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Journalism agenda: From Jailed Journalists to EU leaders:

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Two Turkish journalists arrested this week for their coverage of arms trafficking to Islamist rebels in Syria urged the European Union not to compromise on human rights, as it seeks an agreement with Ankara to help stem refugee flows to Europe.

‘We are troubled by the pre-trial arrest yesterday of senior editors of the respected Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet,’ the US says
Two prominent journalists, who were detained Nov. 26 on charges of espionage and assisting a terrorist organization through a news reports , urged the EU not to compromise with Turkey ıver human rights
 Bianet :: English
Statements made separately by IPI Turkey, Press Council, DİSK Press Labor, TGS and TGC, TGF and TYS have reacted against arrest of Can Dündar and Erdem Gül.
The U.S. Embassy in Turkey has labeled the detention of two prominent Turkish journalists as another example of pressure on the media, calling on the Turkish courts to uphold the principle of media freedom in line with the country’s constitution
Can Dündar overturns Erdoğan’s statement over MİT trucks with own words
Today’s Zaman
Wikileaks is just another example. The US attempts to cover up the Watergate scandal ended with the resignation of a president. Irangate revealed that the US secretly sold weapons to Iran, and those responsible paid for this. Watergate revealed US .
U.S. Embassy in Ankara has condemned arrest of Cumhuriyet daily Chief Editor Can Dündar and Ankara representative Erdem Gül.
Association of Turkish Journalists in Europe reacting against arrest of Can Dündar and Erdem gül has said, “We know that Erdoğan personally is behind this gross violation against people’s freedom of communication and right to receive information”.
Can Dundar, the editor in chief of the newspaper Cumhuriyet, and Erdem Gul, its Ankara bureau chief, were charged with divulging state secrets and being members of a terrorist group.

Inside the social search for the Paris attackers

As details about the men accused of carrying out the deadly attacks across Paris began to surface, unveiled by French police and prosecutors, the world’s media turned to social to find out more about the suspects.

But by that time, many of their accounts had already been removed.

Tracking extremists on social media presents a multitude of challenges, one being the rapid rate at which their profiles are being purged. Facebook and Twitter are working aggressively to shutter accounts linked to the Islamic State (IS) and ban the dissemination of its propaganda, aimed at luring recruits.


Too little too late: The horror of Paris proves the media need to debunk rumours in real time

“Have you seen the news from Paris? Just awful isn’t it.” This WhatsApp message was the start of a long evening cross-referencing updates on Tweetdeck, trying to understand what was happening on the ground in Paris and realising the phrase ‘just awful’ couldn’t do justice to the horror unravelling.

Unsurprisingly, as always happens in chaotic breaking news situations, the rumours emerged quickly and were shared widely.

By thinking about the wider context around shared UGC you can often avoid a lengthy forensic verification process where it isn’t required. For publishers looking at how they tackle competition with platforms – it is easy. Context is where you can make a distinction through strong editorial work and storytelling.

The four kingdoms of context…

1. Data: the when, the where and the what

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New economic sanctions on Turkey by Russia as she also halts visa-free regime for Turks from Jan 1…

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Putin signs document that introduces sharp economic sanctions on Turkey, which include banning Turkish employment in the country, according to a statement by the Kremlin press service.

Erdogan expresses ‘sadness’ over Russian jet shot down

Turkey’s president voices “sadness” over downing of Russian jet on Syria border, saying he wishes it hadn’t happened.


Turkey advises citizens against travel to Russia

Official advice to postpone all non-urgent travel is latest move in row over shooting down of Russian jet


Russian President Vladimir Putin has refused to contact President Erdoğan because Ankara does not want to apologise for the downing of a Russian warplane, Yuri Ushakov, Putin’s aide, said on Nov. 27

Russia halts visa-free regime for Turks from Jan 1: Lavrov

Russia said on Nov. 27 it would suspend its visa-free regime for Turkish nationals from Jan. 1 as it retaliates against Ankara for the downing of a Russian warplane
President Erdoğan at an opening ceremony in Bayburt questioning what Russia has been doing in Syria said they haven’t shot down the plane on purpose and warns Russia to “not play with fire”

Russia ‘playing with fire’, warns Turkey, as Moscow imposes visa regime

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan steps up the war of words after Russia’s latest retaliatory measures in the wake of the downing of its fighter jet


Copyright show:

Three days after Turkey’s November 24 downing of a Russian fighter jet, Turkish leaders seem ready for Kremlin blowback. But analysts and officials in Ankara are less sure about how the incident will impact Turkey’s relations with its allies.


Turkish President Erdoğan has requested a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Putin, in Paris on Nov. 30, the Kremlin has said, although sources in Ankara stated no date has been set yet
A meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the global climate summit in Paris on Nov. 30 is possible, but not scheduled yet, according to Turkish presidential sources

Pro-War Media

“Us vs. them” dichotomy causes on media to be spoken in Turkey’s name in crisis periods, and sometimes even cause to be more “us” than society and government.

Putin’s Syrian Roulette

The downing of a Russian civilian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula and the terrorist massacre in Paris seemed to give Russia and the West something to agree upon: the Islamic State must go. But a closer look at Russia’s military operations in Syria suggests that the two sides’ objectives in the Middle East are still far from aligned.


Turkey ‘knew downed plane was Russian’

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin rejects as “impossible” Turkey’s claims it did not know the fighter jet it shot down was Russian.

VIDEO: Russia spokesperson sets out Syria plan

Speaking to the BBC after the downing of a Russian warplane by a Turkish jet, Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, set out the details of the country’s plan in Syria

Russia imposes sanctions on Turkey over downed plane

Russian prime minister says punitive steps could include halting joint economic projects, restricting financial transactions and changing customs duties

Russia has announced that it will impose import sanctions on Turkey and cancel major investment projects as the spat between the two countries over the downed Su-24 fighter jet continues.

Russia-Turkey tension: How Putin acts in a crisis

Furious at Turkey – but he doesn’t always lash out
Turkey’s top gov’t and military officials have said Ankara and Moscow should keep all diplomatic and military channels of communication open
Turkey is deliberately attempting to bring relations between Moscow and Ankara to a standstill, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Nov. 26

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov announces on Tuesday that a visit to Turkey, which had been planned for Wednesday, has been cancelled following Russian-Turkish tensions over a downed Russian fighter jet near the Turkish-Syrian border. Lavrov also said that the foreign ministry recommends Russian citizens do not visit Turkey due to the threat of terrorism

Some Turkish officials have a ‘direct financial interest’ in the oil trade with the terrorist group Islamic State, Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev said as he detailed possible Russian retaliation to Turkey’s downing of a Russian warplane in ..
24, Turkey went from threats to deeds. According to a leaked letter of the permanent mission of Turkey to the United Nations, revealed by WikiLeaks, the Russian fighter jet that was shot down by Turkey had been violating its airspace for only 17 seconds.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had several nuanced reasons to allow Turkish pilots to open fire, analysts say, including his irritation with Russia over issues beyond Syria.
The plane’s downing shows any solution to the Syrian conflict needs the US and Russia to work together, closely overseeing their allies

Rescued Russian pilot claims no warning before jet downed

One of the Russian pilots of a fighter jet shot down by Turkey on the Syrian border told state media on Nov. 25 that there was no prior warning
The statement claiming Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov to meet Turkish Mnister of Foreign Affairs Çavuşoğlu has been strongly denied by Russia.
A Senior Turkish official told Reuters about the strike: “The data we have is very clear. There were two planes approaching our border, we warned them as they were getting too close…Our findings show clearly that Turkish air space was violated ..
The Nov. 24 downing of a Russian fighter jet that violated Turkey’s border with Syria by the Turkish military was planned, according to a senior figure from the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP)
Allies of Turkey urged for calm between Ankara and Moscow, after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet on the Syrian border on Nov. 24, citing airspace violations despite repeated warnings from the Turkish side
Russian nationals staying in Turkey may be facing serious danger, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, a day after Turkey downed a Russian Su-24 fighter jet on its border with Syria due to an alleged airspace violation

Vladimir Putin says the navigator of a Russian jet downed by Turkish F-16s over Syria on Tuesday is alive.

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#TahirElçi assassinated, his mourners are attacked by police…

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VIDEO: Caught on camera: Battle where lawyer is killed

A leading pro-Kurdish lawyer has been shot dead in south-eastern Turkey during a gun battle between police and unidentified gunmen.
A security footage shows the killing of a policeman by attackers who allegedly killed Tahir Elçi, the Diyarbakır Bar Association head, moments later
The US Embassy in Turkey and EU Ambassador extends condolences to Tahir Elçi, the Diyarbakır Bar head killed on Nov. 28, and a policeman, who was also shot dead during the attack
Diyarbakır Bar President Elçi has been killed in the conflict, which has left a police officer dead and three others wounded following his press statement.
Diyarbakır Bar Association head Tahir Elçi was killed on Nov. 28 in the crossfire during an armed clash after holding a press conference in the Sur district of Diyarbakır with a group of lawyers
Upon the killing of the head of Diyarbakır Bar Association, Tahir Elçi, head of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations (TBB) Metin Feyzioğlu called all heads of bar associations in Turkey to go to Diyarbakır
A curfew was announced in the southeastern town of Sur, where the Diyarbakır Bar Association head Tahir Elçi was killed early on Nov 28

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Uğurlar olsun… via Facebook Pages

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Değişen pek bir şey yok… #TahirElçi via @bulentmumay via Facebook Pages

Chair of Diyarbakir Bar Association Tahir Elçi assassinated…

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It is reported that during a press statement, gunmen with automatic rifles shot at people killing Mr. Elçi and others in Diyarbakır…

Gömülü resim için kalıcı bağlantı




Gömülü resim için kalıcı bağlantı


Photos depict destruction after 13-day curfew ends in Mardin’s Nusaybin

Photos display the destruction in the southeastern province of Mardin’s Nusaybin district after a 13-day curfew was lifted on Nov. 26

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Dış politika. via Facebook Pages

16 Aralık’ta Seminer: ‘Kentlerdeki Suriyeli Sığınmacılar ve toplumsal etkileşim’ by @bilgi_pr

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İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Halkla İlişkiler Bölümü son sınıf öğrencileri tarafından düzenlenen, ‘Kentlerdeki Suriyeli Sığınmacılar ve toplumsal etkileşim’ konularının ele alınacağı ‘Şimdi Dinleme Zamanı’ adlı seminerde sizleri de aramızda görmekten onur duyarız.



Yer:                   Bilgi Üniversitesi Santral Kampüsü E1-301

Tarih:                16 Aralık Çarşamba

Saat:                 10:30-14:00




Birleşmiş Milletler Mülteciler Yüksek Komiserliği Eski Dış İlişkiler Sorumlusu

Metin Çorabatır

İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Uluslararası İlişkiler Bölümü Öğretim Üyesi

Ayhan Kaya

Uluslararası Af Örgütü Türkiye Şubesi Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı

Avukat Taner Kılıç

Sığınmacılar ve Göçmenlerle Dayanışma Derneği Ruh Sağlığı Hizmetleri Sorumlusu Klinik Psikolog Cansu Alözkan


Anadolu Kültür Program Koordinatörü

Ülkü Zümray Kutlu (moderatör)

Hayata Destek Derneği Çalışanı

Rana Safaa Sayah

Hamiş Suriye Kültür Merkezi Üyesi

Şenay Özden

Small Projects İstanbul İletişim Müdürü

Anna Tuson

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İşin içine Bayburt’un girmesi Rusya’yı köşeye sıkıştırabilir. via Facebook Pages

Thousands meet at #Cumhuriyet daily to give support for jailed journalists…

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People holding up newspaper #Cumhuriyet outside Cumhuriyets building in…

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