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#Cyberculture agenda: “These nine companies are snapping up almost all the AI startups” AND PEW report on Digital Activism…

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In the current acquisition binge around artificial intelligence, tech behemoths with deep pockets lead the way, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Twitter, and Salesforce. The only one with a limited consumer-facing presence is social monitoring firm Meltwater.

Activism in the Social Media Age

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, which was first coined following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin. In the course of those five years, #BlackLivesMatter has become an archetypal example of modern protests and political engagement on social media: A new Pew Research Center analysis of public tweets finds the hashtag has been used nearly 30 million times on Twitter – an average of 17,002 times per day – as of May 1, 2018.

1. Public attitudes toward political engagement on social media

Social media use has grown rapidly over the last decade. Today, Americans use a range of social media sites and are increasingly turning to these platforms to get news and information. Social networking sites have also emerged as a key venue for political debate and discussion and at times a place to engage in civic-related activities.

Along with conducting a survey of public attitudes toward political engagement and activism on social media, the Center also performed a separate analysis of several Twitter hashtags. First, it examined the volume of tweets using the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and other hashtags related to issues, causes or news events to see how usages differ over time and across issue areas. Second, it conducted a content analysis of the topics that are most often mentioned in conversations around the #BlackLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter hashtags during major news events.

The #BlackLivesMatter hashtag has been a relatively consistent presence on Twitter for the last five years, with periodic increases in usage around key events

A number of these experts wrote about both sides of the story, taking the time to point out some of the ways in which digital life is a blessing and a curse. A selection of these mixed-response anecdotes follows.

Full coverage


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New photo from Facebook July 14, 2018 at 04:01PM

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Norveç’te bir konserden…via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Maduro’s love of Turkish TV Serial, Diriliş Ertuğrul…

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I hesitated to use the title: “Maduro, the Charlatan…”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on July 10 visited the set of the TV series “Diriliş Ertuğrul” (“Resurrection: Ertuğrul”) in Istanbul’s Beykoz district.


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“Neo-Nazi Terrorist Jailed for Life in Case That Shamed Germany’s Spies” but may also have shamed German judiciary…

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Only she?
As Beate Zschäpe’s group killed workers with immigrant backgrounds, investigators failed to realize that right-wing extremists were to blame.
Beate Zschäpe was found guilty of involvement in 10 murders while part of a neo-Nazi terror cell.
A German court sentenced Beate Zschaepe, the surviving member of a German neo-Nazi member cell, to life in prison on July 11.

The Modi-Erdoğan Parallel

While Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not achieved the degree of “state capture” that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has, he is also 11 years behind. And the path the two leaders are on is similar enough to invite comparison – and provoke concern.

Article | Sanctions on Turkey: Reconciling Washington’s Diverging Views

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One of the most interesting Turkish televangelist Adnan Oktar detained for espionage and other crimes while he blames ‘British deep state’

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Honestly, he was one of those I was hesitant to write about/against. He has a large legal team and despite his comical appearance, he and his followers are a scary band… I always why he was protected until now…
Turkish police launched an operation on July 11 to detain 235 people associated with author and televangelist Adnan Oktar over accusations including forming a criminal gang, fraud and sexual abuse, Istanbul police headquarters said.
Turkish televangelist Adnan Oktar has blamed the “British deep state” over his detention in Istanbul along with dozens of his followers on July 11, with several charges ranging from sexual abuse to military espionage against him.
Turkish police launched an operation on July 11 to detain 234 people associated with televangelist Adnan Oktar. Oktar calls his female followers “kitties,” who sometimes dance during his TV sermons on Islamic values. Some “kitties” have degrees from esteemed universities in Turkey, Turkish media reported July 11. Click through for some of them..
Controversial preacher Adnan Oktar and 166 of his mainly female followers have been arrested.
A former disciple of Turkish televangelist Adnan Oktar, who was detained on July 11, has said some of his female followers, dubbed “kittens,” carry two pistols on them, “as rape is common” inside the cult, which young children have also been victim to.

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New photo from Facebook July 13, 2018 at 02:30PM

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Sıcaklardan ölerken bir kış vakti Amersfoort, Hollanda. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Trump in #Europe

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Three buddies. Trump, Macron and Erdoğan

Why are they laughing?

I don’t care.

Trump Nato: New war of words with Merkel

The US leader suggests German imports of Russian gas are a security concern, as Nato gathers.
“Appreciate your allies… you don’t have that many,” Trump is warned as he arrives in Europe.
“Germany is totally controlled by Russia because they’ll be getting from 60 to 70% of their energy from Russia, and a new pipeline, and you tell me if that’s appropriate because I think it’s not and I think it’s a very bad thing for Nato,” US leader Donald Trump said at a Nato summit in Brussels Wednesday, referring to Germany’s plan to build the Nord Stream 2 pipeline with Russia.

concerted campaign is underway to get Green Day’s “American Idiot” to the top of the U.K. music charts in time for Donald Trump’s visit to the country on Thursday, and thus far, it seems to be working. Through a combination of purchases and streams, the song has risen to No. 1 on the Amazon sales chart, cracked the iTunes Top 10, and sneaked into the Top 20 singles chart as well.

Some European countries worried US president has replaced Washington’s ties to them with closer relations to Russia.
NATO summit 2018: All you need to know

Funding, Eastern Europe and upcoming Trump-Putin talks have dominated discussions in the lead-up to Brussels summit.

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1 USD reaches 4,80 TRY. “Lira slumps to new record lows as investor concerns escalate…

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President Erdoğan explained why he has appointed his son-in-law Berat Albayrak as the Minister of Finance and Treasury by saying, “He worked in private sector and took a course on the subject.” However, the US dollar has continued to increase in value against the Turkish Lira.
Turkey’s embattled lira slumped almost five percent to new record lows in value against the United States dollar on July 11, hit by worries about economic management and monetary policy under Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s stronger executive presidency.
The New York Times – Peter S. Goodman – Jul 10, 2:00 AM

YENIKOY, Turkey — Looming like a fortress over the Black Sea, Istanbul’s new airport has been engineered to provoke awe, underscoring Turkey’s desire to reclaim its imperial glory. The project is expected to cost nearly $12 billion and carve


Turkey’s ‘Crazy’ Megaproject, Could Be Crazy Good For Real Estate

It’s business as usual on a June day in a small village by the Sazlidere river outside Istanbul: women carry vegetables home from the local market and .

Post-election policy moves now key for Turkey: Fitch

Turkey’s sovereign rating can ride out the current market turbulence if authorities there move to address the economy’s main weaknesses after upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections, Fitch said on June 11, as reported by Reuters.

Moody’s takes rating actions on 19 Turkish financial institutions

Moody’s late on June 7 downgraded and placed on review for further downgrade the ratings of 17 banks in Turkey, while also placing on review for downgrade the ratings of two finance companies.
Despite stern objections from environmentalists, property developers continue to build villas on the wooded hills overlooking Lake Sakarya in the northwestern province of Sakarya, but Arab investors recently stopped flocking to the region as the “Turkish paradise” turns into concrete.

Fitch Places 25 Banks in Turkey on Watch Negative; Moody’s Places Turkey’s Rating on Review for Downgrade

International credit rating agency Fitch has placed 25 banks in Turkey on rating watch negative while Moody’s has placed Turkey’s credit rating on review for downgrade.

Moody’s slashes Turkish growth forecast to 2.5 percent

Moody’s has slashed its forecasts for Turkey’s economic growth, citing deepening market pressure and growing risks.
International credit rating agency Moody’s has lowered Turkey’s growth forecast for 2018 from 4 percent to 2.5 percent on the grounds of high inflation rates, increasing oil prices and loss of value in the Turkish Lira.

Erdoğan: You can’t hit us with exchange rates

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on May 27 responded to opposition groups’ criticisms over the Turkish Lira’s weakness against the steep fluctuation of foreign exchange rates last week.

Erdoğan calls on citizens to convert their dollars, euros to Turkish Lira

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called on Turkey’s citizens on May 26 to convert their dollar and euro savings into lira, as he sought to bolster the ailing currency which has lost some 20 percent of its value against the U.S. currency this year.

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A digital archive: “Cultures of Istanbul” and #istanbul roundup…

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An archive of (sub)cultural entities in İstanbul.

All in Turkish unfortunately:


The colourful side of Istanbul is captured in these amazing photographs

Famous for the incredible domes and minarets that dot the skyline on both sides of the Bosphorus, Istanbulis something to behold. But beyond its
Festival takes music deep into Istanbul’s centuries-old heritage

ISTANBUL: It’s an early summer evening at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, the maze-like warren of alleyways crammed with shops that has been the city’s

University asked to evict Istanbul’s sole botanical garden

Istanbul’s sole botanical garden will be evicted as the 17 decares of land has been allocated to Istanbul’s mufti to use as an office, daily Sözcü reported on July 1.
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, which was established in 1882 by the renowned Ottoman statesman Osman Hamdi Bey, has been asked to evacuate the historic building it uses for the State Conservatory, amid claims that it will be used by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Victims of urban transformation protest still-unfinished construction in Istanbul’s Fikirtepe

A group of people whose houses were demolished in Istanbul’s Fikirtepe neighborhood amid a massive ongoing urban transformation project have recently started living in tents in the construction area, in protest at the still-unfinished construction.

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In the meantime, “European Parliament rejects copyright bill”. #Europe agenda.

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European Parliament rejects copyright bill

In a 318 to 278 vote, the European Parliament today shot down proposals that would have made online publishers liable for users’ copyright infringement and made even linking to other websites fraught with legal risk. The bill, widely reviled for its service to legacy media interests and general ignorance of the internet itself, now goes back to committee.

The European Parliament has rejected a proposed update to its 2001 Copyright Directive, after passing the initial vote at the legal affairs committee on June 20.

Timeline: Key moments in Brexit process

Here is what happened sin
The New York Times – Ellen Barry – Jul 1, 8:30 PM

COPENHAGEN — When Rokhaia Naassan gives birth in the coming days, she and her baby boy will enter a new category in the eyes of Danish law. Because she lives in a low-income immigrant neighborhood described by the government as a

The EU’s disastrous Copyright Reform, explained by its lovers and haters

The EU’s extremely controversial Copyright Reform — which might introduce upload filters, ancillary copyright, and restrictions on text and data mining — will finally go to a vote on June 20. It’s not certain how the vote will go as members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are still split on key articles of the reform, but whatever the conclusion will be, it’s certain that it’ll greatly affect the future of the internet in the EU and beyond. The result will form the EU Parliament’s stance on copyright and will have huge implications for the final stage of the law making…

The new Spanish Cabinet: on the road to female empowerment?

The push for women’s rights and gender equality might be on the brink of a major transformation in Spain. The country’s new leader, Pedro Sánchez, formed a cabinetwhich has drawn international attention for its high number of female ministers: 11 out of 17 positions, or 64.7 percent. Whether this cabinet reflects real change for women in Spanish society remains to be seen. Spanish former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, leader of the conservative Popular Party (PP) and the politician who led Spain through its worst economic crisis in living memory, was ousted on June 1 (The New York Times).

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