All About Erkan

“Erkan’s Field Diary” evolved from a dissertation project on Turkish journalism and the European Union (EU). In addition to the original topic, the blog monitors socio-cultural happenings and cybercultural emergences in Turkey. Erkan Saka (PhD, Anthropology, Rice University) is a lecturer at the Public Relations Department, Istanbul Bilgi University and will also be teaching at Media Studies MA program in the same university by Spring 2010.

Erkan is not ashamed to state that he’s a metalhead and a fanatical Beşiktaş JK supporter. (12/06/2009)

Erkan’s Affiliations

Erkan’s CV

Erkan and Web 2.o

Erkan in Media


Erkan’s Dissertation Acknowledgements

This is a page always in progress.

  1. Great new design, Erkan!

  2. I love it. Photo and design. All the best!

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