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Only the good die young. “3 Years Without Tahir Elçi…

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Diyarbakır Bar Association Chair Tahir Elçi, who was murdered in front of the Four-Legged Minaret in Sur in Diyarbakır in 2015, has been commemorated by his colleagues, friends, relatives, family and loved ones.

In other news:

UK court rejects Turkish extradition request for media boss

Judge refuses case against Hamdi Akin İpek on grounds it was ‘politically motivated’

A judge has dismissed as “politically motivated” an extradition request by the Turkish government for a dispossessed media proprietor to be sent for trial in Ankara.

Turkish people have taken to social media to make jokes about what they call the “onion crisis”.


Remember the old man who lost everything in fire but saved his kitten? People bought a new house for him and his three cats. They are so happy now! from Turkey


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#Anthropology roundup: “Claude Lévi-Strauss: Remembering the French anthropologist on his 110th birth anniversary…

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Claude Lévi-Strauss: Remembering the French anthropologist on his 110th birth anniversary  Firstpost
Why Some People Thrive in Winter  The Atlantic

Those of us who learned to write in a (mostly) phonetic language learned to take it for granted that writing should correspond (roughly) to sound. Then we learned of the pictographs, ideographs, and logograms of the Chinese alphabet, or of Ancient Egyptian or Mayan, or of other non-phonemic orthographies, and we were forced to revise earlier assumptions. Those who pursue the study of symbolic systems even further will eventually come to meet khipu, the Incan system of record-keeping that uses intricately knotted rope.

Anthropologist visited remote North Sentinel tribe decades ago and survived  KSDK.comAn anthropologist who visited the remote Indian island were police say a remote tribe killed an American missionary using a bow and arrow formed a kind of …

First ancient DNA from mainland Finland reveals origins of Siberian ancestry in region  EurekAlert

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#Journalism agenda: “Here’s why low-credibility news seems to dominate Twitter…

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With the entire world seemingly up in arms over “fake news,” you’d think it would have been wiped out by now. Yet low-credibility content continues to thrive on social media thanks to the disproportionately influential effect that social media bots have on humans. A team of researchers from Indiana University at Bloomington recently conducted a ground-breaking study to determine how low-quality news sites manage to reach so many people with dubious articles. And, as you might guess, the answer is bots. The problem TNW spoke with Filippo Menczer, the professor who led the research. He told us that despite the…

Canada introduces a $595 million package in support of journalism

While Americans spent last week pardoning (and eating) turkeys, our neighbors to the north were focused on bringing home the bacon for Canadian journalism.


Pushed for time? Catch up with this week’s coverage from

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#Cyberculture agenda: “MIT Media Lab announces this year’s Disobedience Prize winners: #MeToo and #MeTooSTEM

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For the second year now, the MIT Media Lab has awarded a “Disobedience Prize” of $250,000, no strings attached, awarded to people whose disobedient work has benefitted society; this year’s prize is share among three leaders of the #MeToo and #MeTooSTEM movements: BethAnn McLaughlin, Sherry Marts, and Tarana Burke.

Europe and America have far fewer robot workers than we might expect them to have.





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Turkey’s inadvertent tribute to Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of SpongeBob 

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R.I.P to Stephen Hillenburg, the visionary creator of “SpongeBob SquarePants”…

The only good part of this historical castle renovation fkup is what in the end looks like…


Historic castle in Istanbul turns into ‘SpongeBob’ after restoration

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#anthropology roundup: “Who are the Sentinelese? 60,000-yr-old tribe in focus after American John Chau’s death

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The ‘isolated’ tribe that killed a 26-year-old American missionary has been contacted by the outside world at least 11 times before — here’s what happened  INSIDER
Citing disease risk to tribe, group urges halt to hunt for dead American  Yahoo News
Forensic Anthropologists in California Sift Through Rubble from Wildfire
At urging of Israeli academics, European anthropologists boycott Israeli colleges in Judea and Samaria  Cleveland Jewish News
Isolated Tribe Kills American With Bow and Arrow on Remote Indian Island  The New York Times
Seattle police return artifacts found at estate sale to Mexican government  The Seattle Times
An experiment 45 years in the making, a Fairbanks woman revisits a notoriousanthropology experiment in the documentary ‘The Raft’  Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Zora Neale Hurston’s Anthropological Method  The Nation.
FEFU archaeologists have found the oldest burials in Ecuador  EurekAlert
The British Social Anthropologist, Bronislaw Malinowski, with a group of Trobriand Islanders – who did not actually wear ties…


What Google Maps Don’t Show You

When I was a boy, my father and I used to plan road trips together. We would go to our local American Automobile Association (AAA) office and get stacks and stacks of maps (which were “free”—with a paid membership, of course). State maps, city maps, country maps. Once I had them, I felt like the road trip had already begun.

Today, with three boys of my own, I still like to plan and take road trips. But the planning now is totally different. Instead of going to the AAA days or weeks in advance, we simply open Google Maps on our phones. We type in a destination, learn the fastest route, and find out about the best places to visit. My sons feel the excitement, and I still do too—but not as much as when I was a kid. Without paper maps, the discovery inherent in old-school planning is somehow missing for me. The process now just isn’t as adventurous or inspiring.

Image: Trent Schindler, NASA/Goddard/UMBC (

Anthro{dendum} welcomes guest blogger Adam Fleischmann


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Paranoid style forces Open Society Foundations to pull out of Turkey…

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George Soros’s Open Society Foundations to pull out of Turkey

Decision comes after Turkish president accuses billionaire philanthropist of trying to destroy nations

The Open Society Foundation said “baseless claims” about its work made it impossible to continue.
Open Society Foundations plans to close its office in Istanbul. It claims that the Turkish government has falsely accused it of playing a role in uprisings

Moody’s Expects Contraction, Fitch Recession in Turkey’s Economy in 2019

International credit rating agency Moody’s has announced that while the economy of Turkey will grow by 1.5 percent in 2018, it will contract by 2 percent in the following year. Fitch has also warned that the country could go into recession in 2019.
Turkey’s unemployment rose to 11.1 percent in the July-September period, official data showed on Nov. 15, hitting its highest level since early last year and up from a revised 10.6 percent in the June-August period.

Turkey as the Country with Highest Inflation Rate in Europe

Turkish Statistical Institute has announced the annual consumer inflation in October as 25.24 percent. This figure shows that Turkey is the country with the highest inflation rate in Europe. What about the inflation rates of other European countries?

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New photo from Facebook November 27, 2018 at 06:26AM

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Aile fotosu. via Facebook Pages

#Europe agenda: France fuel protests: Police in Paris fire tear gas [And Turkish Foreign Ministry condemns (!)

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The European Commission – the executive arm of the European Union – is a supporter of the common “blockchain, not Bitcoin” adage, it seems. At a blockchain roundtable session earlier this week, the Commission announced a new distributed ledger initiative that aims to transform the digital services space. Not only that, a number of banking giants, including Spain-based BBVA, are already part of the project. Along with “industry leaders” and “innovative startups,” the Commission also discussed ways to support the development of the distributed ledgers and create the “right conditions” for the technology to flourish. The initiative, called “International Association

France fuel protests: Police in Paris fire tear gas

Tear gas and water cannon are used against stone-throwing demonstrators on the Champs Elysées.
Police in Paris use tear gas and water cannon to disperse people protesting rising fuel prices.

Swiss vote no in sovereignty referendum

A proposal calling for Swiss law to override international law is rejected, early results show.

The hypocrisy of Brexit

Here’s the hypocrisy of Brexit. Brexiters reject the Brexit deal on offer. But Britain is not allowed to reject Brexit.

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Women in Istanbul wanted to march against violence and they ended up being exposed to violence…

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