EFD Rights Watch: Journalist (@murataksoy) from pro-government daily fired over TV comments…

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Journalist from pro-government daily fired over TV comments

Daily Yeni Şafak’s columnist and interviewer Murat Aksoy was sacked after daring to criticize the government’s handling of the graft scandal on TV

The new draft bill on internet will deepen the internet censorship,” advocate Koç told biane


Vimeo Banned in Turkey


Vimeo, one of world’s leading video-sharing networks, has been banned after an order made by Istanbul 10th Peace Crime Court on January 8.

Men Kill 214 Women in 2013


Male perpetrated violence left 214 women and 10 children dead. While men raped/attempted to rape 167 women, women suffered from their husbands most in terms of violence


Police put down demo in Istanbul marking anniversary of three Kurdish women’s killings

Around 500 people, including HDP co-chair Tuncel, gathered to commemorate the three women brutally killed in Paris last year

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