“Netflix series ′The Club′ offers a window into 1950s #Istanbul

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Many Turkish citizens may have learned about the 6-7 September pogroms through The Club. Many Jewish-Turkish citizens heard a Ladino song in a mass media outlet for the first time. There are many critiques about the historical representations but I believe the TV show was successful in dealing with a critical historical moment relatively successfully.

Netflix series ′The Club′ offers a window into 1950s Istanbul

The Netflix hit, “The Club” revisits a forgotten chapter in Turkish history, a time when the city of Istanbul had a flourishing multicultural and
“The Club” tells the tale of a Jewish woman and her daughter who grew up in an orphanage while her mother was behind bars

Istanbul Municipality is targeted by the Ministry of the Interior over questionable terrorism charges

Turkey’s Ministry of the Interior launched a criminal investigation on December 26 against the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB)

Turkish govt expands probe targeting Istanbul city staff – The Washington Post

A Turkish court has accepted an indictment against suspects from a religious association in a case that could have political and legal

A local’s guide to Istanbul: mosques, slow-cooked kebabs and the magnificent Bosphorus …

The types of food available in Istanbul reflect its diverse population. Ficcin Erra Goppa, in the backstreets of the busy Taksim district

İstanbul mayor should be dismissed if ‘terror ties’ of municipal personnel proven, says Bahçeli

The Ministry of Interior is investigating the opposition-led İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality for possible “terror ties” of hundreds of municipal

Police use tear gas, rubber bullets on protesting stallholders in İstanbul – english – Bianet

Locals have been collecting signatures to keep the bazaar in its old place. İstanbul – BIA News Desk

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