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Gelsenize! Bu haftasonu BİLGİ’de GameJam.01 #BilgiGame

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Dijital Oyun Tasarımı: GameJam.01

Tarih: 4-5 Kasım 2017, Cumartesi-Pazar
Saat: 09.00-23.30
Yer: santralistanbul Kampüsü, E1- 101A/B – Green & Blue Studio

İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Dijital Oyun Tasarımı Bölümü tarafından düzenlenen GameJam etkinliğinde, kampüste 40 saat geçirecek öğrenciler, verilen tema üzerine analog veya dijital bir oyun tasarlayacak.

Herkesin katılımına açık olan etkinliğe kayıt olmak gerekiyor. Kayıt Formu için tıklayın.



4 Kasım, Cumartesi
09.00    Açılış-Temanın açıklanması
13.00    Öğle yemeği
19.00    Akşam yemeği

5 Kasım, Pazar
09.00    Kahvaltı
13.00    Öğle yemeği
19.00    Akşam yemeği
22.30    Oyunların sergilenmesi-Jüri sonuçları

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New photo from Facebook October 31, 2017 at 03:50PM

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Bu sualtı restoranı Norveç’ten…via via Facebook Pages

For the record, #Istanbul10 is free after Turkish court’s surprising move [who knows after what things happened we may never know]

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Article 19 – Oct 26

Leading freedom of expression organisations have submitted third-party interventions in ten cases against jailed Turkish journalists to which the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has given priority status. The interventions offer detailed

Nejat Tastan and Peter Steudtner embrace among a crowd of media and supporters, following their release. Photo shared by Fotis Flippou on Twitter. story at

Turkey released eight people, including two foreign citizens, who had been charged with terrorism, a rare softening in its yearlong coup prosecutions.
First hearing of the 11 rights defenders detained over a training workshop in Büyükada, was held today. The court has ruled that all eight defendants in pre-trial detention be released pending trial.

Turkish judge bails eight human rights activists

Group including senior Amnesty International figure were standing trial on terrorism-related charges

A Turkish judge has ordered the release on bail of eight human rights activists including a senior official from Amnesty International, who were standing trial on terrorism-related charges.

Erdoğan has implied that Osman Kavala was detained as part of the investigation in which US mission staff Topuz was arrested.

State of Emergency Extended for 5th Time

Council of Ministers Spokesperson Bozdağ has announced that the State of Emergency has been extended for three more months. Turkey has been in State of Emergency since July 21, 2016.
Referring to the State of Emergency Commission, the European Court of Human Rights has rejected the application of the Academics for Peace who were discharged through statutory decrees and claimed violation of their freedom of expression.

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Turkey’s leading mobile operator, Turkcell, unashamedly used nationalist rhetoric to launch its Microsoft Bing-powered Yaani search engine app…

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Turkish mobile operator Turkcell has released a search app named Yaani which seeks to promote national culture and values. Built around Microsoft Bing search, Yaani also offers news, map and streaming features.

Arslan explains how the domestic search engine will enforce nationalist values and culture (NTV)

The new mobile app is part of a wider initiative to produce Turkish versions of popular internet products announced by the Minister of Communication in January. Turkey has previously blocked access to Google’s YouTube website, and the country’s leadership is frustrated with Google’s retention of consumer data on foreign servers…..

Source: Turkcell launches Microsoft Bing-powered Yaani search engine app – Turkey Blocks

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#Europe agenda: …And Catalans declare independence as Madrid imposes direct rule…

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Catalan parliament defies Madrid, declares independence

Catalonia’s parliament declared independence from Spain in a historic vote on Friday (27 October), setting the scene for a showdown with Madrid, which has announced it would strip the breakaway region of its autonomy.
The Catalan regional parliament votes to declare independence from Spain.
Catalan crisis: Spain PM Rajoy demands direct rule

Spain’s senate is expected to pass the emergency measures, which include sacking the Catalan leader.
Catalonia’s parliament declares independence but Madrid imposes direct rule over the region.

How technology powered the Catalan referendum

One of the real heroes of the referendum was undoubtedly social media.

Emeka Forbes.This month’s vote was a wake up call for Governments around the world, that in an age of technology, silencing the voice of democracy is easier said than done.


Hundreds of thousands amass in Barcelona after Spanish government announces plan to sack Catalonia’s separatist leaders.
Two wealthy northern regions in Italy voted on Sunday (22 October) in favour of having increased independence from Rome, in a non-binding referendum that set the stage for negotiations on more autonomy with the central government.

When you have to relieve yourself really badly, it doesn’t matter if you’re the presidential dog — you just need to find a quiet place and take a leak.

“We are confident that there is a possibility to reach an agreement” to revise the posted workers directive, Estonian labour minister Jevgeni Ossinovski said Monday while arriving at a meeting in Luxembourg. Ossinovski, who chairs the meeting as EU presidency, said he was “confident that there is a will” from member states to overcome differences on the length of posting and whether to include transport in the directive.

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New photo from Facebook October 28, 2017 at 12:59PM

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2000 yıllık Roma tiyatrosu. Libya. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

“E-book: ‘Unemployed Journalists Chasing News’ Project Goes Online in English, Kurdish #journalism

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“Unemployed Journalists Chasing News” project of IPS Communication Foundation / bianet realized by the journalists who have been left unemployed, is now online as an e-book in Kurdish and English.

Please find the links below for English, Kurdish and Turkish versions of the e-book:

The articles published as part of the project: 

1- Even Though They Speak Through Their New “Occupations,” They Are Journalists

2- Journalism is Banned under the State of Emergency

3- Germany: New Generation Diaspora/Kopuntu

4- Germany: Immigration of the Suffocated

5- The Organization that Made “The Arab Girl Looks from the Window”

6- How They Work/Cannot Work, Breaking Down the Stereotypes

7- They Marry White People to Avoid Discrimination

8- Private Rehabilitation Centers and Problems: The Example of Bingöl

9- Two Directors Discuss the “Educational Support for People with Disabilities” Practices

10- ‘Solution is Inclusion System in Education for People with Disabilities’

11- Students and Parents from Bingöl Tell of Their Experiences

12- The Neighborhood of “Giaour” Doesn’t Exist Anymore

13- Mıgırdıç Margosyan Couldn’t Recognize His Street Amidst Ruins

14- The Ones Who Choose Life, Love, and to Struggle, Just to Spite Hatred

15- Ece Devrim: I Strongly Resisted Forced Sex Work

16- Şahika: You Don’t Become A Trans Woman Later

17- Emirhan: It’s Necessary to Have An Organized Struggle and to Record Our Experiences

18- Sarmaşık Association Was Closed; Where Does This Leave the Victims? 

19- An Alternative Bank: The Sarmaşık Food Bank 

20- Sarmaşık Association is Closed; “They Are Neither Hungry nor Full”

21- Balat: A Modern İstanbul Project in a Historical Setting

22- Art Gripped by The Trustees 

23- The Artists and Audience Were Left with No Stage; The Students Were Left with No Conservatory

24- KCK Operations

25- Prison Chronology of Kurdish Movements

26- Almost All Party Chairs Served Jail Term

Source: E-book of ‘Unemployed Journalists Chasing News’ Project Goes Online in English, Kurdish – english

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How could Stallone know? “Turkey investigates Galatasaray fans over ‘Gülenist’ Rocky poster World news: Turkey | by Kareem Shaheen in Istanbul..

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Galatasaray fans during the match against Fenerbahçe in Istanbul. Photograph: Hoogte/Rex/Shutterstock

Turkey investigates Galatasaray fans over ‘Gülenist’ Rocky poster

Pro-government media say display in stands evoked words of Fethullah Gülen, who is suspected of orchestrating coup plot

Turkey has launched an investigation into the football club Galatasaray after fans at a match held up a giant image of Sylvester Stallone and a slogan that government supporters said evoked the words of an exiled cleric accused of masterminding a coup attempt last year.

Galatasaray supporters’ group leader testifies over ‘Rocky’ poster

Hurriyet Daily News

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New photo from Facebook October 26, 2017 at 04:50PM

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Ahir zaman mesleklerinden (!) via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Germany Tightens Screws on International Funds to Turkey and Turkish lira loses value rapidly…

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Bloomberg – More stories by Birgit Jennen – Oct 25, 10:22 AM

The German government is wielding its influence with international development institutions to restrict financing to Turkey over an escalating political dispute, people familiar with the matter said. Germany is actively working to cut funding to


Freedom House – Nate Schenkkan – Oct 23, 4:00 AM

In a bizarre case against human rights activists, prosecutors are stretching the definition of terrorism beyond all recognition. On October 17, a court in Turkey accepted an indictment for membership in a terrorist organization against 11 human


Bloomberg – More stories by Kerim Karakaya – Oct 20, 12:59 AM

Turkey’s sovereign wealth fund has approached international banks including China’s ICBC for a loan, people with knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg, showing its first signs of life after more than a year of inactivity brought on by internal


As the diplomatic dispute lingers, Turks and Americans are struggling with the effects, and the United States is demanding protection for its consular staff.

October 21, 2017 / 1:30 PM / in a few seconds ANKARA/ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Six Turkish banks face billions of dollars of fines from U.S. authorities over alleged violations of sanctions with Iran, the Haberturk newspaper reported on Saturday, citing – Silvia Morales – Oct 19

Dear IPI members, colleagues and friends, As you might know, I was detained and jailed in Istanbul’s infamous Silivri prison together with eight other colleagues from the Cumhuriyet daily newspaper at the end of last October. This was an arbitrary

It should have been an ordinary day for İdil Eser, director of Amnesty Turkey. She was attending a meeting with colleagues in Istanbul on 5July 2017, when the police raided the building and arrested them. Neither İdil or her colleagues

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