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As Erkan arrives Istanbul, an overview of Turkish agenda

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One of the murder stories I have read about throughout the summer reaches at a new level: 

Karabulut murder suspect surrenders to police


Dear Prof. Jenny White emphasizes a study on the political identities of Turkish youth. A vital issue to think about.

Political Identities of Turkish Youth

I was very intrigued by Professor Selçuk Sirin’s study of political identities of Turkish youth but wanted more information than given in the press and the interview linked to in my previous post. Unable to find the original study on the web, I contacted Professor Sirin at New York University and he kindly sent me a summary of the results (presumably what had been released to the media). (21 pp in Turkish, click here sirin-basin-raporu.doc to download. For non-Turkish speakers, there are many clear pie charts, some of which I discuss below) Professor Sirin said he is still working through the rest of the data.

Relatively good news:

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“Treatment of Widows and Divorced Women

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In the following text, you will find a huge round up on Turkish society. I highlighted Jenny White’s emphasis on a particular section of Turkish women but there is also stuff on the threat of a new earthquake in Istanbul, Tuzla disasters, Turkish academia and in the mean time Istanbul is burning with heat and humidity. Boy, I am doing my best to ignore the evil weather!

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When Erkan was working to re-active the blog, another wave of Ergenekon arrests happened!

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Keith Haring, Untitled, 1983 VIA

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