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Cyberculture agenda: PEW report on Information Overload… Mr. Robot Killing the Hollywood Hacker….

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Information Overload

Since the 1970s, the term “information overload” has captured society’s anxiety about the growth in the production of information having potentially bad consequences for people as they struggle to cope with seemingly constant streams of messages and images. The advent of the internet, it was thought, would only exacerbate this, with the onset of ubiquitous connectivity turning information overload into something even more debilitating.

Mr Robot is the most successful example of a small but fast-growing genre of “techno-realist” media, where the focus is on realistic portrayals of hackers, information security, surveillance and privacy, and it represents a huge reversal on the usual portrayal of hackers and computers as convenient plot elements whose details can be finessed to meet the story’s demands, without regard to reality.

Why are hackers so political?

Gabriella Coleman is the “hacker anthropologist” whose book on the anthropology of Anonymous is among the best books on hacking I’ve ever read; her new paper in Current Anthropology, From Internet Farming to Weapons of the Geek, poses a fascinating question: given that hackers are as well-paid and privileged as doctors, lawyers and academics, how come hackers are so much more political than other members of the professional elites?


Mr. Robot Killed the Hollywood Hacker

The popular portrayal of computers as magic boxes capable of anything has done real societal harm. Now one TV show wants to save us.

EU urges US tech giants to act faster against hate speech

US tech giants including Facebook, Twitter, Google’s YouTube and Microsoft will have to act faster to tackle online hate speech or face laws forcing them to do so, the European Commission said on Sunday (4 December).

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google are teaming up on a new effort to prevent the spread of terrorist content on their networks.

Twitter Releases Year in Review Data – The Top Trends and Stats

Twitter has released their annual year in review data, looking at the top trends on the platform.
Language English
Tue, 12/06/2016

Kathy Brown, President & CEO, provided the following statement at today’s Opening Ceremony at the 11th Internet Governance Forum (IGF), Guadalajara, Mexico.


Apple will publish its AI research

Apple isn’t exactly known for sharing its research with the world, but it’s making a big exception to that rule. Company AI director Russ Salakhutdinov has revealed that Apple will publish its machine learning research. In other words, some of the…
Let’s not be mealymouthed: 2016 sucked. As a stark reminder, Twitter has released its “Top 10 Global Conversations” for the year, a change from last year’s #YearOnTwitter format. This time, it lumped events into categories like #RIP, #Brexit, #Trump…

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Diyanet, Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate, claimed gathering intelligence on suspected Gülenists via imams in 38 countries…

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Turkey’s prime minister (Binali Yıldırım) and his wife, returning from the Russia trip


A year-long hiatus in relations between Russia and Turkey is over, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said Dec. 6 in his first visit to Moscow as prime minister
Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) has gathered intelligence via imams from 38 countries on the activities of suspected followers of the U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, widely believed to be the mastermind of the failed July 15 coup attempt.
The EU’s accession talks with Turkey are, in practice, not going anywhere. Now, the Netherlands wants clarity on how the negotiations will progress in the future, if at all. EurActiv’s partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.
Deputy Turkish Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek has accused the followers of the Gülen movement, believed to have orchestrated the July 15 coup, as well as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), of trying to harm Turkey’s relationship with the European Union after ties between Ankara and Brussels recently soured

Turkey alleges US charter schools are a front for man accused in failed coup

Law firm is investigating a large chain of schools in Texas and the US amid allegations they funnel taxpayers’ dollars to dissident cleric Fethullah Gülen

With brightly coloured halls and gadget-filled classrooms where students work on science projects from sound waves to hovercrafts, the Harmony Science Academy in Houston is like any other science and technology-focused high school in the US.

Turkish prosecutor demands dismissal of flotilla raid case after Israel deal

The prosecutor in the Mavi Marmara case demanded its dismissal on Dec. 2, citing a reconciliation deal signed between Turkey and Israel, one day after Israel’s new ambassador to Ankara, Eitan Na’eh, arrived in the Turkish capital to take up his post
The Dutch government has lent its weight to calls for the EU to freeze Turkey’s membership talks, diplomats said yesterday (1 December), raising the prospect of European leaders making such a move at a summit in two weeks.

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EFD Haftanın Web Projesi: 1 Haber Var Platformu (@1HaberVarP)

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Kapatılan tv ve radyoların kurduğu “1 Haber Var Platformu” ‘dan yayına başladı

Önerilerinizi alalım:

Ha bir de EFD’ye katkıda bulunmak isterseniz:

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Vernazza, Cinque Terre, İtalya. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Eurosphere agenda: Geert Wilders found guilty of hate speech…

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When two journalists published the book ‘A President Shouldn’t Say That’ which quotes François Hollande disparaging judges, insulting footballers and revealing state secrets, Prime Minister Manuel Valls could not hide his “shame” and “anger”.
Geert Wilders hits back at guilty verdict

A court in the Netherlands finds Geert Wilders guilty of inciting discrimination, but gives no punishment.
The ‘extraordinary’ case of Geert Wilders

Anna Holligan reports on Geert Wilders’ hate speech and what his conviction means for politics.
Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is convicted in hate speech trial but no penalty is imposed.
Young voters and people in southern Italy in particular voted against Renzi’s constitutional reforms. Some commentators say the Italians have missed a crucial opportunity. Others blame Renzi’s excessive egotism for Italy’s current predicament.
The Eurozone finance ministers agreed on Monday to certain measures that will give Greece a little more time to repay its debts. At the same time they insisted that Athens must negotiate further austerity measures. This latest agreement is only seemingly good news for the country, commentators conclude.
The Romanians will vote for a new parliament under a revised electoral law on Sunday. Commentators hope that the people will be guided by their common sense despite a vacuous election campaign dominated by nationalist themes.
A quarter of a century after the summit in the Dutch town of Maastricht that gave birth to the euro, the EU will mark the anniversary today (9 December) with little fanfare as it battles a wave of crises.

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Turkish government refers to the ‘The Following’ TV series to understand “FETÖ”

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Devlet Bahçeli gazing at photos of HDP deputies in jail...
Devlet Bahçeli gazing at photos of HDP deputies in jail…

The Following‘ TV series suggested to understand FETÖ, Turkey …

Daily SabahDec 6, 2016
The Following,’ an American television drama series, might be a good example to understand the structure of the FETÖ” the booklet said…
A man in the northwestern province of Bursa has promised to give free tombstones away to all people who convert their U.S. dollars into Turkish Liras following a call by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Turkish citizens to convert their foreign currency to lira.
Turkey Blocks – Editorial – Dec 2, 2:54 PM

Internet users in Turkey report that the Wikipedia online encyclopaedia is partly unreachable, or slowed to the point of being unusable, since 1 December 2016. Affected subdomains include the primary English edition and Turkish Vikipedi, as well as

Some 6,087 workers have been killed on the job in the last five years in Turkey, according to Confederation of Merchants and Craftsmen (TESK) chair Bendevi Palandöken
Journalists, teachers, lawyers and intellectuals have been jailed and thrown out of work, but book authors have been largely untouched.

Turkey’s prison population continues to rise

Turkey’s prison population rose by nearly 12 percent in 2015, the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) said on Dec. 2
CRNI has called for the release of caricaturist Musa Kart, who is Cumhuriyet Foundation Board Member and has been under arrest over 32 days
The chief adviser for Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu was detained early on Dec. 6 as part of the ongoing investigation into the Gülen movement, which is accused of orchestrating the failed coup attempt of July 15.

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2016 özeti by @mortifera via Facebook Pages

Journalism agenda: “IPI launches database on online abuse against journalists…

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Spanish journalist Mayte Carrasco spent years covering deadly conflicts across the globe, from Afghanistan to Libya. But it was from the safety of her own home that she faced some of the most vivid threats to her life. Not long after Carrasco

Where Trump gets his ‘news’

Fascinating and revealing. Great piece of research by Buzzfeed.

4 a.m. is the most productive hour of the day, suggests a Wall Street Journal story from this past August. It’s a light piece brimming with provocation (“4 AM???? Areya kidding me? I didn’t even know there was a 4 AM” writes one commenter), and one that travels well on social media.

Bear in mind that the social platform where eyewitness media gets posted doesn’t own the copyright

More than half of business executives primarily access news on mobile devices and 60 percent purposefully use social media to find news, according to a Quartz survey of 1,357 business executives in 97 countries that was released Thursday.

Fifty-nine percent of executives surveyed said they mainly consume news on mobile devices, an increase from 41 percent in 2014.

The Associated Press’ automated coverage of company’s earnings releases has increased firms’ trading volume and liquidity, according to a new study that compared stock performance of companies that the AP only started covering after it began using algorithms to write earning report stories in 2014. (The AP collaborated with the study’s researchers.)

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Bu arada Vancouver… via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Anthro roundup: “a timeline of the history of anthropology!”

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Behold, a timeline of the history of anthropology!

I am extremely happy to announce today that I’m making open access my timeline of the history of anthropological theory. This timeline has over 1,000 entries, beginning with the birth of Lewis Henry Morgan on 21 Nov 1818 and the latest is the death of Roy D’Andrade on 20 Oct 2016. It includes details from the careers of roughly 118 anthropologists from England, France, and the United States. It is designed to be viewed in Aeon Timeline, but I’ve also provided a dump of the data so you can play with it however you like.

Boundaries and Bundles: Further Thoughts on Jigsaw Anthropology

We apologize for the delay in releasing our last November guest blog post on behalf of the AAA AD Executive Board. We had to have a last minute author change, and I am incredibly grateful that Patricia McAnany stepped up to write a second post for our series. We hope readers will see all of our posts as a chance to comment on potential ways we can further integrate archaeology and other fields of anthropology. Patricia McAnany is the Kenan Eminent Professor of Anthropology at UNC Chapel Hill and is the President of the AAA Archaeology Division.

The Power of the Dictionary

Dictionaries can reinforce sexist stereotypes through the examples they include, such as those originally found in the online version of Oxford Dictionaries for the terms rabid, shrill, and nagging.Ian Nicholson/Associated Press
Teaching the Anthropology of Elections in times of Trump

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the #teachingthedisaster series.

This is post in the #teachingthedisaster series comes to us from Maria L. Vidart-Delgado. Maria lectures in the Anthropology Program at MIT and is also the co-founder of Department of Play. 

I taught a class on the 2016 U.S. presidential election (syllabus here) to a group of undergrads at MIT with diverse political commitments, social sensibilities, and with different levels of exposure to anthropology. I faced two challenges. One was getting my students to think anthropologically about electoral politics and democracy more broadly. I mean moving away from analyses that mimic prevalent political punditry (do elections work?), to a comparative mode of analysis attentive to how different groups of people experience, understand and perform free, fair, legitimate elections. The second challenge was to build a common ground to listen to each other in an emotionally charged political environment. I found that in cultivating an anthropological perspective we built a common place to question the assumptions shaping our political preferences, and to discuss the implications of those preferences.

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