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Açık Toplum Vakfı’ndan Suriyeli Mülteci Çocukların Eğitimi için 1 Milyon TL Destek

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Bir Rapor… Bir Çağrı…

Şu anda Türkiye’deki Suriyeli mülteci sayısı 2.747.000 ve bunun neredeyse yarısını çocuklar oluşturuyor. Okul yaşındaki çocukların sayısı ise 860.000.

Tıpkı mahallemizdeki komşumuzun çocuğu gibi, komşu ülkeden gelmiş bu çocuklar da okumak istiyorlar. Modern dünyada kendilerine bir gelecek hazırlamak istiyorlar. Ama maalesef, okul çağındaki Suriyeli mülteci çocukların 531.900’ü okula gitmiyor; çok büyük bir bölümü Türkçe bile bilmiyor. Bu çocuklar hiçbir eğitim imkanı olmaksızın sadece hayatta kalmaya çalışıyorlar.

Açık Toplum Vakfı, 2016 yılında Türkiye’deki Suriyeli mülteci çocukların eğitim konusunu öncelikli çalışma alanlarından biri olarak belirledi. Vakıf bünyesinde oluşturulan bir çalışma grubu 4 ay süren saha araştırmalarının ardından, Suriyeli okul yaşındaki çocukların mevcut durumunu; eğitim imkanları ve gereksinimlerini irdeleyen bir rapor hazırladı.

“Kayıp Neslin Eşiğinde: Okuyamıyorum. Yazamıyorum. Okula gitmek istiyorum”  başlıklı bu rapor insan öykülerini temel alarak objektif kriterlerle hazırlandı. Rapora ulaşmak için lütfen tıklayınız.

2016: 1.000.000 TL proje fonu

Açık Toplum Vakfı, bu raporda da dikkat çeken öncelikli alanlarda, “eğitim, çocuk ve mülteciler” konusunda uzman ve deneyimli STK’ların projelerine destek sağlayacak. Bu çerçevede, Vakıf 2016 yılı için 1.000.000 TL bütçe ile “Erken Çocukluk Dönemi Eğitimi” alanına yoğunlaşacak projeler için önümüzdeki günlerde bir proje teklif çağrısı yapacak.

2017 ve takip eden yıllarda da Suriyeli mülteci çocukların sürdürülebilir eğitime erişimi yönündeki desteklerimize artan bütçelerle katkıda bulunacağız. Bu devasa boyuttaki toplumsal soruna çözüm üretebilmenin hepimiz için bir insanlık görevi olduğuna inanıyoruz.

Gökçe Tüylüoğlu
Genel Sekreter
Açık Toplum Vakfı

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Killing digital economy in Turkey slowly: PayPal halts operations in Turkey after licensing application rejected by Turkish authorities…

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Global online payment platform PayPal has announced that it stopped operations in Turkey, as it could not get the necessary license from local authorities, in a written statement on May 30

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Reza Zarrab Case roundup. Bharara congratulates Gülen-supporting NBA player….

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U.S. prosecutor Preet Bharara, who has garnered fame in Turkey for launching a probe against controversial Turkish-Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab, has raised eyebrows by congratulating Turkish basketball player Enes Kanter at the end of the season

Feds say Zarrab who faces prison is a flight risk

Reza Zarrab, the Iranian-born Turkish businessman who was at the center of a 2013 graft probe in Turkey and who is on trial in New York for allegedly evading U.S. sanctions on Iran, is a flight risk and should not receive bail, prosecutors said May 25 – Patricia Hurtado – May 19, 9:02 PM

The U.S. says it has evidence that a gold trader accused in a conspiracy to evade American sanctions on Iran also paid millions of dollars in bribes to Turkish government ministers and the then-chief executive officer of Turkiye Halk Bankasi AS…

Prosecutors who have demanded to reject Rıza Sarraf’s offer of release on bail have justified their demand with the evidence that Sarraf had bribed politicians in Turkey.


In the mean time,

The movement of the U.S.-based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen will be officially registered as a terrorist organization, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, stating that the decision was taken in the National Security Council (MGK) meeting on May 26

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Turkey’s disproportionate hypocrisy: Ankara slams French police for using ‘disproportionate force’ against protesters…

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Turkey has voiced concern over French security forces’ “harsh” intervention against protesters who have taken to the streets to protest controversial labor reforms, calling on authorities to refrain from using disproportionate force
Turkey has voiced concern over French security forces’ “harsh” intervention against protesters who have taken to the streets to protest controversial labor reforms, calling on authorities to refrain from using disproportionate force

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Erdoğan’s theological interventions continue: “No Muslim family should engage in birth control…

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said that no Muslim family should engage in a mentality which includes population planning or birth control, pledging to increase posterity
President Erdoğan at the TÜRGEV meeting has said, “Birth control they recommend, no Muslim family can be within this understanding”, and called women and girls as “mother candidates”.
Turkey’s parliament has put arguments and acrimony on the back burner for the moment in the quest to determine the identity of a mysterious “fashion critic” on Twitter who has begun evaluating honorable members’ choice of attire
Miners staging hunger strike at De-Ka and Balçınlar Mining in Kilimli district of Zonguldak province has come to an end. The workers are awaiting the meeting to be held on Tuesday.
A number of miners have ended their hunger strike after being persuaded by the provincial police chief in the Kilimli district of the Black Sea province of Zonguldak. The strike, which was in its 11th day, began after the miners did not receive their wages for four months

Turkey to UN: ‘I can slam you and love you at the same time’

For the first time in the 70-year history of the United Nations, it has convened the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, which took place on May 23 and 24. As the host country, Turkey has played an important role in the organization of the summit

Everything you need to know about the World Humanitarian Summit

Politicians will meet in Istanbul on 23-24 May to debate how to deal with global crises that have been exacerbated by war, climate change and natural disasters. EurActiv’s media partner, The Guardian, looks at the main questions surrounding the summit’s objectives and organisation
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan yesterday (24 May) warned the European Union that lawmakers would block legislation related to the landmark deal to stem the flow of refugees to Europe if Ankara was not granted its key demand of visa-free travel.

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Re-conquering Istanbul with residential housing projects, malls… Istanbul news roundup…

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Istanbul to mark Ottoman conquest of city with grand ceremony

Istanbul is set to mark the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul on its 563rd anniversary with a major event created by a grand team of 1,200, as expectations rise for the event, which is expected to attract 1 million spectators
Turkey has marked the 1453 Ottoman conquest of Istanbul on its 563rd anniversary with a grandiose ceremony including the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım

Istanbul’s Old Hans

One of Istanbul's old hans, still from video by Monique Jaques

Architectural and historical monuments of the Ottoman Era, the hans and caravansaray that freckle the old city have mostly been left to their own devices. Originally built as imposing weigh stations for incoming traders, today they are crumbling in places and patched up with duct tape in others.

Thousands of Muslims demand right to pray at Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia


A time-strapped guide for transit travellers in Turkey

Istanbul New Airport, set to be the largest airport in the world when fully completed, announced that the first of the airport’s four phases is due for
Istanbul’s music lovers will enjoy a two-day festival between May 28 and 29

Breath-taking sunsets: Spice up your life with a cruise toIstanbul

Istanbul is at the crossroads of the world, a mystical, magical city that actually straddles both Europe and Asia. The main city and its old town is in

How Istanbul’s New Bag Brands Are Banishing Fakes

THERE was a time when Turkey’s leather goods industry revolved around the production of counterfeits, while the real thing was made in Italy – but a

Istanbul hosts International Theatre Festival

Some of the finest theatre companies and dance groups from Turkey and around the world are gathered in Istanbul for the International Theatre

Borderless Hack Istanbul: Harnessing Creative Talent to Benefit Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Istanbul, with nearly 18 million inhabitants, is Turkey’s economic, cultural and media hub, not to mention one of the world’s largest cities. In recent
Istanbul has ranked eighth in the list of world cities hosting the most international business congresses in 2015, according to a new list published by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCI)

Horhor Dürüm Evi: Family (Kebab) Values

Horhor Dürüm Evi, photo by Paul Osterlund

We could devote a weekly column to the culinary treasures of Istanbul’s polyglot Aksaray district and probably never have to worry about running out of things to say. The area is jam-packed with places to eat, and while we’ve written about many of them, Aksaray just keeps on delivering.

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Eurosphere agenda: Protests paralyse France…

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The role of the EU in the Syrian conflict

As a new round of Geneva talks is under way, the EU should ensure that the outcome is not merely the result of US and Russian talks.

VIDEO: Hollande and Merkel remember war dead

French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are marking the 100th anniversary of the battle of Verdun, the longest of World War One.
Police arrest seven as violence breaks out between anti-Islam and anti-fascist groups in Melbourne.

Spain: no country for old-men-politics?

While male politicians occupy newspapers headlines, television and radio debates in Spain, at local and regional levels women for change are challenging austerity head on. Part of the Anti-Austerity and Media Activism series.

Flickr/BarcelonaEnComu. Some rights reserved.

Spain’s political landscape has undergone remarkable changes in the last few years. The coming together of the groups that gave rise to the 15M anti-austerity movement, and that led to the recently created party of Podemos followed by the progressive loss of popularity and credibility of the governing party, crystallized in December into a new parliament, with the traditional hegemonic parties,Partido Popular (PP) and Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE), suffering severe losses.


VIDEO: What do London’s Europeans think of Brexit?

Marcus Thompson finds out what London’s Europeans think of Britain possibly leaving the EU.
The protest against France’s planned labour market reform continue to spread. Tens of thousands demonstrated on Thursday, while rail, airport and nuclear power plant strikes have paralysed the country. Commentators in neighbouring countries praise both the rebellious population and the unrelenting president

Entrepreneurs of Idomeni

The Greek government emptied the Idomeni refugee camp this week, but what all was removed? The resilience and human spirit of its occupants was formidable and deserves to be remembered.

nullWasim’s makeshift hair salon. Photo: Phil Le Gal / Hand Lucas, The New Continent project

The Greek police began to clear the Idomeni camp of its inhabitants on 24 May 2016, and by 26 May the Greek authorities announced that the area was completely empty. Given these developments, we feel it is important to show who and what has been removed, not simply relate that they have been moved. This story below was written days before the camp closed and we present it here unaltered.

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New photo from Facebook May 29, 2016 at 12:16PM

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Yeni işgal. Via @yenihayat via Facebook Pages

New photo from Facebook May 29, 2016 at 11:27AM

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Askere moral. via Facebook Pages

“the NSA’s supremely weird, florid guide to the Internet…

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Michael from Muckrock found a reference to “Untangling the Web,” an internal NSA guide to the Internet, on Google Books, so he requisitioned a copy from the NSA under the Freedom of Information Act.

Decoding your Facebook newsfeed

Social media platform or news gatekeeper? Plus, one journalist’s challenges reporting on the drone war in Pakistan.

How Twitter users tracked down 4 ISIS ‘fanboys’ from a PR campaign gone wrong

Militant death cult Daesh released an audio message from spokesperson Abu Muhammad al-Adnani on Saturday, a much-anticipated event among the group’s supporters.

So overcome with excitement where they that some photographed handwritten messages of support and published them to channels on Telegram, the encrypted messaging app where many pro-Daesh communities interact.

WhatsApp Is the Top Android Messaging App in 109 Countries (Study)

Which Android messaging application is the most popular in 109 of the 187 countries analyzed by digital market intelligence firm SimilarWeb? If you guessedFacebook Messenger, guess again.

A new draft bill lays the groundwork for an autonomous RuNet. Image from Wikipedia, CC-BY.

A new draft bill lays the groundwork for an autonomous RuNet. Image from Wikipedia, CC-BY.

With Trending Topics, Facebook Is Creating Its Own News Cycle

With Trending Topics, Facebook Is Creating Its Own News Cycle

Facebook may be a rookie when it comes to news judgment, but it is a veteran at data mining. Now, it’s using those skills to its advantage.

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