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Ferec – Helîkopter (the first Kurdish Heavy Metal band)

In Attractions: football, cinema, music on December 14, 2009 at 09:30

Ferec is the first heavy metal band who sing all in Kurdish. The band members currently live in a Kurdish city called as Colêmerg (Hakkari) in Turkish frontiers. The album is just published in november 2009. The band took stage in some of the biggest rock festivals in different regions in Turkey as well.

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The Militarization of Pop Culture and more videos…

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After Fenerbahçe, Before Manchester United game, best Beşiktaş videos…

In Attractions: football, cinema, music on November 25, 2009 at 11:20

Last Saturday we had an unexpectedly good win over Fenerbahçe: 3-0. Today we meet against Manchester United in an away game. Although our defensive line is surprisingly successful in the Turkish Super League (the least goal conceding team at the moment), I just hope we won’t concede more than 5 goals tonight:) At the very end, there is roundup on both games and of course any video recommendations are welcome…


A good collection of Beşiktaş songs/chants:

Beşiktaş fans in FB away game:

Besiktas' supporters club - Carsi

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As “Cagers” caged…

In Turkish politics on November 21, 2009 at 18:05

A new leaked document claims that “Operation Cage” by the Ergenekon gang planned assassinations on non-Muslim Turkish citizens to provoke and contain AKP rule…

Ministry announces number of people tapped
Hurriyet Daily News- The ministry had earlier said that within the last five years, 69 judicial officers were tapped – 56 of them related to the Ergenekon case

Third letter from military source raises tensions in Turkey (

Turkey probes fresh allegations of anti-govt plot
They say these conspirators belong to a shadowy, nationalist group dubbed the “Ergenekon” network. A judge suspended until Monday a hearing in the

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu of CHP backed down and gave support to Onur Öylem who had explicity supported the Dersim Massacre of Alevite citizens. Two those who claim him to be the “Gandhi of Turkey”: Gandhi my ass.

A documentary on Dersim Massacre (In Turkish)

In order to create a Turkish nation from above, Turkish nationalists waged a campaign against non-Turkish and non-Muslim elements of the empire.The First World War served as an excuse for the Young Turks, then the Turkish goverment, to exterminate Armenians. It was a deliberate and sustain war, in the course of which hundreds of thousands Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks had been ruthlessly killed or forced into exile.The collapse of the Ottomans had left a power vacuum, filled by another section of the Turkish nationalists, called Kemalists at a later time.In 1937-38, i.e., at a time when world attention was focused on the Second World War, the Turkish nationalists commited another genocide. This time the victims were Dersimis, who are also known as Kızılbash or Alevis. Approximately 40.000-70.000 of them were killed and thousands were taken into exile. The Dersim Genocide of 1937-1938 was on one hand a continuation of the Kızılbash extermination of the Ottoman times and also an extermination of an ethnically distinct and separate people from Turks.

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The Decade in 7 Minutes and a Friday video selection from Erkan

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The Decade in 7 Minutes:

I’ve Got Nothing: Crowdsourced Song Created by YouTubers [VIDEO]

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Two TV ads from two Turkish dailies

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Taraf daily’s latest TV ad. ThemeÇ Challenging political taboos.

Zaman’s latest ad with a theme “prejudice”. Challenging political prejudices. Zaman, who is known to have direct relations with Fethullah Gülen, has been producing very nice ads for a while…

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A documentary on Hrant Dink

In Documents on October 22, 2009 at 00:47

please check here for the updated links.

A documentary by Ümit Kıvanç. “Justice for Hrant Dink” in Turkish…

Michael Jackson Tribute in Taksim Square and more to watch; a video selection

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A different look at Foucault’s History of Sexuality:

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