Scandal at BBC #GarylinekerSpeaksForMe #IStandWithGaryLineker #IStandWithGary

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  • The UK this week announced details of a new law that would prevent asylum seekers, who arrive in small boats from across the Channel, from claiming asylum.
Support pours in for former England captain Gary Lineker, removed by BBC over tweets on UK government’s refugee policy.

Using satellite imagery to assess the damage in Ukraine


The Economist combined two satellite imagery sources, one that estimates fire events and one that estimates building damage, to assess the extent of damage in Ukraine:

Both approaches have weaknesses. NASA’s firms cannot see through cloud cover, a particular problem in winter. sar can pick up damage even through clouds, but is much less sensitive to changes outside of urban areas. But by combining the two datasets, we can form a fuller picture of the war. Our study shows that rather than being limited to a few big offensives and grinding battles, the war has left a brutal mark on large swathes of Ukraine. Fighting has reached 14% of municipalities, and damaged nearly half the built-up area in the hardest-hit cities.



When Venice was way under water a decade ago, we posted about it here on Open Culture. By that time, the City of Canals was supposed to have been protected by MOSE, a $7 billion flood-control system not actually completed until 2021. But a drought struck the following year, and what afflicts Venice right now isn’t an excess of water but a lack of it. “Weeks of dry winter weather have raised concerns that Italy could face another drought after last summer’s emergency,” reports Reuters, “with the Alps having received less than half of their normal snowfall.”

Rail workers across the country are striking following Tuesday’s deadly collision.

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