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Avatar, the movie

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On a stormy Sunday night, I rushed back to Mecidiyeköy to meet with Özgür and watch Avatar. The film started at 21 and at 20 I was still Bahçelievler and my car’s alarm system was suddenly broke. I and dad disabled the alarm system so I could drive and be on time. It was so rainy that I even stopped listening to music and fully concentrated on the road because the visibility was very low. Anyway it was all worthy.

1. It was the first 3D movie I watched and I loved it. See, the plot is somewhat cliche and there are many movies with cliche plots but have great visuals. Still they are not good for movie buffs. Here, despite a level of cliche you can find in the movie, you will still love it because of the visuals. Boy, they have created really glorious 3D stuff.

2. A very realistic narration of colonial invasion in a Sci-Fi form. White Man exterminating the Indian… However, relatively happy ending here. So not all realistic.

3. The first half: think of it as an anthropologist doing traditional fieldwork among natives, trying to get the native point of view and gone native in the end.

4. Add to the narrative a new Sci-Fi element. Avatar usage. A similar practice seen in Snow Crash and in some other new Sci-Fi novels.

Avatar earns $232.2m in opening weekend

from Boing Boing by Rob Beschizza

That’s the biggest ever for a non-sequel. It earned $73m in the U.S, the rest abroad. The LA Times points out that many on the east coast were snowed in by the worst blizzard in a decade,….

Community news: Ömer Heval is 32 days old today.

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32 days ago, my dearest friend Çetin became a father. The parents named the new born, Ömer Heval. (Heval is comrade/friend in Kurdish). It was a cesarian birth. So we could meet on time to wait for the new arrival:) So far so good. Mum is good, son is healthy. Today, Ömer accompanied us to have a great breakfast. This was the first time he was out (apart from his regular outings to hospital). He was asleep for most of the time, which was certainly more practical for us.

That’s how we were waiting for Ömer to be born…

Ömer is half an hour old here.

More advice from Savage Minds to grad school applicants…

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(More) advice on graduate school applications

from Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology — A Group Blog by Rex

Deadlines for graduate school applications are coming up again. Last year I wrote some quick pointers on applying to graduate school but since then I’ve developed my boiler-plate for our school even more as additional requests for information have entered my mailbox. So here is the latest iteration of my advices for applying to graduate school. Although it is written for where I teach, most of what I say is applicable to anywhere. Good luck!

Not Just Drones: Militants Can Snoop on Most U.S. Warplanes

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin


Yesterday, news broke that insurgents used a $25 application available online to hack into US military drone video feeds, and view, copy, and potentially distribute their contents. Hmmmm… Unauthorized copying of audio and video material? Some on Twitter have suggested that we might just send the MPAA or RIAA after them — then, for sure we’ll at last find Bin Laden. But Wired Danger Room’s Noah Shachtman says,

Herbert Brandl at Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman

Herbert Brandl at Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman

from Contemporary Art Daily by Forrest

Artist: Herbert Brandl

Venue: Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Innsbruck

Exhibition Title: Spektrolith

Date: November 14, 2009 – January 29, 2010 Read the rest of this entry »

Barça at Turkish Airlines!

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Turkish Airlines (THY) has become one of the official sponspors of FC Barcelona! Today, Turkish football blogs displayed photos of Barça players in a THY plane flying to Abu Dhabi. It looks like Spanish Airline companies did not like the idea and lobbied against THY flight. This is at least what untrustable Turkish media says

Ferec – Helîkopter (the first Kurdish Heavy Metal band)

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Ferec is the first heavy metal band who sing all in Kurdish. The band members currently live in a Kurdish city called as Colêmerg (Hakkari) in Turkish frontiers. The album is just published in november 2009. The band took stage in some of the biggest rock festivals in different regions in Turkey as well.

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13 December: World Rakı Day

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updated: 13 Dec 2009- 20:30

A local Rakı producer company declared the existence of World Rakı Day in 2006 and since then more and more Turks (and certainly Kurds) are happily joining ranks to celebrate Rakı drinking. The exact day changes one or two days since then – since this tradition is still being invented- but this year collectively decided: 13 December. For outsiders, Rakı is very similar to Greek drink, Ouzo.

Tomorrow we are invited to a house party to celebrate the day… Check out the 22 brands of Rakı in Turkey:

Rakı drinking is definitely a social activity and Rakı cannot be though without a rich existence of meze… A few days ago it was patented as a Turkish product (!)

The Militarization of Pop Culture and more videos…

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Beşiktaş faces CSKA Moscow tonight. Challenged to continue or not to continue in Euro Cups…

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update: 9 Dec 09- 10:00: Beşiktaş f*cked up: Besiktas 1 – 2 CSKA Moscow

Beşiktaş kids at the game…

Last Friday, Beşiktaş lost two important points in a draw against Diyarbakırspor but on Saturday and Sunday, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray also points. So not a big deal for the moment. And now comes the day again….

CSKA Moscow faces Besiktas – –

Besiktas faces CSKA Moscow

All on the line in Istanbul
Group B. CSKA must secure more points in Istanbul than Wolfsburg manage at home to Manchester United FC to be sure of entering the first knockout round…

Luck for us:

CSKA pair suspended for Besiktas game after doping test

The pair had tested positive for a banned substance after the Champions League match away to Manchester United on Nov. 3, UEFA said in a statement. …

A Galatasaray fans cries when his team lost the win with a last-minute goal…


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Erkan had an “encultured” Saturday

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Started the day with brunch at La Mekan (I will definitely post about this place) with Can. It is just in walking distance to our apartment. To start the day there always makes me happy. It satisfies my quest for a good diner like I used to have in Houston. Then I moved to santralistanbul to my office and spent the day until evening there. Youth Studies Unit was having a hip hop workshop with high school kids, otherwise I haven’t seen any colleagues and I did hang out in my office alone. No one would complain of loud music. How nice. I got tired of longer hair and had an haircut in our campus hairdresser, now I am as if I have just come from the Service, then I had more coffee and did some more work and when it was around 8 pm as no body was left in the building, I began to feel self-pity and it was time to leave.

Then the second and more colorful part of my day began: Thanks to Çiğdem Buğdaycı, I first stopped by a small art galery in Cihangir: Çukurcumart. Not always but on some Saturdays there are Jam sessions there. We attended one yesterday. We were offered super quality wine, warm, cinnamon, juicy..

Here a few drawings exhibited in the gallery (more can be found in the Facebook page:
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İstanbul 2010 Video launched

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

istanbul 2010 agency launched a new promotion campaign yesterday.

RPM Radar, Ajans Ultra, Dentsu Brussels Group collaborated in the latest promotion campaign… Good and critical info here.

more about Istanbul follows: Read the rest of this entry »