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Two universities, two perspectives

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Two promotional video spreading in the web, mostly in Facebook. The first one is about Bilgi University, particularly Visual Communication Design program. The second one promotes the library at Koç University. The latter is hosted at the library site and a kitsch product officially owned. The former is a viral one, not officially hosted or acknowledged. It looks like kitsch but offers a very powerful dialogue with prospective students. (By the way it is not a student product, though it looks like that). Unfortunately they are both in Turkish…

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more about “Bilgi U.“, posted with vodpod

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Shoe-throwing- Turkish version

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Todays Birgüns first page

Today's Birgün's first page

The paper for whom Mr. Özbek works for shows solidarity, I guess. “Everyone needs a shoe one day”. The thrown shoe is an imitation Nike shoe.

Selçuk Özbek, an editor at Birgün, a leftist daily, throws a shoe at Mr. Strauss-Kahn. The incident took place at another campus of my university. I was in the other campus, waiting  for the introductory meeting with Media MA students. At first, we thought he was one of our students but he turned out to be a journalist. Not particularly imaginative after the original show throwing event. Mr. Strauss-Kahn responded maturely.

The protester has been released during the day. My Facebook and Friendfeed newsstream is full of comments praising the action although I am not that excited. More in the comments section…

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