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Meanwhile in Ankara… A social fabric roundup…

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A collapse of AKP’s 20 years of municipality policies…

Not better on the justice front…

The Financial Times – Philippe Sands – May 16, 8:36 AM

Istanbul has long been special to me, the place where I fell in love 30 years ago with the woman I would marry, drinking mint tea at a small café by the Ortakoy Mosque in the shadow of the Bosphorus Bridge. Now I’m back —

The president had said he backed reintroducing the death penalty for plotters of the 2016 coup.

Turkey’s president is destroying civil society, hardly noted when he was here last week

Imagine a seminar in London. Around the table are Blairites and Corbynistas, Ukippers and Remainers, Scottish Nationalists and Tory Eurosceptics, Islamists and English Defence Leaguers, radical feminists and transgender activists. All discussing Britain’s political future, with deep disagreements but with mutual respect.

Erdoğan ends UK state visit by calling jailed journalists ‘terrorists’

Turkish president ignores call from Theresa May not to lose sight of defending democracy

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has ended his three-day state visit to the UK by insisting that all the journalists locked in Turkish jails were terrorist criminals, ignoring a warning from Theresa May not to lose sight of democratic values as he sought to defend his country from “the extraordinary pressures of a failed coup and Kurdish terrorism”.

Letter by Osman Kavala at 6th Month of His Arrest

Osman Kavala, who has been in prison since November 2017, has sent a letter. Still pending his indictment, Kavala has written, “Unless the presumption of innocence is embraced as the key element of the judicial process from the beginning, this imbalance will persist.”

The young Turks rejecting Islam

Some young Turks in conservative areas are losing their faith and raising difficult questions.

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1 USD= 4.57 TRY New record in Turkish Lira weakening… Erdoğan’s Bloomberg interview on Lira, Monetary Policy, Interest Rates….

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The Turkish Lira weakened to a record low beyond 4.55 to the dollar on May 21, hit by a surging greenback and concerns about the Central Bank’s ability to rein in double-digit inflation.

Erdogan on Lira, Monetary Policy, Interest Rates, Parliamentary Election:

The Economist – May 19

MANY of the most famous hedge-fund trades have been bets that things were about to go wrong. Think of Enron’s bankruptcy or the souring of subprime mortgage bonds in America. The best trade made by “the Professor” was very different

The outlook for the Turkish banking system is negative due to downside risks related to funding and asset quality, credit rating agency Moody’s has stated.
The government will take the required measures to ease pressure on the Turkish Lira and address the country’s persistently high inflation rate, read a statement issued after an emergency meeting on the economy headed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on May 9.

Erdoğan summons urgent economy meeting as Turkish Lira plunges

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan summoned top members of the government’s economic administration for an urgent meeting on May 9 amid continued plunges in the value of the Turkish Lira.
The value of the Turkish lira plunged to record lows, dropping below 4.35 against the dollar on May 9, amid rising global geopolitical risks after United States President Donald Trump decided to pull his country out of the international nuclear deal with Iran on May 8.

Turkish Lira falls to new record low against dollar over inflation fears

The Turkish currency tumbled 1.5 percent to yet another record low against the dollar on May 4 amid nagging worries over rising inflation, while the U.S. currency continued to make broad gains.

UPDATE | Turkey – Credit Rating bt Rats!

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Homeless man and the dog hugging in Taksim, #Istanbul pavement….

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A homeless man and a stray dog hugging on the pavement at Istanbul’s Taksim Square touched the hearts of passersby on May 20.

The Syrian refugee comedians of Istanbul breaking stereotypes

Using stand-up comedy as a way to address stereotypes, a group in Istanbul finds humour in bleak experiences.

Footage shows moments two plane collide with each other inIstanbul

The moment two planes crashed into each other at Istanbul‘s Ataturk Airport was caught on camera. As an aircraft from South Korean airline Asiana …

First ‘women-specific’ shopping center opened in Istanbul

Turkey’s first “women-specific” mall was opened in Istanbul on May 12.

‘Archive Works’ by Patrizia Bach in Istanbul

German artist Patrizia Bach’s first solo exhibition in Istanbul, titled “Archive Works,” will open on May 12 at DEPO-Istanbul, giving an overview of Bach’s work over the past 10 years.

1600-year-old Theodosius Cistern opens to visitors in Istanbul

A new part of İstanbul‘s extensive ancient water system has been revealed to the public with the opening in late April of the fifth century Theodosius

Mavi Boncuk |

Osvaldo Valenti  (b.17 February 1906 Istanbul, Turkey – d. 30 April 1945 Milan, Italy)

Is It Safe to Visit Istanbul Right Now?

“In Turkey, for example, the distance between Istanbul and the farthest regions in its southeast is roughly 900 miles—greater than the distance
The 16th Istanbul Biennial due to take place between Sept. 14 and Nov. 10, 2019 will be curated by French curator, art scholar and writer Nicolas Bourriaud.

That much of the past seems to stick to Samatya is a marvel in Istanbul, a city being rebuilt and “restored” at an alarming pace.


Nicolas Bourriaud to Curate 2019 Istanbul Biennial

The 2019 Istanbul Biennial will be curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, the director of Montpellier Contemporain in France and the cofounder of the Paris’s Palais de Tokyo museum. The biennial’s forthcoming edition is set to open in the Turkish city on September 14 of next year, and it will run through …

Ethnosports Culture Festival in Istanbul

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – MAY 09 : Sultangazi wrestling team take part in the third annual Ethnosports Culture Festival, organized by the World …

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Irgandı Köprüsü, Bursa. via Facebook Pages

New photo from Facebook May 21, 2018 at 12:16PM

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Barcelona’da “Turistler defolun” duvar yazısı önünde fotoğraf çektiren turistler. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

President Erdoğan could not have rallies in Germany but was able to use some German national team players for propaganda… #TurkeyElections

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Two players of Turkish origin stated that Germany was their country, President Steinmeier said.

After giving what Erdoğan wanted, a PR perk, two Turkish origin footballers met with the Germany’s President to make amends…

Ozil and Gundogan’s Erdogan photos cause German furore

Posing for photos with the Turkish president lands footballers Özil and Gündogan in hot water.
The meeting between German national football team players Mesut Özil and İlkay Gündoğan and the Turkish president continues to cause a stir in Germany. Photographs of the two presenting Erdoğan with jerseys were interpreted as a show of electoral campaign support for the AKP leader. For commentators the episode says much about the integration debate in Germany.
Turkey’s president turns to Bosnia for votes, after EU countries banned Turkey from campaigning among its diaspora.
The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has announced that it will send observers to Turkey to monitor the Presidential and Parliamentary elections on June 24.

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Obwalden Kantonu, İsviçre. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

#TurkeyElections- Some HDP MP candidates are the hottest representatives of Turkey’s street politics…

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Prominent Turkish journalist Ahmet Şık, who has been imprisoned several times, has announced he is running for a seat in parliament with the Kurdish issue-focused Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) for Istanbul.


Speaking in an interview with Bloomberg on May 14, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said he will be ready with “different plans” for the result of the June 24 snap presidential and parliamentary elections.

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Bu Pazartesi bekleriz. Ustalarla Buluşma’nın bu dönemki son seansı… via Facebook Pages

#Europe agenda: “George Soros Foundation quits Hungary over ‘repressive’ policies

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The decision comes as the government moves to tighten its grip on non-government organisations.

Understanding the rise of Orban: a lesson for western democracies in crisis

Capitalism without oversight has the inherent possibility to destroy democracy – no matter how long it has been functioning in a given country.

“Hungary comes first with us.” Victor Orban electoral campaign poster in Miskolc, Hungary, March 2018. NurPhoto/Press Association. All rights reserved. The last couple of years have seen a worrisome trend of rising illiberalism across democratic societies. President Trump’s victory, the Brexit vote, emerging right-wing forces in Germany – these are all examples that the liberal democratic consensus is in serious crisis.


Parliament to Zuck: show up or else

When the Cambridge Analytica scandal first broke — and along with it, the news that the company had boasted of using deceptive and illegal tactics to sell Brexit — Parliament asked Mark Zuckerberg to show up and account for himself. He told them to go fuck themselves.

Madrid as a place of democratic innovation

An exuberant ecosystem of citizen practices and self-managed spaces has turned Madrid into an international reference of the urban commons. EspañolPortuguês

Image source: Decide Madrid.

France’s protesters revive ghosts of 1968 revolt

Do France’s 2018 student protests have much in common with the turmoil of May 1968?

Concerns over increasing violence against migrants in Europe

Violence against migrants and asylum seekers erupted in the Greek island of Lesbos last weekend as part of a trend across Europe that has human rights groups worried.  On Sunday April 22, locals joined far-right groups gathered in Sappho Square on the Greek Island of Lesbos, to complain about the presence of migrants. Several days earlier, 200 asylum seekers, mainly of Afghan origin, had moved into the square to protest against the conditions in their camps and delays in the asylum applications (The New York Times). The clashes began during the evening when far-right protesters started to throw stones, bottles and firecrackers at migrants while shouting “throw them in the sea” and “burn them alive.” Among the migrants were several women and children that others tried to shield by forming a circle around them (Al Jazeera). The clashes continued overnight until early morning and resulted in 10 people being injured. More than 100 refugees were also arrested after the confrontation (ABC News). According to a statement from the left-wing Greek party Syriza, the right-wing attacks were part of a “well-organised action by specific extreme right, criminal elements”(The Telegraph)

Europe’s duty to save journalists

The murders of Daphne Caruana Galizia, Ján Kuciak and many other journalists were not due to fate, but to structural deficiencies in state institutions that should have protected them.

10 April 2018, Malta, Bidnija: Activists Pia Zammit (L) and Clemence Dujardin in front of the improvised cenotaph of the murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia opposite the palace of justice. Lena Klimkeit/Press Association. All rights reserved.The brutal killings of investigative journalists Daphne Caruana Galizia and Ján Kuciak came as tragic reminders that Europe remains a dangerous place for journalists. How European states respond to these murders will shape not only the future of the press, but also that of our democracies.

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