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A sitcom phrase: “Turkish PM Erdoğan ‘assures’ EU he will respect rule of law… A FP roundup

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Turkish PM Erdoğan ‘assures’ EU he will respect rule of law


PM Erdoğan ‘gave assurances’ during his first visit to Brussels since 2009, European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso says following a meeting

Turkish government would show off if trucks were loaded with humanitarian aid to Syria: BDP leader


If the trucks were loaded with aid, the government would trumpet them with celebrations, the BDP leader said

Brussels urges Turkish PM Erdoğan to redraft law purging police and judiciary

EU says Turkish prime minister’s bill extending control over police, judges and prosecutors flouts separation of powers

The Turkish prime minister’s campaign to purge the top echelons of the national police and tame the country’s senior judges ran into its first wall of international criticism on Tuesday when Brussels told Recep Tayipp Erdoğan that he had to rewrite a contested bill to follow European standards.

With Crisis at Home, Turkish Leader Arrives in Europe to Repair Ties


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, facing a corruption scandal, is in Brussels, hoping to revive Turkey’s bid for European Union membership

Turkey’s Erdogan, on Brussels Visit, Criticized Over Crackdown


Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, making his first visit to Brussels in five years, faced sharp criticism from European Union leaders on Tuesday over a crackdown on the judiciary and police that has rattled investors. Erdogan has purged hundreds of police and moved to impose tighter control on the courts in response to a corruption inquiry that has rocked his center-right AK Party, which

Turkey’s Erdogan, On Brussels Visit, Criticized Over Crackdown


Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, making his first visit to Brussels in five years, faced sharp criticism from European Union leaders on Tuesday over a crackdown on the judiciary and police that has rattled investors. Erdogan has purged hundreds of police and moved to impose tighter control on the courts in response to a corruption inquiry that has rocked his centre-right AK Party, which has Islamist roots and has been in power for more than a decade.


Syria warring sides gather as world powers push peace talks


Nearly three years after the start of their fierce civil war, Syria’s opposing sides gather with world powers in Switzerland Wednesday for the most serious effort yet to end the bloodshed.

Iraqi Kurdish leader sees little gains at Syria conference


Massoud Barzani said he expected very little from the Geneva II peace conference on Syria and warned of the dangers of extremist groups gaining ground

France-Turquie: retour d’alliance ?


Etudes & Notes (Institut du Bosphore) 21 janvier 2014 Par Dorothée Schmid * La relation franco-turque évolue depuis quelques années de façon paradoxale. Après plusieurs décennies de négligence mutuelle, elle a gagné en intensité sur tous les plans : les relations économiques se renforcent, les échanges culturels sont florissants, le dialogue politique régulier et en

Embattled Turkey PM faces tough visit to EU


Ankara (AFP) – Turkey’s embattled Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan sought Monday to downplay the risk of a crisis with the European Union as he headed to Brussels facing a row over controversial judical reforms.


Les Européens maintiennent les discussions d’adhésion avec une Turquie en crise

L’Opinion (France) 21 janvier 2014, p. 11 Isabelle Marchais (à Bruxelles) Bruxelles, inquiète de la situation politique dans le pays, reçoit le Premier ministre turc Recep Erdogan. Le président Hollande se rendra à Istanbul et à Ankara à la fin du mois. Le Premier ministre turc Recep Erdogan est attendu mardi à Bruxelles pour une


Is a Deal with Iran Bad for Turkey?

The National Interest (USA) January 21, 2014 Kemal Kirisci, Rob Keane * The interim agreement finalized last week by Iran and the six major powers seeking to prevent Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon represents a major victory for international diplomacy and promises significant benefits for Iran’s neighbors, especially Turkey. But while Turkey has much

Turkey and Iran: Resetting Relations?


Analysis (ISPI) No. 224, December 2013 Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI) Valeria Talbot * A new stage in relations between Turkey and Iran is likely to be opened by the signature of the interim agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme. After deep tensions in the last two years, due to the conflict


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HRW 2014 Turkey Report. I hope EU officials will have a look while they talk to him…

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World Report 2014: Turkey – In office for three terms since 2002, and enjoying a strong parliamentary majority, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has demonstrated a growing intolerance of political opposition, public protest, and critical media. In May, police…


Turkish doctors condemn government curbs on emergency treatment


Medics accuse government of intimidation and seeking to criminalise urgent assistance to street protesters

Turkish government measures curbing the freedom of doctors in administering emergency treatment have been condemned by medical and human rights groups, with professionals accusing the government of intimidation and seeking to criminalise urgent assistance to street protesters.

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He is in Brussels. A FP roundup…

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Whenever a rupture has been expected in the stormy relations between Turkey and The European Union, there has always been a breakthrough at the very last moment.

Turkey PM gives new push to EU bid

Turkey‘s PM Erdogan is in Brussels for talks on his country’s troubled EU membership bid, overshadowed by a purge of senior Turkish officials.

Embattled Turkey PM faces tough visit to EU


Turkey’s embattled Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan sought Monday to downplay the risk of a crisis with the European Union as he headed to Brussels facing a row over controversial judical reforms. European officials have voiced deep concern about the state of democracy in Turkey and the independence of its institutions after the government, facing its worst crisis since coming to power over a

Hundreds greet Turkish PM Erdoğan in Brussels

PM Erdoğan arrived in Brussels on Jan. 20 with hundreds of Turkish citizens greeting him

Turkey’s negative media image: It is not a conspiracy – Christian Christensen – Jan 20 – In a recent Opinion piece for Al Jazeera, a senior adviser to Turkey’s ruling AKP party, Ertan Aydin, made note of ‘a resurgence of media orientalism on Turkish democracy’, a claim that Bloomberg journalist Marc Champion (a target in Aydin’s piece)

Booting Iran out of Syria talks ‘mistake’ but ‘not disaster’: Russia


The decision by the UN to bar Iran from taking part in this week’s Syria peace talks casts a shadow on its reputation, Russian FM Sergei Lavrov said

Iran Invited, Then Uninvited to Syria Peace Talks in Geneva
Top News: U.N.-backed peace talks in Geneva to resolve the Syrian civil war hit a new snag on Monday ahead of their scheduled start tomorrow. The United Nations sent out a late set of invitations on Sunday for nations — including Iran — to send delegations to the talks, but Iran’s invitation was rescinded after representatives from the Syrian National Coalition threatened to withdraw from the talks if Iran attended.

Turkey’s AKP angered over ‘breach of authority’ in search of intel trucks near Syria


‘Any procedure regarding MİT should be authorized by the PM,’ AKP spokesman Çelik said


Syrian Crisis Blog

For anyone interested in following the rapidly situation on the ground in Syria, check out the blog “Syria in Crisis” by Aron Lund at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The Enemy In Syria

Javier Solana

The Geneva II Middle East peace conference, to be held on January 22, will take place against a backdrop of singularly appalling numbers: Syria’s brutal civil has left an estimated 130,000 dead, 2.3 million refugees registered in neighboring countries, and some four million more internally displaced.


Turkey debates softening Syria policy

Senior politicians have questioned the tough anti-Assad line, with a former foreign minister warning against putting ‘all eggs in one basket’

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Turkey has the most humanitarian intelligence service! Turkish gendarmerie allegedly seizes weapons in trucks, but later…

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it is announced that the trucks belong to Turkish intelligence (MIT) and they carry humanitarian material… 

A Foreign policy roundup:

Turkish gendarmerie seize weapons in trucks near Syrian border: Report

 Media preview

Gendarmerie teams have reportedly seized weapons after stopping trucks in the southern province of Adana

Turkey says ready to discuss judicial row with EU


Adana (Turkey) (AFP) – Turkey’s foreign minister said Sunday the country was ready to discuss all issues with the European Union at high-profile talks this week, including a row over judicial independence that has escalated the crisis engulfing the government. The controversy over Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan‘s bid to increase his control over Turkey’s top judicial oversight body, the


Turkey crisis undermines PM Erdogan’s high-profile EU visit


A high-profile Brussels visit this week by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, originally intended to highlight a new era in EU-Turkey ties, may instead wind up underscoring mutual tension over Ankara’s political crisis


Turkey, West hail Syria opposition vote to join peace talks


Turkey and Western leaders have hailed a decision by Syria’s opposition to attend an international peace conference this week alongside representatives of the regime

CHP to EU: Put pressure on AKP but don’t suspend talks


When former EU minister and chief negotiator Egemen Bağış initiated last fall to organize a trip to Brussels for Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Syria gives Russia Aleppo ceasefire plan, wants prisoner swap


Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said on Friday he had handed Russia plans for a ceasefire in Syria’s biggest city, Aleppo, and was ready to exchange lists with rebel forces on a possible prisoner swap.


Turkish FM Davutoğlu warns envoys not to speak to press


Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has cautioned ambassadors of Turkey not to leak information from closed door meetings to the media

US urges Syrian opposition to attend peace talks


The US urged Syria’s opposition to attend key peace talks as the Syrian National Coalition is preparing to announce their decision


Skating on Thin Ice: The Political Economy of Turkish Foreign Policy over the Last Decade

Analysis (ISPI) No. 226, December 2013 Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI) Mustafa Kutlay * The aim of this paper is to discuss the economic drivers of Turkish foreign policy with a particular emphasis on the question of sustainability in the medium-term timeframe. It highlights that Turkish government has to fight on two


Turkey after the Arab Uprisings: Difficulties of Hanging on in There

Analysis (ISPI) No. 223, December 2013 Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI) Meliha Benli Altunışık * In the early days of the Arab uprisings, Turkey was seen as the “winner.” Yet after more than two years Turkey has lost most of its lucrative economic relations with the region, begun to experience crisis in

Article | Turkey remains blind to foreign policy criticisms

Mavi Boncuk |

Let’s note two events held in Ankara this week: the sixth annual Ambassadors Conference with a theme of “strong democracy, dynamic economy, effective diplomacy,” and the German Marshall Fund’s conference, “Turkey’s Foreign Policy Reset.” While the former sends a message of absolutism about the current path of Turkey’s foreign policy, the latter simply suggests it needs restoration. The gap between these two perceptions seems unbridgeable.

More chaotic political scenes would harm Turkey’s image internationally, says US expert


A more chaotic political scene would harm not only Turkey’s economy, but also its image in the international arena, Ian Lesser said

U.S. diplomatic Interaction with Turkey


Mavi Boncuk |


U.S. diplomatic interaction with Turkey dates back to the days when Turkey was known as the Ottoman Empire. After they established diplomatic relations in 1831, the states maintained a diplomatic relationship until U.S. entry into World War I on April 20, 1917. After World War I, the Ottoman Empire dissolved, and in its place arose the modern state of Turkey, with which the United States reestablished relations in 1927.


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Füle to Çavuşoğlu: “Judicial bill should conform to EU political criteria

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English: Štefan Füle English: Štefan Füle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Judicial bill should conform to EU political criteria, Füle tells Çavuşoğlu


Stefan Füle has expressed the EU’s expectations that the new judicial bill prepared should be consistent with the EU legislation


The EU and Turkey’s Asylum Policy in Light of the Syrian Crisis


GTE Policy Brief (Istituto Affari Internazionali) No. 10, 15 January 2014 by Juliette Tolay * In the past, Turkey’s asylum policy was considered as highly deficient, in comparison with the higher standards of the EU. Recently, this perception has been changing, with Turkey’s newly adopted law on foreigners, which contrasts with the EU’s slow-paced moves

Erdoğan’s visit to Brussels: an exercise for damage control


For those who believe that Turkey needs to remain anchored to the European Union, the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Brussels was seen as a step


Turkey’s SCO courting largely aimed at sending messages to Europe


Global Times (China) 15 January 2014, p. 15 By Sun Zhuangzhi * There are lots of discussions around Turkey’s possible membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). In late November when Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Russia, he openly expressed the country’s desire to join the SCO. It came at a time when


Russia denies ‘hidden agenda’ as it hosts Iran, Syria FMs


Russia denied having a “hidden agenda” on Syria as it launched a fresh round of crisis diplomacy by hosting the top diplomats of Iran and Damascus


US, EU step up pressure on Turkey over judicial independence


Turkey’s new EU Minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, was in Strasbourg on Tuesday for his first encounter with Stefan Füle, the EU commissioner responsible for enlargement.

NATO says Turkey no longer balks at missile shield helping Israel


Turkey has accepted assurances a planned NATO missile defense system in which it is playing a part is not designed to protect Israel as well, Alexander Vershbow said


Venice Commission head warns Turkey about ‘hasty’ judicial bill

The head of the Venice Commission has expressed a staunch warning to Turkey Jan. 14 on refraining from hasty judicial reforms that would endanger the independence of the judiciary


Turkish President Gül urges gov’t to re-calibrate Syria policy


Turkey should review its Syrian diplomacy and security policies in the face of realities, Gül said

The Perception of Turkey in the Middle East 2013


The Foreign Policy Programme (TESEV) January 15, 2014            العربية  Türkçe Sabiha Senyücel Gündoğar & Mensur Akgün The report entails the findings of the fifth annual survey conducted by TESEV Foreign Policy Programme in collaboration with KA Research between August 15- September 13, 2013. As in previous years, the public opinion survey reveals interesting insights into

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EU Commissioner Füle to meet with Turkish EU minister while “Police raid Turkish NGO office near Syrian border

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Commissioner Füle to meet with Turkish EU minister over judiciary bill


The EU’s Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Füle is to meet with Turkish EU Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

Police raid Turkish NGO office near Syrian border


Police have conducted a raid on the Kilis branch of the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (İHH)


US, Russia call for ‘local ceasefires’ ahead of Syria talks


Moscow and Washington made a joint call for Syria’s regime and rebels to agree to ceasefires in parts of the battle-scarred country ahead of crucial talks

Turkey Inside-Out: Old Realities, New Risks, and Strategic Implications


German Marshall Fund of the United States, January 13, 2014 Ian Lesser * Turkey’s burgeoning corruption scandal and the deepening political and legal crises facing the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) government seem strong evidence of something new on the Turkish scene. There is now a real risk that internal factors will jeopardize Turkey’s


Tunisia’s Ennahda movement, maybe learning from Egypt and Turkey, compromises to remain relevant


Once again, the people have a chance to prove that the Arab Spring was not a fluke, that non-violence is the only constructive path for social change, that Islam is compatible with representative governance, and that authoritarianism is not the only guarantor of security and stability.

EU must open doors to avoid Syrian refugee catastrophe, says UN


Colin Firth, Michael Palin and Grayson Perry condemn lack of British action over what David Milliband calls ‘the defining humanitarian crisis of our time’

No active diplomacy possible without strong democracy, FM Davutoğlu says

A strong democracy is a must in pursuing an active diplomacy, Davutoğlu said at the envoys’ conference as the ruling AKP is giving its own test of democracy amid a graft scandal


Brussels asks Turkey to be consulted to ensure judicial bill in line with EU legislation

The EU has made a formal request to Ankara asking to be consulted on the controversial judicial bill on the Parliament’s agenda for ensuring that it is in line with EU legislation

Kerry and Lavrov discuss Syria peace talks


Top US diplomat John Kerry meets his Russian counterpart Monday after trying to entice Syrian rebels into Geneva peace talks by vowing to exclude the Moscow-backed Damascus regime from any future transition government.

Interactive: Moving Syria’s chemical weapons


Follow the transportation of Syria’s stockpile as the arms are carried across land and sea to be destroyed.


Baghdad summons Turkish diplomat, Maliki warns Ankara over Kurdish oil


Baghdad summoned Turkey’s chargé d’affaires over moves by Iraq’s Kurdish region to sell oil independently via Ceyhan

Envoys gather in Ankara on theme of ‘strong democracy, dynamic economy’


The Turkish Foreign Ministry is gathering together the country’s far-flung ambassadors for a review of the nation’s foreign policy

Syrian refugees no longer know who is fighting let alone who is winning


As opposition factions battle to oust al-Qaida jihadists the refugees at Bab al-Hawa border crossing recount the chaos

Lugging three plastic sacks full of clothes, Abu Mohammed and his three daughters pulled back the wrought iron border crossing gate, stepped through it into Turkey and smiled.

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Turkey’s FM is so upset: “Al-Qaeda ‘legitimizes’ al-Assad” A FP roundup…

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Syria peace hopes at Paris crossroads

 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry headed for Paris to fresh Syria talks, hoping to press the fractured opposition to participate in upcoming peace talks

Ammunition rounds seized in buses bound to Hatay on Turkish-Syrian border

A large quantity of ammunition was seized in two trucks bound for the southern province of Hatay bordering Syria


Al-Qaeda ‘legitimizes’ al-Assad: FM Davutoğlu


Ahmet Davutoğlu said both al-Qaeda and al-Assad were not only benefiting each other, but supporting one another as well

Radicals make al-Assad look less evil: Turkish FM


The incorrect methods adopted by radical groups in Syria have made the Syrian government appear ‘less evil,’ Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said

No need for concern over graft probe, Turkey’s new EU minister tells Brussels


Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu urged EU to refrain from ‘unilateral and impatient’ statements

US expresses concerns about Turkey’s graft crisis


The US State Department called for a Turkish legal system that respects highest standards in ‘fairness’ and ‘transparency’

 in Malaysia…

Ankara ‘adds’ uranium clause in nuclear deal with Tokyo


Ankara reportedly asked a clause allowing uranium enrichment and plutonium extraction to be added into a nuclear agreement signed by Turkey and Japan, prompting nuclear proliferation fears


Turkish energy minister denies uranium enrichment intention


Ankara reportedly demanded allowance for uranium enrichment within the framework of a $22 billion nuclear plant and technology export deal with Tokyo

Commission warns Turkey against purges of graft investigators

The Turkish government has purged hundreds of police, among them senior commanders, since a graft scandal erupted on 17 December. The European Commission issued today (8 January) a warning that recent developments in the largest candidate country are a ‘matter of concern’ for the EU executive.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s AK Party sent plans to parliament late on 7 January which would give the government more say over the appointment of judges and prosecutors, the latest salvo in its battle against a damaging corruption inquiry.


Arrogance undoes the Turkish model


Erdogan is demonstrating to the world that his is a country with a shaky democracy, a flawed constitution and a diminishing number of allies


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When failed foreign policy maker Davutoğlu makes political statements: “Graft probe targets Turkey’s self-confidence

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Graft probe targets Turkey’s self-confidence: FM Davutoğlu

Some try to ‘create a perception that the entire gov’t is embroiled in corruption,’ the FM says

A FP roundup:

EU says events in Turkey ’cause of concern’


The EU executive expressed concern about developments in Turkey where the government is embroiled in a massive graft scandal


Nuclear deal with Turkey stirs concerns in Japan


The nuclear agreement signed by the two nations in May allows Turkey to enrich uranium and extract plutonium, potentially creating nuclear material for weapons, a report said


Turkey in intense diplomacy over al-Qaeda threat in Iraq


Turkey is holding talks with Iraq and Iran over the mounting threat from al-Qaeda-linked groups, particularly in the Anbar region of Iraq, Foreign Ministry sources told HDN


Al-Qaeda group vows to attack Syrian rebels, opposition leaders


The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levanthas vowed to crush rebel groups fighting it and to target members loyal to the Syrian National Coalition

Turkey reshuffles envoys in Washington, London and Paris


A major reshuffle of Turkey’s most important diplomatic posts has taken effect with two former ambassadors to Japan being posted as Turkey’s envoys to the US and the

Syria peace meet must seek future without al-Assad: PM Erdoğan

The Turkish prime minister says it is crucial to make sure that Geneva 2 does not fail

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Turkey’s New EU minister aims to pass his predecessor’s record: “warns Enlargement Commissioner Füle for graft statement

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Turkey’s freshly appointed EU minister warns Enlargement Commissioner Füle for graft statement


In his first statement as EU minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has rebuked Stefan Füle urging him to be ‘more vigilant’ on his comments about Turkey

FM Davutoğlu: ‘The revolution Turkey made in its region has disturbed some’


“The revolution done by Turkey in its geography has disturbed some,” according to Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu

Syrian war transforms Turkish border towns

The influx of Syrians has boosted the local economy but also heightened competition and social tensions.


Turkey offers to accept lower compensation for Mavi Marmara victims: Report

The Turkish government has become more flexible over compensation for the deadly Mavi Marmara raid victims

Turkey and Israel have new round of compensation talks for Mavi Marmara victims

An Israeli delegation met with a senior Turkish diplomat in Istanbul last week as part of compensation talks for the Mavi Marmara raid victims


Gold at center of corruption, money laundering allegations hitting Turkish gov’t

Some of the suspects of the graft case are alleged of being involved in Turkey’s gold-for-gas trade with Iran


Turkey: Contest Tries to Strengthen Pan-Turkic Ties

With a combination of the kitsch of Eurovision and the lofty sentiments of pan-Turkic brotherhood, the Turkic-speaking world’s first international song contest, Turkvision, made its debut. Azerbaijan won the inaugural contest, besting 23 other competitors from across the Turkic world – from the powerhouse host Turkey to tiny Shoria, a region of 14,000 in western Siberia.

Mideast politics ‘hurt’ Turkey’s trade: Turkish esporters body


The Turkish Exporters Assembly says developments in the Middle East have been adversely affecting Turkey’s trade in the region


Turkish FM Davutoğlu defends visa deal with EU

FM Davutoğlu has defended the recently signed visa deal with the EU and said there is no turning back from the process

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Cengiz Aktar: Vize meselesi

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Vize meselesi
English: Schengen Agreement signed 1985-06-14,... English: Schengen Agreement signed 1985-06-14, on show in Schengen Treaty Museum in Schengen, Luxembourg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dün hükümet Avrupa Komisyonu ile vize muafiyeti müzakeresinin başlamasını sağlayacak adımı attı ve “Vize Serbestîsi Mutabakat Metni” ile “İade ve Geri Kabul Anlaşması” imzaladı. Geri kabul Türkiye üzerinden Schengen ülkelerine intikal etmiş yasadışı göçmenler ile Türkiyeli yasadışı göçmenlerin Türkiye tarafından geri kabulü demek. İlk bakışta altından kalkılması çok çetin gibi görünse de esas yasadışı göçmeni geri göndermek fiiliyatta çok çetindir. Dolayısıyla endişeye mahal yok. Üstelik anlaşma Türkiye’nin, sade AB değil dünya standartlarının gerisindeki iltica ve göç mevzuatına gereken dikkati sarf etmesini sağlayabilir.




Vize meselesinde bıçak kemiği çoktan deldi. Türkiyelilerin olur olmaz nedenlerden reddedilen vize başvuruları, fahiş vize fiyatları, gülünç vize süreleri, konsolosluklarda memurların tavırları vatandaş için bitmez tükenmez eziyet ve hakaret vesileleri… Gümrük birliği içinde olduğumuz AB ülkeleriyle bağlantıda olan iş dünyasının vize çilesi dolayısıyla yaşadığı haksız rekabet üzerine artık akademik çalışmalar yapılıyor. Öğrenci değişim programı Erasmus’a katılıp üniversitesine gidemeyen öğrenci, ortak olduğu araştırma projesi bağlamında toplantıya katılamayan öğretim üyesi, uçağa atlayıp habere gidemeyen gazeteci… Türkiyelilerin mağduriyeti hakikaten akıl alır gibi değil. İKV ve TOBB’un bir Brükselli stk ile birlikte kasım 2009 ilâ ocak 2010 arasında işleme koyduğu Visa Hotline şikâyet masası iki ayda 1000 başvuruya ulaşmıştı.




Hükümetler, akademi ve sivil toplum bu haksızlığı daima hukuk yoluyla ve temel akitlere dayanarak çözmeye çalıştılar. Yıllar boyunca AB ülkeleri mahkemeleri, AİHM ve Avrupa Birliği Adalet Divanı (ABAD) nezdinde açılmış davaların haddi hesabı yok. İçtihatsa içtihat, emsalse emsal artık AB tarafının dayanabileceği hiçbir hukukî gerekçe kalmadı. En son, Ankara Anlaşması’nın Katma Protokolü gereği Türkiyelilere aktif hizmet sunumunda vize serbestîsini teyit eden ABAD’ın 23 şubat 2009 Soysal Kararı bile meseleyi çözmeye yetmedi. Almanya ve Danimarka dışında kalan dokuz AB ülkesi kararın vecibelerini yerine getirmekten bugüne kadar kaçındılar. Bu tavra mesnet oluşturan “Türkiye’den akın akın gelecek işsizler” ise artık göç verdiği kadar göç alan Türkiye’ye verilebilecek tek cevap olmaktan çoktan çıktı. Bu esnada AB Arnavutluk, Bosna Hersek, Karadağ, Makedonya ve Sırbistan’a vize muafiyeti uygulamaya başladı. AB ile ilişkileri Türkiye’ye oranla çok yeni olan ve gümrük birliği gibi somut bir ilişki içinde olmayan bu ülkelere uygulanan muafiyet karşısında Türkiye’ye uygulanan şartlar iyice sırıtmaya başladı.




Dün nihayet imzalanan anlaşmalar adaletsizliğin telafisi için atılmış önemli bir adım. Bunu küçümsemenin anlamı yok. Üstelik halkın AB’ye bakışını olumlu yönde etkileyecek bir aşama bu. Ancak büyütmek ve manasız beklentiler yaratmak da yersiz. Hükümetin müzakereye biçtiği üç buçuk yıllık süre mâkul olsa da sonuç illâki bütün vatandaşlara vize muafiyeti demek olmayabilir. Tahminen işdünyası, akademi, haberciler, AB’de akrabası olan vatandaş ilk planda kolaylık görecek akabinde muafiyete tabi olacak. Diğerlerine ise süre ve fiyat açısından vize kolaylığı gelecek. Hâlen vatandaşın elindeki 10.5 milyon civarı pasaportun 8.7 milyonu vizeye tabi, diğerleri muaf. Vizeden şimdiden muaf olanlar arasında 1.4 milyon “hususî” yani yeşil pasaport epeyidir AB tarafının dikkat çektiği bir uygulama. Müzakerede çetin bir pazarlık konu olması beklenmeli.




Sonuçta, yıllar boyu süren hukuk savaşları ve bugün gelinen noktanın gösterdiği odur ki AB’nin Türkiye ile ilgili “vize sancısı” iktisadî olmadan önce siyasî ve dinî. Dolayısıyla kalıplaşmış takıntıları ve özcü ezberleri bozacak her adım hayırlıdır.


Bu yazı ilk olarak Taraf’ta yayınlandı. Yazarın izniyle burada da yayınlanıyor.

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