A charlatan played for the Putin’s hands, and Sweden’s NATO bid pauses- for the moment

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I don’t believe in conspiracies much, so Paludan acted of his free will, but this does not change the fact that it was a stupid act that helped Russian ambitions in the last analysis. Fascists increasingly use Western freedoms to pursue their political goals…
The burning of the Qur’an in Stockholm has sparked criticism across the Islamic world and deepened a standoff with Turkey over Sweden’s bid to join NATO[1][2]. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Sweden not to expect support for its bid for NATO membership after the incident[3]. Turkey expressed outrage after a far-right politician burns a Quran during an Islamophobic protest in front of its embassy in Stockholm[4].
Türkiye on Jan. 24 postponed NATO accession talks with Sweden and Finland, further denting the Nordic neighbours’ hopes of joining the Western defence alliance after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Permit for demonstration at which anti-Islam provocateur burned Muslim holy book was paid for by far-right journalist linked to Moscow-backed media


Türkiye’s president cast serious doubt on NATO’s expansion on Jan. 23 after warning Sweden not to expect support for its bid for membership into the military alliance following provocative Quran burning incident.
First, a demonstration in Stockholm, protesting Türkiye’s requests from Sweden to extradite “terror” suspects where an effigy of President Erdoğan was hung by the feet, and then the burning of a copy of Qur’an in front of the Embassy of Türkiye scuppered Türkiye-Sweden NATO talks.

Timeline of political relations between Sweden and Turkey

Sweden’s bid for NATO membership faces a dead end after a rally by the far right burns the Quran.

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