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“Love for America returns

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There were several inauguration parties in Istanbul. Some Turks were as excited as pro-Obama Americans…

Love for America returns

By Joerg Wolf

The Washington Post has learned that Americans are feeling the love from around the world:

With Obama’s Election, Expatriates Say, There’s a New Attitude Abroad. Instead of Challenges on Iraq and WMDs, They’re Met With Hugs and Good Wishes.


Goodbye Mr. Bush, we will never miss you by MUSTAFA ACAR

Dear George W. Bush,
I have to say a few words now that you are no longer in office. Please accept this as a farewell message you have deserved for a long time.



Turkish-American Relations in the Obama Presidency


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Instead of watching inauguration…

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Instead of watching inauguration live broadcasting,

I watched When We Were Kings (1996)
I didn’t know Muhammad Ali was such a talkative guy but an intelligent and talkative guy… A black man talking back and actually practicing what he preaches…

Nearly all news channels broadcasted live coverage. Many Turks were very excited. I am just waiting. Let’s see if he can practice change as he preached…

“Turkey-Obama ties hurt by four obstacles

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Why Obama’s victory matters to Europe

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Obama Presidency: A New Era In Turkish-American Relations?

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Obama, Obama!

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● President Barack Obama:

Hell Yeah Obama Won

I am not as euphoric as Democrats, but I certainly wake up to start imagining a more peaceful future. But this vicious cycle prevents me to be more euphoric: It is the same American nation that chose Bush for 8 years to have us all a nightmare. And for decades now, Americans first choose Republicans to have nightmares and then choose Democrats as saviors. Republicans mess up the American image, then Democrats spend all their time to fix it. Also think of Reagan era, Nixon era etc… So here starts a good cop era after a bad cop era… Poor Obama inherits a wreckage…

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“Obama’s military-like ground operation…

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Obama’s military-like ground operation


By Brian C. Mooney, Globe Staff

CLEVELAND — If this election day produces fewer of the registration-related voting glitches than those that have plagued past presidential contests, the campaign of Democrat Barack Obama can take some credit.

Obama’s prodigious field organization not only pulled tens of millions of voters to the polls, his army of field operatives was part of a highly sophisticated voter education and outreach effort that operated with military precision in equipping voters with information to help them avoid problems at the polls.

In door-to-door contacts all across the country, campaign canvassers left millions of large pieces of literature hanging on doorknobs that contained detailed voter information tailored to that particular state and voters’ particular precinct.

Here’s how it worked:………….


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“New media key to Obama campaign

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Don't vote. Things are fine just the way they are

Another campaign aimed to encourage US citizins to vote at the coming elections tomorrow. Remarkable that the campaign website is visual. No complex mission statements only this…..FOUND HERE:  Don’t vote. Things are fine just the way they are



Interview: New media key to Obama campaign

Embracing innovative new tools on the Internet and mobile phones to engage citizens has been central to the communications success of Barack Obama’s US presidential campaign, says Brian Fetherstonhaugh, chairman and CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide, in an interview with EurActiv.

IPP Media: What Africa expects from the US elections

Obama, Armenian genocide claims and historical facts by CENAP ÇAKMAK

American presidential candidate Barack Obama recently reaffirmed his commitment to the recognition of the alleged Armenian genocide.

US: Obama’s campaign: a model for newsrooms

By Lauren Drablier

The Obama presidential campaign has proved to be not only an example of how to run an effective campaign – but how to run an effective newsroom.  Obama’s focus on technology is key; by using email, Facebook, YouTube, text messages and a custom iPhone application he manages to stay in touch with staff and supporters.

Top Ten Challenges Facing the Next Secretary of Homeland Security (PDF; 428 KB)
Source: Homeland Security Advisory Council (via Federation of American Scientists)

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“Turkey chooses Obama

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Turkey chooses Obama

Semih Idiz

Embedded in its own high-tension agenda, Turkey did not concern itself too much with the details of the U.S. presidential elections until recently. Likely winner Barack Obama was highlighted for the promises he made to anti-Turkish Greek and Armenian lobbies in America.

His choice of candidate for vice president, Joseph Biden, on the other hand, raised Turkish eyebrows. Biden was not known, after all, to be a great friend of Turkey’s, especially due to his closeness with the anti-Turkish lobbies mentioned. Conditions, however, have the habit of forcing reality on people vying for positions of power, especially as they get close to their ultimate aim. This is what appears to be happening with Obama and Biden as far as the issue of relations with Turkey is concerned….


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“Obama and the EU

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MAIN FOCUS: Obama and the EU | 30/10/2008

A week before the US elections the European press asks why the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is so popular in Europe. Some hope that if Obama becomes president he will improve the trans-Atlantic relationship, others warn against being overly optimistic.

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