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New photo from Facebook June 30, 2017 at 04:54PM

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Bu arada Gdańsk, Polonya. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

Meanwhile in #Europe: Dutch state partly responsible for 350 deaths in Srebrenica…

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A Dutch appeal court finds the state 30% liable for 350 deaths in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre.
The European Commission fined Google a record-high €2.42 billion on Tuesday (27 June) for breaching EU antitrust rules by using its dominant market position to promote its own comparison shopping service at the expense of rivals.

German reunification architect Helmut Kohl dies at 87

Helmut Kohl, Germany’s ex-chancellor and architect of German reunification in 1990, dies aged 87.

Debate: Greece to get new loans

The Eurogroup ministers have agreed to give Greece further loans to the tune of 8.5 billion euros but failed to reach a consensus on another topic: contrary to the wishes of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) they won’t make a decision on debt relief until 2018. For Europe’s commentators the outcome of the negotiations is anything but a happy end.

Debate: Brussels adamant about refugee quotas

“Decisions that have been made are applicable law, even if one voted against them”. With these words EU Commission President Juncker has defended the infringement procedures against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The three states refuse to comply with the quota system for the distribution of refugees decided in 2015. Are sanctions justified? And what should Brussels do next?

[Ticker] Google faces possible €1 billion EU fine

Internet giant Google is facing up to €1 billion worth of anti-trust fines from the European Commission, reports The Financial Times. The newspaper says that EU officials are expected to announce the fine in the coming weeks following market dominance abuse issues that are linked to the Google Shopping service.

[Ticker] Serbia appoints first female and gay PM

Serbia is set to have its first female and openly gay prime minister. Ana Brnabic was nominated on Thursday as prime minister by Serbia’s president, Aleksandar Vucic. Serbia is a deeply conservative Balkan state where many, according to polls, view homosexuality as an illness. Brnabic, who entered politics only last year, was described by Serbia’s president as “hard-working, [with] professional and personal qualities”.

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For the record, “1,080 convicted in Erdoğan ‘insult’ cases in Turkey last year

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A total of 4,936 cases were opened in 2016 against people accused of “insulting” President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, with courts convicting 1,080 of defendants, according to Justice Ministry statistics

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#journalism agenda: “Some of the most (and least) effective phrases for a killer headline for social…

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Jostling for readers for your listicle on Facebook? Aim for the number “10” in your headline.

Trying to promote a story on Twitter? Emotion-based appeals popular on Facebook don’t translate to Twitter.

Findings from a BuzzSumotrigram analysis of 100 million headlines published between March and May of this year confirms a lot about the clickbait-y, competitive publishing environment of social media.

The analysis reveals nothing particularly surprising, for instance, about the headline phrases that generated the most likes, shares, and comments: “Will make you” was by far the most successful phrase, and emotion-based appeals like “melt your heart” and “make you cry” also do well. (Also, we reported that 10 was the most common number for a BuzzFeed list way back in 2013.)

Publishers beware though: Facebook says its algorithm is cracking down again on clickbait in its News Feed.

Facebook today teamed with Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube to announce the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism. The unlikely alliance aims to crack down on terrorism and violent extremists by making “[their] hosted consumer services hostile to terrorists and violent extremists.”
Speakers from BuzzFeed, BBC, FT and Facebook discussed findings from the latest Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute in London today

The New York Times is now charging for its cooking site

The New York Times on Wednesday relaunched its NYT Cooking recipe site and app as a paid product, part of its continued push toward building a sustainable subscriber-based business.

A subscription to the app will cost $5 every four weeks. Users who don’t pay will still have access to a limited amount of Cooking content. At launch, the Times is offering 28-day free trials, and “for a limited time,” Times digital and print subscribers will continue to get complimentary access.

Google on Tuesday launched a redesigned desktop version of Google News that introduces a more streamlined design, highlights fact checking, and offers users additional personalization.

Salvador Adame. Image widely circulated on Twitter.

Three CNN journalists have resigned after the network retracted a thinly sourced scoop.

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You don’t say: “Turkey in worst period in terms of rights abuses: Human Rights Association head

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Turkey is going through its worst period in terms of rights abuses since the foundation of the Human Rights Association (İHD), according to İHD head Öztürk Türkdoğan.
A group from Peace Mothers, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kaboğlu, one of the AKP founders Abdullatif Şener and Ankara Platform for Women joined the Justice March launched from Ankara to İstnbul yesterday.
11th day of the Justice March started with exchange of bairam greetings, and then the marching started.
The German Foreign Ministry has warned the bodyguards of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who were involved in a brawl outside the Turkish Embassy in Washington in May, not to attend the G-20 summit
The New YorkerAndy Borowitz ( @BorowitzReport )

On a sweltering afternoon in Istanbul last summer, loud noises woke the Turkish novelist Aslı Erdoğan from a nap. “Open, police! Open, or we will break the door,” a voice called. When Erdoğan, an award-winning

Whisper it, but Europe and Turkey are talking again | Natalie Nougayrède

With so much volatility in the Middle East, a quiet rapprochement is in everyone’s interest

Remember how, during the Brexit referendum campaign, voters were told that “millions of Turks” would swamp Europe and Britain if it didn’t get out? Government ministers went on TV to say Turkey’s accession to the EU was just on the horizon, as a result of a refugee deal brokered between Angela Merkel and the Turkish government. Brexiters assured audiences that visa liberalisation for Turks was looming: the hordes were at the gates. None of that happened, of course. Nor is it about to.

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New photo from Facebook June 30, 2017 at 10:05AM

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Bu bir çizim değil. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

New photo from Facebook June 29, 2017 at 01:07PM

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Pirate Bay’in kurucularından Gottfrid Svartholm iş başında;) via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

New photo from Facebook June 28, 2017 at 08:23PM

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Bu arada Marienplatz, Münih, Almanya. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

The 14th day in Kılıçdaroğlu’s “justice march” #AdaletYollarda #AdaletYürüyüşü

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A truck dumped fertilizer on a road near where main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and participants of his “justice march” were staying to protest, as the march from Ankara to Istanbul entered its 14th day.
The Media Line – Jun 24, 11:02 PM

Erdogan dominates political institutions, threatens march organizers ISTANBUL — Turkey’s largest opposition party has embarked on a 280-mile march from Ankara to Istanbul to draw attention to what they call massive, ongoing injustices i





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#Cyberculture agenda: A massive ransomware attack – dubbed Petya- expanding… “Inside Facebook’s war against terrorism…

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A large-scale cyberattack is working its way through a number of Ukrainian and Russian targets today. So far, in Russia, oil producer Rosneft and metal company Evraz have been affected by the attack. In Ukraine, Boryspil airport, the banking system,…

A massive ransomware attack – dubbed Petya – is causing havoc at airports, banks and many other institutions across Europe. It remains unclear who is behind the attack, but Moscow-based security firm Group-IB told Reuters it appears to be a coordinated effort simultaneously targeting victims in Russia and Ukraine.
The Real Impact of Google’s Big EU Fine

What the EU’s $2.7 billion record-setting fine really means for the future of the search giant.

Inside Facebook’s war against terrorism

Over the past few years, Facebook has been trying to answer a difficult question: How do you stop terrorists from spreading their hate online? The social network, which now has more than 1.9 billion monthly users worldwide.

For the second year in a row, We Are Social had the privilege of presenting at Vivid Sydney this year. Already one of the world’s leading festivals, Vivid is a bit like SXSW: an amalgam of inspiring people, creative work, and fresh ideas across a variety of themes and topics. For our 2017 keynote, I joined forces with We Are Social’s Sydney MD, Suzie Shaw, to explore the impact that algorithms and machine learning are having on every aspect of our lives, and what that means for marketing. You’ll find our complete presentation in the SlideShare embed above (click here if…

Welcome to the Wikipedia of the Alt-Right

Wikipedia was the rare place where people across the political spectrum could hash out solid facts. A wave of defectors is challenging that.

Study reveals Silicon Valley is still clueless about women and minorities

The results of a diversity survey released by FundersClub yesterday paint the picture of a tone-deaf boy’s club in Silicon Valley. The results come from surveying 234 technology startups concerning the diversity of their workforce. In startups founded with at least one female co-founder, we find that 48% of employees are women. This leaps out as good news: it’s better than Google or Facebook, and that seems like a win for females in tech. However in startups without a female founder, the number of female employees gets cut in half. KJ Erickson, the founder of Simbi — a talent exchanging…
Routers aren’t great at security—and apparently no one knows that better than the CIA

Facebook vows to fight terrorism with new algorithms and artificial intelligence

Facebook has a terrorism problem, and its vowing to fix it. On Thursday, the social media giant announced new plans to use artificial intelligence to scrape words, images, and video in order to wipe terrorist propaganda from its network entirely.

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