life is like under a strongman leader

The rise of autocracy can be insidious, and doesn’t come with an instruction manual on how to survive, said one of hundreds of people who got in touch to tell us what life is like in Turkey.

GÜLÇİN ÖZKAN ON ACADEMIC PURGE IN TURKEY: Turkey Purge: Dark Cloud of Oppression Hangs Over Country’s Universities

The targeting of Turkey’s top academics, in the country’s most established institutions, has caused outrage.
“Madonna in a Fur Coat,” a love story written by Sabahattin Ali nearly 75 years ago, has improbably become a best seller.
One of the biggest problems of the current era is “cultural superficiality,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said.
Die Welt’s Deniz Yucel is in pre-trial detention accused of producing terrorist propaganda.

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Once a global hub, US bans tablets, notebooks aboard flights from #istanbul now :(

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What the f**k will I do without my kindle during a long flight? 🙁
Turkish Airlines on March 21 said it was one of the airlines subject to a U.S. ban on passengers carrying electronics larger than cell phones aboard flights bound for the United States
Extremists plan to target planes with bombs in electronic devices, the United States warned on March 21, adding that it was duly banning passengers from carrying them in the cabin on flights from a number of airports, including Turkey’s Atatürk Airport
In airline laptop ban, some in Turkey see commercial agenda

ISTANBUL – As Istanbul builds a massive new airport and Turkish Airlines pursues aggressive route expansion, some in Turkey see the ban on large …
Live in Istanbul: Debating Turkey’s Political Future

Patrick Kingsley, an international correspondent for The Times based in Turkey, is in Istanbul talking with Mert Nacakgedigi and Dilara Arslan, two
Istanbul – a Tale of Three Cities’ by Bettany Hughes book extract

Bettany Hughes’ new biography of one of the world’s greatest cities – Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul – is rightly described as epic. Weighing in at

Turkish historian İlber Ortaylı slams conversion of part of Istanbul’s historic city wall into wedding site

Renowned Turkish historian İlber Ortaylı has criticized a controversial plan made by Istanbul’s Fatih district to convert its historic city walls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, into a wedding hall, urging preservation boards to take additional care for the city’s appearance and profile

Why tourists should still travel to cities attacked by terrorists, from London toIstanbul

During the Thursday morning rush hour on London’s Jubilee Line, that pre-recorded invitation did not apply. The previous afternoon, a pathetic thug

Istanbul’s Pasha and his Parrot: Talk of the Town

Ankara- Nazim Cihan, a background Turkish actor who appeared in many TV series, has attracted people in Turkey while wandering in Istanbul’s

World’s most-visited landmark Grand Bazaar gets a facelift

Remember the opening motorbike chase in the James Bond movie “Skyfall? It was shot on the rooftop of Istanbul’s iconic Grand Bazaar, which now

Sónar Makes Its Istanbul Debut Later This Month

Sónar, the international electronic music festival, will make its Turkish debut next weekend. Sónar Istanbul will take place March 24 and 25.

Shadow of progress falls on Istanbul’s historic vegetable gardens

Recep Eraslan, 64, has worked a tiny sliver of land on Istanbul’s historic Sultanahmet peninsula for more than three decades. He grows spring onions,

Turkish trailblazers Jakuzi on Istanbul’s music underground: ‘People behave bravely’

“The music scene in Istanbul is inconsistent and diverse,” says Kutay Soyocak, frontman of Turkish synthpop outfit Jakuzi. “It’s a metropolis that has a

Mavi Boncuk |

Data taken from: *Kamouzis Dimitrios[1], The Constantinopolitan Greeks in an era of secular nationalism, mid-19th century to 1930, 2010, University of London. King’s College. Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, p. 32. 
*Darja Reuschke,Monika Salzbrunn,Korinna Schönhärl, The Economies of Urban Diversity: Ruhr Area and Istanbul, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013, ISBN 9781137338815, p. 117-122. 
*Σάββας Τσιλένης. Η μειονότητα των Ορθόδοξων Χριστιανών στις επίσημες στατιστικές της σύγχρονης Τουρκίας και στον αστικό χώρο. 
*Dundar Fuat, Turkiye Nufus Sayimlarinda Azinlikar. Doz, 1999, ISBN 9756876123. 9789756876121
Greek-Orthodox population of Istanbul (former Constantinople) 1844-1997

Shadow of progress falls on Istanbul’s historic vegetable gardens

ISTANBUL (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Recep Eraslan, 64, has worked a tiny sliver of land on Istanbul’s historic Sultanahmet peninsula for more
Cafes, a market selling fruits and vegetables, an art gallery and second-hand booksellers will be included within the “seagull-shaped” transfer center currently under construction in Istanbul’s Kabataş on the European side.

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Police Shoot a young person allegedly Carrying Knife but only a few books and an agenda is found in his bag…

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This is already old news. It happened in Nevruz celebrations in Diyarbakır a few days ago. Diyarbakır governor firstly claimed that he, Kemal Kurkut, could be a suicide bomber. However, his photos and moment of his dead were later revealed and it sure looked like an extrajudicial killing. Photos of him still upset me and I want to share it with you for the public record. 
 Two policemen who was involved in his shooting are already released….
A person shot by police in the entrance to the area where the Newroz celebrations are being held in Diyarbakır, has lost his life in the hospital. The person allegedly tried to enter the area carrying a knife.

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Come to Turkey! “Turkey ranks 71st in UN Human Development Index

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Turkey has scored 71 out of 188 countries on the Human Development Index (HDI) for 2016, according to the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) latest Human Development Report.
Moody’s Investors Service has taken rating actions on 17 Turkish banks, changing the ratings outlook from stable to negative on 14 of the lenders.

Moody’s cuts outlook on Turkey credit rating to ‘negative’

Moody’s late on March 17 cut its outlook on Turkey’s rating to “negative” as risks to the country’s credit profile have “risen materially” in recent months

Turkey’s unemployment rate rises to 12.7 pct, highest in seven years

Turkey’s unemployment rate hit 12.7 percent in December 2016, the highest since March 2010, while youth unemployment stood at 24 percent, official data from the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK) showed on March 15

Turkey’s annual inflation up to double digits in February

Turkey’s annual inflation rate was 10.13 percent in February, according to Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) figures released on March 3.

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