Only after a news story, the ISIS qadi who ordered the burning of Turkey’s two soldiers is arrested- EFD Rights Watch

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Detained as part of the investigation into the burning of soldiers Fethi Şahin and Sefter Taş, Jamal Abdulrahman Alwi from Syria has been arrested by the criminal judgeship of peace following the related formalities at the police station.

LAWYERS OF ANKARA MASSACRE CASE: ‘Qadi’ has been arrested, what about other ISIS members in Turkey?

The lawyers of the October 10 Ankara Massacre case have called on the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice to

ONCE THERE IS, ONCE NOT: Kurdish question for Erdoğan: A changing discourse over the years

Amid debates on “who the interlocutor is in resolving the Kurdish question”, President Erdoğan has recently said that “there is no
German police find a list of Turkish dissidents during a hotel raid | Ahval

German special task forces raided a hotel in Düsseldorf city last week and found a list of names…
In Turkey, a citizen sentenced to prison for insulting the president

Tekiner faces twenty months in jail for insulting the president Originally published on Global Voices “jail” by khalid Albaih is
Police violence against students protesting for affordable housing in İstanbul, İzmir

The police attacked the protests of university students who have been staying the night at parks against high dorm fees

PAST WEEK IN TURKEY: Fake court orders, ‘non-existent’ criminal evidence, a million ‘terror’ suspects

Court orders for removal of news articles turn out to be fake • Expert report says the digital evidence in the ÇHD lawyers’ trial doesn’t qualify as legal evidence • More than a million “terrorism” investigations were opened in five years

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