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Finlandiya’da kış. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

It is the anniversary of #HrantDink assassination. Al Jazeera Turkey prepared an interactive infographic…

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Link here

Hrant Dink was targeted, threatened and murdered over his one news, one article. 10 years passed over his murder. During 10 years, people said “Try those who gave the order”. The Dink trial continues with increasing number of suspects

The action against Rod Nordland, a longtime foreign correspondent, appeared to be part of a broader crackdown against the domestic and foreign press.
The Guardian – Owen Jones – Jan 17, 11:00 PM

Erdoğan, emboldened by the rise of Trump, is crushing fragile freedoms – tens of thousands detained and the press muzzled. The west must end its silence

What I’ve witnessed in Turkey is an assault on democracy itself | Owen Jones


Erdoğan, emboldened by the rise of Trump, is crushing fragile freedoms – tens of thousands detained and the press muzzled. The west must end its silenceDemocracy is a bundle of rights and freedoms wrestled from the powerful. Our rulers only surrender their power when compelled to – when the cost of resisting pressure from below becomes greater than the cost of giving ground to it.

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#Istanbul – a documentary on Istanbul’s growing vinyl culture…

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Watch a documentary on Istanbul’s growing vinyl culture

Heading to classic records shops like Analog Kültür and Istanbul’s best flea markets, The Vinyl Factory also chats to a variety of Turkey’s best music

An Emergent Political Icon on the Landscape of İstanbul: The Palace of (In)Justice

For dissidents, Çağlayan serves as double signifier, referring both to the arbitrariness of judicial proceedings under the Erdoğan regime, and also to an emergent gathering space to express solidary with its victims
Istanbul by Bettany Hughes review – a colourful, life-filled history

Side by side … Istanbul’s Yeni Cami (‘new mosque’) in front of Hagia Sophia, a former cathedral. Photograph: Salvator Barki/Getty Images
Istanbul art fair and biennial join forces in bid to boost tourism in Turkey

In a bid to boost tourism and a flailing economy, Contemporary Istanbul art fair is moving its dates to September and is joining forces with the city’s


Istanbul Archaeological Museums

Istanbul Archaeological Museums: Istanbul Archaeological Museums – See 3514 traveller reviews, 2401 candid photos, and great deals for Istanbul,
There are 50,000 buildings in Istanbul that are at great risk of collapse, Turkish Environment Minister Mehmet Özhaseki has said, noting that the fate of the edifices had a bearing on the lives of upward of a million people

Two worlds collide in Istanbul

Home to more than fifteen million inhabitants, Istanbul houses nearly a quarter of Turkey’s total population. Not far from the city center, two neighboring

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🙂 Aylin Kotil ‏@aylin_kotil: “Meclis meclis değil, endüstri meslek lisesi” via Facebook Pages

#Cyberculture agenda: Obama pardons Chelsea Manning and Stuxnet leak source James Cartwright while Snowden never filed paperwork requesting a pardon…

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President Obama just effectively freed Chelsea Manning from the 32 remaining years in her jail sentence, according to the New York Times. While it’s not a presidential pardon, the commutation of Manning’s sentence will see her go free in just five months.
Chelsea Manning to go free!


President Obama commuted whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s remaining prison sentence. She will go free on May 17 of this year as opposed to 2045, the duration of her full sentence. From the New York Times:

Chelsea Manning isn’t the only source of online leaks to get a new lease on life. President Obama has pardoned General James Cartwright, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI when it investigated leaks that revealed details of Stuxnet, the US-backed…
If you thought Obama might give Edward Snowden a similar reprieve to Chelsea Manning this week, think again. While the formed NSA-contractor turned whistleblower has explained why the president should grant him clemency, he hasn’t done anything beyon…

ISIS is now weaponizing consumer drones with bombs


With its hold over territories in Syria and the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul slipping steadily, terrorist group ISIS is finding itself forced to improvise in its battle against Iraqi Security Forces (ISF).

Spending on Social Advertising Is on the Rise (Report)


Growth across social networks was a defining feature throughout 2016. While the increase in mobile and media consumption made headlines, the underlying growth–spending on social advertising–will yield more change. A fourth-quarter report from data science and media technology provider 4C Insights examines the evolution in social advertising spending.


I had an unsettling realization and <href=” checked out. Is it just that we needed their warm, comforting companionship instead of the cooly cerebral presence of felines? Or are they in on it?

History of data visualization


I have an affinity for new things designed as old things, so this brief history of data visualization by RJ Andrews hits the spot.

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Google autocomplete “When will country”… via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Some opportunists are quick to cease National search engine moment!

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Today Hürriyet published a news story entitled as “our national search engine is coming! Gelioo [a slightly teenager misspell of ‘it is coming’]

Two Turkish engineers/ enterpreneurs, Hakan Atabaş and Fatih Arslan stated that they have been working on this national search engine for 10 years and they have invested more than 10 million liras (nearly 2,5 million Euros) so far. 

When you go to Gelioo home page it says it is at the Beta stage now.

Entrepreneurs were quick to write a letter to President Erdoğan for financial and emotional help.

However, it was quick to see that Geliyoo relies on Google Search to retrieve search inquiries. According to the Cumhuriyet story it would cost 15 USD and it would take 10 minutes to set up a site like that (!)

In yet another finding, a Twitter user was quick to show that the logo of Geliyoo might be stolen:



Another Twitter user created a website claiming to be a search engine (Gidiyoo [It is going…] that is a rival to Geliyoo, to make fun of the latter.

In Gidiyoo’s home page it says it was built in 1 hour and it costed 60 Liras. In the second line it asks what happened to 10 million liras in 10 years. When you click on Kendimi şansssız hissediyorum [I feel myself unlucky], it goes to a search on Turkey’s 2016 budgetary deficit:)


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Çin’deki en büyük heykellerden biri savaş tanrısı Guan Yu için yapılmış. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

State of Turkish economy: “Erdoğan to banks: Ease loans or you’ll face us”

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called on the financial sector on Jan. 17 to open the taps of credit or face a reckoning.
Economist Tim Ash, who has followed Turkey closely for almost two decades, has said the losses in the Turkish Liras are of “great concern” amid broader uncertainty, but the issue can be addressed if the Central Bank moves rapidly

Turkey tightens lira liquidity in bid to boost struggling currency

The Turkish Central Bank skipped its one-week repo auction on Jan. 16, aiming to boost the Turkish Lira by reducing the amount of local currency circulating in markets
Turkey’s government ran a 29.3 billion-Turkish Lira ($7.81 billion) budget deficit last year, the country’s finance minister said Jan. 16

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According to a leaked intelligence document, “EU spies say, Gulen did not order Turkey coup”

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Gulen did not order Turkey coup, EU spies say

EU intelligence services do not believe exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen ordered the coup in Turkey, saying opposition to the ruling AKP was much broader.

Cyprus reunification talks: rivals reject proposed new borders


Delegations from Greek and Turkish sides fail to agree on new map for divided island state, saying proposals are ‘unacceptable’


A new generation of Cypriots is hoping that Greeks and Turks can come togetherDivided territories usually create their own ugly landmarks. In Nicosia, now holder of the unenviable distinction of being the world’s last divided capital, the scars of past conflict are brutally evident.

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