Guess who may have stopped sanctions against Belarus… #Europe agenda

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Associates of detained dissident journalist Roman Protasevich say they are receiving death threats.
Western powers voice outrage as Belarus accused of hijacking plane

The EU considers sanctions after Belarus forced a plane carrying a dissident journalist to land.
Damiano David: Eurovision winner cleared of drug use by broadcaster

A test clears Måneskin’s lead singer of drug use during the competition’s grand final.
The army chief of staff rebukes soldiers who accused the government of concessions to Islamism.

Revealed: 2,000 refugee deaths linked to illegal EU pushbacks

A Guardian analysis finds EU countries used brutal tactics to stop nearly 40,000 asylum seekers crossing borders

EU Study: Movie Pirates Chat on Reddit and Music Pirates Prefer Twitter

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) regularly conducts studies to identify copyright-infringement threats and challenges.

These studies help the public to understand local piracy trends and can be used as input for future policy decisions.

Most recently, EUIPO published a study (pdf) that looks at the role of social media in relation to counterfeiting and piracy.

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