#Europe agenda: “Steve Bannon’s Master Plan for Europe…

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Freetown Christiania: an economic ‘nowtopia’ at the heart of a European capital city

If we know where and how to look, we discover that other worlds are possible in the here and now.
Venice canals almost dry, two months after severe floods

Just weeks after floods cause massive damage low tides leave the famous canals almost dry.

Steve Bannon’s Master Plan for Europe

When President Trump’s former strategist, Steve Bannon, was ousted from his White House post, he didn’t disappear. He went to Europe and is heading up new projects to support right-wing populist parties that are currently surging across the continent. We sent Michael Moynihan to Sweden, Italy, and Belgium to track Bannon and see the rise of Europe’s right-wing populist movement firsthand.

Inside Belarus, Europe’s Last Dictatorship


In October of last year, Alexander Lukashenko swept to his fifth term as the Belarusian president, marking 22 years in power. Despite the elections being marred by allegations of fraud, the EU has this month lifted travel sanctions against Lukashenko’s government, as a reward for good behavior — the elections passed without a repeat of 2010’s violent crackdown against opposition parties. But critics argue that the EU is making a dangerous endorsement of an autocratic regime that still employs the use of internet surveillance, censorship, and intimidation to exert control over its people and press. VICE News meets the Belarusian journalists and bloggers struggling to tell the truth about Belarus in this post-soviet dictatorship. In BLACKOUT, a series made possible by Jigsaw, VICE News takes viewers across the globe, from Pakistan to Belarus, to examine technology’s role in the ongoing fight for free expression. Subscribe to VICE News here: Check out VICE News for more:

Map of the Schengen Area, explained from europe

Global Hawk drones: A look at Nato’s new spy tool

The Global Hawk, which is unmanned, can travel halfway around the world on one tank of fuel.
An Italian artist uses the bruised faces of female politicians to highlight violence against women.
Over 40 digital rights organisations sent a letter on Tuesday to the European Commission demanding better transparency during dialogues with stakeholders about the application of article 17 of the controversial copyright directive. The commission will develop guidelines for cooperation between platforms, rights-holders, and users. The letter calls on the institution to share the draft guidelines with participants in the dialogues and the public.

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Avrupa kale mimarisinin evrimi. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

#istanbul news roundup: “In Turkey, a Battle Over Infrastructure Could Shape the Next Presidential Race

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In Turkey, a Battle Over Infrastructure Could Shape the Next Presidential Race

ISTANBUL—The debate over the Istanbul Canal infrastructure project has the potential to turn into an existential one between Turkish President
Fresh fish form Bosphorus, 7.30am via Reddit

Image of the day: Illustrating Istanbul’s powerful draw in the world of airports

Since (and even before) it opened in April 2019, Istanbul Airport has been among the most talked about projects in the aviation world. The scale of
A well-known meeting and communication point for hippies during the 60s and 70s, Istanbul’s Lale Restaurant is becoming popular again among ex-hippies who visit the place decades later, sometimes to return borrowed items back.

Güle Güle: Documenting the changing faces of Istanbul

Following on from projects made in Naples and Rome, the photobook looks at everyday life in Turkey’s capital, Istanbul, to explore subjects including ..

The Grandiose Dream and Impending Catastrophe of Canal Istanbul

Canal Istanbul is what the Turkish leaders call a “crazy project.” This dream, a massive engineering prowess equivalent to the Suez and Panama .
Human Chain Against Canal İstanbul: ‘It’s Either Canal or İstanbul’

Hundreds of people, joined by opposition MPs, have held a human chain against the canal project.

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