Turkey deports refugees for mockingly eating bananas on Tiktok…

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The Peoples’ Democratic Party has denounced the decision to deport the Syrians who shared videos of themselves while eating bananas: “While the war is still ongoing, migrants cannot be left for death by using the ‘banana-eating videos’ as an excuse.”
Seven refugees to be deported over ‘banana’ videos

After a man said during a vox pop interview that “Syrians can afford bananas while I can’t,” several refugees mocked him,

Afghan refugees accuse Turkey of violent illegal pushbacks

Migrants, many fleeing the Taliban regime, claim they are being beaten, harassed and turned back by Turkish border forces

As the sun sets over a dusty ravine on the outskirts of Van city in eastern Turkey, Muhammdullah Sangeen and dozens of other Afghans are preparing for another night sleeping rough.

Study: Almost all employed Syrians in Turkey work informally

Nearly half of the Syrian refugees in the country are employed while 36 percent are looking for work. Despite the challenges they face, 79 percent of Syrians are considering staying in the country.

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