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This guy really enjoys visiting Hagia Sophia:

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Scenes after conversion to a mosque..

This 130-year-old beer factory has been demolished last week…

The Bomonti front in Turkey’s culture wars

Photo Gallery: Istanbul Airport museum opens with treasures of Turkey exhibition

Istanbul Airport has opened its museum, the Istanbul Airport Museum, with an exhibition on important Turkish artefacts. Ilaria Grasso Macola 3 mins

stanbul Film Festival begins with open-air screenings

Istanbul Basaksehir win Turkish title for first time to end big three dominance

Istanbul Basaksehir won the Turkish title for the first time on Sunday, ending the dominance of the city’s big three clubs Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and .

Converting Hagia Sophia into a mosque is an act of cultural cleansing

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is famous for saying, “If we lose Istanbul, we lose Turkey.” Last year, he lost the city’s municipal elections.
Syrian painter Akram Zave’s oil-color exhibition “the decedents of the Piper” opened for visitors in Istanbul on July 18.

Erdogan Fulfills Cherished Goal, Opening Hagia Sophia to Prayers

ISTANBUL — President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sealed his long-stated desire to restore the historic Hagia Sophia as a working mosque on Friday, …

Hagia Sophia: Interesting facts about Istanbul’s architectural wonder

The fate of Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia has been decided, fulfilling Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s pledge to rename it as a mosque and revive
Çınaraltı: Istanbul’s historical tea garden

A decades-old Istanbul tea garden on the shore of the iconic Bosphorus Strait is a frequent stop for both locals and tourists

Sunflower Seed Spitting Banned by Üsküdar & U.S. Baseball

//Ed. note: TNT visited Üsküdar a couple

of days ago. Lovely view, especially minus
sunflower seeds, but not a tree in sight – a
burning concrete shoreline desert.  How
about diverting some fine money to tree-
planting maybe.//
türkçe links to original Turkish article
baseball & sunflower seeds click here for the
story of U.S. baseball banning sunflower seed
                 Just like the bench in a baseball dugout.
The habit of sitting on benches along the shore, chewing sunflower
seeds and spitting the shells on the ground has been banned by the
Üsküdar municipality in Istanbul.  Mayor Hilmi Türkmen explained
that “this is a difficult but necessary decision for us.  From now on
chewing sunflower seeds from Harem to Küçüksu along the Üsküdar
coast is prohibited.”

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New photo from Facebook July 29, 2020 at 09:51PM

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Güzel bir nokta. via Facebook Pages

Swords etc. Too much Symbolism makes all ineffective…

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Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) head Ali Erbaş delivered the Friday sermon at Hagia Sophia with a sword in hand, presenting an Ottoman tradition of conquest.

No tour of Istanbul can fail to include Hagia Sophia. The same is true enough of the British Museum in London or the Louvre in Paris, but Hagia Sophia is more than a museum: it’s also spent different stretches of its near-millennium-and-a-half of existence as an Eastern Orthodox cathedral, a Roman Catholic cathedral, and a mosque. Stripped of its religious function in the mid-1930s by the administration of President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, remembered for his creation of a secular Turkish republic, the majestic building has spent the past 85 years as not just a museum but the country’s top tourist attraction. Now, according to a decree issued last week by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Hagia Sophia will become a mosque again.

Erdoğan leads first prayers at Hagia Sophia museum reverted to mosque

Turkish president recites Qur’an at monument as Greece declares day of mourning

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has led worshippers in the first prayers in Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia since his controversial declaration that the monument, which over the centuries has served as a cathedral, mosque and museum, would be turned back into a Muslim house of worship.

Sermon with a sword, arrival with an Audi car:

After the sermon with a sword, stopping at a third-wave coffee store:

Prominent Turkish author Adalet Ağaoğlu died on July 14 at the age of 91.

She is described as the most prolific authors of 20th century Turkish literature.

“We lost Adalet Ağaoğlu this morning,” wrote Turkish literary critic Semih Gümüş on Twitter.

“She was one of the most important writers of our literature. Her novels were very special,” Gümüş said sharing a photo of the Turkish novelist along with her husband who died in 2018.

A total of 330,289 people left Turkey to live abroad in 2019, marking an increase of 2 percent compared to the previous year, online news platform T24 said on July 17, citing data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK).

Some 54.6 percent of them were men, while 45.4 percent were women.

Some 84,863 of the 330,289 that left Turkey were Turkish citizens, while the rest 245,426 were foreign nationals.

Famous Turkish showman and actor Seyfi Dursunoğlu, who was known by his stage name “Huysuz Virjin” which translates as “The Grumpy Virgin,” passed away on July 17 at the age of 87.

Dursunoğlu was hospitalized 15 days ago after suffering from a stomach problem and spent the last three days in intensive care due to respiratory failure and multiple organ failure, Turkish media outlets said. He had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Famous Turkish showman and actor Seyfi Dursunoğlu, who was known by his stage name “Huysuz Virjin” which translates as “The Grumpy Virgin,” passed away on July 17 at the age of 87.

Dursunoğlu was hospitalized 15 days ago after suffering from a stomach problem and spent the last three days in intensive care due to respiratory failure and multiple organ failure, Turkish media outlets said. He had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

  • Club only sixth side to win the Super Lig
  • Team includes Gaël Clichy and Martin Skrtel

Istanbul Basaksehir won the Turkish title for the first time on Sunday, ending the dominance of the city’s big three clubs Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas.

At Least 60 Migrants Killed in Turkish Boat Disaster

Rescuers continue to pull the bodies of victims from Lake Van, in eastern Turkey, more than three weeks after the fishing boat carrying them sank.

Seyfi Dursunoğlu, better known as Turkey’s most famous drag queen “Huysuz Virjin” (Grumpy Virgin), died on July 17 in hospital in Istanbul due to complications from pneumonia brought by COPD.. He was 87.

In 2007, Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) announced that his program could no longer be broadcast on television channels and that he would no longer revive the character of Huysuz Virjin but he presented the dance program Huysuz’la Dans Eder misin? on Show TV in 2012. In the same year, he joined Benzemez Kimse Sana as a judge which aired on Star TV. On the program’s final episode, he appeared as Huysuz Virjin and said “This is my last kanto“, implying that he could not sing kanto again due to his age. He later announced that he would donate ₺15 million of his property to the Association for the Support of Contemporary Living.

Governing AKP targets Rainbows claiming it is LGBTI+ propaganda

Governing Justice & Development Party that has been targeting the LGBTI+ communities and Pride Week activities harshly over the last few years has increased its pressure in recent months. Lately concernign all legislative actions of the party there has been made claims of combatting the LGBTI+ agenda, be it the multiple bar associations bill, or withdrawal from The Council of Europe’s Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence [known as the Istanbul Convention] or even the Digital Platforms Regulation. Most recently AKP vice chair & İzmir deputy Hamza Dağ came out against the rainbow images in his city.

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“Statement by Osman Kavala who is imprisoned for 1.000 days” and a judiciary roundup…

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United States Department of State – Jul 27

As of this week, Turkish philanthropist and civil society leader Osman Kavala has spent 1,000 days in detention without being convicted of any crime. The United States underscores the importance of respecting international obligations and

Philanthropist businessperson from Turkey, who has been in prison for 1.000 days despite being acquitted in court, has published a statement.

When I was arrested on two charges a thousand days ago and as I kept waiting for the indictment to be issued for the ensuing 16 months, all that happened to me – I thought – would expose and make visible the problems in detention practices, and would be corrected after the State of Emergency. But now I understand that unlawful practices in politically motivated cases are not considered as a…

Bärbel Kofler from Germany’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement on the 1,000th day of businessperson and rights defender Kavala’s arrest: “I look with increasing concern at the status of the rule of law and fundamental freedoms in Turkey.”
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW) have released statements regarding the social media bill passed by the Parliament’s Justice Commission, raising concerns that the amendments in question will increase censorship.
101 people from different segments of society, backgrounds and politics have made a joint call: “Young people, hear our voice. The promise of a bright future is in your hands. And, we, the grey-haired elders, would like to see its light in our life-time.”
In a social media post, the mother of Nadira Kadirova, a domestic worker who suspiciously died at the house of ruling AKP MP Şirin Ünal, has said, “Şirin Ünal, you don’t have the right to live in this world, either. You killed my daughter.”
Ferhat Tepe, a reporter for Özgür Gündem newspaper, was abducted in the eastern province of Bitlis on July 28, 1993. He was found dead in Elazığ, another eastern province, on August 4. We remember Tepe on the 27th anniversary of his death.
Lawyer Rezan Epözdemir has appealed to the prosecutor’s office, requesting that the investigation into Pınar Gültekin’s murder be extended. “We think that this brutal murder was committed with premeditation,” the lawyer has noted.
Al Arabiya English – Emily Judd – Jul 26

Turkey is sending Uighur refugees back home to China, where they face imprisonment and persecution, through third countries like Tajikistan, the Telegraph revealed on Sunday. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “is helping China

The Financial Times – Laura Pitel in Ankara and Hannah Murphy in San Francisco – Jul 23, 3:22 AM

Turkey is headed for a showdown with Twitter, YouTube and Facebook after pushing ahead with a proposal to block social media sites if they refuse to comply with stringent new conditions. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned this month that he

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#Cyberculture agenda: “Europe Proves Contact-Tracing Apps Aren’t A Coronavirus Cure-All…

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Twitter Cracks Down on QAnon. Your Move, Facebook

Twitter’s new policy won’t make the conspiracy group disappear. But experts say it could dramatically reduce its ability to

Twitter Is Finally Going After QAnon

Twitter is essentially banning QAnon conspiracy theory content.

A system which worsens discrimination.

Facial recognition technology analyses the structure of faces to allow identification of individuals. Image used with permission. Source: Pikrepo

Predictive policing algorithms are racist. They need to be dismantled.

Yeshimabeit Milner was in high school the first time she saw kids she knew getting handcuffed and stuffed into police cars. It was February 29, 2008, and the principal of a nearby school in Miami, with a majority Haitian and African-American population, had put one of his students in a chokehold. The next day several dozen kids staged a peaceful demonstration. It didn’t go well.

Twitter says hackers ‘manipulated’ employees to access accounts

Twitter locked large number of accounts in damage control move after high-profile attack on the social media company.

Twitter attack was work of young hacker pals: NYT

Hackers involved in the high-profile hijacking of Twitter accounts earlier this week were young pals with no links to state

The Big Twitter Hack Keeps Getting Stranger and Stranger

If this incident was, in fact, the result of social engineering, that’s good news.

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The first Friday prayer in #HagiaSophia after 8 decades…

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Erdoğan’s team at work

HİKMET ADAL REPORTS: Updating: First Friday prayer at Hagia Sophia

People have gathered around Hagia Sophia after its conversion into a mosque, a decision that caused worldwide

Hagia Sophia ready for first Muslim prayer after years

images hidden with curtains…


Some 500 worshippers are set to attend Muslim prayers at UNESCO World Heritage site on Friday.
Erdoğan and his wife visited Hagia Sophia yesterday. These propaganda images are from the presidential office.
The Hagia Sophia has been designated as a mosque again, its status as a museum viewed for decades as a seal on the country’s spirit.
The American who restored Hagia Sophia’s mosaics

Turkey: Muslim prayers in Hagia Sophia for first time in 86 years

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to join hundreds of worshippers after iconic landmark’s reconversion into mosque.

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Just published! “Big Data and Gender‐Biased Algorithms”

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I have circulated a pre-publication version but I hear today my short piece is now published in The International Encyclopedia of Gender, Media, and Communication.

About this reference work

The first major reference work on gender and media—covering a broad range of gender-focused topics

The International Encyclopedia of Gender, Media, and Communication comprises more than 250 entries by an international team of both established and emerging scholars in the field. This innovative resource explores how gender is represented in media, who produces the content, and the ways in which audiences receive and understand media messages. The contributors offer original insights on diverse aspects of gender in film, television, visual media, social and digital media and more.

Three alphabetically-organized volumes explore contexts and issues, production, fiction and non-fiction representation, and audience consumption. Each entry provides an overview of the topic, a list of additional readings, and cross-references to related entries in the encyclopedia. Sub-topics are thematically organized, covering a wide range of issues, genres, and media formats. Comprehensive and up-to-date, the encyclopedia places gender at the center of both historical and contemporary debates in the broad field of media and communication. This unique work:

  • Presents contemporary scholarship on a vast array of topics including film biographies, TV, film and radio histories and genres, gender representation in news, and screen-based entertainment media
  • Explores the concept of gender as both stereotype and non-conforming with essays dealing critically with issues around identity, sexuality, and intersectionality
  • Includes essays which range from women film producers to the boy detective, from queer cinema to political communication, from gender and news to the racialized body, and many things in between
  • Acknowledges the importance of the digital media landscape with numerous essays on digital and social media, from online dating to the quantified self to feminist media activism
  • Discusses new research questions about the fusion of production, representation, and reception in media

The International Encyclopedia of Gender, Media, and Communication is an indispensable reference for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, instructors, and scholars in media, communication, gender studies, and related fields.


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the EU Commissioner publishes observations on internet blocking in Turkey….

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Council of Europe – Nov 25, 2019, 1:00 AM

Diminuer la taille du texte Augmenter la taille du texte Imprimer la page Imprimer en PDF Today the Commissioner published her written observations submitted to the European Court of Human Rights concerning the case of Wikimedia Foundation, INC. v

Prof. Yaman Akdeniz and lecturer Gökhan Ahi have commented on the government’s new social media bill.

Turkey has never had a “normal” day to talk about daily, routine problems, such as the economy or even the situation around COVID-19. Thanks to the AKP-MHP alliance’s agenda, almost each day, a major debate or huge change is on the table.

The past week, it was the forceful change of the structure of the bar associations and the Hagia Sophia decision, combined with Turkey’s adventurous affairs overseas. Meanwhile, President Erdoğan gave instructions to work on how to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention, which is known as the most serious, effective commitment for states to combat domestic violence and gender-based crime.

Murder in Turkey sparks outrage over rising violence against women

High femicide rate and efforts to roll back legislation designed to protect women are under spotlight The murder of a 27-year-old woman by an ex-boyfriend has sparke

Turkey’s presidential dictatorship

Re-converting Ayasofya takes a major symbolic step towards the President’s ideal goal of an Islamised one-party state.

“Press receiving foreign funding uses media power as a weapon against the state and the nation” Communications Director Altun

Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun targeted the media groups that receive funding from outside of Turkey to allegedly promote manipulative content against “our President’s popular support by the nation. Unfortunately this group is using the media power as a weapon against the state and nation.”

Presidential Communications Director Altun has claimed that some media groups operating in Turkey are creating manipulative content. Altun said in a statement, “stop acting as the fifth power in these lands, assume your rule as the fourth power. Stop your hostilities against democracy, instead serve to our democracy” during the Ankara Press Workshop. Altun said..

Erdoğan’s communications director says ‘fifth column’ media works against Turkey

Foreign-funded outlets “support terrorism, use media power as a weapon against the nation and the state, and produce provocative information against the president,” according to Fahrettin Altun.

The nine-amendment social media regulations prepared by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) that’s in parliament as of July 22 will allow the government to mandate the removal of any content on the internet, cyber rights expert Yaman Akdeniz said.

We are run by a sentimental government. In fact, the President frequently mentions his love and his passion for this nation and country at his rallies. However, recently, it looks as though the government’s activities are driven by hatred and revenge — as though someone is shouting at the top of their voice, “I will get even with you!”

Then, the parliament started to debate splitting up the bar associations. Ways to close social media are being sought. Young people are being threatened by sentences like “Those who dislike will be disliked.” Television channels are being closed. There is an attempt to remove the gains by women, which have barely been won, that provide certain rights and security of life. LBGTI+ people are being targeted. Journalists are being arrested; human rights defenders are being sued and punished.

World reacts to Turkey reconverting Hagia Sophia into a mosque

Greece, Cyprus and church leaders among those to express concern about changing the status of the sixth-century site.

WITNESSES OF İSTANBUL CONVENTION : ‘All four political parties agreed on İstanbul Convention when it was first signed’

CHP MP Aylin Nazlıaka, women rights defender Selma Acuner and academic Eylem Ümit Atılgan, who were witnesses to the period when İstanbul Convention was signed, have spoken to bianet amid recent debates on Turkey’s possible withdrawal.

Many Turkish people against Istanbul Convention mistake it for Montreux Convention: Poll

Murder of 27 year old fuels Turkey’s feminist rebellion: Don’t think about touching Istanbul Convention Turkish
TÜSİAD, the largest business group in Turkey, and MP Candan Yüceer from the main opposition party have criticized the government’s plan to withdraw from the convention.

MESA sends an open letter to President Erdoğan for Bülent Şık

President of Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Dina Rizk Khoury has addressed an open letter to President

Application to Constitutional Court over failure to implement ECtHR ruling on Demirtaş

The ECtHR previously concluded that the conviction of imprisoned former HDP Co-Chair Demirtaş over a speech violated his

Military officer charged with sexual assault released, woman commits suicide

The specialist sergeant said in his defense statement that he was “drunk,” the woman is currently in the hospital.

Draining of dam reservoir starts to find Gülistan Doku

Doku went missing in the southeastern Dersim province on January 5

Orhan Pamuk, Turkey’s Nobel prize-winning author, has criticized the Turkish government’s decision to convert Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

“There are millions of secular Turks like me who are crying against this but their voices are not heard,” he told the BBC on July 10.

According to the “Report on Human Rights Violations in June” prepared by main opposition CHP’s Sezgin Tanrıkulu, at least 15 people were detained and at least 52 people faced investigations due to their social media posts in June 2020.
Rabia Naz Vatan’s father has been striving to solve the death of his daughter since April 2018.

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Bad smells in Malta. Middleman critically wounded in Daphne Caruana Galizia murder #europe agenda

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The controversy surrounding the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia brought down the prime minister late last year- Reuters

Daphne Caruana Galizia murder: Middleman critically wounded

Melvin Theuma was due to give evidence in court and police say his wounds were self-inflicted.

Must say’ and ‘must not say’ words for the French President

A short guide on how to translate what is said to discover how power is imposing control in France.

Hungary ‘broke EU law with foreign funding rules’

A law requiring NGOs to disclose foreign funding is “discriminatory”, the EU’s top court said.

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It can now be called femicide. Another woman, #PınarGültekin, murdered… as Turkish rulers are trying to circumvent the Istanbul Convention…

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These women were all killed in the last couple of years. Image via
After the deceased body of Pınar Gültekin was found in Muğla yesterday, hundreds of women have protested male violence across Turkey. The police attacked women’s march for Gültekin in İzmir, detaining several women.

Turkey’s ruling party weighs sending letter of intention to amend Istanbul Convention

Dam to be drained to find missing woman

A dam in the eastern province of Tunceli will be drained to find the body of a young woman who has been missing since Jan. 5
Missing for five days, the dead body of university student Pınar Gültekin has been found in the woods in Muğla. The man named Cemal Metin A. has been detained in relation with her death. He reportedly killed her “because she refused to be with him.”

UNESCO – – Jul 10, 1:17 AM

Hagia Sophia, part of the property “Historic Areas of Istanbul,” is inscribed on the World Heritage List as a museum. This inscription entails a number of legal commitments and obligations. Thus, a State must ensure that no

Turkey Converts Istanbul’s Iconic Hagia Sophia Back Into A Mosque

Istanbul’s Byzantine-era landmark has been used as a museum since 1934 and is widely regarded as a symbol of peaceful religious coexistence.

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