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A few notes on Abdullah Gül’s [now dead] candidacy #TurkeyElections

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Since I was busy in Lisbon, I missed the action.  Turkey’s former president and a long time comrade of Abdullah Gül was rumored to become the presidential candidate of allied opposition. This rumor was ended at last by Mr. Gül’s own press release. However, he waited until the last minute when no one believed anymore he could be a candidate. It appears that it was not a rumor, he and some others believed he could be a candidate. It seems that İYİ Party was particularly effective in killing his candidacy.

For the outsiders, he could be a really good candidate. He is well educated, he is moderate etc. It seems he could steal some votes from Erdoğan.

However, Abdullah Gül proved repetitively that he had no capacity to act in times of crisis. He was rightfully called the notary of Erdoğan during his presidency. I cannot imagine how someone in Turkey’s opposition could imagine him as a candidate. Whatever chair he has, he is a good -underdog part- team member but he cannot have the willpower to get his own leadership position. Well, if I am given the chair, I could be a president myself. I guess anyone could do that.

My personal take is this:

Before a critical internet regulation that would lead to more censorship in his late years as President, I am personally knowledgeable that some reliable colleagues told him the real nature of this regulation and he said he would act accordingly. The next day, he repeated what AKP leadership said about the regulation. He was like a parrot. That day I lost any belief that he could ever use his willpower.

I am too glad that another case of Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu is prevented. However, I am still not too hopeful if the opposition can have a good candidate. We will see.

In the meantime, I have no idea why alternative online news site, T24 where some critical liberals authors have columns, could start a sort of campaign for Mr. Gül. They should not be that naive…


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New photo from Facebook April 30, 2018 at 05:26PM

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Burası Yemen’den. Wadi Dawan. Suudiler bombalayıp yok etmediyse… via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

:) “Items banned by the Eurovision Song Contest

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Items banned by the Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest is Europe’s pinnacle of absurdly politicized trashy fun. It also has a substantial and rather bizarre list of banned items that shall not be brought to it, including golf balls, pliers, and shopping carts.

[Feature] Hungary activists defiant after ‘Soros Mercenaries’ attack

Immediately after Orban’s landslide victory in April, a list of so-called ‘Soros mercenaries’ was published by pro-government media. Those on it – mostly human rights defenders, activists and Orban critics – are now anxious but vow to continue.

Five times Macron ripped into Trumpism

President Emmanuel Macron used a speech to Congress to deliver several rebukes to his US counterpart.

Trump and Macron’s most touching moments

From air kisses to Oval Office grooming, the best bits from an unusually affectionate state visit.

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Farewell to Lisbon

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This time, I could visit Sintra, half an hour away from Lisbon.

Just an ordinary view from one of the Lisbon squares thanks to some effects by Google Photos.

I have started writing this post in a great cafe, Copenhagen Coffee Lab, I have saved in my Foursquare lists two years ago but only yesterday I could visit. Lisbon is so peaceful, full of surprising side streets, beautiful locations. But it does not have many cafes that offer regular filter coffee. As many countries in this region, they have great espresso etc but I have waited a week to drink my first cup of filter coffee. (Americano made here tastes like shit.) Now I am finishing it up in the airport, in its a bit crowded lounge.

Anyway, let me focus on the good things- one more thing, the city is so hilly, you have to walk up at some point, there is no escape! This was the fifth time in Lisbon. The city remains to be one of my all-time favorite cities. I guess I could live here. It sometimes looks like Istanbul but before the brutal gentrification, she was exposed to.

We were here for a project what is called ICELAB 2018 – program. [Its pre-meeting was wonderful, too] A workshop in innovation, innovation,
creativity, and entrepreneurship. It started as an Erasmus IP project five years ago but after the first year participating 7 universities and their students pay the workshop costs. In previous years, we had the workshop in a place close to Cascais, half an hour away from Lisbon. This time, we were right in downtown, in the Museum of Communication. In previous years, the focus was particularly on local businesses but this it finally moved to more technological innovation so that I could contribute more. The theme was travel tech and I believe it was a smooth and productive workshop. I owe all this Lisbon affair to my colleague Gresi Sanje. As you know, I am more of a social scientist or internet study scholar than marketing and entrepreneurship scholar. Thanks to her, I was involved. Anyway, back to Istanbul and in the meantime back to finishing up an article on blogging!

Enjoy our ICELAB image album here and my own Lisbon escapades here.


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Bu arada Spiš Kalesi, Slovakya. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

#TurkeyElections-PACE calls on Turkey to ‘postpone’ June 24 snap elections and Turkey Expectedly GOT angry

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The Monitoring Committee of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) on April 24 called on Turkey to “postpone” the June 24 snap elections, citing the ongoing state of emergency in the country.
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) urging Turkey to postpone its early elections over its state of emergency shows a double standard as no one made an issue about the same situation in France, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ said on April 24.
Turkey’s electoral body on April 25 announced that 11 political parties will compete in the June 24 polls.

Turkey seeks approval for polling stations in Germany

Turkey has made a formal request to Germany to set up polling stations at Turkish consulates in the country for the June 24 early elections, officials said on April 23.
National Sovereignty Day celebrations were marked by political tension between the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) on April 23, as the latter bids to find a strategy against the AKP and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) alliance in the upcoming snap election.
Fledgeling party, buttressed by induction of 15 opposition MPs, declared eligible to run in June general elections.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has accused the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) of “polluting the parliament” after 15 deputies quit the CHP to join the newly founded İYİ (Good) Party and help it set up a parliamentary group.
İYİ Party won’t be given treasury grants for not having joined the latest election even though it has a group at parliament. Concerning the matter, Minister of Justice Gül has said, “There is no legislation in our statute for those who form a group to be given grants”
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on April 24 he was expecting to hold a campaign rally in a European city next month ahead of the June elections despite a ban by some Western countries on Turkish politicians campaigning abroad.
The opposition’s efforts to find a joint candidate was a “project of political design” and “blew up in their hands,” said Prime Minister Binali Yıdırım, responding to questions from reporters over speculations about former President Abdullah Gül’s candidacy for the upcoming elections.

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“Turkish Hair Lines”

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Especially in Taksim, Istanbul, you will see many tourists (predominantly from Middle East) with these band who have recently had hair transplantation operations. A Twitter user spotted a group of them in the airport…


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#Cyberculture agenda: “Data mining confirms that culture makes cities richer

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Photos shared on Flickr turn out to provide valuable insights into the way cultural activities stimulate urban development, say researchers.

Buzzfeed guide on how to detect “deepfaked” videos

Get Out director Jordan Peele and Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti got together to make ObamaPeele — a faked video of Obama, using Peele’s voice.

A glossary of blockchain jargon

The terminology makes the technology seem either baffling or boring. Here’s a guide.
Companies like Uber and Spotify don’t need IPOs anymore, and that’s turning the finance industry on its head.

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Turkey sinks to 157th out of 180 countries in RSF Press Freedom ranking as more convictions in the Cumhuriyet trial…

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The defendants, sentenced to two to seven years in prison, remain free pending their appeals, but the verdict keeps the pressure on journalists who are critical of the government.
The court has sentenced 15 people to prison in Cumhuriyet trial in which 20 people have been tried. Cumhuriyet Executive Board Chair Atalay has been released, Twitter user Aydoğdu’s detention continues.
Turkey: anti-Erdoğan journalists defiant after convictions on terror charges

Thirteen reporters, editors and executives from opposition Cumhuriyet daily face jail but vow to continue ‘to tell the truth’

A Turkish court has convicted journalists from the opposition Cumhuriyet daily for helping outlawed “terrorist” organisations – but editors vowed their “honourable” journalism would not stop.

In other news:

Greece angrily rejects Erdoğan’s proposed soldier swap

Turkish president said he could release two Greek border guards if Athens extradites officers who fled after coup attempt

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has sparked anger with a proposal that two Greek border guards detained in the country since March be exchanged for eight Turkish officers who have sought asylum in Greece.

The Trump administration warned Turkey on April 18 that it is considering punitive “consequences” if the NATO ally does not throw out the charges or acquit an American pastor accused of espionage and aiding terrorist groups.

Trump tweets support for US pastor jailed in Turkey

United States President Donald Trump voiced his support on April 17 for Pastor Andrew Brunson, who is on trial in Turkey on charges of espionage and terrorism, in a case that has compounded strains in U.S.-Turkish relations.
Tweeting in the wake of court ruling continuation of arrest of US citizen Priest Brunson, who has been tried in Turkey, Trump said, “They call him a spy. I am more a spy than he is”.
Presiding Judge of İstanbul 14th Heavy Penal Court has asked the academic, “Why didn’t you sign such declarations before even though several terrorist attacks were carried out?”

Turkey’s anti-war protesters detained: ‘Everything is a crime’

Families of students detained in Turkey for protesting against military action in Afrin say they are being wrongly targeted.
Journalists’ Union of Turkey has met with jailed journalist Zehra Doğan, who has been in Diyarbakır Type E Prison since June 12, 2017.
Charged with “propagandizing for a terrorist organization,” Ayşe Çelik will be imprisoned today with her 6-month-old baby. Upon the rejection of additional time requested for the Constitutional Court ruling, CHP MP Altıok has said, “They have considered even 10 days too much for an innocent baby.”

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I cannot stop looking at this photo from the Trump and Macron meeting… and congrats to Ms. Nahles! #Europe Agenda

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via @hunterlurie

Trump brushes dandruff off ‘perfect’ Macron

The US president lavishes his French counterpart with praise – but there are disagreements too.

What French people think about Trump and Macron meeting

French President Emmanuel Macron has started a three-day state visit to the United States.
Andrea Nahles becomes the SPD’s first woman leader in 154 years – at a time of crisis for the party.

The ‘Europeanization’ of schooling: what is a European education?

In an ambitious future, education as a common good means an education enjoyed by the whole community, built by citizens culturally capable of influencing, acting and imagining alternatives.

March 17, 2017 Students and teachers protest in Palermo, Italy. A nationwide strike called by unions against implementation of the Law 107, better known as the “good school” law. Antonio Melita/ Press Association. All rights reserved. Whether we are specialist or not, we all know more or less where the education system of our countries stands. We are all aware that our school systems are coordinated, monitored and assessed according to some vague “European” standards or criteria.

Hungarians Take to the Streets to Protest an Election Seen as a Hammer Blow to Democracy

Tens of thousands of Hungarians took to the streets of Budapest on Saturday to protest what they called a deeply undemocratic election last week, which delivered two-thirds of the seats in Parliament to the ruling Fidesz party that won just 47 percent of the national popular vote.

Organisers say 100,000 protesters marched against Viktor Orban’s recently re-elected government.
French rail workers and students are protesting against President Emmanuel Macron’s reform plans. The strike at the SNCF has already paralysed parts of the country and students are occupying university buildings. European media discuss what is at stake for French society – and for the French president.

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