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Committee to Protect Journalists reports Turkey as no. 1 journalist-jailer…

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Committee to Protect Journalists

For the second year in a row, the number of journalists imprisoned for their work hit a historical high, as the U.S. and other Western powers failed to pressure the world’s worst jailers–Turkey, China, and Egypt–into improving the bleak climate


In other news:

Erdogan Going to Greece Next Week in Groundbreaking Visit

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be the first Turkish head of state to visit in 65 years. He is expected to discuss transport between the countries.

[liberal democratic party official account: “we understand you very well Tsipras.]

AKP Spokesperson Ünal has said, “Unless we see the authentic papers, those documents are null and void. The ones that were delivered are photocopies. Are we going to discuss agenda over photocopies?”
Party Spokesperson Ünal has delivered a speech in the wake of the meeting held under the presidency of Erdoğan at AKP Headquarters: “If we will speak over a hostage man, wouldn’t it be treason against the truth itself?”
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has claimed that some businessmen in Turkey were trying to move their assets abroad.
German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yücel, who has been detained at a prison in Istanbul for nine months, is no longer in solitary confinement.

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Cybersecurity Campaign Playbook from Harvard Belfer School…

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Cybersecurity Campaign Playbook [Belfer Center/Harvard Kennedy School]
The Belfer Center at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government has published a nonpartisan Cybersecurity Campaign Playbook, as part of its Defending Digital Democracy project (previously, “designed to give you simple, actionable information that will make your campaign’s information more secure from adversaries trying to attack your organization—and our democracy.”

In other news:

Quartz – Olivia Goldhill

Thousands of people around the world have excitedly made a forceful political point with a well-honed and witty tweet. All it takes is 140 characters to make a pithy argument, and man it feels good to get a few retweets. But, regardless of how

The ultimate plain-English guide to Bitcoin forks

It looks like, in the last few months, Bitcoin has made friends with forking. When I wrote about Bitcoin forking the last time, I didn’t expect there would be this many so soon. But hey, here we are, trying to make sense of what the hell is happening in the crypto world. With this article, I try to put everything that has happened since Bitcoin Cash in a proper order that would become anyone’s go-to article for learning about Bitcoin forks between August 2017 and November 2017. But first, what is a fork? You can think of blockchain ledger as…

26,000 blockchain projects launched in 2016, 92 percent are now dead

Consulting heavyweight Deloitte claims that over 26,000 new blockchain-based projects were launched on GitHub in 2016. GitHub is a development platform that houses codes for more than 86,000 blockchain programs, including large projects such as Bitcoin. In its report, titled Evolution of Blockchain Technology: Insights from the GitHub Platform, Deloitte claimed that the number of blockchain projects by both organizations and individual users at the development platform in 2016 is the biggest so far. By comparison, there are less than 15,000 initiatives that were launched in 2015. Meanwhile, in the first half of 2017, there were almost 25,000 projects that were…

There’s something intriguing going on at the intersection of knowledge and cryptocurrency – and it’s poised to globalize access to online knowledge. On one side of the equation, we are seeing massive growth in the uptake of online learning. And one the other, we see technology ready to deliver this learning on a global scale, providing access and security to millions. The growing commodification of knowledge Much of the growth in online learning comes via niche experts earning a second income by sharing their own knowledge, like these online traders. This idea of commoditizing knowledge –

The rise of crypto-funds

Crypto-funds are opening investment possibilities in the cryptocurrency landscape for a wider audience. Will they bring on the risks as well?

Portugal passes the world’s first reasonable DRM law

Last June, Portugal enacted Law No. 36/2017 which bans putting DRM on public domain media or government works, and allows the public to break DRM that interferes with their rights in copyright, including private copying, accessibility adaptation, archiving, reporting and commentary and more.

Virtual reality experiences aren’t just games and cheap thrills — some creators use the medium to start a dialogue and tell worthwhile stories. Take the VR exhibition Carne y Arena (Virtually Present, Physically Invisible) by Alejandro G. Iñ&…

An hour with Ev Williams: founder of Medium, Twitter, and Blogger

As I say at the start of our interview, Ev has founded an almost unreasonably long list of companies – and the three listed above each had huge impacts on the Internet, and on digital culture.

I do expect some things to still change between the time that this article is posted and the actual fork date. I expect some more companies to back out, Bitso for example realized that there is no community behind 2X and that it’s not an “upgrade” but rather a split. However, here are some of my “final thoughts” about the upcoming Segwit2X. 1) Financial incentives Core devs own Bitcoin and most are working for free on this great open source project. Which means that their financial incentive is doing what’s best for Bitcoin in the long run. The CEO’s of the NYA…

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New photo from Facebook December 10, 2017 at 08:04PM

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Bu görsel excel’de yapılmış. via via Facebook Pages

Istanbul in 1950…. #istanbul news roundup…

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İstanbul Hagia Sophia. 1950. via


Huge protests in Istanbul in support of Palestinians and Jerusalem

Thousands of police officers were deployed across Istanbul from early on Friday morning to secure the protests and close city streets to avoid traffic jams. The protesters raised the Turkish and Palestinian flags, photographs of the martyrs of the MV Mavi Marmara — the flagship of the Freedom Flotilla …
Bulgarian Orthodox Sveti Stefan church in Istanbul to be opened after seven-year restoration

Beautiful İstanbul. via Reddit.

Exhibition in Vienna to Host Images of ‘Tarlabaşı: A Defiled İstanbul District’ Subjected to Gentrification

Ali Öz, a photographer who, for two years, has been capturing images of Tarlabaşı, a district of İstanbul that has been suffering a “destruction/annulment” process due to gentrification, will have a selection of his works presented in the exhibition “Tarlabaşı: A defiled İstanbul district” in Vienna.
The high number of metrobus accidents happening across Istanbul has been raising concerns, with more than 60 injuries taking place in the past six months.
Since its establishment by a group of Armenian intellectuals in Istanbul in 1993, the Aras Publishing House has introduced Turkish readers to almost 200 books in both Armenian and Turkish.

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Interesting: “EU anti-terror chief: no proof Gulen network is terrorist group… Roundup from the #Zarrab case…

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The EU’s counterterrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove said in an interview with Reuters published on Thursday that the EU does not see the movement of cleric Fethullah Gulen “as a terrorist organisation, and I don’t believe the EU is likely to change its position soon”. He said Turkey, which accuses Gulen of being behind a coup attempt last year, needs “concrete substantive data which shows that they were involved”.
Reza Zarrab, under cross-examination by the defense, admitted that he had made a fortune helping Turkey evade U.S.-imposed sanctions on Iran.

Reza Zarrab’s Ex-Cellmate Accuses Him of Rape

The former cellmate has filed a lawsuit against the government witness in the trial of a Turkish banker charged with violating U.S. sanctions on Iran.
Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of Turkey’s main opposition party CHP, presented documents on Tuesday that he claims prove that relatives of President Erdoğan put money into an offshore company. The transfers allegedly made by Erdoğan’s son and brother to a company based on the Isle of Man amount to around 15 million US dollars. Pro-government media see the allegations as another attempt to remove Erdoğan from power. Others fear the affair will never be properly investigated. – Adam Klasfeld – Dec 7, 4:43 PM

MANHATTAN (CN) – Capping off a week on the witness stand in an Iran sanctions case, gold trader Reza Zarrab recounted an attempt to assassinate him inside a U.S. prison because of his testimony that has implicated Turkey’s president and

Rıza Sarraf has testified in the case in which former Halkbank Deputy General Director Atilla has been tried. In his testimony, Sarraf said that he bribed former Minister of EU Bağış and former Minister of Economy Çağlayan.

Turkey Seizes Assets of Reza Zarrab, Witness in Sanctions-Evasion Case


Zarrab testified that he was told the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan had ordered banks to participate in a sanctions-busting scheme

Turkey’s DenizBank says it did not collaborate with Turkish-Iranian businessman Zarrab


Turkey’s DenizBank said on Nov. 30 it did not have any dealings with the shipping group owned by Turkish-Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab, who has pleaded guilty and is testifying in a United States federal court that he helped Iran get around U.S. sanctions.

Erdogan Helped Turks Evade Iran Sanctions, Reza Zarrab Says


A U.S. government witness testified that Recep Tayyip Erdogan, then Turkey’s prime minister, personally ordered that two banks participate in the alleged scheme.

No one can set up virtual courts to prosecute my country: Erdoğan


No one can set up virtual courts made up by the fake treasonous FETÖ members to prosecute my country, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Dec. 2 in northeastern Kars province
Here’s what we’ve learned in the first week of a Manhattan trial over a vast, billion-dollar conspiracy to violate United States sanctions by swapping Turkish gold for Iranian oil began

Reza Zarrab Testifies That He Bribed Turkish Minister

The gold trader told jurors why he’s helping prosecutors: “Cooperation was the fastest way to accept responsibility and to get out of jail at once.”

No ordinary tycoon

After his arrest in the US, will Reza Zarrab bring embarrassment to Turkey, asks Selin Girit.
Turkish-Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab began to testify a New York trial late on Nov. 29 about how he helped Iran evade U.S. economic sanctions in the case of the former Halkbank deputy general manager Hakan Atilla.
Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of Turkey’s main opposition party CHP (the Republican People’s Party, of social-democratic ideology), accused on Tuesday (28 November) the relatives of the country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of having off-shore accounts.

West offers Turkey more than Iran, Russia: Tillerson

Western countries can offer Turkey more benefits than Russia and Iran, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Nov. 29.

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Another -this time co-authored- publication just published in “International Journal of Digital Television – Special Issue on Social media and the public sphere”

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My heavily worked research on political trolls still waiting to be published- hopefully in April 2018. In the meantime, have a taste of what I am into within this co-authored work with Duygu Karataş. Thanks to her, this article could be ready to be published in International Journal of Digital Television.

Online political trolling in the context of post-Gezi social media in Turkey
Authors:  Duygu Karatas And  Erkan Saka

View Header/Abstract

This article is part of a special issue on Social Media and Public Sphere.

Here is the full content:

Volume 8 Issue 3

Cover Date: November 2017

Authors:  Duygu Karatas And  Mark Wheeler

Page Start: 303
View Header/Abstract   Purchase PDF

The bully chamber: Creation of funhouse selves from distorted media
Authors:  Jeff Shires And  Nel Orgel

Page Start: 309
View Header/Abstract   Purchase PDF

Narratives of change and citizen participation in modern political campaigning: The origins of the Trump movement
Authors:  Sergey Medvedev

Page Start: 321
View Header/Abstract   Purchase PDF

The structure of political e-expression: What the Brexit campaign can teach us about political talk on Facebook
Authors:  Darren G. Lilleker And  Duje Bonacci

Page Start: 335
View Header/Abstract   Purchase PDF

Comparing the public sphere in social networking services during a period of political upheaval: The three news channels’ Facebook accounts in the 2016 South Korean Presidential scandal
Authors:  Dong Hyun Song And  Chang Yong Son

Page Start: 351
View Header/Abstract   Purchase PDF

The myth of an egalitarian Internet: Occupy Wall Street and the mediatization of social movements
Authors:  Michael S. Daubs

Page Start: 367
View Header/Abstract   Purchase PDF

Online political trolling in the context of post-Gezi social media in Turkey
Authors:  Duygu Karatas And  Erkan Saka

Page Start: 383
View Header/Abstract   Purchase PDF

Online radicalization and social media: A case study of Daesh
Authors:  Jamileh Kadivar

Page Start: 403
View Header/Abstract


Dear Colleague,

A special issue on Social media and the public sphere just published in the International Journal of Digital Television (,id=175/). The special issue is now online here:,id=3428/. I wanted to thank the guest editors Duygu Karatas (University of Westminster) and Mark Wheeler (London Metropolitan University) for putting this together.

Best wishes,


Petros Iosifidis

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Ernst Haeckel’in bitki çizimleri Art Nouveau Hareketini (1889) etkilemiş. via via Facebook Pages

My piece on the relationship between citizen journalism and protest movements- Just published….

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I am happy to hear that one of the works I worked hard on has finally been published:

“The role of social media-based citizen journalism practices in the formation of contemporary protest movements” by Erkan Saka

It is a chapter in this book:

Rethinking Ideology in the Age of Global Discontent

Edited by Barrie AxfordDidem Buhari-GulmezSeckin Baris Gulmez



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From the social fabric: “Nearly 2,000 women killed in eight years in Turkey

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Nearly 2,000 women have been killed over the past eight years in Turkey, according to statistics gathered by a website tracking femicides across the country based on reports by the Bianet news website.

Education Ministry blasts PISA, defends memorization as a ‘traditional learning practice’

Education Ministry Undersecretary Yusuf Tekin has defended memorization as a “traditional learning practice,” following criticism of Turkey’s education system from Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) Director Andreas Schleicher.


The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism released a Turkey-specific supplement to its annual Digital News Report. The supplement, by Servet Yanatma, offers a look at what it’s like to be a media consumer in a highly polarized environment, where roughly the same percentage of people trust the news overall (40 percent) and distrust it overall (38 percent).

In the U.S., meanwhile, Reuters found that 38 percent of people trust the news overall — but Turkey’s national situation is currently quite different, as outlined in the report:

Turkish teachers angry and unhappy: Surveys

Two newly published studies have painted an unhappy picture of educators working in Turkey, with seven out of 10 teachers in the country saying they cannot control their anger

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Vaka incelemelerine Medyascope, Turkuvaz Medya Grubu ve BluTV eklenmesi kesinleşti. Bunun dışında tekliflere ya da güncellemelere açığız. 






Kitabımızın ilk baskısı beklediğimizden daha çok ilgi ve katkı gördü. Ancak kitap bir bakıma eksik kalmıştı, ikinci baskıda daha çok vaka çalışması ve daha çok teorik katkıyla neredeyse yepyeni bir kitap haline getirmeyi ümit ediyoruz.


Dördüncü kitap için ana konumuz dijital dönemde gazetecilik için yeni iş modelleri. İş modeli arayışında hem dünyada neler olduğunu hem de Türkiye’deki uygulamaları akademik bir bağlamda değerlendirmek istiyoruz. Kitabımızın büyük bir kısmı Türkiye’deki çeşitli medya kuruluşlarında yapılmış yarı etnografik vaka çalışmalarından oluşacak, kalanı ise daha kuramsal çalışmalara ayrılacak. İlk baskıdaki model devam edecek. Yayınları üç bölüme ayırdık: Makaleler, Vaka Çalışmaları, Söyleşiler. Özellikle vaka çalışması yapmayı düşünen arkadaşlar aşağıdaki e-posta adresi üzerinden temasa geçebilirse, tekrarlara düşmekten kaçınmış oluruz.


İş modeli kavramsallaştırmasını olabilecek en geniş çerçevede ele alıyoruz. Dijitalleşmenin gazeteciliğe etkilerinin birçok boyutuna değinildi ve değinilmeye de devam edecek ama özellikle geleneksel finansman kalıplarının zayıflamasıyla birlikte yeni iş modelleri arayışları hayati bir önem kazandı. Biz de bu arayışları belgelendirmek ve bu süreçte doğacak beyin fırtınasıyla bu arayışlara katkıda bulunmak istiyoruz.


Önceki kitabın içeriğine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.


En son yayın gönderme tarihi: 1 Şubat 2018

Çalışmaların aşağıda belirtilen niteliklerde ele alınmış olması gerekmektedir:


-İngilizce veya Türkçe dillerinden birinde yazılmış olması,

-Makalenin ve kaynakçanın APA formatına uygun olarak hazırlanmış olması,

-Makalelerin, yer verilen tablolar, kaynakça ve dipnotlarla birlikte kelime sayısının 5.000 ila 12.000 arasında olması,

-Çalışmanın amacını, yöntemini ve bulgularını özetleyen 250 kelimelik bir özete yer verilmesi,

-Yazarların akademik ve/veya profesyonel geçmişlerini özetleyen kısa bir biyografi hazırlanması,

-Makalede yer verilen görsellerin mümkün olabildiğince en yüksek çözünürlüklü formatta olması ve ayrıca gönderilmesi,

-Tüm tabloların ve görsellerin ardışık olarak numaralandırılması.


Çalışmalar .doc formatında aşağıdaki adrese gönderilmelidir:


Doç. Dr. Erkan Saka (;


İlk baskıda yayınlananlar:

Giriş: Yrd. Doç.
Dr. Erkan Saka
Dijital dönüşüm ve gazetecilik için yeni iş modelleri / Yrd. Doç. Dr. Erkan Saka
Thumbs up!: Online news media and the opportunities of crises in the Netherlands / Şirin Dilli
Business models and online community news / Slavka Karakusheva
Medyanın sermaye ve iktidar etkisinden kurtulmasında vakıf veya dernek gazeteciliği ilekitlesel fonlama modelleri / Doç. Dr. Osman Köroğlu
Data journalism / Ivo Furman
A case study on Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera Turkey / Cecilie Möllmann Lundberg
Dijital gazetecilikte gelir modellerinin incelenmesi: Radikal / Deniz Güneli
Diken / A.Kıvanç Tos
Doğuş Yayın Grubu
 / Müge Hasbay ve Tülin Alkan
Hü / Gönül Yalçın
Açık Radyo / Nilce Bıçakçıoğlu
Bianet / Öznur Halilcikoğlu
Agos / Ceren Ataş
Jiyan/ Müge Demirel
Cumhuriyet Gazetesi/ Sedef Korkmaz
Dağ Medya / Merve Sümeyye Öztürk 
MAG / İrem Kulaber / Raye Askın / Deniz Cansever
XOXO The Mag / Deniz Karabay

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