Russian men flee the country mostly to #İstanbul which is ranked as ‘least liveable city’ in Europe

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Istanbul ranks as ‘least liveable city’ in Europe: – Duvar English

Turkey’s megacity Istanbul has ranked last in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) “Global Liveability Index 2022” report among European cities
Russian men flee the country. Many are showing up in Istanbul – NPR

Istanbul is a destination of choice because it is one of few places where Russians can travel to without visas, with a long history of Russian tourism

Pro-Ukraine protest in Istanbul marks seventh month of war | News – Al Jazeera

Dozens of pro-Ukrainian demonstrators gathered in Turkey’s largest city Istanbul to mark seven months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russians flee to Istanbul after mobilisation call – YouTube

Istanbul’s airport is welcoming more Russians than usual, with some fleeing the partial mobilisation decreed by President Vladimir Putin for the

Scenery of Bosporus Strait in Istanbul, Türkiye – Global Times

Tourists take a boat tour in Bosporus Strait in Istanbul, Türkiye, Sept. 24, 2022. (Xinhua/Shadati). Photo taken on Sept

9 more grain ships leave Ukraine under Istanbul deal: Türkiye – Anadolu Agency

Nine more ships have left Ukrainian ports under the historic Istanbul grain export deal, the Turkish National Defense Ministry said on Sunday.

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