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Journalism agenda: 6 news orgs’ Snapchat stories…

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When Sam Sheffer, The Verge’s social media editor, launched the site’s Snapchataccount at the end of July last year, he meant it to be a small-scale experiment.

“I only promoted it on my personal Twitter account,” Sheffer told me. “I didn’t make it an official thing that it was our account, I just told my followers, ‘Hey guys, I’m going to be doing this thing. Follow if you want to.’”

How data journalism can improve the world

Open data has the potential to drive positive social change. But getting there is not easy.

In January 2014, Kenyan broadcaster NTV aired a 12-minute, data-driven video about the impact of drought in Turkana, an impoverished, isolated region of northern Kenya.

Even as the Financial Times announces excellent bottom-line numbers, the heat it’s feeling from the diverse and growing competition in business news is palpable.

The FT may be 127 years old and roundly and rightfully respected for its journalism. But it doesn’t even break into the top 25 business news websites, as counted by comScore (see chart below). In the U.S. — which became its largest market a few years ago, surpassing the U.K. — ranks #44, with 804,000 uniques. Topping the comScore list are three big free business news sites — Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and Forbes — and re-energized, free offerings like the new intensify the battle for readers.

A farewell to #content: Optimism, worries, and a belief in great work

Editor’s note: After two years here at Nieman Lab, Caroline O’Donovan is leaving us for BuzzFeed. We’ll miss her! On the occasion of her departure, she looks back on her time making media about media.

The other day, someone called me at work and asked me, What’s the future of journalism? As calmly and politely as I could, I replied, I don’t know what the future of journalism is.


It’s what qualifies as an age-old debate in the digital media business: Web or native apps? The question isn’t really either/or — for most news outlets, the answer is “both” — but since the iPhone arrived, publishers have debated how much emphasis to put behind publishing on the open web vs. building native app experiences for iOS and Android.

The price to pay for journalism?

This week’s incendiary claims by Peter Oborne on openDemocracy pose serious challenges not only for the Telegraph but for all news publishers and their readers.

Flickr/Michael Fleshman. Some rights reserved.

Brian Williams’ spectacular fall from grace as one of the most trusted American reporters bears great lessons: journalism’s greats are no longer shielded from scrutiny.

With powerful new social media platforms like Twitter, whispers about inaccuracies are often magnified into shouts. Flickr/mkhmarketing. Some rights reserved.

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Dear #YaşarKemal see you in heaven!

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Yaşar Kemal, who was hospitalized since Jan 14 following respiratory problems, lung infection and heart arrhythmia, died ın in Istanbul’ broadcaster CNN reported on Feb 28

Yaşar Kemal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaşar_Kemal

Yaşar Kemal, (born Kemal Sadık Gökçeli 1923) is a Turkish writer of Kurdish origin. He is one of Turkey’s leading writers. He has long been a candidate for the

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Basak Bingol Yuce ‏@bbyuce Yaşar Kemal, the storyteller of Anatolia, the greatest writer and the master of Turkish literature passed away today.

Türkiye büyük ustaya ağlıyor
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Haberturk ‏@Haberturk  92 yıllık çınar, ömrünü adadığı Kürt sorunu için tarihi günde vefat etti! İşte hayatı!

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Radikal ‏@radikal  Mecbur insanların yazarı #YaşarKemal

Embedded image permalink ‏@cumhuriyetgzt BİR ÇINARI YİTİRDİK Yaşar Kemal hayatını kaybetti

Büyük usta Yaşar Kemal'i kaybettik

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Gündem dışı. Maymunlar Cehennemi filmleri zaman tablosu. via Facebook Pages

On the one Turkey becomes a police state, on the other hand possibility of historical truce with PKK…

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The HDP has announced a call by the jailed leader of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to hold a congress in spring to discuss disarmament in Turkey – Feb 26 – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan turns 61 this week, yet he remains politically dexterous enough to pull off some impressive sleights of hand. In the wee hours of Sunday morning, Turkey’s parliament passed the first 10 articles of a…

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Fatih Projesi’nde ‘organik’e geçiş. “TABLET” yerine “TEZEK” via @eaksunger via Facebook Pages

Neo-Ottoman and Islamist kitsch used by some AKP MP candidates… #TurkeyElections

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Neo-Ottoman kitsch inspirated by Erdoğan’s own performance.

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“My reference is Allah” TABLdotTV ‏@TABLdotTV AKP’den #Malatya aday adayı olan [Malatya] #ZerTv YKB #AbuzerAydın, afiş çalısmasına; “Referansım Allahtir” yazdırdı.

Ne Çok Konuştun ‏@DurBirDinlee Dini siyasete alet etmek, temsili değil. – Weeks after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s ’16 Turkish warriors’ hit international headlines, several candidates have launched Ottoman-themed campaigns to be nominated for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the upcoming… – Peter Holley – Feb 25 – Merve Buyuksarac won Miss Turkey in 2006. Now, just under a decade later, the former model may be jailed for insulting the Turkish president. On Wednesday, Buyuksarac’s lawyer told reporters that an Istanbul prosecutor is attempting to take…

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Filiz Taylan Yüzak (@ftaylanyuzak): A Contribution To “My Migration Story To the UK”, a GuardianWitness Project

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A Contribution To “My Migration Story To the UK”, a GuardianWitness Project

I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. I first came to the UK in 2007 to study towards my Masters degree. The photo below was taken in September 2007 at Warwick Castle. Back then, I was about to begin my graduate programme at University of Warwick. It was a uni trip to the Castle and I was amazed by its grandeur and architecture.

(Fotoğraf: Özgür Yüzak)

After my Masters, I went to Turkey to change my visa to a work permit. I was able to come back to the UK in 2009 and started to look for a job. This time I came to London planning to settle here. I was happy to live in my country, I didn’t have any serious problems there. I just wanted to experience how life in a European country is. (Although the UK is the least European country in the EU!) It was hard due to the recession, but I have finally found a job and settled in London after a couple of months.

In six years, I settled here, became a permanent UK resident and saved some money. Recently, I have applied for UK citizenship as well. I would like to become a dual citizen. I love living here: the lifestyle is straightforward and stable, people are tolerant, very polite and friendly. Although London life can be hectic at times, I still love the buzz of the big city as an Istanbullite. I consider myself as a Londoner now.

The only problem here is that I don’t have any close friends originally from the UK. Nearly all my friends are foreigners like me. But apart from that, I feel like a part of this society, totally adapted to local culture and lifestyle. I feel proud and successful to be living here. I definitely recommend this experience of living abroad to anyone: one learns to stand on one’s own feet in every sense.

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Robert Larson fotoğraflarından. Daha fazlası burada: via Facebook Pages

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Seçim sirki başladı. via @Irmak_Ye/ via Facebook Pages

Stallman 27 Şubat’ta Bilgi’de… 19:00’da Stallman ile “Özgürlük Sohbetleri”

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Dr. Richard M. Stallman


Dr. Richard M. Stallman ile “Özgürlük Sohbetleri”

Sizi “Özgürlük Sohbetleri” etkinliğimize davet etmekten kıvanç duyuyoruz. “Özgürlük Sohbetleri”, bireysel özgürlükler ve internet teknolojilerinin hayatımızdaki yerine dair, yılın en kıymetli etkinliklerinden biri olacaktır.


Tarih: 27 Şubat 2015

Yer: ÇSM 403-404, İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi
Saat: 19:00

Konu: Özgür Dijital Toplum


Etkinliğe dair ek bilgi, ve ulaşım ile ilgili detayları
ya da

adreslerinden öğrenebilirsiniz.
“Freedom Talks” with Dr. Richard M. Stallman

This is a great pleasure that we invite you to “Freedom Talks”, one of the most important event of this year, regarding your personal freedoms and role of the internet technologies  within our lives.
Talks will take place on and the subjects are:
February 27th at İstanbul Bilgi University, “A Free Digital Society” at 19:00 pm ÇSM 403-404


Additional information in English about the event, together with details about how to get to the venue at each talk, could be found on

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