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Eurosphere agenda: Looking at Blatter’s defensive positions and arguments… He might have some gone thru some Turkification….

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Blatter ‘victim of a conspiracy’

Fifa president Sepp Blatter is the victim of a conspiracy from “behind the scenes”, his daughter tells the BBC, amid a corruption crisis.
FIFA’s Blatter slams US action, Europe ’hate’ campaign

FIFA leader Sepp Blatter said May 30 he was “shocked” at the way the US judiciary has targeted football’s world body and slammed what he called a “hate” campaign by Europe’s football leaders
Fifa re-elects Blatter president

Fifa re-elects Sepp Blatter president as his rival withdraws after the first round of a vote dominated by allegations of corruption in football.
Sexual politics in Ireland

If marriage depended on the exclusion of gay love, then its inclusion fundamentally shakes its core function for patriarchy.

Dubliners celebrating Ireland's marriage equality referendum. Dubliners celebrating Ireland’s marriage equality referendum. Demotix/ Robin English. All rights reserved. Since its greedy omnipotence in the 1980s, the catholic church in Ireland has been blown into ignominy.

This afternoon I tried to go into the European Parliament. The EU institution that is supposed to represent people like me – citizens of the European Union.

I am not a lobbyist or a journalist or an employee of another EU institution. So I could not get in.

Golden Dawn: organising, encouraging, sustained by violence

Sixty nine members of Golden Dawn are currently on trial in Greece for serious crimes. Can it really be mere coincidence that so many Golden Dawn members are implicated in such serious and violent offences?

Poles are getting older. By 2050, 33% of Poland’s population will be over 65 years old, and 10% over 80. It reflects a broader trend in the whole Europe: people are living longer. EurActiv Poland reports.

The Polish presidential election: what happens now?

Everything you need to know about Poland’s recent presidential election, at a glance.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said a British referendum on whether to leave the EU was “very risky”, ahead of a visit by Prime Minister David Cameron to Paris on May 28
Finance ministers and central bank governors of the Group of Seven wealthiest nations gathered in Dresden May 28 to discuss the global economy and tax evasion, but the Greek crisis was also high on everyone’s minds
Ja, aber: Germany and Cameron’s quest for EU reform

The European Commission firmed up its plans for refugee quotas on Wednesday. 40,000 people are to be transferred to other states from Greece and Italy. The opposition of many countries to taking in migrants is selfish, some commentators criticise. Others believe the proposed quotas could overburden smaller countries.


Tony Blair to step down as Middle East envoy

After June, ex-UK PM will focus on regional diplomacy as part of effort to strengthen Israeli-Arab ties, sources say.
Britons will be asked to vote “yes” if they want to stay in the European Union when vote is held within next two years.
Europe and Anti-Europe

The worst-case scenario for the EU’s future looks increasingly likely: “Grexit” (Greece leaving the eurozone), “Brexit” (the UK leaving the EU), and a Spanish election result that resembles Greece’s. In other words, nearly 60 years of European integration could be undone in the next 18 months.

Italy rescues 3,300 boat migrants

Italy rescued a total of more than 3,300 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean on Friday, the country’s coastguard says.
Pressure grows for gay marriage in Germany

Irish vote inspires German gay marriage cause
Regional elections in Italy: Could Renzi’s honeymoon be over?

On Sunday, 31 May, regional elections will be held in seven very sensitive regions in Italy. Though Renzi has been predicting a victory, the rise of eurosceptic parties in Italy and in Europe could have an unpredictable effect.

Matteo Renzi should be feeling worried.


Ten years ago today, the French voted down the European Constitution Treaty, which was supposed to replace existing EU Treaties and institute key changessuch as the appointment of a EU foreign minister. This was followed by an even stronger ‘No’ in the Netherlands three days later. These ‘No’ votes succeeded where the Danish 1992 ‘No’ to Maastricht and the Irish 2000 ‘No’ to Nice had failed, forcing EU leaders to come-up with a new reform Treaty, the Lisbon Treaty.

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HDP Kazlıçeşme mitinginden #SeçimVar’a düşen bir raporlama: via Facebook Pages

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ABD’de kütüphaneleri kullanan evsizlerin portrelerinden biri. Haberi burada: via Facebook Pages

Like Father, Like Son

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Erdoğan in YeniKapı rally yesterday, with his Ottoman toy soldiers.


Erdoğan’s son, Bilal Erdoğan, in Kahramanmaraş cosplaying as a Sultan’s son. More photos and news in Turkish here:

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Spirit of Occupy Gezi haunts Turkey’s authoritarian regime in its second anniversary.

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This is a journalist from Zaman daily, pro-Gülenist. Insulted, beaten and detained like this by a policeman today in Gezi Park.

Taksim Solidarity had a sit in İstiklal St, Taksim

Taksim Square and Gezi Park, in addition to numerous other roads and streets, have been closed to the public on the second anniversary of the anti-government Gezi protests which spread across Turkey

Police blocked routes to Taksim Square

“This newspaper had once called Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid an ‘absolute monarch.’ And today it directs to the Republic of Turkey and me the hate that it once directed to the Ottoman state,” President Erdoğan has said

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#Gezi2Yaşında via Facebook Pages

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Gezi direnişinin ilk şehidi, #MehmetAyvalıtaşÖlümsüzdür #GeziyiHatırla via Facebook Pages

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Öyle devlet imkanları vb kullanılmadan toplanan organik bir halay ekibi. #KazlicesmeDeHalayVAR via Facebook Pages

In the 2nd anniversary, a massive painting in tribute to Occupy Gezi launched in Karaköy, İstanbul

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News in Turkish here

Taksim Solidarity: We’re Everywhere on 2nd Anniversary of Gezi Park Resistance

2nd anniversary of Gezi Park Resistance will be commemorated on May 31 inGezi Park at 13 a.m. There will be meetings for Gezi in Beşiktaş and Kadıköy districts of İstanbul at 15 a.m

Right groups call to mark anniversary of Gezi demos

Taksim Solidarity, a collective organization of several rights groups and NGOs at the center of the Gezi Park protests of 2013, called for a march to the central Istanbul park on May 31, the date marking the second anniversary of the mass protests that sent shockwaves through the countr
Social scientist Prof. Dr. David Harvey attended the meeting of Taksim Solidarity: ”Gezi was a struggle to create an objective unalienated alternative in an alienated environment.”

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