Oh we have a crypto scandal: “Turkish crypto founder flees with reported $2 bln

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Remaining assets of active users on now-shuttered Thodex exchange ‘irretrievable’, says lawyer.
Turkish prosecutors on April 22 opened an investigation after the Istanbul-based founder of a cryptocurrency exchange platform shut down his site and fled the country with a reported $2 billion in investors’ assets.

Soylu seems to have a photo with the Thodex founder…
Thodex and its celebrity campaigns…


In other news:

An image of Taksim mosque to be opened this month.
Soylu and his shows? But he denied this was intentional.

Charged with ‘insulting President’, actor Erkal gives his statement

Summoned to depose at the prosecutor’s office on charge of “insulting the President”, theater actor Genco Erkal has

Turkish journalist receives jail sentence for insulting İmam Hatip religious schools | Ahval

A Turkish court has sentenced Turkish journalist and academic Erol Mütercimler to 10 months in jail…

French gay man’s family pleads for his release from Turkish jail after mistreatment | Ahval

The family of a French gay man, who is serving a prison sentence in Turkey on drug charges, is…
Affected by pepper gas during a police intervention in 2011, Metin Lokumcu had a heart attack and lost his life. While the court board rejected all requests of the defense, the attorneys, MPs and the family made a statement after the first hearing.
AKP struggles to explain the “disappeared” Central Bank reserves • Human smuggling with service stamped passports • The case of the killing of a teacher starts after 10 years • Daily coronavirus cases above 60,000

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