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Graft probe roundup… Washington says high tension over graft probe will have ‘consequences’

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Washington says high tension over graft probe will have ‘consequences’


The United States does not want to increase the tension over the latest statements by Prime Minister Erdoğan’s implication

The End of the Turkish Model? Erdogan’s Paranoia and Authoritarian Streak Threaten his Legacy 

Turkish probe marks AKP-Gulen power struggle

Cases such as Ergenekon and Sledgehammer targeted former and active high-level military officers as well as other anti-AKP establishments such as media and non-governmental organisations over plans to overthrow the government. The cases are seen


Growing Mistrust Between U.S. and Turkey Is Played Out in Public

After several years of close ties, the United States and Turkey find themselves at odds on a number of issues

EU warns Turkish PM over corruption probe: Reports

The European Union has warned Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to cease his interference in a major corruption probe

Corruption investigation bombards US-Iran-Turkey triangle


The ongoing bribery investigation in Turkey has revealed the fact that the unknowns about the “Iran-Halkbank-gold” triangle

Turkey will pay for Erdoğan’s ambitions


Blinded with rage over the investigation that implicates key ministers in a massive corruption scandal


Turkey bans media from Security Directorate buildings


“When the police started to find out weapons in Poyrazkoy there were talks that this operation was conducted by a branch in the Security Directorate close to the Fethullah Gulen movement. The government, however, then

Main opposition CHP leader slams Turkish PM’s gang remark


Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has formulized his concerns over a massive graft probe

PM’s adviser accuses Gülen movement of plotting against Turkish army, nation

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s chief political adviser, Yalçın Akdoğan, has blasted Islamist scholar Fethullah Gülen’s movement


CHP’s choice for Istanbul and Ankara

Turkey’s main opposition CHP has announced its candidates for mayorship for three big cities

Corruption case is not judicial but political, Turkish minister says

The ongoing corruption probe is not judicial but political, Turkish Interior Minister Güler said

New photos of jailed PKK leader stir social media

New photos of outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Öcalan have been released

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While ministers’ sons are arrested, AKP leadership denies corruption, targets US Ambassador Ricciardone

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Ricciardone refutes claims US ‘behind Turkey graft probe’

Hurriyet Daily News-3 hours agoShare
US’ Ambassador to Turkey, Francis J. Ricciardone has refuted Turkish media reports that United States was “behind” the ongoing graft probe in

ABD Elçisi: Yolsuzluk operasyonuyla ABD'nin ilgisi yoktur


Turkey’s governing AK party embroiled in internal strife over corruption claims
Irish Times
Hizmet members are believed to have played an important part in recent years in organising the trials and jailings – investigations into alleged coup plots known as Ergenekon and Sledgehammer – of top generals and hundreds of officers charged with 
Divided loyalties in Erdogan’s Turkey
Turkey: With Graft Scandal, Erdogan’s Very Bad Year Gets Even Worse
Fethullah Gulen: Is Islamic Cleric in Self-Exile Behind Turkey’s High-Profile 


One of the most interesting reactions to Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan’s efforts to divert public attention away from corruption allegations came from within his own party
A fierce battle has started. In the red corner, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) that has been ruling the country with the main vow of ending corruption and bringing a “clean” political start
Turkey’s latest political crisis coincides with Fed decisions pointing to higher interest rates, a combination that has caused a plunge in the Turkish currency that could be replicated elsewhere.


Two sons of Ministers arrested in Turkey’s corruption probe

Two sons of Turkish ministers among with 24 others arrested by an Istanbul court in a massive corruption probe
2 Bakan oğlu ile Reza Zarrab tutuklandıSüleyman Aslan, Reza Zarrab, Barış Güler, Kaan Çağlayan’ında aralarında bulunduğu 14 kişi tutuklandı.

Two ministers’ sons and bank chief accused of taking or arranging bribes as inquiry into graft targets PM’s circle

Sixteen people, including the sons of two ministers, have been charged in connection with a sweeping corruption investigation targeting allies of the prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The corruption inquiry is encircling the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and is seen as part of a wider struggle for power and influence
By Humeyra Pamuk and Ece Toksabay ANKARA (Reuters) – Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan denounced “international groups” and “dark alliances” on Saturday for entangling Turkey in a corruption scandal that has exposed deep rifts between him and a U.S.-based Muslim cleric who helped him rise to power. Sixteen people, including the sons of two ministers and the head of state-owned Halkbank, were

Leftist protesters demonstrate against Turkey’s ruling Ak Party and Prime Minister Erdogan in Ankara

Leftist protesters demonstrate against Turkey’s ruling Ak Party (AKP) and Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara December 21, 2013. Sixteen people, including the sons of two ministers, were charged on Saturday in connection with a Turkish corruption investigation that has struck at the heart of the ruling elite and threatened the authority of Erdogan. The general manager of state-owned Halkbank was also named as one of the people charged under the action that Erdogan has called a “dirty operation” aimed at undermining his rule. Banners read: ”End the rotten corrupted system.”‘ REUTERS/Umit Bektas
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“EU approves opening new chapter with Turkey… A FP roundup…

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EU approves opening new chapter with Turkey

European Union’s General Affairs Council has confirmed the opening of Chapter 22, on regional policies, with Turkey

 Entre Turquie et Europe : la grande dérive

Les Echos (France) no. 21547, lundi 21 octobre 2013, p. 1-9 Dominique Moïsi * Prise à revers par les révolutions arabes, la crise syrienne et le dégel des relations irano-américaines, la Turquie a vraisemblablement plus besoin de l’Europe qu’elle ne veut l’admettre aujourd’hui. L’Europe s’éloigne de jour en jour de la Turquie », déclarait, la
Europe and Turkey: still talking ?

European Voice (Belgium) 17.10.2013 By Marc Pierini * Turkey’s accession talks with the EU resume, but are they still on the same page? As usual, the European Commission’s progress report on Turkey and the associated – and politically more significant – ‘strategy paper’, both published yesterday (16 October), are a mix of positive and negative
U.S. said to have canceled drone delivery to Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey, Oct. 22 (UPI) — Washington canceled delivery of 10 Predator drones to Turkey after Ankara divulged the names of 10 Iranians who spied for Israel, a Turkish newspaper reported.

EU to restart Turkey membership talks in move to encourage reforms

Exclusive: The European Union will resume stalled talks, hoping to encourage progress on human rights

The European Union is to reopen membership talks with Turkey, more than three years after freezing negotiations, in an attempt to boost the prospects for democratic reforms amid fears that the country is taking an authoritarian lurch under its prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Commission report signals thaw of EU-Turkey relations

This year’s EU progress report adopted by the European Commission last week received a rare welcome from Turkey over the weekend (19-20 October), signalling an easing of the recent strain in relations between Ankara and Brussels. EurActiv Turkey reports.

In recent years, the European Commission’s adoption of its yearly progress report on candidate countries was followed by furious responses from Ankara.

The Little Syria News Site That Could Save In-Depth Reporting

After earning her spot on the TV news totem poll, Lara Setrakian had a difficult time explaining her decision to leave her dream job — covering the Middle East on-air for ABC and Bloomberg — to her friends and family

A guide to Turkey for new arriving European diplomats

Ambassador Jean Maurice Ripert, head of the European Commission’s delegation in Ankara

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“Number of Syrian refugees in Turkey exceeds 600,000

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Number of Syrian refugees in Turkey exceeds 600,000: Turkish official

The number of Syrian refugees in Turkey has exceeded 600,000 and more than 400,000 of them are living outside

Tensions Rise Near Syrian Border Over Wall Construction

Villagers spoke up against the construction of a wall in Turkey – Syria border “in order to prevent smugglers”. “The real aim is to besiege Rojava. There is no such practice in Reyhanlı and Akçakale with severe gang activity,” they claimed.


Is Turkish foreign policy successful?

The release of Turkish pilots by Lebanese Zuwar al-Imam Rida group (a branch of the Lebanese Hezbollah)

Doubts rise over Turkey’s ties to west

Responses to Chinese missiles, Iran and al-Qaeda indicate Ankara values its alliances. But it will have to convince Nato allies with actions, not words

Germany gives green light to open new chapter in Turkey’s EU bid

Germany has given the green light for the opening of the 22nd chapter in the EU accession negotiations, daily Hürriyet reported Oct. 20

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WPost claim: Turkey blows Israel’s cover for Iranian spy ring… Progress Report aftermath…

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Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan c... Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan criticizes Israel harshly and leaves the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turkey blows Israel’s cover for Iranian spy ring – David Ignatius – 10/16/13 – The Turkish-Israeli relationship became so poisonous early last year that the Turkish government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is said to have disclosed to Iranian intelligence the identities of up to 10 Iranians who had been meeting


EU urges including rights in Turkey talks

European Commission report criticises Turkish government for using ‘excessive force’ against mass anti-government protests during the summer

Reading the EU call to Turkey correctly

The first question in mind after finishing reading the European Union enlargement “Progress Report”


Turkey: Do Ankara’s Reforms Go Far Enough for EU?

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan described his recent “democratization package” of reforms as an “historical moment” for Turkey. But his failure to revamp controversial anti-terror laws is complicating relations with the European Union.


Key findings of the 2013 progress report on Turkey

European Commission – MEMO/13/895 Brussels, 16 October 2013 The Commission’s 2013 Progress Report on Turkey highlights a number of important steps taken by Turkey over the past 12 months, notably the adoption of a fourth judicial reform package and the start of a peace process to end terrorism and violence in the Southeast of the

Bruxelles veut dénoncer sans braquer Ankara

Libération (France) 16 octobre 2013, p. 7 Marc Semo L’UE publie son rapport annuel sur la Turquie, alors qu’elle souhaite rouvrir les négociations d’adhésion. Dans ce genre d’exercices, la forme compte presque autant que le fond. Publié aujourd’hui, le rapport annuel de la Commission européenne sur la Turquie dresse, comme pour chaque pays candidat, le


In Turkey, an Inevitable Shift in Foreign Policy

Stratfor (USA) October 14, 2013 Summary. Turkey’s Middle East policy under the ruling Justice and Development Party has broadly focused on two ambitious objectives: deepening influence in the Arab world through the empowerment of moderate Sunni Islamist forces and a visibly antagonistic relationship with Israel, and using political and economic appeasement to contain Kurdish separatism.

Is supporting jihadists an intelligence success?

The Wall Street Journal’s long and comprehensive analysis on Hakan Fidan

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FP roundup: Oh man… “Turkey says Israel hasn’t met all conditions for normalizing ties after 2010 ship attack

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Turkey says Israel hasn’t met all conditions for normalizing ties after 2010 ship attack

Turkey’s foreign minister says there has been some progress in improving Turkish-Israeli relations but Israel has not yet fulfilled all conditions for normalizing ties.

 Israel must do more to normalize ties with Turkey, FM Davutoğlu says

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said there has been “some progress” in improving Turkish-Israeli relations but Israel has not yet fulfilled all conditions for normalizing ties.
SNC admits alienating Syrian Islamist rebels

With Islamists making gains in northern Syria, the Syrian National Coalition admits that his group has lost the ear of the Islamists by avoiding contact
Up to 32 supporters detained for field invasion during Istanbul derby

Authorities detained 32 supporters today in connection with the invasion of the pitch during the Beşiktaş-Galatasaray derby game over the weekend
Turkey and Arabs seek to boost economic ties

Turkey and Arab countries aim to boost their economic and trade relations and seek to trigger the process
What has happened to Turkey in the last five years?

A Columbia University initiative, the Columbia Global Centers to be more specific
Al-Qaeda, Kurdish militia clash on Syrian border with Turkey: Activists

Seven al-Qaeda-affiliated rebels were killed in a battle with a Syrian Kurdish militia on Sept. 25, as violence between Syria‘s Arabs and Kurds increased, opposition activists said
Permanent Security Council members agree on core of UN Syria draft resolution: Diplomats

The U.S., Russia, France, China and Britain have agreed on the core of a U.N Security Council resolution to rid Syria of its chemical weapons, Western diplomats said
Nos amis les Turcs

L’Express (France) no. 3247, mercredi 25 septembre 2013, p. 29 Marcelo Wesfreid Lors de son déplacement à Istanbul, le 12 septembre, le ministre délégué aux Affaires européennes, Thierry Repentin, a délivré un message clair aux dirigeants turcs : “La place de la Turquie est, à terme, dans l’Union européenne.” Il a accordé une interview au
Les Turcs privés de libre circulation

Le Temps (Suisse) mercredi 25 septembre 2013 Ram Etwareea, Bruxelles La Cour de justice de l’Union européenne a rejeté une plainte d’une citoyenne turque déposée sur la base de l’accord d’Ankara signé en 1963 L’Union européenne (UE) n’a aucune obligation d’accorder aux citoyens turcs un droit d’entrée sans visa. Ce verdict a été rendu mardi

Turkish President meets Obama at UN lunch

Turkish President Abdullah Gül has had conversation with his U.S. counterpart Barrack Obama in private during a UN lunch

Kidnapped Turkish pilots moved to unknown location: report

The kidnappers of two Turkish pilots have moved the pilots from Beirut’s southern suburbs to an unknown location


US, EU bungled Arab Spring strategy: Study

The United States and the European Union lack strategy and influence in countries affected by the Arab Spring

Syria committed to chemical weapons deal: Assad

Syria is committed to the convention against

Turkish President Gül meets with Iranian counterpart Rouhani

Turkish President Abudllah Gül met with Iran’s newly-elected President Hassan Rouhani in New York

Iran open to top-level talks with US: foreign minister

Iran is ready to engage in high-level talks with long-time foe the United States, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said
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European Court of Justice rules out visa-free travel for Turks…A FP roundup…

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English: Photo of Egemen Bagis, Turkish Minist... English: Photo of Egemen Bagis, Turkish Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

European Court of Justice rules out visa-free travel for Turks

Court of Justice of the European Union (ECOJ) has decided against Turkish citizens visa free travel right


Turkey slams Eurocourt ruling over visas

A decision of the Court of Justice of European Union refusing to grant Turkish citizens the right to visa-free travel has been fiercely criticized by the government


Al-Assad ‘must face consequences’ for chemical weapons use, Obama says in UN speech

U.S. President Barack Obama urged ‘consequences’ for the use of chemical weapons in Syria during his U.N. speech, warning that the world’s credibility was at stake

Syrian chemical deal not ultimate solution to crisis, says Turkish President Gül

Turkish President Abdullah Gül has reiterated that the U.S.-Russia agreement over Syrian chemical weapons is not the ultimate solution

Turkey’s Chief European Union Negotiator Acknowledges Turkey May Never Join Bloc

Turkey’s European Union affairs minister, Egemen Bagis, said Saturday that Turkey would probably never join the union, the world’s biggest trading bloc.

Russia says UN Syria resolution could ‘mention’ Chapter VII

A UN Security Council resolution on Syria could mention an article which allows force or sanctions, a top Russian diplomat said


Turquie : complots sur le Bosphore

Le Monde (France) vendredi 20 septembre 2013, p. 24 par Alain Frachon Istanbul a perdu les Jeux olympiques de 2020, mais, grâce au premier ministre turc, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, elle va gagner une médaille d’or : capitale mondiale du complot. Pas comme elle l’était du temps de la guerre froide, avec belles espionnes russes traversant

Bonnes nouvelles de Turquie

Le Monde (France) vendredi 20 septembre 2013, p. LIV4 Le Monde des livres ~ Littérature/Critiques Catherine Simon « Panorama réinventé » de la littérature turque contemporaine, selon le mot de l’éditrice Emmanuelle Collas, ce volumineux recueil de nouvelles rend hommage aux pionniers que furent Sait Faik (1906-1954) et Sabahattin Ali (1907-1948), mais donne surtout un

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Syria updates as “A New Trio: US, Russia and Iran” emeges…

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Russia offers troops for Syria plan

Moscow is ready to send troops to help in the proposed operation to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says.
Kerry: “Eşgüdüm içinde olalım”
Assad survives

It was already looking likely that President Bashar al-Assad’s regime would survive
Interview with Abbas Vali on Syria, Kurds and Turkey

“I think government’s wrong approach and calculation towards developments in Syria and Rojava have shaped its current attitude towards the peace process with the PKK. The Turkish government is stalling; they don’t want the peace process although they fear to admit it.”
A New Trio: US, Russia and Iran

You must know Dinah Washington’s most famous song “what a difference a day makes”
Opposition to intervention in Syria utilitarian, not ideological

Whether or not a movement is primarily violent or nonviolent, what is important is whether it employs strategies and tactics that can maximize its chances of success. A reply to Nader Hashemi.

Not realistic to talk Syria without Iran: Turkish President

Turkish President Abdullah Gül has said it would be “unrealistic” to have any discussion on the Syrian war without the inclusion of Iran

Turkey air force honors crew who downed Syrian chopper

Turkey’s air force on Sunday paid tribute to the crew who shot down a Syrian military helicopter which it said had violated Turkish airspace.

Future business in Syria not predictable, says head of a Turkish business group

Any investment cannot be planned for Syria at the moment, whereas Turkish investors in Egypt have encountered hardly any problems during the revolution and coup, the head of a Turkish business group has said

US, Iran inch toward a thaw over Syria

A country standing on the brink of a highly risky foreign military intervention amid an ongoing civil war

Turkey’s Syria policy problem

Syria is officially now Turkey’s number one foreign policy problem, as stated by Turkish President Abdullah Gül

Turkey says will not ‘tolerate’ Syria-linked radicals

ANKARA (AFP) – Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul said his country will not “tolerate” al-Qaeda-type groups emerging in the Syrian conflict following fighting between rebels and jihadists last week.”We will not allow any formation beyond our borders that would threaten Turkey and the entire region,” Gul was quoted as saying by the Milliyet newspaper on Sunday. “We can never tolerate this.”The

US ‘blackmailing’ Russia over Syria resolution: Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Sunday accused the United States of blackmailing Russia over a tough UN resolution against Syria

Syrian opposition ‘willing’ to attend Geneva conference

Syrian opposition voices desire to be involved with the Geneva talks provided the conference aims at the ‘establishment of a transitional government’
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Whining like child: “Turkey will probably never become a member of the EU because of ‘prejudiced’ attitudes…

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Egemen Bağış baklayı ağzından çıkarmış: "Turkey


Turkey will probably never be EU member, Minister Bağış says

Bağış has said Turkey will probably never become a member of the EU because of ‘prejudiced’ attitudes


Turkish investors urge foreign policy revision

The head of TÜSİAD calls for Ankara to return to being an honest broker in the wider region in the interests of boosting the country’s economy

Despite lavish public praise, US is deeply troubled by Erdogan

Armenian Reporter

Some months ago I wrote a column titled “Obama is Exploiting TurkishLeaders’ Craving for Flattery,” explaining that the U.S. President is able to persuade Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to do his bidding by taking advantage of his weakness for …

With Neighbors Like These

Syria’s problems are exposing Turkey’s own challenges with its Alevi minority.

Iraq’s Kurds vote amid rows, regional tensions

Iraq’s Kurds vote on Sept. 21 for their parliament as the autonomous region grapples with disputes with the federal government

Baku urges Ankara not to repeat 2009 ‘mistake’

The chief of the foreign relations department of the Azerbaijani Presidency urges Ankara not to repeat the 2009 ‘mistake’ of attempting to open borders with Armenia before the country withdraws from occupied lands

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Syria updates. PM Erdoğan supports downing Syrian helicopter. Syria gives Russia ‘new evidence’ rebels behind chem attack… US says Russia ‘ignoring facts’ over Syria attack

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Army downed Syrian helicopter ‘according to rules of engagement,’ Turkish PM says

The gov’t has provided the Turkish army with the authority to act according to the rules of engagement in the event of any border violation, PM Erdoğan said
Syria gives Russia ‘new evidence’ rebels behind chem attack

The Syrian regime has handed Russia new materials implicating rebels in a chemical attack outside Damascus
Russia ‘ignoring facts’ over Syria attack: US

The United States Tuesday accused Russia of ignoring the facts surrounding a poison gas attack in Syria
New York Times on Syria: All the propaganda fit to print
World Socialist Web Site
In Turkey, meanwhile, prosecutors handed down an indictment last week against a Syrian member of the Al Qaeda-affiliated Al Nusra Front and fiveTurkish accomplices based on charges that they had set up an operation to procure chemical components for
A complicated relationship: Libya, Syria and the international press

The decision whether to intervene militarily in Syria should not be dictated by non-information, nor should the success or failure of Libya’s revolution (and NATO’s role in it) be prematurely judged on the same basis.

UN Report: ‘Convincing Evidence’ Of Syria Chemical Attack
Mintpress News
Kerry met in Paris with his counterparts from France, Britain, Turkeyand Saudi Arabia before seeking a U.N. resolution that would detail how the international community can secure and destroy Syria’s stockpile and precursor chemicals. As a sign of 
Syria’s Pals at the Chemical Weapons Convention
Israel wants to see al-Assad removed

The Israeli ambassador to the United States has said Israel has wanted to see Syrian President Bashar al-Assad removed from power
Syria security official says rebels have missiles, sarin gas

Syria rebels possess ground-to-ground missiles and sarin, and a UN report on chemical weapons use shows they carried out attacks near Damascus
Syria crisis: deadly bomb blast hits Turkish border crossing

Car bomb explodes on Syrian side of Bab al-Hawa crossing, killing at least seven people and wounding 20

Turkey ‘fully transparent’ regarding rules of engagement: US State Department

Washington remains ‘committed to Turkey’s territorial integrity,’ Spokeperson Jen Psaki said

Is Turkey Really Safe For Western Investors Again?

Turkey is supposed to be one of the great emerging markets. Unfortunately, its growth has been derailed, its nation was hit hard by protests and unrest over the summer, and now it is among the eleven nations

Turkey shoots down Syrian helicopter after airspace violation (+video)

Turkey is openly opposed to the Assad regime and has supported rebel groups, allowing weapons to cross the Turkish border to Assad’s chagrin.

Syria opposition urges UN Chapter VII resolution allowing use of force

Syrian opposition chief Ahmad Jarba urged the Security Council to adopt a resolution under Chapter VII of the U.N. charter allowing use of force to cripple Syria’s ‘war machine’

Rights group urge UN to refer Syria conflict to ICC

Rights groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch urged the United Nations to refer the conflict in Syria to the International Criminal Court
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