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Special Issue on Michel Foucault by Theory, Culture and Society Journal

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You need to have subscription to this great journal to read the articles but I am sure all major university libraries are subscribed to. At the end there is also roundup on art/intellectual/academic links…
[update: all articles downloadable here]
Introduction: Thinking after Michel Foucault
Couze Venn and Tiziana Terranova
Theory Culture Society 2009;26 1-11
Alternatives to the Prison: Dissemination or Decline of Social Control?
Michel Foucault
Theory Culture Society 2009;26 12-24
Foucault’s Untimely Struggle: Toward a Form of Spirituality
Paul Rabinow
Theory Culture Society 2009;26 25-44
Identity, Nature, Life: Three Biopolitical Deconstructions
Judith Revel
Theory Culture Society 2009;26 45-54
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Erkan’s live from the World Bank/ IMF meetings

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A live coverage from the inside and a post to be updated continously- updates just below the photo

A new turn in Erkan's Field Diary history. Receiving official invitation to press room...

A new turn in Erkan's Field Diary history. Receiving official invitation to press room...

The Meetings has an officially blog-style site for photos, videos and other informative stuff.

Information about the World Bank meetings and events

In the opening talk, Mr. Erdoğan also hinted at protests outside underlining the fact that global economic life is hard and protests are not totally unjustified. Protests in Taksim, very close to meeting center. I have now a post on protest roundup.  And all other media roundup on meetings updated in yet another post.

Glad to make it to the press room with his Lamb of God sweatshirt, unshaved face and hangover mood; not stopped by police for being a potential protester.
Policemen around were very polite maybe because of I did conform the image of an ordinary journalist. Private security guards are less polite by the way. Towards the evening, I had one or two occasions where I had to threaten back because of the latters’ rudeness. (But of course, policemen vs. protesters is another case)

Erkan’s live from the World Bank/ IMF meetings- Roundup

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last updated: 11 Oct 2009

World Bank reforming to meet new challenges

by Angie Gentile

The World Bank is pursuing an ambitious program of reform to enable the institution to become more efficient and effective while also gaining more legitimacy among the developing countries that it serves, Bank President Robert Zoellick said today.

Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, World Bank President ...

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, World Bank President Robert Zoellick, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn (L-R) talk prior to attending the Opening Plenary of the 2009 IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings at the Istanbul Congress Center October 6, 2009. Reform of the world’s financial architecture took centre stage at the semiannual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, and a meeting of Group of Seven finance officials. REUTERS/IMF Staff Photo/Stephen Jaffe/Handout Read the rest of this entry »

Erkan’s live from the World Bank/ IMF meetings- Protests roundup

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last update: 8 October

This might the coolest action in protests. The protester throws a firework through a pipe to a police helicopter. Read the rest of this entry »

Shoe-throwing- Turkish version

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last update: 02 Oct. 2009- 10:50

Todays Birgüns first page

Today's Birgün's first page

The paper for whom Mr. Özbek works for shows solidarity, I guess. “Everyone needs a shoe one day”. The thrown shoe is an imitation Nike shoe.

Selçuk Özbek, an editor at Birgün, a leftist daily, throws a shoe at Mr. Strauss-Kahn. The incident took place at another campus of my university. I was in the other campus, waiting  for the introductory meeting with Media MA students. At first, we thought he was one of our students but he turned out to be a journalist. Not particularly imaginative after the original show throwing event. Mr. Strauss-Kahn responded maturely.

The protester has been released during the day. My Facebook and Friendfeed newsstream is full of comments praising the action although I am not that excited. More in the comments section…

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“Protest schedule” for World Bank/IMF meetings

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This blog author is one of the selected bloggers accredited for the annual World Bank/IMF meetings that will take place in Istanbul, Oct 6-7. This has been a fancy turn in the history of Erkan’s Field Diary. I hope to do substantive blogging inside the meetings. In the mean time, I will try to cover what happens outside. A friend of mine promised me to send photos and news briefs while I follow the meetings. Here is a protest schedule and other news from what activists are up to…

Global elites will meet in Istanbul between 28th September – 7th October to discuss  their new plans for exploiting all humanity and the world. For this reason we organized an extremely festive action programme.We’re inviting everyone -who has a problem with capitalism and the global destruction it created – to the streets and calling everyone to make Istanbul hell for the IMF & the WB!


1st October – We’re in the streets against the Social Security Law!Place: Taksim Gezi Park Time: 11:002nd October – Global resistance day against the ecological destruction of capitalism !Place: Galatasaray SquareTime: 15:003rd October – Global resistance day against Urban Transformation, Gentrification,  and Homelessness !Place: Taksim SquareTime: 15:004th October – Global insurrection day against capitalismPlace: Tunnel SquareTime: 15:006th – We’re shutting the IMF & the WB meeting down! Place: Tunnel Square
Time: 10:00 7th October –We’re shutting the IMF & the WB meeting down!Autonomous Actions Place: Everywhere

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