PM Davutoğlu in Dersim to reveal Alevi reform package as protesters gassed…

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No ambulance for the injured worker and carried by like this…

Conservative, Sunni and anti-leftist Cihan agency frames the news like this:

Police disperses ultra-leftist demonstrators protesting PM in Tunceli

Cihan News Agency-54 minutes ago
About 300 people attempted to protest Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu in Tunceli province on Sunday, but police did not allow them to hold
Başbakan Davutoğlu Tunceli'de

Ankara to reveal code of new Alevi reform package in Tunceli Daily Sabah-Nov 16, 2014- During his visit he is expected to reveal the codes of the new reform package. Tunceli, formerly known as Dersim, has symbolic importance.

PM Davutoğlu has said the government is strongly against discrimination toward the Alevi citizens and he will ‘personally follow-up’ if any kinds of official discrimination occur
Police used a familiar itchy recipe against an inoffensive public statement attempt at Gezi Park: Tear gas
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has announced his intention to chair a Cabinet meeting before the end of 2014, underlining once again that this is a constitutional right
Biden and his wife Jill Biden visited the Orthodox Patriarchate in Istanbul’s historic Fener district
Regional conflicts in neighboring countries in conjunction with domestic issues have had a negative impact on hotel reservations in Turkey, said Turkey’s Touristic Hotels and Investors Association
The talk of the week in Turkey was President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statement on the discovery of the Americas.
Here is that story, which was yet another headline-maker by Erdogan, and what followed it:

Erdoğan says America was discovered by Muslims, not Columbus

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Anthropology roundup: #AAA2014 Meetings… “Exploring the Digital Information Experiences of Ethnographer…s

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American Anthropological Association #AAA2014 Meetings

Anthropology Meetings 2014The 2014 Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association are December 2-7 in Washington D.C.

Here’s the Searchable Program. What are you most excited to see?

Where to publish in OA anthropology

Below is a list of open access English language cultural anthropology titles with general information about the journal’s policies and website for authors to consider when choosing a venue to publish their work. If you would like to learn more about the various Creative Commons licenses, check this link. Journal titles with some missing descriptive data have been contacted and updates will be ongoing as they respond. Note that the inclusive dates after the title are meant to describe what is available to read freely online, which may or may not represent the true life of the journal.


Art And Anthropology In Afghanistan

Vermont Public Radio

It’s an immersive, complicated portrait of a complicated place created by an anthropologist and an artist working together as a team. We’ll talk to Noah Coburn, anthropology professor at Bennington College, and Greg Thielker, art professor at The

Exploring the Digital Information Experiences of Ethnographers

Dr Faye Miller

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Over the past year I have had the privilege of being involved in the development of the open access journal Global Ethnographic. So far the work-in-progress has been a virtual collaboration between the editorial team in Japan, Australia and the USA. I have learned that developing an international publication across several different time zones has as many benefits as it has challenges. The following piece contains my ‘notes from the field’ including reflections and observations during my time with Global Ethnographic. Although in my case, my experience is an interdisciplinary one that crosses between two fields: my own discipline of information ecology and the field of applied ethnography, which interests me greatly as a generalist qualitative researcher.

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary

Despite friendly poses with the PM, Biden pointed out in İstanbul concentration of powers is ‘corrosive’…

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US Vice President Joe Biden tells Europe it is time to act on improving its energy security, warning of Russia’s ‘track record’ in using energy supplies as a weapon
The U.S. and Turkey met on Saturday, but offered no indication of agreement over Syria and ISIS.

US to press Turkey over IS role

US Vice-President Joe Biden is to meet Turkey’s president, aiming to push for a bigger Turkish role in the fight against Islamic State.
US Vice President Joe Biden tells Europe it is time to act on improving its energy security, warning of Russia’s ‘track record’ in using energy supplies as a weapon
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu highlights the importance of the use of Cyrpus’s natural resources for peace, adding that Turkey will be the primary user of gas coming out of the divided island

Vice-president avoids mentioning Turkey specifically, but compares concentration of powers under a head of state to US’s three-branch system


Erdoğan and Putin: unalike likeness

The leaders of Turkey and Russia are often compared. But their differences are more instructive than their similarities.

Strongmen are in high demand across Europe’s fringes these days. Hungary’s prime minister Victor Orbán hit a raw nerve when, addressing a crowd of admirers in neighbouring Romania in July 2014, he declared that the era of liberal democracy was over. Orbán, the bête noire of many a Europhile, vowed to lead the Hungarian nation with a firm grip and to protect its vital interests against foreign encroachments. Amongst the examples he cited as inspiring this resolve were Russia and Turkey. – Erik – Nov 19, 3:33 PM – I recently ran across this old New York Times editorial, A Turkish Success Story, from January 28, 2004. It’s rather striking as it heaps praise over Erdogan even as he’s only been in power for less than a year: Under the leadership of Prime

Vía Erkan’s Field Diary


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