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Beşiktaş faces CSKA Moscow tonight. Challenged to continue or not to continue in Euro Cups…

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update: 9 Dec 09- 10:00: Beşiktaş f*cked up: Besiktas 1 – 2 CSKA Moscow

Beşiktaş kids at the game…

Last Friday, Beşiktaş lost two important points in a draw against Diyarbakırspor but on Saturday and Sunday, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray also points. So not a big deal for the moment. And now comes the day again….

CSKA Moscow faces Besiktas – –

Besiktas faces CSKA Moscow

All on the line in Istanbul
Group B. CSKA must secure more points in Istanbul than Wolfsburg manage at home to Manchester United FC to be sure of entering the first knockout round…

Luck for us:

CSKA pair suspended for Besiktas game after doping test

The pair had tested positive for a banned substance after the Champions League match away to Manchester United on Nov. 3, UEFA said in a statement. …

A Galatasaray fans cries when his team lost the win with a last-minute goal…


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Wednesday evening habitus post

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I am auditing our Media MA course on research methodologies at the back seat, participating sometimes, losing myself in the web or thoughts in other times. My friends wait me for a card-playing session and I have half an hour more to go. It is not necessary to be here in the class, but i actually like it to audit. Nice theoretical discussion, a nice group of students and Halil hoca is a playful lecturer.

For more than 10 days, I have the hype mode but sometimes I fell hard like this afternoon. Now I recover again. Too much work to do but in general I am productice. I am getting back at my usual reading pace, working on some vital issues like necessary documentation to become an Assistant Professor. Anyway, still good news from Beşiktaş follow and a bunch of unrelated stuff I have come accros to towards the end of this post….

Fuck You SIDA!

Aids awareness campaign from Barcelona Spain with a very obvious but also very strong tagline “Fuck You SIDA” (Fuck You Aids).
The organisation Federació d’Associacions Coordinadora Gai-Lesbiana says: Hate this disease and fight it with the use of condoms.FOUND IN
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Beşiktaş, I love you, I LOVE YOU!

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last updated: 26 Nov 2009- 21:30

Besiktas end Man Utd unbeaten run

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Manchester United end their European run of 23 matches unbeaten at home after losing to a deflected Besiktas goal.

Manchester United - Beşiktaş (Şampiyonlar Ligi) / 13


by Ahmet Turgut

Manchester United 0-1 Besiktas Old Trafford Live 25.11.2009 HQ CL Highlights:

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After Fenerbahçe, Before Manchester United game, best Beşiktaş videos…

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Last Saturday we had an unexpectedly good win over Fenerbahçe: 3-0. Today we meet against Manchester United in an away game. Although our defensive line is surprisingly successful in the Turkish Super League (the least goal conceding team at the moment), I just hope we won’t concede more than 5 goals tonight:) At the very end, there is roundup on both games and of course any video recommendations are welcome…


A good collection of Beşiktaş songs/chants:

Beşiktaş fans in FB away game:

Besiktas' supporters club - Carsi

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Crackdown on (Çarşı) Beşiktaş fans- Hypocrisy in Turkish football

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Beşiktaş Fans in Action

As of now, 36 Beşiktaş fans are banned from the stadiums for a year. Some fan leaders like Alen Markaryan are among the banned fans. Official reason is that they were “swearing”. Istanbul Police Deparment detained, interrogated, worked on the security cameras and the concluded on the ban. This is a crackdown executed by the alliance of Istanbul police and Beşiktaş administration. It is intended to destroy our famous fandom. Yıldırım Demirören, whom I name the worst Beşiktaş president ever, had a few weeks ago stated to “clean the stadium” and this is what he does now. Yes, in the last game, some fans began to swear at him but Mr. Demirören cannot tolerate any level of criticism and he does not hide his intention of “cleaning”.  After his statement, there happened to be fights in the stadiums and pro-Demirören gangs were rumored to terrorize anti-Demirören. Where the hell Police Deparment was then?

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Not Beşiktaş but Demirören loses…

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The worst president of Beşiktaş was too angry when fans yelled at him last night. Check out the guy. Mr. Demirören is a good example for the fact that personal wealth is not enough for a good reputation.

It looks like he is crying here.

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How a gang invades the Beşiktaş stadium

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There are two security camera videos that show how the invasion happened in the last game. Gang memners known as Karagümrük with Red-black shirts in an organized form attacks Beşiktaş fans. The attack happens in Istanbul, in a major stadium with tens of cameras and hundreds of policemen….The attackers are known. The leader is known. And nothing is done yet…

Yıldırım Demirören, the worst Beşiktaş president ever!

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Bodyguards defending Mr. Demirören after the game. Source: Lig TV

Last night’s game proved that Beşiktaş as we know is dead as long as Mr. Demirören keeps the throne.  During the game thousands of fans got in fistfights. The fans were divided between pro-Demirören and anti-Demirören. In fact, most of the fans were anti-D but gang-like pro-D attacked them. They attempted to stop anti-D chanting and threatened other fans. Read the rest of this entry »