Increase in youth suicides, not much space for rational public debate

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The living conditions at religious communities’ dorms have once again come to Turkey’s public agenda following a video where 20-year-old Kara talked about his anxiety about the future and the pressure he faced at a religious community dorm.

Upon the request of Mehmet Kara, the father of late Enes Kara, the İskenderun 2nd Criminal Judgeship of Peace has imposed an access block on news about him.

In other news:

The Ministry of Health has announced that over 430 thousand tests were conducted, 74,266 people were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and 137 people died of the disease in Turkey in the last 24 hours.

While newspaper’s Managing Editor Faik Akgün has been removed from office, the news report titled “Unable to withstand religious community’s pressure, he committed suicide” has been removed from the website.

A public structure in the Mediterranean province of Kahramanmaraş, mostly known for being “the most ridiculous” or “the weirdest building in the world” in Google searches, will be demolished, the province’s mayor has said.
Refugee rights activists are denouncing an alarming trend of violence against refugees in the country.
“We will still be on the alert. They may come again after the elections,” said a villager.

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