Turkish Wildfires. Government is more interested in saving face than saving forests…

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Some saved animals resting at Mazı Bay


Amid criticisms about insufficient firefighting efforts and refusal of offers of help, some social media posts have been shared under the hashtag #helpturkey. Presidency’s Communications Director Altun has slammed the campaign.
Turkish fires sweeping through tourist areas are the hottest on record

Thousands of holidaymakers evacuated from Aegean Sea resorts as country fights more than 50 blazes The heat intensity of wildfires in Turkey on Thursday was four times higher than anything on record for the nation, according to satellite data passed on to the Guardian. At least four people were killed by blazes that swept through the tourist regions of Antalya and Muğla, forcing thousands of holi
We went through hell’: friends taking food to firemen find road blocked by Turkish wildfire – video

When restaurant owner Murat Aktan and his friends hit the road to take hot meals to firefighters battling wildfires in the Turkish
Wildfires Continue to Rage Across Turkey

Turkey struggled to contain the dozens of wildfires burning for a third day on Friday, as local residents and tourists along the


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