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Bugün @bilgi_pr günü: 14’te #sedefleyasam etkinliği. 19’da #BilgiPRCC dersinde Necla Zarakol konuğumuz. Sonrasında Beşiktaş Külüstür barda olağan buluşma. Hepsine halkımız davetlidir:) via Facebook Pages

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Pamuk Prenses ve Yedi Cüceler. via @Reddit via Facebook Pages

Cyberculture agenda: “Gottfrid Svartholm Found Guilty in Hacking Trial…”Hungary Protests Against “Internet Tax”

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After being arrested in his Cambodian apartment in September 2012 it took two years before Gottfrid Svartholm went on trial in Denmark.


Hungarians have been rallying in masses against a proposed tax on Internet traffic that many in the country find to be outrageous.

The Hungarian government plans to introduce a tax of approximately 0.6 US dollars per gigabyte of Internet traffic. This proposal tipped the scales for many, and tens of thousands went to the streets of the capital Budapest on Sunday, October 26, 2014, and Tuesday, October 28. The protests in the capital were soon joined by protests in several other cities as well.


Decline of women in computer science

Women in computer science

Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘I’m proud to be gay’


Apple CEO Tim Cook has, for the first time, written publicly about his sexual orientation in an essay published in Businessweek on Thursday

Will Breaches and Privacy Concerns Lead to the Rise of the Personal Cloud?

Cloud technology has introduced a new level of convenience to our lives, making our files available from whatever device is most handy at the moment. In a world where only a few years ago people fretted over how to transfer large files across computers, and had no options but to carry laptops everywhere because that [


Julian Assange – Google Is Not What It SeemsGoogle Chairman Eric Schmidt shares a joke with Hillary Clinton during a special “fireside chat” with Google staff. The talk was held on 21 Jul 2014 at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. In this extract from his new book When Google Met Wikileaks, WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange describes the special relationship between Google, Hillary Clinton and the State Department — and.

Beyond Siri, Google Now and Cortana: What is the future of virtual assistants?

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Dr Chris Brauer is a Senior Lecturer and Director of the MSc Management of Innovation programme and the Centre for Creative and Social Technologies (CAST) in the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) at Goldsmiths, University of London.

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