Turkey manages to kill a whole sea, Marmara Sea under “sea snot” invasion

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It will take years to really clean the sea which is already over-polluted…

Turkey may take 12 years to clear ‘sea snot’ – academic | Ahval

‘Sea snot’ spreads across Turkish sea

A thick layer of sea snot is spreading in Turkey’s Sea of Marmara to the south of Istanbul.
Serço Ekşiyan, an underwater camera operator for 15 years, has captured the mucilage that covered the bottom of the Sea of Marmara in northwestern Turkey. The marine ecosystem is facing great danger, he says.
Thick layers of mucilage have been observed both on the surface and the bottom of the Sea of Marmara in Turkey’s northwest.

‘Sea snot’ outbreak off Turkish coast raises environmental alarm – video

A thick, slimy layer of algae is growing at an alarming rate in the Sea of Marmara, to the south of Istanbul, posing a growing threat to marine life and the Turkish fishing industry. Experts have linked the increasing amounts of ‘sea snot’ to high sea temperatures stemming from the climate emergency, as well as the discharge of untreated sewage into the sea

‘Sea snot’ covers Turkish coast, threatening fishing industry

The mucilage blamed on pollution and warming is killing shellfish in the Sea of Marmara and alarming residents of Istanbul

While examining the floor of the Marmara Sea, the country’s only inland sea which has become a serious environmental concern due to uncontrolled mucilage production, a scientist has identified three of its spots entirely covered in mucilage

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