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“Migrant women in the EU labour force

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Migrant women in the EU labour force: Summary of findings

Executive summary for Migrant women in the European labour force, which examines migrant women’s participation in the European labor force.

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Thomas Elsaesser at Bilgi

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“Obama and the EU

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MAIN FOCUS: Obama and the EU | 30/10/2008

A week before the US elections the European press asks why the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is so popular in Europe. Some hope that if Obama becomes president he will improve the trans-Atlantic relationship, others warn against being overly optimistic.

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From Black Friday to Good Friday

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Erkan in a modest but excellent fish restaurant- another hidden secret of Istanbul- with his colleagues from Child Studies and Youth Studies units at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Last Friday was another down moment in Erkan’s life. It started with exchanging civilized words with a girl who first flirted with me and then backed down. Since I am experienced with that, this moment of seeing the girl wouldn’t upset me but it was the first small ring of a chain of events to come. Then came time for the lecture for my course on Intellectual Heritage- a history of thought course for PR students that covers from Enlightenment era to Semiology. It was a disaster. In my five years of teaching at Bilgi, I have the most indifferent audience. So I left the lecture with anger, coming back with making a quiz, intending to lower grades. A threatening tool I never used before and I don’t believe it will really work.
then came Beşiktaş game. Good play but we lost two valuable points at home against Sivasspor. It was a terrible moment of despair. And finally I got back home and saw that Blogger was banned.

By Sunday night these happened to make feel better:
Beşiktaş was still at the top of Super League. Galatasaray, Trabzonspor, Bursaspor and Gaziantepspor all lost points and we could still remain at the top.
I talked to Milliyet about Blogger ban. It was published on Monday. I would later be interviewed by CS Monitor correspondent Yigal Schleifer whose articles are frequently quoted in this blog. I am quoted in Turkey tightens controls on Internet speech. I might be the only one in Turkey who benefitted from this ban:)

 In the mean time, I had some correspondence with Carole, Rice Antro coordinator. It is now something even more tangible. My defense will be on 8 December. I bought my plane ticket. I will be hanging around in Houston between 1-22 December. I am still expecting to hear from my readers whose feedback will sweat me in the remaining days. But I can handle that.

Blogger ban lifted temporarily.

I had some good lectures during this week, did some work for the thesis and did lots of reading. I am expecting to have a Good Friday tomorrow.

Beşiktaş fans from a previous European Cup game. Source: Milliyet daily.



“AKP’s Paternalism And Hierarchy, Not Conservatism, Is The Problem

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Turkey's Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan (R) is accompanied ...

Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan (R) is accompanied by top military officials as he attends an official ceremony to mark the 85th anniversary of Republic Day at the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of secular Turkey, in Ankara October 29, 2008. REUTERS/Umit Bektas (TURKEY)


AKP’s Paternalism And Hierarchy, Not Conservatism, Is The Problem

By Jenny White on Erik Zurcher

Turkey needs an urban, secular and liberal political movement that can successfully utilize the inherent potential of society to complete the modernization process while addressing the Kurdish and secularist-anti-secularist clash, according to Dutch historian and Turkey expert Erik Jan Zürcher.

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Blogger ban is temporarily lifted while Turkey cannot make it to the “Top 10 Countries Censoring the Web”- yet

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Top 10 Countries Censoring the Web

By Nick on Internet

When the World Wide Web was created in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee (not to be confused with the Internet itself, which is the core network developed many years earlier), its main objective was to enable the free exchange of information via interlinked hypertext documents.

Almost 20 years later, that objective has been accomplished on most parts of the world, but not in all of them. Some countries are trying hard to keep an iron hand over the flow of information that takes place on the Web. Below you will find the most controversial ones. [Click the title to see who are top countries]

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The Republic is at 85

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Hürriyet celebretes the 85th year with typical Republican iconography…

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“Turkish army defends response to PKK attack

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These white dots in this intelligence photo is a source of controversy. The army officials claim that these are villagers and Taraf daily claims these are PKK guerillas. I just wonder since when villagers in Turkey are able to walk in such an orderly manner. Even our educated citizens cannot organize themselves and I am glad to see that our peasants in that photo are such a self-disciplined folk on their way to work…

Turkish army defends response to PKK attack

In an investigation of the incident, no flaws were found in the Turkish military’s response to the bloody Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, attack on a military post in early October,

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“The internet is changing our brains

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The internet is changing our brains

By Jemima Kiss on Technology

More evidence, as if we needed it, that we need to make more of an effort to balance our work and personal lives.

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“Eurostat yearbook 2008 — Europe in figures

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Europe split on how to restore Moscow ties

An EU policy document reveals a vigorous debate under way among member governments about how far, and how quickly, to restore relations with Moscow after Russia’s invasion of Georgia in August

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