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Akşam, your Ergenekon friendly paper

In Erkan's interviews, Journalism on September 5, 2008 at 12:37

I am hitting Doğan Media Group (DMG) papers recently but how I missed Akşam? Owned by a once-bigger media conglomeration, Akşam’s bitter tone should be noted when one talks about the Ergenekon case. Normally, I respect Akşam’s position. Compared to major Doğan papers, it occupies a more neutral standing and unlike Vatan daily who had boasted about being independent (but then sold to DMG), Akşam stayed relatively independent. Its chief editor Serdar Turgut has an intellectual level well beyond many of his counterparts. -But of course he rejected to talk to me for my dissertation despite the talk I made with his secretary, several times. So Erkan does not like him anymore (!) and be believes his frequent quotes from famous philosophers and social theoreticians are all farcical-

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