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The king is naked! As the football fans declare. #TurkeyEarthquake

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After Fenerbahçe, thousands of Beşiktaş fans also called for the government to resign. Of course, the government sees it as a provocation. Any critic is provocative.

Turkish Football Fans Shower Field with Toys for Quake-Hit Kids –

Fans of the Turkish football club Besiktas showered the team’s Istanbul pitch with thousands of toys to benefit children affected by this month’s

Turkish journalists detained over earthquake reports

Death toll climbs above 50,000 after Turkey, Syria earthquakes

Besiktas fans throw toys on to pitch for children affected by earthquake

Magnitude 5.6 quake hits Turkey in latest major aftershock

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Well, it seems that Turkish Red Crescent is a corporation and sells tent to charity organizations during a disaster

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Instead of directly sending aid to the disaster quakes… Such rottenness…
Both the Red Crescent  and the AHBAP association admitted the sale after a journalist’s report. An opposition MP has brought the issue to the parliamentary agenda, accusing the government of turning the Red Crescent into a “business.”

Erdoğan government protested during first top-tier football game after earthquakes

Supporters protested against the government over the devastating February 6 earthquakes during a football game between Fenerbahçe and Konyaspor yesterday (February 25).

The game at the Sükrü Saracoğlu Stadium in İstanbul’s Kadıköy, the home turf of Fenerbahçe, one of the “Big Three” of Türkiye’s football, was the first one since the quakes. The matches had been postponed due to the disaster.

Report: No preparations before & AFAD lost in the first 48 hours after the quakes in Hatay

Drone catches destruction of buildings in Malatya in February 6 quake

Türkiye willing to hold elections in May despite earthquakes, says Erdoğan spokesperson

Journal of historian reveals comparable quake in Kahramanmaraş

Carrying a deceased relative…

Why Was Turkey’s Military MIA After the Earthquake?

The parallel universes of Turkey’s political earthquake

Life amid the rubble: UK specialists on their Turkey earthquake rescue effort

Shattered Homes and Lurking Disease: Quake Hardships Pile Up


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New photo from Facebook February 25, 2023 at 02:45PM

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Mont Saint-Michel, Fransa. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Rulers more interested in saving the image- more than 300 sites along with the popular Ekşi Sözlük banned

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The Turkish government creates another hero. Ekşi Sözlük has long left caring about the users. Most of its early community features disappeared recently. It is a very commercial site but still on the opposition side, and some Aktrolls consistently targeted the site despite increasing concessions. The ban will probably last for a while, but I expect the site will return soon.

Türkiye blocks access to popular social media platform Ekşi Sözlük

Turkey fines broadcasters for coverage critical of earthquake response

FEBRUARY 6 EARTHQUAKES: Türkiye’s media authority fines three TV outlets over earthquake coverage

Türkiye blocks access to Kurdish-focused websites, including Rudaw

Marmara Earthquake | Xavier Le Pichon

Türkiye’s earthquake death toll climbs to 42,310

In Turkey telecommunications watchdog blocks access to popular website Ekşi Sözlük

‘Sorry, we thought you were thieves’: Refugee recounts attack during quake rescue efforts

In photos: Military helicopters deployed to rescue cats trapped in Diyarbakır residential complex

Turkish Builders Come Under Intense Scrutiny Over Shoddy Construction

Post-earthquake debris waste rises like a “mountain”

Earthquake aftermath threatens uneasy coexistence at Turkish-Syrian border

Minister: Earthquakes left over 164,000 buildings collapsed, severely damaged in Türkiye

Türkiye detains 138 people over social media posts about earthquak

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In Berlin for a week for an IAF visit

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I was in Berlin last week for a study trip.

The International Academy for Leadership (IAF) visiting program of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation brought together Turkish and Greek media scholars and professionals to discuss issues of cooperation, coverage of crises as well as future solutions for their media systems. The program included talks with German media outlets, journalists, scientists, Non-Governmental Organisations, and Government bodies. The IAF visiting program promotes and supports cooperation in various crucial fields for the two countries. I am grateful to our hosts.

It was a dense but productive program. I was excited to visit many major German media outlets and meet with some dear Greek journalists.

One question we were wondering when we visited the media headquarters was how German media reacts to polarization in society.

German media has reported on increasing societal polarization, with heated debates on social media distorting reality.[1] Studies conducted by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Bertelsmann Populism Barometer have found that only a minority of people in Germany use social media and that only about two in ten eligible voters remain populist in their views. [1] However, research into online debates surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed features of political polarization.[2] A study by public broadcasters found that users on Facebook platforms of both mainstream and non-mainstream news outlets displayed ideological polarization.[2]This suggests that while German society is not as polarized as some may think, there is still a divide between those with different political views. The Atlantic has suggested that Germany’s public broadcasting system may be partly responsible for reducing political polarization in the country. [3] Public broadcasting was initially created to promote democratic reeducation and pluralism, but it has since evolved to prevent new forms of disinformation or manipulation.[3] However, studies have also shown that Germans with populist views are more distrustful of public media than other Germans[3][4], indicating that there is still work to be done to reduce polarization.

I agree with this summary above. However, I found our German colleagues a little too confident about Germany’s media system. It is more reliable than the US system, but digital media transforms the scene sooner than expected. The German public is using social media more than ever, and despite more consciousness of privacy and personal data, there is a rise in political trolling and disinformation. I hope they will remain resilient!

Axel Springer’s new building is fantastic.

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“How AI can be helpful in disaster response” and a few mental health sources

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How AI can actually be helpful in disaster response

This article is from The Technocrat, MIT Technology Review’s weekly tech policy newsletter about power, politics, and Silicon Valley. To receive it in your inbox every Friday, sign up here.

We often hear big (and unrealistic) promises about the potential of AI to solve the world’s ills, and I was skeptical when I first learned that AI might be starting to aid disaster response, including following the earthquake that has devastated Turkey and Syria.

Mental Health Sources:

In the immediate aftermath of the February 6, 2023 earthquakes, graduate students at the Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies at New York University began compiling mental health resources to support our colleagues, families and friends on the ground as well as those grappling with this grief and trauma from outside the region. Topics addressed by this guide include:

How to talk to children about natural disasters
– How to find post-earthquake psychological support
– Self and Community Care
– Secondary Trauma
– Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Practices
– Survivors Guilt
– Sleep challenges
– Collective Trauma
– Warmlines and hotlines to call if in distress or crisis

The resource guide includes materials in Arabic, Kurdish (both Kurmanji and Sorani), Turkish, and English. It is in a GoogleDoc format so it may be continually being updated as more psychological support for earthquake victims is being organized and announced. There are links to reach at least ~100 options for free emergency response mental health care/psychological support for those in the affected areas. There are also many resources for those in diaspora it as well, who are also facing severe and distinct psychological challenges.

The guide can be accessed directly at:

For more information on this special initiative, please visit:…

Two weeks after the Turkey-Syria earthquakes – a photo essay

As another two earthquakes hit Turkey, anger continues to grow


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I loved Biden being in Ukraine. #Europe agenda

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While Biden’s presence provided practical value—he announced an aid package worth $500 million—the historic visit primarily served as a signal of Western resolve to help Ukraine see the fight through, just days before the one-year mark of Russia’s full-scale invasion of the country.

Speaking at Mariinsky Palace, the Ukrainian president’s residence, and flanked by a small circle of advisors, a press pool, and security, Biden used the occasion to condemn the Russian invasion and provide a visual symbol that Kyiv is still standing nearly a full year since the Kremlin’s military siege began.

How Poland and Ukraine Could Undermine Putin’s Imperial Dreams

EU GDP map

New era in Czech politics as Petr Pavel wins presidential election

Pavel openly supports Kyiv against Moscow

Originally published on Global Voices


Cover of Czech independent weekly Respekt from January 16-22, showing on the left, Petr Pavel, and on the right Andrej Babiš, the two candidates of the second round of the presidential election. Photo by Filip Noubel, used with permission.

The Czech Republic elected its new head of state, General Petr Pavel, in the second tour of the presidential election that took place on January 27-28. This outcome is likely to strengthen Prague’s ties to the European Union, NATO and Ukraine.


Earthquake risk across Europe


“All the companies recruit from aboard and they look for certain talent with expertise they need and they really go after them,” says Johanna Huurre, director of strategic initiatives at Helsinki Partners. “They’re coming from South America, Europe, it’s obviously easier to move around in Europe, America and Asia.”

At the national level, parties insist they won’t work or vote with the far-right AfD—but at the local level, it happens all the time.

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Two more powerful earthquakes around Hatay as Turkey earthquake toll exceeds 41,000…

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Click to read the article in Turkish

This year Türkiye dropped five places in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) of Transparency International and was ranked 101st among 180 countries.

The index prepared each year by the organization was launched in 1995.

CPI ranks countries on a scale ranging from “highly corrupt” (0 points) to “very clean” (100 points).

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Rescue effort ends in all but two areas #TurkeyEarthquake

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Journalists covering the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria walk a fine ethical line between doing their job as reporters while at the same time giving practical help to people overwhelmed by the tragedy.

Many public institutions that, included the Central Bank, donated. Well, I guess Turkish Central Bank will print money to donate. Turkish leaders are more interested in saving the image than in saving the people. I say this without exaggeration. The tragedy is grand but crushing the public sentiment is more vital for the leaders.

Earthquake death toll surpasses 46,000 in Syria, Turkey

Earthquake Risk Assessment In Turkey

Wikipedia: 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake

Heaven into hell: how a luxury block in Turkey became a mass grave

Türkiye’s diplomatic relations gain momentum following the earthquake disaster

Why Did a Turkish City Withstand the Quake When Others Crumbled?

‘Life is over’: A newspaper’s death near Turkey quake epicentre

[Opinion] After the earthquake, EU must confront Erdogan’s failures

Undertones in Turkey: Earthquakes fan the flames of election season

Meet the scapegoats of the earthquake in Turkey

Turkey earthquake: Antakya now unrecognisable to tour guide

The Politics of Türkiye’s Earthquake – Carnegie Europe

… to effectively mitigate the human cost of this tragedy. The next wave of earthquakes could hit Istanbul with even more disastrous consequences.

New residential complexes that symbolized Türkiye’s development, along with new state hospitals and airports, have been reduced to rubble.

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February 6 earthquakes triggers anxieties about a possibly big İstanbul Earthquake

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No piece of mind even at your home…
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Analysis: Is Istanbul ready for a major earthquake?

Turkey’s megacity Istanbul should start preparing now for a powerful earthquake that can strike anytime and mobilise all available resources to save lives and lesson the economic impact, experts say.

Scientists who talked to Al Jazeera said a major temblor is highly likely to strike Turkey’s largest city as the nation mourns the deaths of tens of thousands of people in the country’s southeast a week ago.

After Turkey earthquake, Istanbul buildings are also at risk – NPR

ISTANBUL — The mayor of Istanbul is warning that some 90,000 buildings could be at risk of collapsing if a major earthquake strikes Turkey’

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