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New photo from Facebook September 28, 2022 at 04:39PM

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Gdansk, Polonya. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Bulgaria election campaigns in İstanbul

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I have seen these posters, too:

In other news:

Instead of atttending Queen Elisabeth’s funeral, President Erdoğan went to NY and spent some time in the parks.


Turkish President Casts Himself as a Mediator in Russian War on Ukraine

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey addressed the United Nations a day after calling on Russia to return all captured

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Italy: Leftists bicker, fascists win

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It’s a Girl (Fascist)!

ROME, ITALY – 2022/09/26: Giorgia Meloni is seen during a press conference. Giorgia Meloni, leader of the far-right and national-conservative party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), commented on the party’s victory at the Italian elections, held on 25 September 2022, at Parco Principi Hotel in Rome. (Photo by Valeria Ferraro/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
  • Brothers of Italy, alongside other far-right parties, last year voted down a bill that would have made violence against queer and trans people a hate crime.

Giorgia Meloni, leader of Fratelli d’Italia, or Brothers of Italy, party during a press conference in Rome on Sept. 26, 2022.

Europe’s far-right celebrates Meloni victory

In Warsaw and Budapest, the prime ministers were quick to congratulate the new Italian leader, who — they hope — will

Italy votes as far-right Meloni looks for victory

Italians are deciding whether to choose their most right-wing government since World War Two.

‘Grazie Italia’: Far-right wins power in Rome

A far-right bloc, led by former fascist Georgia Meloni, barrelled to victory in Italian elections on Sunday with up to 45

The proposals about social issues of the main italian parties in the oncoming election

Infographic: How much of Europe’s energy comes from gas?

In 2021, one-third of Europe’s energy – used for generating electricity, transport and heating – came from burning gas.

Europe’s Heat Waves Offer a Grim Vision of the Future

Extreme temperatures are the direct result of climate change, which means more intense heat events, wild fires, and droughts to come.

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Russian men flee the country mostly to #İstanbul which is ranked as ‘least liveable city’ in Europe

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Istanbul ranks as ‘least liveable city’ in Europe: – Duvar English

Turkey’s megacity Istanbul has ranked last in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) “Global Liveability Index 2022” report among European cities
Russian men flee the country. Many are showing up in Istanbul – NPR

Istanbul is a destination of choice because it is one of few places where Russians can travel to without visas, with a long history of Russian tourism

Pro-Ukraine protest in Istanbul marks seventh month of war | News – Al Jazeera

Dozens of pro-Ukrainian demonstrators gathered in Turkey’s largest city Istanbul to mark seven months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russians flee to Istanbul after mobilisation call – YouTube

Istanbul’s airport is welcoming more Russians than usual, with some fleeing the partial mobilisation decreed by President Vladimir Putin for the

Scenery of Bosporus Strait in Istanbul, Türkiye – Global Times

Tourists take a boat tour in Bosporus Strait in Istanbul, Türkiye, Sept. 24, 2022. (Xinhua/Shadati). Photo taken on Sept

9 more grain ships leave Ukraine under Istanbul deal: Türkiye – Anadolu Agency

Nine more ships have left Ukrainian ports under the historic Istanbul grain export deal, the Turkish National Defense Ministry said on Sunday.

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#İstanbul news with a rainbow in sight

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Europe’s first cross-continental train, the Orient Express shuttling between Paris and Istanbul has arrived in Türkiye after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Istanbul Airport ranked busiest in Europe

Istanbul Airport has been ranked as the busiest airport in Europe with 1,310 flights between Aug. 24 and 30, according to data

The 17th Istanbul Biennial finds novel ways to have difficult conversations

Partial view of an installation by Marco Scotini at Merkez Rum Kiz Lisesi as part of the 17th Istanbul Biennial Photo by Sahi Uğur Eren.

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Women activists, Kurdish politicians give support Mahsa Amini protests

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A woman cut her hair on Sept. 21 as dozens of others cheered at a protest held outside Tehran’s Istanbul consulate in solidarity with Mahsa Amini, whose death in Iranian custody sparked mass unrest.


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New photo from Facebook September 23, 2022 at 01:41PM

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Reykjavik , İzlanda. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Queen Elizabeth II in Ephesus in 1971

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Check out Ephesus Ancient City

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#Anthropology roundup: “Archaeology at the Borders of the Refugee Crisis

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Archaeological methods, which are typically used to study the past, can also illuminate the experiences of today’s displaced people.

This article was originally published at Knowable Magazine and has been republished with Creative Commons.

MILLIONS OF PEOPLE from the Global South have left their homes behind to escape poverty, violence, war, or drought. Archaeologists, who usually look back in time, can turn their expertise to these forced migrations, learning about the experiences of these displaced people and the barriers they face by examining the things that are used, carried, or cast aside.

In Spain, Scapegoating Spikes During the Pandemic

An anthropologist and a Rroma activist investigate the rise in prejudice and abuse toward Rroma people during the COVID-19 crisis. ✽ During the first wave of the pandemic, someone took a photo of a man in Seville, Spain, who had come down with COVID-19. Though thousands of people were similarly infected, this image went viral on WhatsApp, spreading symptoms of prejudice and hostility—because the

5 Ancient Societies that Collapsed When the Water Ran Dry

Did Neanderthals Make Art?

Experts continue to debate whether Neanderthals were painters and jewelry-makers. A paleoanthropologist explores the evidence for Neanderthal art and the sources of people’s skepticism.

As a Neanderthal researcher, I’m familiar with the stereotypes of Homo neanderthalensis: dull, unintelligent, lacking the imagination to do more than bash each other on the head. They just sat around, gnawing on mammoth, awaiting their inevitable extinction. So, in 2018, I was excited when I saw a headline announcing “It’s Official: Neanderthals Created Art.” I quickly found the scientific article and read that new evidence from Spain had dated art in three caves at more than 65,000 years old. The only people in Europe at that time were Neanderthals!

A woman and two girls stand by a truck hauling a fir tree. The woman leans over the tree, holding her hands up, as if she is wafting the scent of the tree toward her.


Former first lady Michelle Obama savors the scent of a Douglas fir tree presented to the first family for Christmas in 2010. Rod Lamkey/Getty Images

Vivian,* a Washington, D.C.–based art curator, realized she had COVID-19 in December 2020. “I bought a tree, and I brought it home,” she recalls. “And I thought, This tree has no smell. What did they sell me? Is this a bad tree?

Multisensory Ethnography Through Emplaced Augmented Reality

Anthrovision Incorporating moving and still images and audio within the text, I examine in this article how site-specific augmented

Does “Monkeypox” Give Monkeys a Bad Name?

The debate over naming the virus known as monkeypox says a lot about the close—but fraught—relationships between

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#Europe agenda: “Satellite Data Shows How Russia Has Destroyed Ukrainian Grain

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Satellite Data Shows How Russia Has Destroyed Ukrainian Grain

The Russian blockade and bombardments are cutting off thousands of tons of grain, threatening the food supply in countries that rely on wheat exports.

Euro hits new 20-year low after Russia halts gas supplies

The euro slides to $0.9876 after Russia scraps a Saturday deadline for flows from the Nord Stream pipeline to resume.

Macron’s dream of a European metaverse is far from a reality

European businesses, investors, and talent are all vying for a ticket on the metaverse hype train. Even political heavyweights are

Wagner Group: Head of Russian mercenary group filmed recruiting in prison

Yevgeniy Prigozhin offered prisoners their freedom in exchange for six months service in Ukraine.

Six months of Russia’s war in Ukraine, explained in maps

Using maps and satellite imagery, Al Jazeera breaks down some of the key events of the Russia-Ukraine war.

On Saturday, Ukraine captured key eastern towns, as Russian forces withdrew to “regroup”.

Sweden election: How an ex neo-Nazi movement became kingmakers

A long-time pariah, the Sweden Democrats are now the country’s second-largest party.

Right-wing bloc wins narrow majority in Swedish parliament

A right-wing bloc that includes a nationalist anti-immigration party won a narrow majority in Sweden’s parliament
Sweden’s right wing looked set to oust Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson’s left-wing bloc in Sunday’s general election on strong gains by the far-right, clinging to a slim lead with 94 percent of electoral districts counted.

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