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EFD Rights Watch: “#Istanbul’s governor has banned #LGBTPride for the 5th year in a row…” #Pride2019

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17TH İSTANBUL LGBTI+ PRIDE PARADE – UPDATING: Police Attack with Shields, Pepper Gas After Pride Parade Statement Read

As the police did not allow the Pride Parade to be held along İstiklal Avenue in Taksim, Pride Week Committee has read out its

Most of CHP municipalities celebrate Pride2019 through their social media accounts:

Global Voices – Chris Rickleton – Jun 26, 12:31 PM

Calling for peace is still considered a crime in Turkey Three-and-a-half years have passed since the Academics for Peace (AfP in short: Baris icin Akademisyenler in Turkish) boldly told Turkey’s government “we will not be a party to this


Authorities block Pride March in second Istanbul location | Ahval

The Governorate of Istanbul has turned down an application for the LGBTI+ Pride March to be held in…

Turkey’s ‘Academics for Peace’ defend their beliefs from prison cells and exile

Calling for peace is still considered a crime in Turkey Academics for Peace rally. Screenshot taken from a YouTube video

Turkish authorities detain renowned historian at airport for signing peace call | Ahval

Turkish authorities on Wednesday detained Baki Tezcan, an associate professor of history at the
Judge Arslan said in his dissenting opinion that it is not the Constitutional Court’s duty to approve different views on the Gezi protests whether it was a criticism of the government or a foreign-sponsored insurrection.

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#Europe agenda: Heatwave in southern countries and Social democratic wave (!) in Nordic countries…

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France heatwave: Paris region closes schools

Regions around Paris announce school closures as France and Spain expect heat above 40C.

European heatwave: France hits record temperature of 44.3C

The new record was measured in the southern town of Carpentras amid a Europe-wide heatwave.

Europe’s heatwave in pictures

All-time records begin to fall as temperatures continue to soar across much of Europe.
European heatwave: Spain battles major Catalonia wildfire

Firefighters battle blazes said to be Catalonia’s worst for 20 years, as Europe swelters in the heat.

Denmark completes social democrat sweep of Nordics

Danish Social Democrat leader, Mette Frederiksen, will form new one-party minority government based on support from
Danish PM Frederiksen takes power and joins Nordic swing to left

Mette Frederiksen is the third centre-left leader to take office in a Nordic country this year.
Pools in France close after women defy burkini ban

Muslim women wearing ‘burkinis’ swam in pools despite a municipal ban on the full-body swimwear.

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Trump, the saviour

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What I understand is that Trump is the only person who prevents any substantive measures to be taken against Turkey, or more specifically Erdoğan regime, in the context of S-400 crisis. Hence comes the Trump love among the AKP elites… However, since Trump is not always predictable who knows what may happen next…

Think tank offers analysts hundreds of dollars to attend U.S. talk by Turkish minister | Ahval

A U.S.-based pro-Turkish government think tank has offered to pay Turkish analysts to attend a

U.S. letter won’t change Turkey’s mind on S-400 – Erdoğan | Ahval

The letter former U.S. Secretary of Defence Patrick Shanahan sent to Turkey’s National Defence…

U.S. says sanctions against Turkey ‘very viable’, no disagreement | Ahval

The United States said imposing economic sanctions on Turkey for its purchase of Russian S-400…
A panel discussion on refugee crises and academic heritage co-organised by the Turkish Council of

Erdogan: Purchase of Russian S-400 air defence systems complete

The Turkish leader says he will speak to President Trump, as Washington threatens to cut Ankara from F-35 programme.

Turkey’s Erdoğan sees Russian S-400s delivery to begin in July | Ahval

Turkey expects delivery Russian S-400 missile defence systems to begin in the first half of July,
The Financial Times – Laura Pitel in Istanbul – Jun 20, 5:02 AM

Turkey will take delivery of a Russian S-400 air defence system in the first half of July, president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday, striking a defiant tone as he insisted that the US would not risk damaging relations with a key strategic

Turkey holds funeral prayers across the country for Morsi | Ahval

Turkey’s top religious body on Tuesday is holding funeral prayers in absentia in mosques across the…

Ousting Turkey from NATO a last resort, but possible – WSJ | Ahval

The United States should reconsider further measures against Ankara’s insistence to purchase
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Tuesday said he does not believe the death of Egypt’s…
Thousands gather to pay their respects to the former Egyptian president who died in a Cairo court on Monday.

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Gezi Trial through the drawings of @tariktolunay and his colleagues #GeziyiSavunuyoruz

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THE SECOND DAY OF GEZİ TRIAL: Arrested Rights Defenders Kavala and Aksakoğlu Greeted with Applause in Court Hall

The trial of 16 rights defenders charged with “attempting to overthrow the government” with Gezi resistance continued today.

Yiğit Aksakoğlu Released: There are Lots of Innocent People Behind Bars

Arrested on November 17, 2018, rights defender Yiğit Aksakoğlu has been released from prison after the court ruled that he


In court with Osman Kavala: Turkey’s credibility on trial

“Kavala and the 15 other defendants are up against a state apparently determined to usurp the judicial system for the political end of silencing its critics.

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A role model conservatives love to hate: Canan Kaftancıoğlu (@ccanannnnnn)

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She is on trial today.

She is the head of the CHP İstanbul branch. She has challenged the old guards in the party and she succeeded to become the chair.

She is unapologetically open in her lifestyle. She doesn’t give an f*ck if Islamists insistently point out her eating ham etc.

She openly defends Occupy Gezi, she acted militantly there and she is proud of that.

She is a great organizer, an unignorable actress in İmamoğlu’s municipal victory.

She is a secular, left-wing strong woman. Conservatives/ Islamists cannot stop hating her.

She is on trial today for some expectedly nonsensical accusations.

CHP İSTANBUL CHAIR TRIED FOR ‘INSULTING PRESIDENT’: Collective Memory Platform: This Lawsuit Means Saying ‘Enough, Shush Now’ to Opposition

The Collective Memory Platform has released a statement of solidarity for CHP İstanbul Chair Kaftancıoğlu, whose trial of

You will never walk alone, opposition tells politician facing jail | Ahval

Turkish social media users are showing their support to Canan Kaftancıoğlu, the Istanbul provincial


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“Could This Man Save Turkey?” Hell no!

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ANKARA, TURKEY – MAY 22: Turkey’s PM Ahmet Davutoglu accompanied by his wife Sare Davutoglu, greets members of his party as he arrives for the second Extraordinary Congress of the ruling AK Party (AKP) in Ankara on May 22, 2016 Turkey. Turkey’s Transport and Communication Minister Binali Yildirim is the sole candidate to head the AK Party and is the new Prime Minister of Turkey. (Photo by Gokhan Tan/Getty Images)
POLITICO – Sinan Ciddi – Jun 24

After a decade of repressive rule, Turks are beginning to believe President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is vulnerable. The Turkish economy is in bad shape, his ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) candidates recently lost in elections to lead

In a stunning rebuke to prosecution’s fraud charges, Turkey’s former diplomats exhibit their mighty
An Istanbul mayoral election is rattling Turkey’s politics

A mayoral election in Istanbul has delivered a big victory for Turkey’s democracy — and a stunning setback to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip …
Erdogan Loses Istanbul. Now What?

… of the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, and CNN. In the Spiel, voters in Istanbul have just rebuked Turkish president Recep Erdogan

Huseyin Sahnaz remembers well the day his daughter Safiye was born — as well as the day she was imprisoned. ‘She was born on a Friday. A day later, we were forced to send her and her mother to prison,’ he tells DW. Sahnaz’s wife,

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Erkan’s Field Diary is 15 today! Major design change after 9 years!

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Those were the days.

My longest digital experiment/ playground is 15 years old today!

There will be a party but around October. I had decided to postpone. The 10th year party was a big hit and I feel like the 15th one should be even a bigger hit. Let me first settle in Istanbul.

Nowadays are so hectic I could not even prepare a good post. However, I should still note this important date. I owe the origins of this blog to Prof. Chris Kelty who set up the first version at a Rice University subpage. keeps the first pages here. Blogging may be passé for many but not for the die-hard bloggers like me.

This blog became more than a research tool; it had its own life and it transformed my academic orientation eventually. If I am known to be a new media scholar, I owe it to this blog to a large extent. It is also a digital record of what happened in Turkish politics with occasional personal commentaries.

I had several fantasies about the blog, such as making it a multi-authored nationwide site. If I had a more commercial logic, I could do that in the early 2000s. But now there are many sites already and without substantial financial support, it is hard to that. People do not have the stamina or have petty ambitions. We could still do it but in the end, it remained to be my own playground. In the end, I am happy to maintain it in one way or another. I know that despite its relatively low traffic, it has an impact, I have lovely readers and I managed to meet some of them all over the world in these 15 years. Both in diplomatic terms and human terms.

The very first posts…

So I decided to give a facelift to the blog. After 9 years, I had recently changed the WordPress template (I started with the Movable Type, then used Yahoo hosting software before switching to WordPress for good). I have tried to provide information to my all digital dealings. Nearly all public digital existence is linked to Erkan’s Field Diary. Harun Vedat Şahnacı, a former student of mine, assisted me in some SEO settings. Thank you, Harun! So, some of the wiki-like projects I give priority are linked at the very top. That includes The Gezi Archive and SeçimTürk. Under the blog title, there are links to my most favorite social media accounts in addition to About pages. You can reach my continuously updated CV and media appearances. The features posts, which I give priority, cannot be missed under the banner. In fact, I have switched back to less frequent but more personal posts. Still, I can not stop posting lists of news links on current affairs. On the right-hand side under the subscription by email box, there are links to back up blogs. Some of them might be interesting like the Beşiktaş news blog. I have decided to insert the Archive box again. Maybe you would like to see the old posts. Unfortunately, I could not transfer the earliest posts.

When I act like a teenager

I have implemented WordPress ads. I guess I would be grateful if you click on these ads from time to time. However, I am not sure if it is worthy. Let me know if should delete all the ads for the sake of simplicity. In 15 years, I have once earned more than a thousand USD in a year many years ago, but since then virtually nothing. But I still assume the site not necessarily a commercial place. So far so good. I am happy.

The Facebook Page for the EFD

On the upper right-hand side, there is the email subscription box. I believe email subscriptions to the blog posts may be the most reliable method to follow if you do not use an RSS reader.

It is hard to miss posts as they are automatically shared by my Twitter, Facebook page – which has sometimes bigger reach than the blog itself, Medium, and Linkedin accounts. It thus reaches to more than 18 thousand accounts.

So happy readings and please drop me a line whenever you would like to recommend something!



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New photo from Facebook June 24, 2019 at 04:36PM

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Bu arada Tahran, İran. via Reddit. via Facebook Pages

#Europe agenda: “Over 200 000 people protesting in Prague, demanding the resignation of prime minister in biggest protests since Velvet Revolution…

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Over 200 000 people protesting in Prague, demanding the resignation of prime minister in biggest protests since Velvet Revolutionhttps://

Prague right now from europe


Europe Has Been Looking for an Answer to the Far Right. It Might Be the Green Party.

Climate change fears are not the only thing driving the rise of the Greens.
For example, Germany’s primetime TV news reported that 47 percent of political social media discussions were related to the extreme-right AfD party, when in fact this was the case only for Twitter – used by only four percent of Germans.
German-Turkish footballer Mesut Ozil sparked controversy when he asked Erdogan to be best man in March.
Mesut Ozil whipped up a political storm in Germany over his first meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in May 2018.

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Partying hard in #İstanbul: “Blow to Turkey’s Erdogan as opposition wins big in Istanbul

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photo by Onur Günal

Islamist mayors render Istanbul uninhabitable in 25 years – Birgün

Various data gathered from recent studies point to a decline in Istanbul’s quality of life, which has made the city uninhabitable in 25 years of Islamist
The Financial Times – Laura Pitel and Ayla Jean Yackley in Istanbul and Funja Guler in Ankara – Jun 23, 9:51 AM

A political gamble by Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan backfired spectacularly on Sunday as the opposition won a resounding victory in the repeat of an Istanbul mayoral election according to early results. Ekrem Imamoglu, the opposition


Foreign Affairs Magazine – Nate Schenkkan – Jun 20, 9:00 PM

On June 23, Istanbul will hold new mayoral elections. The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) lost the original election on March 31, appealed to overturn the results on a technicality, and won. The ruling was only the latest and most

BBC News – Jun 23, 9:27 AM

Ruling party in Turkey set to lose city of Istanbul after re-run mayoral election in big blow for President Erdogan This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest

Whoever wins Istanbul wins Turkey’: Do-over elections loom large

This week in Istanbul, people gathered in parks and at ferry stations, their eyes trained on large, inflatable screens. On leafy residential blocks, the …

Istanbul vote rerun: Ambitious mayor takes on Erdogan’s man

The election is being rerun after the ruling party candidate narrowly lost the Istanbul mayoral vote.

Ruling party officials admit opposition will win Istanbul rerun – Financial Times | Ahval

The officials of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in private admit that their

Even if they’re Kurds, they’re human’, Turkey’s Erdoğan says | Ahval

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a speech that has the potential to backfire as he…

Prof Eissenstat: ”This is a referendum on Erdoğan’s rule” | Ahval

Associate Professor of Middle East history at St. Lawrence University Howard Eissenstat spoke with

Istanbul Europe’s second most congested city

Istanbul is Europe’s second most congested city with drivers in Turkey’s largest city spending an average of 53
The new mega-Istanbul Airport hosted 5.2 million passengers in May, a 10.5 percent increase compared to the first four months of this year.

Invasive, Photogenic Plants Are Taking a Toll on Istanbul’s Ancient Walls

Take a place like Istanbul’s old city walls and gates. These fortifications protected the city from sieges and invaders for 800 years.

Election Puts Istanbul’s Budget—and Ruling Party’s Use of It—in Spotlight

ISTANBUL—President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pushing to retain control over this city, which propelled his political career and drives Turkey’s …

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