Someone stole toys in the palace President Erdoğan hands out the children…

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A thief in the palace…

President Erdoğan’s Toys Stolen from His Palace in Ankara

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(Cumhuriyet Newspaper, 1 May 2022)

A theft has been reported from President Erdoğan’s Beştepe Palace in
Ankara.  Six workers at the palace stole radio-commanded car toys
and dolls that Erdoğan hands out to children during his trips within
Turkey.  The toys were in a depot underneath the mosque in the palace
compound. The palace thieves loaded them into official vehicles and
sold them to toy stores at reduced prices. (!)
The Presidential Guard Force determined that in the past month
920,000 TL (about $61,000) worth of toys were stolen and sold.
Eight people, 6 of them palace workers, were taken into custody
and three of them jailed.  An investigation revealed that the sale

of the stolen palace toys has been ongoing for five years.

Undertones: Populist discourses against the ‘elite’ and the ‘poor’ in Turkey

Turkish doctors and refugees are under fire

Originally published on Global Voices


Illustration by Giovana Fleck

Welcome to Undertones, the Civic Media Observatory newsletter! In each edition we’ll analyze an event, emerging trend, or a complex story, identifying key narratives of urgent public interest, delving deep into the context and subtext of local, vernacular and multilingual media. Undertones also offers an entry point into the public datasets that underpin our Observatory work.

“The Cappadocia region, which is the symbol of multiculturalism, has become a major place for the destruction of this rich cultural unity,” the head of the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects has said.

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