Eurosphere roundup: “Spain’s indignados and the mediated aesthetics of nonviolence

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Indignados , Plaça de Catalunya (108) Indignados , Plaça de Catalunya (108) (Photo credit: calafellvalo)

Spain’s indignados and the mediated aesthetics of nonviolence

NB. The text below is an earlier version of a document that will be published as:

Postill, J. forthcoming. Spain’s indignados and the mediated aesthetics of nonviolence. In P. Werbner, M. Webb and K. Spellman-Poots (eds) Beyond the Arab Spring: The Aesthetics and Poetics of Popular Revolt and Protest. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Greenland and the Arctic: Still a role for the EU (Opinion)

As the financing of major projects in Greenland will probably come from Asia and given Greenland’s characteristics, the self-ruled territory needs to strengthen its political ties with its direct neighbourhood and historical partners: the Nordic region, the European Union and the United States, writes Damien Degeorges.

Dr Damien Degeorges is the author of The Role of Greenland in the Arctic and the founder of the Arctic Policy and Economic Forum.

EU-China solar spat risks fresh flare-up

Efforts to settle the dispute between two of the world’s largest trading partners have hit an impasse, with Brussels rejecting Beijing’s latest offer

Tragedy Ignites Online Friendship Between Romanians and Montenegrins

In one of the most tragic road accidents ever seen in Montenegro, 18 Romanian nationals lost their lives and 29 were injured on June 23, 2013 when a Romanian bus full of tourists ran off the Grlo bridge 30 kilometers away from the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica into a 40-meter-deep ravine of the Morača canyon.

The Rules of Secret Justice in Britain

To impliment the deployment of ‘Secret Justice’ in the UK the govermnent has to table the rules that will deliver the legisation. It has done so in a sneaky fashion and has announced they will be debated and decided by the Commons tomorrow.

This blog version as well as the PDF version can be cited as:

The dangers of Europe’s technocrats

Officials who say the EU has done much to solve the economic crisis are implying wrongly that the situation has improved and the worst is over

Spain to get independent fiscal authority

Independent authority will be central to the government’s campaign to rein in public deficits and improve fiscal management but critics say it is deeply flawed

Clarke: Leaving EU would be error

Leaving the European Union would be a “historical error”, a manifesto backed by Conservative cabinet minister Ken Clarke warns.


Unionism’s Europe Problem

By Paul Hagan On Monday the DUP’s leader and Northern Ireland’s First Minister finally came out, he admitted that Northern Ireland is better-off within the EU and warned of the effect on the economy and foreign direct investment to Northern Ireland, especially from the US, if the UK left the EU. Not astounding in itself but it came just four days after the same DUP had co-sponsored a debate in House of Commons on Cameron’s promised referendum on EU membership.

Spain PM under pressure over scandal

Mariano Rajoy is facing renewed calls to resign after a newspaper report links him to a politician at the centre of a secret payments scandal.

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