#Europe agenda: “EU workplace headscarf ban ‘can be legal’, says ECJ… ” new menace in Western Balkans is Trump-style populist politics…

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A new menace is stalking the Western Balkans: the region’s political leaders themselves. Many are now retreating from serious engagement with Europe in order to play internal political games, writes Denis MacShane.
Black flags from Rome: Mafia and Isis, as before Mafia and Al Qaeda

Savage Minds welcomes guest blogger Stefano Portelli. Stefano is a cultural anthropologist with a doctorate in Urban Studies, his primary fieldsites are a barrio of Barcelona and the Ostia neighborhood of Rome, where the issue of mafia is crucial. Starting September 2017, he will be a Marie-Curie fellow for Leicester University’s Department of Geography.

Black flags from Rome: Mafia and Isis, as before Mafia and Al Qaeda
by Stefano Portelli

Martin Schulz decries the “racist” rhetoric of Donald Trump as he is confirmed as SPD candidate.

Merkel handshake offer to Trump falls on deaf ears

Germanys chancellor and the US President did shake hands – eventually – at their White House talks.

EU workplace headscarf ban ‘can be legal’, says ECJ

Employers can ban visible religious symbols as long as it is across-the-board, top Europe court says.
Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ has slammed a ruling by the European Union’s highest court that allows companies to ban staff from wearing visible religious symbols.

Dutch election: Geert Wilders warns ‘genie will not go back in the bottle’

Voting under way in the Netherlands as the prime minister, Mark Rutte, seeks to halt domino effect of ‘wrong sort of populism’

Dutch voters are going to the polls in the first of three key European votes this year in which populist parties, heartened by Britain’s Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s US victory, are seeking electoral breakthroughs.

Racism in Rotterdam: how a diverse city got infected with Islamophobia

As the Netherlands goes to the polls for its most controversial elections in decades, few would have expected this multicultural city to be hitting the headlines because of protest and unrest – yet that is exactly what is happening

“Police were beating men and women with bats,” Jessy De Abreu says. “They hit people in the face. Hair was pulled out, dreadlocks were pulled out.”

Millions of Dutch voters go to the polls Wednesday (14 March) in key elections overshadowed by a blazing diplomatic row with Turkey, with all eyes on the fate of far-right MP Geert Wilders.

Poland isolated in bid to remove Tusk

Poland appears increasingly isolated in Brussels as it seeks public support to unseat Donald Tusk as president of the European Council.

Who is who in the Dutch elections?

Dutch voters cast ballots in election that boils down to a race between conservative liberals and the far-right.
Employers have the right to bar their employees from wearing a headscarf if the company has a general ban on overt religious or philosophical signs, the ECJ has decided, ruling in favour of a proposition put forward by one of its advocates general in May 2016. Some commentators praise the decision as a step that defend European values. Others see it as sexist and Islamophobic.

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#Journalism agenda: “Time for Journalists to Encrypt Everything”

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If you don’t have revenue, you don’t have a product: It’s one of the first things I tell my clients. With the news media facing extreme economic pressure in many countries, I was keen, in my recent report for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, to focus not only on editorial innovation but also the commercial innovation that is supporting new formats.

I found news organizations around the world answering the questions of how to monetize radically distributed content strategies, grappling with changes in social media use, and finding a new way to connect with their young audiences when Facebook no longer reached them.

Time for Journalists to Encrypt Everything

Opinion: Journalists, and their bosses, must embrace encryption to protect themselves and their sources.

CNN launches a virtual reality news unit

The Cable News Network is going virtual. CNN has announced the launch of a new immersive journalism unit called CNNVR that will produce videos and live streams of major news events, along with a weekly virtual reality experience.

NRKbeta, the tech page of Norway’s public broadcaster, ran a story about proposed internet surveillance laws. But to comment on it, you had to know what was in the story.

Focus on checking claims that could have a big impact and don’t nitpick
Since 2010, the title has increased its turnover by 40 per cent as a result of transforming into a digital-first news outlet

In its attempt to find a new business model for publishing after its previous one failed to make money, Medium is rolling out a membership program that will cost $5 a month to start and sounds like a little bit Spotify, a little bit Patreon, and a little bit Pocket. Founder and CEO Ev Williams wrote in a blog post Wednesday:

For $5 per month (introductory price), you’ll get two upgraded aspects:

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Cengiz Aktar’ın (@AktarCengiz) köşe yazıları’da!

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Tezimi yazarken Türkiye-AB ilişkileri üzerine epeyce faydalandığım, burada da yazılarını alıntıladığım Cengiz Aktar beyin tüm yazıları’da bulunabilir. Daha önce yazdığı yayınlarının arşivlerinin kaldırılmasından dolayı bu yazılardan yoksun kalmıştık. Buyrun:


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