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#1Mayıs Afişlerinden Seçmeler

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In order to prevent May Day Celebration in Taksim, Turkish state literally shuts down Istanbul… Istanbul news roundup…

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More photos here:

Banned the May Day celebrations in Taksim, Istanbul Governor closed to traffic not only in Taksim and it’s around, but also in many points in Istanbul.

Airspace also closed!

On May Day, the metro services will be available only between Levent-Hacıosman stations. The metro services between Levent-Yenikapı stations and the funicular services between Kabataş-Taksim will be cancelled.
All the places close to traffic tomorrow listed here in Turkish.
Istanbul’s main airport beats traffic record

Atatürk Airport in Istanbul broke its air traffic record on April 26 when a total of 1,338 planes took off and lande
Roger Federer Reaches Quarterfinals at Istanbul Open

Federer defeated Jarkko Nieminen to reach the quarterfinals of the inauguralIstanbul Open, where he will play Daniel Gimeno-Traver

Yener Torun captures colourful side of Istanbul in spectacular Instagram pictures

The historical city of Istanbul is usually captured through photographs of its picturesque mosques, elaborate palaces and winding streets and markets

Thousands Gather in Istanbul to Demand Turkey Recognize Armenian Mass Killings as Genocide

Thousands gathered Friday evening in Istanbul to mark the centennial of the mass killings of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey. Armenians from around …

Breaking Down the Inaugural Istanbul Open Draw

Just like every tournament, the clay from Monte Carlo and Istanbul is going to be a bit different meaning Federer is going to need time to adjust, …

On an Istanbul street, have I just witnessed a positive step in history?

He lies beneath a grey stone sepulcher under a grey stone arch on the Hill of Eternal Liberty, opposite the Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul.

International delegations gather in İstanbul to demand ‘genocide’ recognition

Benjamin Abtan of EGAM speaks at the “Armenian Genocide Centennial Commemoration” in İstanbul at the Cezayir Center on Wednesday.(Photo:
Questioning art and education at Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern is hosting a conversation series focusing on artist Mehmet Güleryüz’s large-scale quest for expression as well as a film program as ..
BBC News
‘Model Mecca’ opens in Istanbul

A district mayor in Istanbul has been criticised for building models of some of Islam’s most sacred sites, it’s reported. The replicas were unveiled on …

Seeing Istanbul Again

After we settled in Istanbul, we spent our summers and large parts of all the other seasons exploring the shores of the Mediterranean. Each time we .
Turkish Airlines has aborted the landings of three of its airliners at Atatürk Airport due to stray dogs that invaded the runway

Police raid Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar to seize illegal souvenirs

Police seized souvenirs made from endangered species of animals and worth around 500,000 Turkish Liras from a shop in Istanbul’s historic and .

Diaspora Armenians, Turkish Groups to Mark Genocide Centennial in Istanbul

ISTANBUL—On the eve of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, Turkish and Armenian-American organizations, assembled with record-breaking …
In Istanbul, Producer Sona Tatoyan Is Ready for Her Close-Up

She lived for a year between the Armenian capital of Yerevan and Istanbul, and later spent six months in India trying to recover from the exhilaration
How the Occupation of Istanbul Shaped the Modern Middle East

Durham, NC – At the end of World War I, the defeated capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul, was “a city of poverty and refugees” with a multi-ethnic .

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Journalism agenda: “State of the News Media 2015″… In Nepal, “the BBC is using messaging app Viber to share information and safety tips

In Uncategorized on April 30, 2015 at 15:35 – Amy Mitchell – Apr 28, 5:01 PM – Call it a mobile majority. At the start of 2015, 39 of the top 50 digital news websites have more traffic to their sites and associated applications coming from mobile devices than from desktop computers, according to Pew Research Center’s analysis… – Rick Gladstone – Apr 27 – The ascendance of militant extremists and criminal gangs who abduct and kill reporters, combined with rising government repression in the cause of counterterrorism, has created the biggest threat to journalism in recent times, a press advocacy

In the aftermath of last week’s earthquake that devastated Nepal, BBC News is today launching an account on the messaging app Viber to publish news, information, and tips for staying safe as the country continues to recover.


The State of the News Media 2015: Newspapers ↓, smartphones ↑

As much as things change in the news business, things also seem to stay the same. Newspaper revenue drops; smartphone usage rises.

The annual State of the News Media report from the Pew Research Center, just out today, tells that story of continuing trend lines. The top line is probably the ongoing march of mobile: As of January, a remarkable 39 of the 50 most popular news sites had more mobile than desktop visitors. Four of the top 50 had similar desktop and mobile traffic, and just seven sites had more desktop than mobile traffic, the report said, citing comScore data.



Here’s how BuzzFeed is thinking about its international growth

Last week, BuzzFeed launched in its seventh international country: Mexico.

The viral juggernaut opened its first site outside the United States in 2013 in the United Kingdom, and has since grown to add editorial operations in France, Australia, Brazil, India, and Germany too. There’s also the New York-based BuzzFeed Español that targets a Latin American audience. The expansion to Mumbai, Berlin, and now Mexico City were announced last summer (along with a planned move to Tokyo) after BuzzFeed received another round of funding. (All four sites were originally supposed to open in 2014; now the Japan site is slated to debut later this year. BuzzFeed is also expanding to Canada this year, as it announced Friday that it had hired Craig Silverman to lead the site’s editorial efforts north of the border.)

PERUGIA, ITALY — Before a dramatic capsizing sent European leaders scrambling to address an epidemic of migrant drownings, a team of independent journalists was quietly tracking the problem — and offering an example of cross-border journalism that’s rare in Europe.

The journalists — a loose association of investigative reporters from across the continent — joined forces in 2013 to answer a seemingly simple question: How many people are dying trying to migrate to Europe?

Here’s a wakeup call to audio creators everywhere: SoundCloud does not recognize your fair use rights under U.S. copyright law. If your content contains any copyrighted material to which you haven’t secured the rights — even if you have a valid fair use claim — SoundCloud may take it down at any time.

That’s exactly what happened to a former student of mine, and his experience should serve as a warning to the growing number of news organizations (including several that I work with) that use SoundCloud to host podcasts and other audio content.

Bulgaria’s First Crowdfunding Journalism Project

Bulgaria, a member of the European Union, has a big problem with freedom of the media. The Balkan country is ranked 106 out of 180 countries in the 2015 World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders. Against this unpleasant background, a new media project was established with the ambitious task of opposing the media empires of local oligarchs and providing an alternative way to access inf

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Cengiz Aktar: Mi mornarzis

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Mi mornarzis


Unutmabeni çiçeğinin Ermenicesi, tercümesi unutmabeni… Pekçok dilde aynı… Bir bakıma, insanın hafızasız yaşayamayacağını hatırlatan çiçek… Soykırımın yüzüncü yılı etkinliklerinin evrensel simgesi. Hafıza ve adalet üç gün süren ve sade Ermeni değil bütün soykırımları hatırlayan Erivan’daki uluslararası anma ve toplantının ana temasıydı.


Cuma anıtın bulunduğu Kırlangıç Tepesinde sağlı sollu Anadolu yerleşimlerinin adlarını bir kez daha görünce soykırımın Ermenilerin olduğu kadar bizim hepimizin hikâyesi olduğunu düşündüm. Onların değil, bizlerin hepimizin. Ermenilerin kadar Çerkesin, Kürdün, Türkün yüzyıllık acısı ve yası bu. Asırlar boyunca hemhâl olmuş, ebrulîleşmiş topluluklardan önce birinin, ardından diğerlerinin o vahdetten şiddetle kopartılmasının yası bu. Yüz yıllık bereketsizliğin, ahlâksızlığın, adaletsizliğin kaynağı…


Unutturulmuş, unutulmak istenmiş, hatırlanmasın diye ne yalanlarla bezenmiş berbat bir hikâye bu. Cedlerimizin, siyaset erbabından ticaret erbabına, köylüsünden şehirlisine işine geldiği ölçüde gizlenmiş ve muazzam çabalara rağmen artık her yerde faş olmuş bir hikâye bu. Ermenilerin adalet arayışı bugünkü ifşanın, ilâmın, itirafın anadamarı, bundan kuşku yok.


Nitekim anmaların diğer güçlü simgesi dayanıklılık: “Soyumuz kırıldı ama buradayız, sağlamız ve adaleti hâlâ talep ediyoruz!


Erivan’da ister oradan ister Diasporadan Türkiye’yi hedef alan hiçbir mesaj yoktu. Sadece kafalarda ve demeçlerde “neden Ankara hâlâ soykırımı tanımıyor” sorusu vardı. O kadar. Bunun aksine resmî Türkiye, soğukkanlılığını külliyen kaybetmiş bir halde görülmemiş bir beceriksizlikler serisiyle kayıtlara geçti. Kime ne ayar çekeceğine, kime hangi dersi vereceğine, kime ne lâf yetiştireceğine şaşırdı. Verdiği tepkilerde iftira, yalan diye başlayıp, lâfı döndürüp dolaştırıp suçunu kabul edercesine “ama siz de şunlara bunları yaptınız” demekten öteye gidemedi. Çünkü gidecek bir ötesi yok! Davutoğlu’nun şifahen “tehcir insanlık suçudur” çıkışı ki gayet önemli, anaakım inkârcı yaygaradan duyulmadı bile.


Hükümet Vatikan ve Viyana sefirlerini çekti. Belgrad, Berlin, Moskova, Sofya, Vaşington sefirlerini neden çekmedi belli değil. Bu bağlamda Ankara, diplomasinin sıfır noktasındadır.  Birbirleriyle savaşan ülkeler dahi sefirlerini çekmemeye çalışır, asgarî irtibatı muhafaza eder. İçeride artık her politikaya damgasını vuran “benim gibi düşünmeyen düşmanımdır” politikası aynen dışarıya yansıtılıyor.


Ankara Obama’nın soykırım dememesine ve adını vermeden Ermeni Soykırımının bütün öğelerini sayarak tasvir eden ABD ve diğer ülkelere sevinsin mi kızsın mı bilemedi. 24 Nisan’ı nasıl gölgelerim diye debelenirken, 25 Nisan Anzac Günü’nü bir yıllığına 24’üne kaydırarak gülünç olmanın yanında 23 Nisan’ın 95’inci yıldönümünü tamamen atladı. Zaten başkanlık sisteminde meclisin artık ne önemi vardı ki? Çanakkale müsameresi 18 Mart Çanakkale Zaferi’ne dahi gölge düşürdü. Avustralya ve Yeni Zelanda’da bu sayede soykırımı duymayan varsa duymuş oldu. Sonuçta kendi çalıp kendi oynayan bir ülke varsa o da zavallı resmî Türkiye idi.



Bugün resmî Türkiye (buna Kemalist inkârcı cephe de dâhil) keskin sirke misâli küpüne zarar veriyor. Yasını tutan, atalarını yâd eden Ermenilere duyduğu tahammülsüzlük, soykırımı ağzına alan herkese yağdırdığı hakaret ülkeyi uluslararası camiada “ahlakî parya” mertebesine taşıyor. Huntingtonvarî bir iştahla dinler savaşının bayraktarlığına soyunan bir AKP Türkiyesi imajı giderek yerleşiyor. Hayra alâmet değil bütün bunlar.


Hrant’ı andım Tepedeki kırlangıçlarla. İsterdi illâki burada olmak… Çabası katliyle sonuçlandı evet, ama açtığı hafıza kaynağı çağlayan oldu, çağlayanın bulduğu çatlak da devasa bir gedik. Daha da üstü örtülmez. Unutmadık, ne seni ne diğerlerini.


Bu yazı ilk olarak Taraf’ta yayınlandı. Yazarın isteğiyle burada da yayınlanıyor. 

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Among a few rare good news, “All Defendants Acquit from Taksim Solidarity Case

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All defendants has acquitted from the “Taksim Solidarity” Case, in which 26 people were tried.
An Istanbul court on April 29 acquitted 26 people, including prominent members of the Taksim Solidarity Platform, who had been detained during the Gezi Park protests in the summer of 2013
Gezi Park protest trial: Turkish court acquits all 26 defendants

Prosecutions of Taksim Solidarity Platform activists after 2013 Istanbul demonstrations condemned as attempt to silence opposition to government

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has hinted at new measures against followers of Pennsylvania-based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, as he repeatedly described Gülenists in the country as “a gang of treachery.”
The Council of State has refused an appeal for a stay of execution of an Education Ministry circular allowing the wearing of headscarves at secondary schools in Turkey.
An Istanbul court sent a Turkish journalist’s case to the High Criminal Court after deciding non-jurisdiction April 30 at the first hearing of journalist Sedef Kabaş, who faces up to five years for a tweet about a judge involved in the 2013 graft probe
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has apparently taken another step in his fight against ally-turned-foe, U.S.-based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, with Turkey’s top national security body finally amending its top-secret national security document

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Human Rights Watch Calls for an End to Prosecutions for Insulting the President… Freedom House 2015 Report…

In Uncategorized on April 30, 2015 at 09:46 – Apr 29 – (Istanbul) – A Turkish court on April 29, 2015, released from prison a lawyer facing trial for insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, but he should not be facing such charges in the first place, Human Rights Watch said today. – Conditions for the media freedom deteriorated sharply in 2014 to their lowest point in more than 10 years, as journalists around the world faced mounting restrictions – including grave threats to their own lives. Freedom of the Press 2015 – Apr 25 – An İstanbul prosecutor on Sunday defied a court decision to release journalist Hidayet Karaca and 63 police officers who were arrested in government-backed operations targeting police force last year, a decision which ordered the release of…

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Bir senedir gururla yerli malına oturuyoruz. via @hozkomurcu @batuhanaydin via Facebook Pages

2 fantastic digital archives: Istanbul Households archives, 1880-1940: census data and family history documents now accessible online

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Children from a well-to-do family, 1910

Children from a well-to-do family, 1910

Istanbul Households archives, 1880-1940: census data and family history documents now accessible online

Two separate archives, Mosaic (, holding quantitative data, and SALT research (, holding census and family history documents from an interdisciplinary research project undertaken at Boğaziçi University (Istanbul)  during the 1980s on family, household and population in Istanbul during the late Ottoman and early republican periods are now open to public use online. The project was the first systematic historical study of family and population in Turkey and the Middle East, combining the methods and approaches of social anthropology, historical demography and social history.  The research culminated in the publication of  Duben and Behar, Istanbul Households: Marriage, Family and Fertility 1880-1950, Cambridge University Press, 1991 and its Turkish editions, İstanbul Haneleri: Evlilik, Aile eve Doğurganlık 1880-1940, İletişim Yayınları, 1996 and Boğaziçi Ünivesitesi Yayınları, 2013, as well as various scholarly papers on the subject.

  1. Mosaic census records: Ottoman census data for Istanbul, 1885 (1300h) and 1907 (1322h)

The original five percent samples of Ottoman census data for the permanent Muslim population of Istanbul for 1300h (ca. 1885) and 1322h (ca. 1907) are available from the Mosaic archive of historical census data for Europe and beyond.  All records in the archive are structured in the same format so that historical comparisons can be made across time and space.  More specifically, these data bases allow those researching late Ottoman society to undertake comparisons with non-Ottoman data bases and vice versa.

For more information about Mosaic see: Mikołaj Szołtysek and Siegfried Gruber, “Mosaic: recovering surviving census records and reconstructing the familial history of Europe” The History of the Family, available online at

The address for access is .  To access the Istanbul data sets one must register, then click “Data,” followed by “Mosaic Data Files,” and then under  “Harmonized Data Sets,”  scroll down to Turkey where the 1885 (1300h) and  1907 (1322h) census data sets can be found. Information about use and various caveats is provided.


  1. Istanbul Households archive at SALT, Istanbul


The SALT archives located at SALT Galata, Istanbul contain a broad array of materials utilized during the research and writing of Istanbul Households, all accessible online. The complete set of original handwritten transcription sheets used during the early 1980s for recording census data and vital events on site from the official rosters for the permanent Muslim population of Istanbul for 1300h (ca. 1885) and 1322h (ca. 1907)for five central districts of Istanbul are available here.  In addition to the transcription sheets various documents containing descriptions of principles, rules, definitions and other guidelines for transcription and data use as well as instructions for recording, transcribing and coding for the censuses and records of vital events are also available.  Lists of birthplaces, occupations, titles and status-markers of individuals recorded are also available, as are numerous family photographs of the period from 1880-1940. Transcriptions of selected Ottoman court records relating to marriage, divorce, and inheritance utilized during the research period are also available.  These resources provide a part of the “back story” of this research project that took nearly ten years to complete.  Summaries of hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles from the period on population, family, marriage, women, childcare, domestic life and related topics will be available shortly, as will sociological and demographic analyses of  major novels of the period. Information about the Istanbul Households collection, its coverage, use, meaning, and limitations is available from the archive. General information about SALT and the archives can be obtained at


Access to the SALT Istanbul Households archive is available directly by clicking:

We request that researchers properly acknowledge and cite any materials used from either archive.




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